Stevie Nicks deluxe editions


Rhino will release Stevie Nicks‘ first two solo albums as multi-disc deluxe editions in November. Bella Donna (1981) and The Wild Heart (1983) will both feature newly remastered audio and previously unreleased studio and live recordings…

Nicks herself has been very involved in the reissues: “I’ve had so much fun reliving the making of Bella Donna and The Wild Heart while working on the liner notes and listening to all of the alternate versions and demo takes,” she said. “The liner notes are so much more than liner notes. They are like a little novel. I tried to make whoever reads this feel like they were there. I think…I succeeded….”


Produced by Jimmy Iovine and Tom Petty, Bella Donna was a massive success and features the songs Edge Of Seventeen, Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and Leather And Lace (with Don Henley). The 2016 deluxe edition is a three-CD set with the unreleased material (plus two cuts from soundtracks) on disc 2. The third CD focuses on live material.

The Wild Heart couldn’t quite repeat the chart-topping success of its predecessor, but it still did very well, peaking at number five on the US album chart. The deluxe is a two-CD set and features unreleased versions of All The Beautiful Worlds and Dial The Number amongst the bonus material.


The Bella Donna and The Wild Heart deluxe editions will be released on 4 November 2016. The remastered albums (without bonus tracks) will be reissued on vinyl too.



Bella Donna deluxe edition

CD 1
1. Bella Donna (Remastered)
2. Kind of Woman (Remastered)
3. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) [Remastered]
4. Think About It (Remastered)
5. After The Glitter Fades (Remastered)
6. Edge of Seventeen (Remastered)
7. How Still My Love (Remastered)
8. Leather And Lace (Remastered) – Stevie Nicks & Don Henley
9. Outside The Rain (Remastered)
10. The Highwayman (Remastered)

CD 2
1. Edge of Seventeen (Early Take)
2. Think About It (Alternate Version)
3. How Still My Love (Alternate Version)
4. Leather And Lace (Alternate Version)
5. Bella Donna (Demo)
6. Gold And Braid (Unreleased Version)
7. Sleeping Angel (Alternate Version)
8. If You Were My Love (Unreleased Version)
9. The Dealer (Unreleased Version)
10. Blue Lamp (From “Heavy Metal”) [Remastered]
11. Sleeping Angel (From “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”) [Remastered]

CD 3
1. Gold Dust Woman (Live 1982) [Remastered]
2. Gold And Braid (Live 1982) [Remastered]
3. I Need To Know (Live 1982) [Remastered]
4. Outside The Rain (Live 1982) [Remastered]
5. Dreams (Live 1982) [Remastered]
6. Angel (Live 1982)
7. After The Glitter Fades (Live 1982) [Remastered]
8. Leather And Lace (Live 1982)
9. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (Live 1982) [Remastered]
10. Bella Donna (Live 1982)
11. Sara (Live 1982) [Remastered]
12. How Still My Love (Live)
13. Edge Of Seventeen (Live 1982) [Remastered]
14. Rhiannon (Live 1982) [Remastered]


The Wild Heart 2CD deluxe edition

CD 1
1. Wild Heart (Remastered)
2. If Anyone Falls (Remastered)
3. Gate And Garden (Remastered)
4. Enchanted (Remastered)
5. Nightbird (Remastered)
6. Stand Back (Remastered)
7. I Will Run To You (Remastered) – Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty
8. Nothing Ever Changes (Remastered)
9. Sable on Blond (Remastered)
10. Beauty And The Beast (Remastered)

CD 2
1. Violet And Blue (From “Against All Odds”) [Remastered]
2. I Sing For The Things (Unreleased Version)
3. Sable on Blond (Alternate Version)
4. All The Beautiful Worlds (Unreleased Version)
5. Sorcerer (Unreleased Version)
6. Dial the Number (Unreleased Version)
7. Garbo (B-Side) [Remastered]
8. Are You Mine (Demo)
9. Wild Heart (Session)

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Ok, so I finally had a listen to these remasters. Both ‘Bella Donna’ and ‘The Wild Heart’. And I have to say they sound so bad. Just horrible. I am not sure if it’s because I listened to them up against the recent Fleetwood Mac albums (which sound amazing to me), but these reissues for Stevie Nicks hurt me ears. Made them bleed. Not because they are too loud. But because they are missing so much of the dynamics. I am disappointed to say the least.


