Steven Wilson / Home Invasion: In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall

Steven Wilson / Home Invasion: In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall

2CD+blu-ray combo set • Limited 5LP vinyl box set next year

Steven Wilson is to release a concert film, Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall, in November on various audio-video formats and (later) as a special limited edition 5LP vinyl box set.

This concert recording captures the last show of the three-night run in the historic London venue from March this year, as Steven Wilson was coming to the end of his European To The Bone tour.

This release is being issued across an number of formats, namely blu-ray+2CD, DVD+2CD and standalone blu-ray and DVD. There isn’t a 2CD option but the ‘soundtrack’ to the film will be available as a deluxe 5LP vinyl box set (due next year).

The CDs include the full soundtrack of the concert across two discs, while the vinyl box actually offers six extra tracks; three soundcheck songs (included as bonus content on the blu-ray/DVD) and three songs from the previous night’s performance (I was at that show). Those last three weren’t performed at all during the filming, so are therefore exclusive to the vinyl.

As you’d expect from the 5.1 mixing maestro, the blu-ray and DVD offer 5.1 surround mixes of the concert (those who attended these shows experienced a ‘4D sound’ performance).

The vinyl box features five 180g vinyl records which all come with printed outer sleeves and plain poly-lined inner bags. These are housed in a rigid slipcase with a deluxe foil-blocking and embossed finish on the cover and spine. The vinyl box also includes a 32-page large format booklet.

Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall is released on video formats (and combo packs) on 2 November 2018 by Eagle Rock. Vinyl fans require some patience as the 5LP box set won’t be released until 22 March 2019 (through Caroline International).

2CD / Blu-ray / DVD 

(1) Intro “Truth”
(2) Nowhere Now
(3) Pariah
(4) Home Invasion / Regret #9
(5) The Creator Has A Mastertape
(6) Refuge
(7) People Who Eat Darkness
(8) Ancestral
(9) Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
(10) Permanating
(11) Song Of I
(12) Lazarus
(13) Detonation
(14) The Same Asylum As Before
(15) Song Of Unborn
(16) Vermillioncore
(17) Sleep Together
(18) Even Less
(19) Blank Tapes
(20) The Sound Of Muzak
(21) The Raven That Refused to Sing

Blu-ray/DVD bonus features

Rehearsal tracks (Routine, Hand Cannot Erase, Heartattack In A Layby), interview and backstage footage.

Steven Wilson / Home Invasion: In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall

Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall / 5LP vinyl box

Side 1 

1 Intro “Truth” 2:52
2 Nowhere Now 4:08
3 Pariah 5:11
4 Home Invasion / Regret #9 10:58

Side 2

1 The Creator Has a Mastertape 5:25
2 Refuge 8:42
3 People Who Eat Darkness 6:24

Side 3

1 Ancestral 13:52

Side 4

1 Arriving Somewhere but Not Here 13:53

Side 5

1 Permanating 5:34
2 Song of I 7:13
3 Lazarus 4:04

Side 6

1 Detonation 11:27
2 The Same Asylum as Before 5:53

Side 7

1 Song of Unborn 6:40
2 Vermillioncore 5:07
3 Sleep Together 7:52

Side 8

1 Even Less 4:02
2 Blank Tapes 3:14
3 Sound of Muzak 5:08
4 The Raven that Refused to Sing 8:31

Side 9

1 Routine 9:01
2 Hand Cannot Erase 4:18
3 Heartattack in a Layby 3:59

Side 10

1 How is Your Life Today? 3:17*
2 Blackfield 4:33*
3 Postcard 6:55*

* vinyl bonus tracks

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Just watched the first half last night (it’s LONG!). Something didn’t quite look right, and so I dug into it, and the disc is 1080i, not 1080p. So viewers should be aware that motion won’t be as smooth as you may be used to seeing. Looks pretty good though, despite the faux on-screen effects (still not as awful as “Arriving Somewhere”).


