Steven Wilson’s ‘Ultra Deluxe’ edition The Future Bites sells instantly

£10k box set sells to US-based SDE reader

Steven Wilson‘s limited-edition-of-one ‘ULTRA DELUXE MUSIC PRODUCT ON OBSOLETE MEDIA’ of The Future Bites sold this morning almost as soon as it went on sale.

Priced at £10,000, with all proceeds going to the Music Venue Trust (to help save grassroots gig venues in the UK), this unique item appears to have been bought by SDE reader Alan Lastufka, who is based in the USA.


Alan has said he will talk to SDE about his purchase at a later date, and has already promised to share the contents via an unboxing video and a ‘needle drop’ of the exclusive track ‘The Tastemaker’.

As well as that exclusive song, the box set contains one of Steven Wilson’s GRAMMY medals and certificates, test pressings, original drawings, handwritten lyrics and more. Everything in the ‘standard’ deluxe box is also included.

You can read SDE’s interview with Steven and learn more about the box set here.

The Future Bites is issued on 29 January 2021. The new single ’12 Things I Forgot’ is released on 12-inch vinyl today. There is also a new video for ‘Personal Shopper’.

Pre-order the new 12-inch single ’12 Things I Forgot’ with two exclusive bonus tracks.

Steven Wilson official store The Future Bites pre-orders:

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Steven Wilson

The Future Bites - vinyl LP


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Steven Wilson

The Future Bites - blu-ray


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Steven Wilson

The Future Bites - CD edition



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Damn! I clicked the “Buy It Now” button as fast as I could..oh well.

Like others I now look forward to the unboxing video and needle drop.

Vic Wertz

Cheers to Alan for committing to share the unique track—it so easily could have gone to someone who kept it locked up all for themselves for the rest of their life.

James Lee

Paul I agree with you about Shane’s use of the word nasty-maybe he regrets it now. I don’t think this is much different, for example, to Nat Borofsky ex Girlyman, who offered to create a personalised song for a donation towards the making of a new CD. It was a bit much for me but for 100 dollars I got a credit on the CD!

mark browne

£10,000 pah..wu tang ckan… 1 of a kind album sold for $2 million dollars!!!


While the concept of exclusive 1 items is interesting, I think it’s wrong to apply it to something that too many people would want and can usually be afforded by anyone.
I mean, music is not the kind of art that is unique in the form of 1 and usually costs millions or hundreds of thousands if you really want it.
Art lovers know from the get go that they will never be able to own the actual artifact unless they shell out money, so they are already (should be) content with a photograph, or visiting a museum (wherever!) to see the actual item.
Music is different. You set out to create music in order to have the most people possible hear it and enjoy it, and you gain fans who listen to and love your music and everyone can afford it, or should, as there should/would never be music that can be so overpriced that it would be severely out of scope for most pockets.
What is happening here is that a musician wants to apply the artifact logic to music, thus depriving many of his fans from listening to his music and only allowing ONE individual to do so.
I would have to be a fan of his as I would be really unhappy that basically almost literally nobody can hear the music. And it’s not even comparable to vault tracks.
I mean, it’s quite nasty, no matter what his intentions are with the charity.


Has there been any particular reason stated as to why the new “12 Things I Forgot” single is only on vinyl? His releases are usually on CD as well, like the previous single. Shipping for the new $16 12″ is $18 to the US! BTW, already sold out on Burning Shed. Still apparently available from his direct store site.


Hi Paul,
there is an error with the release date in your post.
“The Future Bites is issued on 29 January 2020”

Cheers to Alan ;o)

Michael Mason

Wow! Great result all round! Hats off to everybody involved for raising this cash. Would be awesome if some other artists could do similar things. :)


I’m not surprised, I think Steven Wilson could have gotten a lot more for this set actually, especially the time of year and the charity/giving aspect of this sale, but good for him, not a bad haul for cleaning house… and good for Alan snatching Paul’s “Deal Alert.” Now Steven should buy Paul lunch for drumming up the business.


I went down a Grammy rabbit hole with this one. Was strongly considering a purchase until I learned how little Grammy nomination medals are worth (~$600). Didn’t realize that ownership of actual Grammy awards cannot be transferred.


This is an amazing story, well done Steven, well done Paul and well done Alan!!!!

Dan T.

Surprised it isn’t Jim Irsay, after the haul he made of David Gilmour’s guitar auction…

Look forward to your video, Alan.

Jarmo Keranen

Maybe one day i should be so rich, that i could buy £10,000 record. At the moment top price for me is about £250,00!


Best possible result. The music venues get some much needed funds, and an actual fan gets it and will share the love with the rest of us. Good on you, Alan!


Brilliant great news also a decent plug for the site


Well done, Alan! And well done to you, Paul for getting an interview.

I’d love to know the motivation for buying it. Desire to own something unique or just directing money towards a good cause?

Alan Blevin

Great that it went to a fan rather than a scalper.

Eddie Quayle

I agree…………… I’m fed up with trying to get limited editions etc and seeing them sold out and then seeing them all on E Bay for stupid prcies!


In my opinion your comment makes no sense. This is a unique item as a drawing e.g. by Gerhard Richter. It is of course „normal“ to sell it by auction some time. What you talk about is the „scalping“ of a limited run of some (deluxe) editions by some faster and business oriented guys. Sorry to tell you, this is as well in my opinion a sad development, but it is just business. Don‘t worry.


I see that Burning Shed were limiting SW’s new 12″ single to one per customer. Good on them I say.