It’s now August 2017. I am hoping that we have some news soon about the rest of Stevie Nicks back catalogue being remastered and re-released. I personally are waiting for Rock a little. I have got Bella Donna which is a great album. I have to yet purchase the wild heart and yeah Rock a little would close it off for me. The later stuff after Rock a little holds not a lot of interest.


I love that these were both re-issued. Just wish that there was a third CD of live material on Wild Heart like there was on Bella Donna. Still, these re-issues were definitely overdue.


has anyone who bought the 3-cd “bella donna” reissue noticed that the concert cd is a mix of both mono and stereo tracks – of the same concert???

i was listening to the concert on my ipod and noticed that most of the songs were being presented in MONO… only a few of the tracks were presented in true stereo. and when you play all the songs in sequence, it’s a little jarring to hear songs go from mono to stereo and back to mono…

and here’s another questionable thing… in stevie’s “enchanted” box set, you’ll hear the excellent live remixed/remastered version of “gold and braid” and it’s presented in stereo… on the concert cd of the “bella donna” set, it’s presented in mono… why is that???? why couldn’t the whole concert be presented in stereo? better yet, why didn’t rhino put the hbo concert on cd and include it in this re-issue?

Dave R.

I expected to find them in HMV today. No sign. Just had to content myself with the Queen 2CD BBC set instead…

Pete {in Australia}

Have all Stevie Nicks on various formats, earlier albums on cassette, later stuff on CD. “Rock a Little” my fav, got on Cd, and a few weeks back decided to complete the CD collection of Stevie. scored a cd from Overseas of “Other Side of The Mirror”, with a Hologram sticker, which I cannot remember being available here in Australia. Timing of these two deluxes for me, is great, as they were on the hit list. Only two to get…….so now super excited as deluxe editions. Went to get today, and they had not arrived, so seems like they have been delayed, guess they will arrive one day! [Fleetwood Mac -Mirage deluxe, was pushed back a few months]. Bonus for me, was also the price in Australia, cheaper than getting from overseas { a RARE!!!! happening here}. :)

Wayne Klein

Too many unreleased alternate tracks and not enough unreleased songs.


Australian readers might be interested to note that JB Hi-Fi have the CDs cheaper than Amazon:



JB HiFi also offer the vinyl editions, but I don’t know how their prices compare to the Amazon vinyls.


I don’t get it, it costs more to order from Amazon USA than Amazon UK and I am in the US. Are these considered imports??


FINALLY! I too am waiting for a Rock A Little re-release. But I hope they do it as a Super Deluxe edition. As too with The Other Side Of The Mirror. I think there is enough material that that is possible.


Where is that elusive little single edit of Edge of Seventeen?


The Wild Heart is one of my favorite albums of all time, cannot wait!!


OMG! Finally! I’ve been waiting forever. This is incredible news. Why has it taken so many years? These are classic albums. Long, long overdue.


I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, I’m so happy about this brilliant news!
For many artists, when they unearth unreleased alternate versions, it’s not always very exciting, but Stevie Nicks often changes bits of melodies and lyrics from one version to another, and also the album versions are almost all faded out (like on the Wild Heart title song, just when Stevie seems to start doing crazy vocals), so any alternate and hopefully full version or take might be very interesting. And same thing for the live versions, she’s such a great live singer. Too bad the Wild Heart is not a 3cd too, but any Stevie bonus is every precious to me… that’s the main reason why I bought the Fleetwood Max boxsets (to me, the versions of If You Were My Love and Smile At You were worth the price of the Mirage boxset alone).
On Bella Donna, Edge of 17 is so powerful that it eclipses the rest (for me) / almost the whole Wild Heart album is brilliant (If Anyone Falls, Stand Back, Nightbird, Nothing Ever Changes, Sable on Blonde, Beauty and the Beat) / and the soundtrack song Blue Lamp offered here as a bonus is really an incredible song, quite different from the rest of Stevie’s repertoire, really a personal favourite of mine

Glenn Roger

So finally thrilled to see BELLA DONNA & WILD HEART finally get the remastered treatment. I loved her first two albums and I am so looking forward to hearing the song WILD HEART remastered cause that is such a Stevie jam. I know some people feel she could have included more rare stuff on these releases, but as it it is the case with most artists, I feel we will see more unreleased songs released on a different release at some point. At least that’s my hope. I never thought I would see her release 24 Karat Gold, but she did. So who knows in her whimsical world of the future. I will throw a shout out for remastered releases for ROCK A LITTLE and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR that desperately need remastering.