Jesus – have any of you tried to post anything recently?
Get fecking real – even though I really don’t like the Shed and their ‘exclusives’ it still costs them to post things. You’ve been lulled into a false sense of security by The Behemoth’s FREE SHIPPING.
How much does packing material cost? Is it free? NO.
How much does it cost in a posties wages every year? LOTS.
Fuel to get stuff from A to B? LOTS.
Taxes? LOTS (to some firms).
Why not get your lovely big and very fragile vinyl box delivered by drone . . .

Oh and as to vinyl delays . . is everyone forgettig Christmas schedules for pressing plants???

Tom N

There is a video of Pariah from this film on YouTube now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwfGi_Qomc8


Wow, that sounded great even through my phone speakers! No choppy editing as feared and amazing how NT synced her voice perfectly with the visuals behind.

Chris Squires

It also has to be noted, I don’t think it has below, that a quality 5LP set is under £60 from the outset. Most 5 / 6 LP sets are £100 / £120 (LoTR for example).


I get the reasons for the 6 month wait for the vinyl version, I don’t get why everything isn’t put out at the same time. Maybe they’re hoping people will buy the CD/DVD/Blu ray while they’re waiting until the big box comes out? I just don’t get it.


Who’s this Steve Wilson? Why is he relevant to the SDE site? I’m utterly confused.

Nick Love

Well SDE is run by the wonderful Paul Sinclair who, as editor, gets to decide what’s relevant and what’s not.
If you are only interested in reissues, then he is relevant as the man behind many of the wonderful new stereo and 5.1 mixes on be catalog reissues of Jethro Tull, XTC, King Crimson, Yes, Gentle Giant, Caravan, Marillion, and Tears for Fears amongst others I’m sure I’ve missed.


As Paul and other have noted here and likely elsewhere beforehand, the delay of 4-6 months for vinyl on new releases is nothing more than the byproduct of the pressing plants schedules. Basically, there aren’t enough places to get vinyl made (especially in Europe) at the moment and all lead times start at about 4 months. For an artist like Steven he literally has to wait in the queue behind other products put in earlier, and in the case of some premium clients who may have some rights to “cut the line” so to speak due to volume/label money etc.
As much as delayed vinyl looks like cashing in, for the most part it’s just the process. Either wait to release your entire product up to half a year, or release +\- 80% as soon as you are able.


As for European vinyl pressing, what you said may be true. If so, he could of just delayed everything else to be release at or near the same time as the vinyl. He’s on tour until at least the end of February. That’s almost 6 months….
By then he could fix his mistake and add the vinyl only bonus tracks to the BR and DVD editions.


Here we go again with SW. It’s not the label’s fault as this exclusive stuff followed him from the old label to Caroline.
Seems every time SW releases something, he has to bugger things up by releasing something that few will have access to. In this case, additional tracks that will be on a limited edition vinyl.
It is one thing to have it in a SDE box set, but just in a vinyl package that is expected not to be cheap. So unless you have a turntable, forget about those tracks.
At least tack it on as a download card for the other formats or an audio option on DVD and BR.


Solution: get a turntable (and enjoy better sounding music – in the most part).


Uh. No turntable. Not spending extra money to hear tracks that should of been available …. unless you want to buy it for me.
And BR audio will be way better. [And no need to get up and flip a record every 12 minutes or less.]


A good track selection on that night. I will probably just order the standalone Blu-ray, as SW’s live stuff is usually accurate recreations of the studio recordings, so I don’t think it’s worth paying the extra for the CDs.


Great news, just like the new KC-live-box, though that was announced a while ago.
Sadly SW didn’t play “Routine” on the recorded night. I watched one of his performances in Essen, Germany in March and that was the absolute emotional highlight of a really outstanding performance. I notice it’s on the blu-ray as a rehearsal track but i think it won’t feel the same without a responding audience.

