Steven Wilson / New album: To The Bone

Steven Wilson will release To The Bone, his fifth studio album, in August. It will be available across a number of formats including a five-disc deluxe hardcover book edition.

The album is Wilson’s first since 2015’s Hand.Cannot.Erase which was a both a critical and commercial success. One of the highlights of that album was the song Routine which featured the vocals of Israeli musician/actress Ninet Tayeb. On the new album she contributes once more, singing on two tracks, Pariah and Blank Tapes. 

A press release tells us that “Lyrically, the album’s eleven tracks veer from the paranoid chaos of the post-truth era and the creeping self-loathing of the technology age to steely fly-on-the-wall observations of the everyday lives of religious fundamentalists with a welcome shot or two of wide-eyed escapism.”. You can listen to Pariah, below.

The 11-track album runs for around 60 minutes and a bonus CD within the box set includes a further 55 minutes of demos and unused songs. Unsurprisingly,  there is a 5.1 surround mix of the album on the included blu-ray, alongside a hi-res stereo mix, an instrumental mix, two promo videos and ‘Ask Me Nicely – The Making of To The Bone’ – an 85 minute documentary shot by Lasse Hoile.

If you haven’t upgraded to blu-ray (why not!?) a DVD is also included which features the hi-res stereo mix, the 5.1 as DTS 24/96 and the two promo videos.

Finally, the deluxe book edition comes with a one-sided seven-inch single which featuers an instrumental track recorded during the album sessions. This is unique to the vinyl. The five-disc deluxe set is (for now) exclusive to Steven Wilson’s online store.

The 2LP edition of To The Bone will be half-speed mastered and pressed at 45RPM, so it should sound fantastic. The album will also be issued as a standalone blu-ray and of course a CD.

To The Bone will be released on 18 August 2017 by Wilson’s new label Caroline International.

For a limited time the SDE shop has SIGNED copies of this blu-ray. Order here.

Five-disc deluxe book edition from Steven’s online store is SOLD OUT.

Compare prices and pre-order

Steven Wilson

To The Bone - blu-ray edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Steven Wilson

to the bone - 2LP Vinyl edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Steven Wilson

to the bone - CD edition


To The Bone 

  • 1. To The Bone
  • 2. Nowhere Now
  • 3. Pariah [feat. Ninet Tayeb]
  • 4. The Same Asylum As Before
  • 5. Refuge
  • 6. Permanating
  • 7. Blank Tapes [feat. Ninet Tayeb]
  • 8. People Who Eat Darkness
  • 9. Song Of I [feat. Sophie Hunger]
  • 10. Detonation
  • 11. Song Of Unborn

TO THE BONE (2CD/Blu-Ray/DVD/7 inch deluxe hardback book edition)

Deluxe hard back book edition includes full length CD of demos and unused songs, and a one-sided 7 inch vinyl single of a bonus song, both items exclusive to this edition.


120 page book designed by Seen Studio. Features a 12,000 word journal written by US journalist Stephen Humphries, who interviewed Steven over a period of months during the writing and recording of the album. Also contains over 100 Lasse Hoile photographs taken from the recording sessions and cover shoot, many of which are unique to this edition.
CD1: To the Bone – 11 track album (60 minutes)
CD2: To the Bone – demos and unused songs (55 minutes)

Bonus CD exclusive to the deluxe edition. 4 tracks are demos of songs that were not recorded for the final album, additionally the other demos have been selected because they differ significantly from the finished versions.

– To the Bone 96/24 high resolution stereo mix
– To the Bone 96/24 high resolution instrumental mix
– To the Bone 96/24 high resolution 5.1 surround sound mix
– Promo videos for 2 of the songs
– “Ask Me Nicely – The Making of To the Bone”, 85 minute documentary shot by Lasse Hoile over a period of 3 months

– To the Bone 96/24 high resolution stereo mix
– To the Bone 5.1 surround sound mix in DTS 96/24
– Promo videos for 2 of the songs

Instrumental track recorded during the album sessions only available on this bonus one-sided 7 inch vinyl single.