dennis f.

is the live cd in “bella donna” the audio from the “white winged dove” concert video? i wonder why the package didn’t include the remastered concert on DVD.

i’ve been disappointed by warner’s/rhino’s fleetwood mac re-releases… for “rumours,” they included a concert dvd. for “tusk,” there was a one-hour “documentary and live concert” home video and laserdisc that was released in 1979 they could have (should have) put into the deluxe edition as the dvd. and for “mirage,” there was a full-lenth concert that aired on HBO in 1982 AND the music videos for “gypsy” and “hold me” that should have been included on a dvd. we superfans want this stuff and rhino and warners are not giving it to us. disappointing all around……


Dennis, I wish they added these DVDs too…
CD3 can’t be the soundtrack of the video you refer to, because this video only had 9 songs on it


It is actually the soundtrack of that very same concert. The video was edited down to an hour and removed ‘Angel’, ‘Belladonna’,’ Leather and Lace’, ‘How Still My Love’ and ‘Blue Lamp’. Somewhere the full show does exist on video as well as audio, and it is the absolute pot of gold for which fans have yearned for over 30 years…….

Similarly, the recent ‘Mirage’ deluxe edition reproduced the audio of the (abridged)Mirage concert video – that show had about an hour edited out of it!!!

Why oh why there is so little FM or Stevie video material available is beyond me. I still haven’t recovered from the ‘Tusk’ deluxe edition not including the Tusk documentary!

alan hansen

just saved $17 twice (both titles for me and both titles for a neighbor) by ordering these together from the UK as opposed to the US amazon site. thanks, paul!


Excellent news. I had only recently consider collecting Stevie Nicks as a late comer to her work. Wow – brilliant timing.

Bella Donna disc 3 is very generous.


Very happy to see these re-issues coming out. “The Wild Heart” is one of my all time favourite albums. I would be very surprised if future releases include 12 inch mixes though. Seems to me that when more rock based artists are directly involved with reissues they have a tendency to just concentrate on the regular tracks and do not really consider the 12 inch mixes as they were more of a record company product used for cross promotion. Regardless, on both releases the amount of extra tracks are impressive.


I think that’s because those were instances where those rock artists were convinced by managers, record execs, producers, and other industry folk to “try this new fad” of clubbing up your rock song, it maybe wasn’t terribly successful—or was hugely successful and proved an embarrassment to the, let’s be frank, homophobic contingent of their fanbase—and scared them off ever going that route again, preferring to pretend it had never happened. Or perhaps the person responsible for that left the band, or the band was looking to reframe themselves as “unplugged,” or grungier, or even more adult contemporary, and feared the dance-rock remix production made them sound dated. (As if “dated” isn’t part of what we LOVE about the music of our youth, or that from before our time, in the first place.)

Nicks wrote “Stand Back” over a Prince track and had him play on it. Though they didn’t release a dance mix of that track during its initial release, Nicks put a dance mix of the song on her Crystal Visions album in 2007 and released a maxi-single featuring seven different mixes of the track, and was rewarded with a #2 Club Songs and #1 Dance Singles Sales position. Her previous single in 2001, “Planets of the Universe”—initially recorded as a demo for Rumours in 1977—was released as a maxi-single featuring six different mixes, also going to #1 on the U.S. Club Play chart.

Considering those “I Can’t Wait” remixes have never been released on CD, it would be a disservice to fans of that track, a disservice to the side of her that clearly isn’t adverse to courting a dance following all those years later, a disservice to those who came to her through those dance mixes, and a disservice to the way she approached those recordings and the way they were marketed if she were to pretend to present a full picture of the album and what she was doing and thinking at the time but not include those mixes as if she were ashamed or trying to rewrite history. Were she to do that, I for one wouldn’t buy the set, as that’s my primary interest on that album. That might be my loss, but it makes no sense the other way around, to suggest there would be a fan of Nicks who would get something out of demos and alternate versions and bonus tracks and liner notes, but would boycott it over half a dozen remixes they don’t ever have to listen to if they don’t want to. We’re talking two- and three-disc sets here, it’s not like one can listen to the whole thing in a sitting (at least after the first listen) anyway, or that one could complain they’re paying more for stuff they don’t want, when that’s obviously more true for someone like myself who would buy the thing just for the remixes.