Phil Morris

One of Wilson’s criticisms of seated venues is the lack of audience response so I doubt it will make much, if any difference. Or maybe he’ll just go down the same route as Yes (ARW) on their new live release and dub on audience noise…


@Phil Morris:

I can assure you that there was absolutely no lack of response from the audience at the seated venue where i watched him play.

Ross Munro

I second that. I was at the SEC Armadillo gig in Glasgow and the place was near deafening at the end of the songs. Heck, after ‘Permanating’, some of the audience were still up on their feet.

Phil Morris

That’s good to hear but I’m just quoting his response. It’s why he’s talking about a return to standing venues – as he is doing on many of the forthcoming US dates. Though where that leaves him with his “all-time favourite venue” – the RAH, I’m not sure. When he came onstage at the first UK TTB show at Warwick he commented on the lack of audience reaction and said it was the first time he could hear his own footsteps.

Murray Robbins

Having seen the 30 second trailer I fear the worst.

Live concert film directors don’t seem to realise that frantic editing and gimmicky screen splitting can make watching more than a few minutes really aesthetically painful and a sensory/brain testing experience that bears little resemblance to being at an actual show.

Obviously, this is a trailer and needs to be edited as such, but the signs appear worrying to my eyes and ageing brain!

Porcupine Tree’s Arriving Somewhere DVD was a good case in point from Steven’s back catalogue. “Effects” wall to wall and cutting every split second. Thankfully, the 2008 shoot from Tilburg was better as was the superb Rockpalast shoot from the same period, 2006 perhaps? Highly recommended if you can source a copy.

Other examples of directorial decision making overkill were King Crimson’s Radical Action where shots of the individual musicians were overlain or backed with shots of the whole ensemble. Un-natural and distracting. Frank Zappa’s “Does Humor Belong in Music” VHS/DVD ruins my memories of attending those great 1984 shows at the Pier in NYC by exhibiting the most eyewatering frantic editing imaginable, not to mention Frank’s atypical misjudgement by editing in interviews ruining the continuity. All of that footage from both nights must still be in the vault, by the way, and I wish they (ZFT) would put it out properly even with Chad’s dodgy Simmonds 1980s kit making for rather a harsh sonic mix.

I hope the 30 second trailer of the 2018 RAH Wilson show does not prove to be 100% representative, but I’m not holding my breath. Actually, after the “Arriving” release, I once suggested to SW that Blu-Ray discs potentially provide the capacity for an alternative “slow/natural watcher’s edit”, perhaps of two to three camera angles maximum panning slowly as one would observe at the concert. The majority of the footage would be represented as you would see the concert naturally from a prime stalls seat with occasional close ups of key solos with non-frantic cutting. He listened as always, but the sample suggests the reality of this edit will be well away from what I personally would regard as an optimum record of what being at those shows was like.

Adam Pajda

You Sir are very right in what you have written.


The Pineapple Thief live Blu-ray (or DVD, if that’s still your bag) from last year was also filmed and edited rather haphazardly. It’s not even in focus in several shots. Arty, though, innit!


@Murray Robbins
I was hoping the 2CD/Br release of Arriving Somewhere would maybe have an unmolested version [i.e. without the grainy stuff and other crap] but I was disappointed there.

Dan T.

I agree with Murray Robbins in every respect.

Arriving Somewhere looks awful. The strobe-like video editing and faux grainy effects is enough to induce seizures. Hopefully this one doesn’t do that.

And it is a ubiquitous problem in concert DVD editing. Nearly everything released since the mid 1990s does this. It’s as if film schools teach it as the proper way to edit. “Let’s all try to be Michael Bay!” I can’t stand it. It’s a concert, not a Fast & Furious Transformers Super Hero mashup for 13 year old boys hopped up on energy drinks.

And despite what I consider to be SW’s worst album of his entire career, I’ll still pick it up for the few songs that come from his “KC Emulation” years, and of course the PT throwbacks. I’m actually curious to see how he pulls off the painfully high falsettos in concert, even if just for laughs (because for the first time in my 15 year love affair with SW, TTB made me laugh out loud for real when the falsettos kicked in).