On the standalone blu-ray

  • To the Bone 96/24 high resolution stereo mix
  • To the Bone 96/24 high resolution instrumental mix
  • To the Bone 96/24 high resolution 5.1 surround sound mix
  • Promo videos for 2 of the songs
  • “Ask Me Nicely – The Making of To the Bone”, 85 minute documentary shot by Lasse Hoile over a period of 3 months

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[…] ‘Who is this Steven Wilson bloke you keep mentioning Paul, every time you write about bands like Jethro Tull and XTC?’ Here in the UK, the Daily Telegraph called him “the most successful British artist you’ve never heard of”! They have a point. Buy Transience (a sort of ‘best of’ issued in 2016) as a ‘way in’ to the brilliance of Steven Wilson’s work as a musician and songwriter. Once you do you’ll be seeking out To The Bone. […]

Keith Q.

Received my copy of the DE version. Unfortunately sub par packaging , it has dinted corners . Annoying.
But when i opened the seal only to find the book binding is set to one end. Normally you would expect a hardbound book to be bound with the pages centered.

The seller was a german web site. They have no replacement copies and offered me 10Euros. I paid 60 Euro and 30 Euro shipping to Canada.

I have all the books since Insurgentes .All of them were amazing but this one is below par.


Just received my copy of the Deluxe Edition. Awesome edition, as usual. However, I find a bit disappointing that the song in the vinyl single is not included in the bonus CD. I expected to find it at least as a download with the code included in the box, but alas, no. (The download code just allows you to download the album, a bit pointless since you already have it on CD, DVD and BR in the set!). So now I have to find somebody who owns a turntable to be able to listen to the 3 minutes song; or, most likely, find an illegal way of downloading it! IMHO vinyl exclusives should always come with an alternative means to have access to the content. Even many vinyl buyers admit nowadays that they seldom if ever play the records on a turntable.


They did send me an email today (copied below), apparently they had a “technical issue”:

Gentile Cliente,

Ti scriviamo in merito al tuo recente ordine 405- per informarti che, a causa di un problema tecnico, purtroppo non ci sarà possibile spedire all’indirizzo da te selezionato il seguente articolo:

Titolo: To the Bone (Limited Edt.Vinyl Color)

Ti confermiamo pertanto che abbiamo provveduto a cancellare il tuo ordine n. 405-; non ti verrà addebitato nessun importo relativo a questo articolo.

Ci scusiamo per l’inconveniente.

Servizio Clienti


Amazon Really are Useless! Pre ordered the Coloured Version of this weeks ago from Amazon Italy – Due for release today – 25th August – they have cancelled the order with no Notification or email! I only noticed when I logged in and checked!

Bloody Useless!


Box set arrived this morning – keeping it for Christmas though I have the HMV vinyl. I still can’t get my head round this current output from SW – I thought HCE was a masterpiece and I did wonder what was next – but I did not expect this. Looking forward to Glasgow show next year sadly can’t make RAH due to financial constraints.

Michael G

Have ordered the signed postcard Blu ray edition from SDE ,looking forward to hearing it.


You can purchase the Deluxe Edition here: http://stevenwilson.bravado.de/p1/index.html


Had ordered the Deluxe Edition on the first day of announcement at the SW shop. Last week I got my money back without any comment. Two days later I got an (exclusive?) link to a german webshop. Result? Instead of paying the SW shop 25 Euros for delievery now I have to pay only 5 Euros. Just fine…
@Klaus On the last tour I bought the deluxe edition of Hand.Cannot.Erase as tour merch, but I have in mind that it was released later than the other editions. It is sold out at the SW shop so I would be suprised if you will get it as tour merch.

Phil Morris

The H.C.E. deluxe edition was first sold in advance of the release along with the other formats in exactly the same way.

[…] Read more about Steven Wilson’s To The Bone […]


Boxset is sold out according to the SW-website.