Let’s face it, all bonus tracks are hit or miss and departures from our original experience of the album. Some people don’t “get” demos, others find live versions pale in comparison to studio versions, and yes, some regard remixes as alien, but all are part of the album’s, and the artist’s, history, and we can all selectively return to or skip the parts as we like or don’t, just as we may have done on even our favorite artists’ original albums. Yet would someone who later buys the version with demos and alternate takes want to have been deprived of what they considered “filler” or “product” the first time around? I just don’t get that mindset.

But to Nicks’ own feelings, six years later in the liner notes to 1991’s Timespace, she raved about how much of a charge she got first hearing the song, then recording the song, and even hearing it much later: “I think this was about the most exciting song that I had ever heard. My friend, Rick, whom I had known since I was 18 and he was 13, brought over this track with this incredible percussion thing, and gave it to me asking me if I would listen to it and consider writing a song for it. I listened to the song once, and pretended not to be that knocked out, but the second Rick left, I ran in my little recording studio and wrote ‘I Can’t Wait.’ It took all night, and I think it is all about how electric I felt about this music. And that night, that SATURDAY night, Rick and I went into a BIG studio and recorded it. I sang it only once, and have never sung it since in the studio. Some vocals are magic and simply not able to beat. So I let go of it, as new to me as it was; but you know, now when I hear it on the radio, this incredible feeling comes over me, like something really incredible is about to happen.”

That percussion thing, that electric feeling, those magic vocals, are all central and even enhanced on the mixes—unlike mixes from after the ’80s that tend to deconstruct and reconstruct, change basslines and strip out backing vocals and even radically reharmonize chord progressions and such things that steal away elements or even the totality of what drew you to the original recording. The great thing about ’80s remixes is they generally retain the vocals and instrumentals, adding to or emphasizing, rather than detracting from, the essential energy and spirit and presence and pacing of the album/single version.

Consider the rock artists who include even in some instances rare, brief excursions into the world of 12″ mixes on even just 1- or 2-disc expanded versions of their albums, or anthologies—off the top of my head:

Def Leppard
Dan Reed Network
Kula Shaker
Tears For Fears
Mr. Mister
Tina Turner

James Auman

“The great thing about ’80s remixes is they generally retain the vocals and instrumentals, adding to or emphasizing, rather than detracting from, the essential energy and spirit and presence and pacing of the album/single version.”

Agreed and well said! 80’s remixes never add anything that wasn’t already there. They just “reassemble” the components.

One great thing about an 80’s remix. If you liked the song, and there was a piece of it that grabbed you, but was a) buried in the mix; or b) kicked in just when the song trailed off at the end; the 80’s remix would often give that component to you “front and center”.


If you want a real treat try the sublime Eli Escobar mix of ‘Stand Back’; contemporary, but sensitive to the era – sounds like a lost Danceteria 12. The Sky Ferreira cover is very special too and if you want a dance the Linus Loves cover is great.

Can’t wait for ‘Rock A Little’; those mixes of ‘I Can’t Wait’ are long overdue for re-exposure. The Dance Mix and Dub Mix (mixed by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero – Madonna ‘Open Your Heart’ (extended version)) are a-mazing.


Oops, meant to write “Beauty And The BEAST”, not “Beauty And The Beat”!!!
Were are talking Stevie Nicks here, not the Go-Go’s! LMAO


My favorite track on ‘Wild Heart” is the song “Nightbird”. But I love that whole album. “Enchanted” is great. “Stand Back” was the big hit. And “Beauty And The Beat” was just mesmerizing. My favorite tracks on “Bella Donna” are surprisingly non-singles tracks such as “After The Glitter Fades”, “Outside The Rain” and “The Highwayman”. But love the entire album. Both of these albums are very important and truly hope they remaster the rest of her albums. This is very exciting news.



These are essential purchases and long overdue for the remaster/ deluxe treatment!

Yes, we can all quibble about how much has not been included here, but seeing as Stevie has begun the process with ’24 Karat Gold’ of recording many of her demos as full-fledged completed versions, you can’t blame her for holding back on some of the gems she will probably now record as 24 Karat vol.2.

Rock a Little probably will be the most diverse deluxe edition, especially as it was meant to be the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ album in 1984, all of which was shelved (including that duet with Prince!) It probably has the most unreleased material related to it of all her albums and would be the most mind-blowing of all.