So bonus material only for those who go for mid-20th century technology… I suppose it’s not surprising, given SW’s compunctions around iPods and “music as a piece of software,” but still.

No USA pre-order??? Lame.

I’m getting tired of the manner in which he releases things.


@Dan T:
If you read my comment, I’m with you.
AS DVD/BR video is horrible with all those crappy effects.
Tired of his antics with exclusive audio on limited media.
Vinyl is still an expensive and limited media.
Vinyl accounted for 14% of the physical market in 2017. The rest is almost all CDs [and BR audio].
Difference is that CDs are lighter, more portable and less than half the cost.

Tom M

Yeah, taking editing lessons from Rammstein videos. Great music, maybe I’ll listen with the TV off.

Del Murray

What’s the odds on a ltd edition double coloured vinyl being released in the meantime? That’s the thing that annoys me about Mr Wilson. There was the Trancience clear vinyl version that was sneaked out after the black vinyl release and all the various HMV KScope exclusive ltd edition coloured vinyls that have appeared over the past couple of years.


@Del Murray
The sh?t that [I would assume] Wilson does to his fans by releasing some tracks exclusively on some formats and maybe eventually released elsewhere years later.
One of the PT singles [Lazarus maybe?] had an exclusive track but there was also an exclusive track for that album release elsewhere. So you have to buy multiple releases if you want everything.

Phil Morris

500 pre-orders from Burning Shed additionally get 4 postcards.

Del Murray

£8 postage and packing from burning shed though. Free from Amazon

Phil Morris

I won’t be getting the vinyl from BS but the CD, etc sets are currently cheaper than Amazon and the possibility of the cards is bound to influence some orders (as well as supporting BS over Amazon).


Which Beatles are the pressing now Paul?

Rob Puricelli


Craig Smith

Nice release but would love to know why there’s a 5 month delay for the vinyl version?

Rob Puricelli

The vinyl delay is fine with me. Helps spread the costs at this increasingly expensive time of year :-)


There is an argument that elongates the “release” with additional coverage / profile when the vinyl finally hits and also potentially increases both the the chance of people buying multiple formats (CD on release then buy the vinyl when it comes out later as well).

Ed Jones

The vinyl version will not be aimed at the casual buyer. Just the die-hards, to whom Steven does not need to actively promote. All of whom will have also purchased another format already in order to “own it” as soon as it comes out. He knows how to play the game, that lad, and who can blame him? Needless to say, I have pre-ordered the vinyl and another format. He shoots, he scores!


I wasn’t meaning promotion by the artist. As I said – coverage / profile. I mean extended publicity that will come from (some) music press / specialist publications and sites (genre, format, “reissue”) would at least run additional news stories / review the new format when it comes out having already run something for the initial formats.
As an example I’m asuming you would carry the release of the vinyl format in your Out This Week post as well as having covered the CD on it’s release this year.
Let’s put it this way. It’s certainly not disadvantageous to the release from a profile perspective to split the formats of a sizeable cult artist.

Ian Hicks

I’m hoping next March he’ll be playing some more UK dates!!! :-)

Ian Hicks

Burning Shed are doing the Blu/CD for £22.99 with 5 postcards for the first 500 orders. Really looking forward to this. Went to all 3 RAH concerts and met Paul at number 2. Brilliant nights and all different.


Not the first 500, randomly selected between all pre-orders according to the Burning Shed-site.

Ian Hicks

Yep sorry just noted that. Amazon pre-order for me I’m afraid :-(

Neil Thompson

£7.87 delivery, I think not!


@Ian Hicks:
“…Really looking forward to this…..”
I hope you mean the BR/CD release and not the post cards!

Ed Jones

Agreed. What do people do with free postcards like these? Send them to family and friends when on holiday (or having travelled to a SW gig? More landfill if you ask me (which I guess no-one did)….

Ian Hicks

@gisabun yep the Blu-ray/CD, although to the fair even the postcards are getting me excited