Chris Hanington

I can’t understand why Amazon Canada has not listed these items??? I would love to go ahead and purchase these from Burning Shed or anywhere however, shipping adds a lot to the cost especially when it is converted to the low Canadian dollar. Free shipping with Amazon but it has not shown up yet on their web site. Isn’t this being released through Universal?? Don’t they sell records to Amazon Canada?? Eager to buy but losing patience with this whole thing! I know it’s a few months off still but why it is listed everywhere else to buy?

[…] To The Bone will be issued on 18 August 2017. You can read about other formats and the box set if you head to this post. […]


Link to the Steven Wilson USA store



American online store is now available at stevenwilsonhq.com – box set runs around $84 including shipping.

Could we get the North American tour announced please


You can now pre-order from HMV with there exclusive coloured vinyl set


Saturn Germany also has the white vinyl. You also get it on http://www.mediamarkt.de !
Btw: A second RAH show is on sale now and I heard, a third one is blocked.

[…] Thanks to Steven Wilson for answering these questions. Read about his new album, To The Bone. […]

Sane Alex

I find it annoying when the coloured vinyl or other special editions come out in certain countries or after a period of time. I spent a lot of cash on Steven’s compilation LP Transcience (including buying a record deck) – this was supposed to be vinyl only – a few months later, out comes the CD.


Hello from Poland :-)
2LP white vinyl
Polish Internet Shop frokm KRAKOW with best prices SW project (CD/LP/BD/DVD)
– officially organizes Polish concerts SW,
– officially distributes tickets for Polish concerts SW (fan tickets),
It has the lowest prices for SW publications – strongly cooperating with KSCOPE / BURNING SHED.

1 PLZ = 0,24 Euro


Crazy, even for the show in Essen (Germany) I got 12th row two hours after email for fan presale got in. Last year SW in Bochum here were still tickets to buy at the door. Well, not to begrudge his success…

Ian Hicks

Ordered the boxset yesterday and this morning got 4th row seats for the RAH gig…..can’t bloody wait!


I had the same problem & was on there refreshing the page for several mins to get in at the earliest possible time…. by 5 minutes past 10 I saw ones already for sale on resale sites starting at twice the price for crap seats & upwards for good ones! :(


I think we should be told how many of the 100 Lasse Hoile photographs in the book are just of a nudie SW with loads of paint on him.


I would expect that the deluxe box will be sold out soon (yes, only via SW shop, which is now Universal, cause he’s gone from Kscope to Caroline). Even for the continent I have to pay 25 Euros for delivery. But as a fanboy I had to order. I will see which vinyl I will get at my local Saturn store.
Look on discogs for the prices of gone deluxe versions from SW or this bands. Its like buying at Sothebys.

Fat Old Bloke

I’m hoping it will be just on BluRay in the near future. I’m not touching the expensive box. I have everything Porcupine Tree & Steven Wilson ever did until now.
Enough of paying for these expensive big boxes. I learned my lesson after the $500 Pink Floyd box.

Phil Morris

You have “everything” by PT/SW? Spiral Circus? Altamont? UEM? IEM? The Uri Geller albums…?

Steve gilmour

Paul…is the v 5 disc limited as per usual andvwill this be for sale on amazon as shipping is crazy

Lee R.

I ordered the box – 29 POUNDS shipping to Canada… total comes to $137 CDN.

But… I’m ok with it. It’s probably a huge heavy box, and I know if I don’t buy it now, I will pay much more than that in the future.


Will the album contain also an audio reference to Mr. Bowie, not only on the cover?


“Ltd. Colored 2LP” isn’t particularly informative, saturn.de


Saturn…… they don’t ship to the Netherlands?? come on, we’re neighbours…


Tell that to the people who are responsible for p&p-rates if you send something as big as a vinyl-record from neighbor to neighbor.

Michel D.

In the past, Wilson used Newbury Comics in Boston to ship in North America, hopefully this will happen for this release but I can’t see it mentioned on Newbury’s site!