Interesting that there seems to be a lot of demand for that album and TOSOTM – in the US the first two albums were the multi-million sellers and the latter two were not so well-received, whilst in the UK there seems to be far more appetite for her later 80s output. It’s well-known that her Klonopin problems were underway when TOSOTM was recorded and the vocals are not as soulful as the earlier albums, but there was a load of unused material from that time. Perhaps most curious will be her unused songs for the FM Tango sessions – including the mighty ‘Joan of Arc’. The Tango album could have had a very different sound had Mr Buckingham been more open to Stevie’s demos at that time. Listening to the outtakes on the recent ‘Mirage’ deluxe edition, it has to be said that Stevie’s unused stuff would have been the best stuff on that album, as well as the original version of ‘Hold Me’ which sounds a 100 times better with the strong Nicks backing vocals!!


Great news and about time. Preordered the single discs on Amazon UK for about £6 each.


Updated my preorder to the deluxes. Playing that Fmac Mirage deluxe over and over (more times than in the last thirty years) has persuaded me that its the right thing to do. It has to be said that thier outtakes are better than the main stuff a lot of other bands put out.


Always loved “Stand Back” and “Edge Of Seventeen” is another favorite, total classic, but count me among those hoping for a chance in the near future to buy an expanded Rock A Little featuring all four (or more?) “I Can’t Wait” remixes, which I had on 12″ and played over and over!

And I’d be interested to read the liner notes to a deluxe version of The Other Side Of The Mirror, which I had on CD, to learn if she’d heard Laura Branigan’s debut version of “Cry Wolf” and what she thought of the late singer and her performance on that track.

To put the classic rock of Bella Donna in context, it was preceded at #1 in America by Foreigner’s biggest and arguably best album, 4, featuring the hit singles “Urgent,” “Juke Box Hero,” “Break It Up,” and “Waiting For A Girl Like You,” and succeeded at #1 by Journey’s biggest and arguably best album, Escape, featuring the hit singles “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “Who’s Crying Now,” “Still They Ride,” and “Open Arms.” What an amazing time in music that was! How long has it been since there were that many iconic albums with that many timeless hits back to back to back!


Yes! So excited to see this. Love both of these albums and I hope they remaster all of her other albums.

Michael Khalsa

The song ‘Stand Back’ from the ‘The Wild Heart’ album is a great song. Inspired by Prince’s ‘Little Red Corvette’ & even features Prince on keyboards.

Erick Haight

And for whatever reason, “Buckingham Nicks” still remains on the shelf…


Even if you have a passing interest in Stevie these are essential albums. The extras are actually pretty sweet…Love seeing Garbo and an unreleased version of Sorcerer listed. Wild Heart was made almost 20 years before Sorcerer got released on her great comeback Trouble in Shangri La in 2001!


Very disappointed by the lazy bonus track selection. Stevie recorded or worked on nearly 50 songs between those two album sessions. Many of those songs have been bootlegged, albeit in poor quality. She has more then enough unreleased songs to fill an entire CD (hell probably 2 CD’s of bonus material). The fact she left “Julia” off of Wild Heart is truly baffling as Stevie has said numerous times she absolutely loved it but Jimmy Iovine refused to put it on the album. Sometimes I wonder where her brain is.

Inge Bratset

Julia will probably be included on 24 Karat Gold Vol 2 or the new Fleetwood Mac album as far as I can tell.


24 Karat Gold II is just a rumor.

Inge Bratset

You should always listen to Rumours ;-)

John Norris

I had The Wild Heart on vinyl and it was a decent album, particularly Beauty And The Beast. I don’t have Bella Donna so both of these look good to me and potential purchases.

Tyler Williams

Hooray!!! Just the other day, I was wondering why nothing from her catalog has ever been remastered. I’m curious, though, why only some of the Bella Donna bonus live tracks are remastered. Why would they not remaster them all?


The only Nicks album I’m interested in is “Other Side of the Mirror”. These being released hopefully means we’ll see it get the same treatment down the line.

Andrew Edwards

It is so about time for these reissues. The sound on the original CD’s is horrible. Hope Rhino continues with a reissue of Rock a Little, The Other Side of the Mirror and Street Angel. Great timing with Stevie’s 24 Karat Tour in the states and the amazing reissue of Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage.


Rock a Little is the one I’m interested in. Hoping there are lots of “I Can’t Wait” mixes.


I think so much!
I Can’t Wait (Dance Mix) I Can’t Wait (Dub Dance Mix) I Can’t Wait (Dub Rock Mix)