I ended up ordered the BD/DVD and hopefully those songs on the bonus disc are made available in a future set. This IS Steven Wilson after all which makes a reissue or two is a given.


Ordered the S.E. From SW’s site, the vinyl from HMV. This guy is one of the most gifted musicians/minds of the 21st century, looking forward to this, feck knows where the £s are coming from.

With regard to shipping costs to the USA, it’s been as expensive for us in Europa for a lng time. Don’t get me wrong I do sympathise. I ordered the Dylan S.E Lyrics book from the USA via Amazon Marketplace, shipping costs £2.80 or (I’m guessing) about $4. This book weighs 15.4lbs! So if sellers on Amazon comply with these low shipping prices, WTF is going on? I guess the only way is to not pay but then miss out on SW’s S.E. Box and other items of desire. I’ve been doing this for over 5 years with items from The Colonies.


I agree about how gifted SW is!

With regards to shipping costs; I sell on Amazon and it is them who set the flat rate shipping cost the buyer pays, AND then they take commission out of it so the seller gets less, (& Amazon commission makes eBay+PayPal look dirt cheap; it’s over 30%)! I lose money on shipping for virtually every item I sell on Amazon domestically and have stopped selling internationally after having to pay over £5 more than I received for the last couple of sales.

The £2.80 you paid for the book in no way reflects the actual shipping cost, though Royal Mail is proportionally more expensive than postal services in a lot of other countries! :)


I wish Mr. Wilson would stop wasting his time with his own music and get back to remixing Tull, et al. :-)


Considering SW pulls an equally large, if not larger crowd for live shows and releases than Mr Anderson right now, and is pretty much doing the surround mixes as a “day job” that’s a pretty ripe comment. Step out of your bubble, sir, there are riches to be had.

Hoping this includes the tracks co-written with Andy Partridge, every indication seems to suggest that, but no mention in the above.


Will the five disc edition be sold by anyone besides the SW website?


The price of the Deluxe Box Set on the SW website including UK shipping is £55.95 but when you go through the Ticket Link it says £64.99…. however, the prices for the tickets are not shown? Confused!

Charlie Wellock

I was all ready to order the box set, but when I got to the final page I was shocked to see a $35 SHIPPING CHARGE to the US for a $65 set! Needless to say, I’ll be skipping this one.


Yup. Same. I suspect most people don’t care for a 7″ single sided vinyl. Most also would want either the BR or DVD but not both. And most people couldn’t care less about a book that they’ll probably look at once.


More than a shade pissy in Detroit that this is Universal Music Direct who price the book edition at $99.38 including shipping for a purchase delivered to Michigan.
Oh well, guess I will get the $13.99 version down the amazon and wait for the North America tour.

Bill Proe

I was about to buy the deluxe addition from his website until I have found out it was $35 for shipping.

Richard Starkey

Not the same Steven Wilson who does all the J-Tull work, is it?

Julian H

…not to forget Yes, King Crimson, XTC, Tears for Fears, Marillion, Caravan, Gentle Giant & so on…

Erick Haight

…and the recent remaster of Chicago’s second album, which was exceptional.


‘Kin he’ll Ringo, do you know anything?


DVD or Blu-ray. To include both adds uncalled for expense and makes the buyer think they’ve been charged for a disc they don’t require.

Jay kranz

Really we just need to leave the DVD people behind. Their usual reason is they don’t need blu Ray well now if they want the content they need it. End of story.

Where’s the VHS of the documentary!?


I can be wrong, but I suspect most SW fans want the DVD or BR. I like it with a CD.


I’m really glad that Steven Wilson isn’t as snobby as some of the commenters here, thinking their home equipment is the standard for everyone else.
I’m holding on to my 2008 DVD-Player and my 2000 TV-set (yes, not even flat-screen) because they’re still working and i’m satisfied with sound and picture they’re giving me.
I see no need to buy a Blu-Ray-player as long as the DVD-player works because with my equipment i don’t think that Blu-Ray would make a noticeable change of quality.
Now for the music: I too think SW is one of the, if not THE most interesting rock-artist of the new milennium and, as an answer to Dean’s comment, it would really be a waste of talent if he would just re-mix,-work,-master albums of artists who had their creative peak when SW visited Grammar School.
I discovered him as an individual artist when German music-mag VISIONS gave away a free 8-track-CD with two tracks each of Porcupine Tree, No-Man, Blackfield and his solo-work, promoting his then newly released album “The Raven That Refused To Sing” and was stunned that music like this is still made today. As he was the cover-story of said magazine there was also a career-summation and an expansive interview in there which hooked me instantly.
Since then i bought several of his older work and also followed his current releases and he is one of the few artists left getting me anxious when new work of him is being announced.
So i instantly listened to the new song from “To The Bone” linked and although i liked it, i sure hope that this is nor a highlight of this new album, finding it catchy with interesting voice by Ninet Tayeb, but only reaching lift-off-point about a minute before it ends. What really sounds interesting is the collaboration of SW and Swiss musician/lyricist Sophie Hunger. Can’t wait to listen to tjhat and thinking if there is the slightest chance that SW will do 5.1 and/or Hi-Res-mixes of her former recordings.
As for the price of the special edition: Does anyone know from past experiences if this is likely to be sold as tour merch when SW will tour Europe in early 2018 or will it be sold-out by then? Thanks for enlightenment on that.


I would of preferred a CD/BR combo instead of each of them separately.

Alan Wilson


Referencing the comment from Roberto the version with the print is a Burning Shed exclusive.


“Comes with an 11″x11″ art print – exclusive to orders from Burning Shed – while stocks last”


Paul, Burning Shed mentions that the art print is exclusive to their site. However, they do not offer the deluxe edition.


Yup. Strange. That’s SW….

Ryan S.

Is there any word if the standalone BD comes with a FLAC download? His previous release 4 1/2 did.

Sezai Basar

There is a standalone BD version. For the time being available at Steve’s site.Soon everywhere ; IMHO

Jay Senese

Saturn in Germany is offering a colored-vinyl 2LP set. They do not seem to offer shipping to the USA though.


Shipping on the deluxe CD box is prohibitively expensive to the USA, unfortunately.


Anyone know if Saturn.de ships outside Germany


I’ve just asked them, and the don’t.

Sezai Basar

They are shipping to the addresses in Germany only.

tom heusinger

delivery charge 35.00 for the SDE from SW’s website? Really? I don’t think so.


Make sure you select relevant country.

Dan T.

@ tom heusinger (and others complaining about US shipping rates):

The *NET* price for this set to the US is almost no different from any deluxe edition Wilson has issued since PT’s “Insurgentes,” which I believe was the first album he issued in these larger cloth-bound book versions. I recall paying over $100 USD for the deluxe edition of “The Incident,” “Anesthetize” (blue cover; I wasn’t quick enough for a red cover!) “Grace for Drowning,” and the two or three since then.

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect what you’re looking at is a VAT or other type of tax maneuver, especially since the Pound-to-USD pairing has degraded terribly the past few years.

Regardless, I don’t think it matters because in the end, you’ll pay about $100 USD WITH SHIPPING no matter what with his deluxe editions, so in my mind, there’s really no difference.


The 2LP edition of To The Bone comes with an art print


I saw the print mentioned as well. Think it may have been in an email sent out.

Phil Morris

Art print exclusive to Burning Shed. Oh, and release is 18 August, Paul, not July.

Derek Murray

Thought there might’ve been a vinyl box set version in addition to the cd one. Mr Wilson has been a great ambassador for quality vinyl box sets over the years so for him just to release the album as a stand-alone release is a wee bit sad. However, the box has been preordered and I’ll be patiently waiting for 10am to arrive tomorrow morning to purchase two tix for the Glasgow date of the tour.