Stevie Nicks / Stand Back 1981-2017

Rhino are to release a new Stevie Nicks anthology called Stand Back with various formats being delivered over the next few months.

Single CD, three-CD and 6LP vinyl editions celebrate her solo career with essential recordings from studio albums, live performances, and soundtrack contributions, plus several of her most-celebrated collaboration, such as with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Don Henley, Sheryl Crow, Dave Stewart and Lana Del Ray.

The triple CD set focuses on solo studio material on disc one, collaborations on disc two and live recordings and soundtrack work on disc three. The single CD offers a highlight package while the vinyl box matches the three-CD set.

Just to make life confusing, the single-CD collection is out on 29 March, while the three-disc set (Stand Back 1981-2017) is not out until 19 April. Vinyl fans have to wait the longest, as this edition isn’t released until 28 June 2019.

STAND BACK: 1981-2017 3CD and 6LP vinyl

CD 1    

“Edge Of Seventeen”
“Rooms On Fire”
“Stand Back”
“After The Glitter Fades”
“If Anyone Falls”
“Talk To Me”
“I Can’t Wait”
“Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You”
“Long Way To Go”
“Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind”
“Blue Denim”
“Every Day”
“Planets Of The Universe”
“Secret Love”
“For What It’s Worth”
“The Dealer”

CD 2

“Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” – with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
“Leather And Lace”– with Don Henley
“I Will Run To You” – with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
“Two Kinds Of Love”
“Whenever I Call You ‘Friend’” – with Kenny Loggins
“Magnet & Steel” – with Walter Egan
“Gold” – with John Stewart
“Too Far From Texas” – with Natalie Maines
“You’re Not The One” – with Sheryl Crow
“Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” – with Chris Isaak
“Cheaper Than Free” – featuring Dave Stewart
“You Can’t Fix This” – with Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, and Rami Jaffee
“Golden” – with Lady Antebellum
“Blue Water” – featuring Lady Antebellum
“Borrowed” – with LeAnn Rimes
“Beautiful People Beautiful Problems” – with Lana Del Rey

CD 3

“Gold Dust Woman” – Live
“Dreams” – Live
“Angel” – Live
“Rhiannon” – Live
“Landslide” – Live with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
“Sara” – Live from The Soundstage Sessions
“Crash Into Me” – Live from The Soundstage Sessions
“Circle Dance” – Live from The Soundstage Sessions
“Needles and Pins” – Live with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
“Rock and Roll” – Live
“Blue Lamp” – from Heavy Metal Soundtrack
“Sleeping Angel” – from Fast Times At Ridgemont High Soundtrack
“If You Ever Did Believe” – from Practical Magic Soundtrack
“Crystal” – from Practical Magic Soundtrack
“Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go” – from Book Of Henry Soundtrack


Single CD Track Listing

“Edge Of Seventeen” (Single Version)
“Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” (Single Version) – with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
“Leather And Lace” (Single Version) – with Don Henley
“Rooms On Fire” (U.S. Single Version)
“Stand Back” (Single Version)
“If Anyone Falls” (Single Version)
“Talk To Me” (Single Version)
“I Can’t Wait” (Single Version)
“Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You”
“Long Way To Go”
“Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind” (Radio Remix)
“Blue Denim”
“Every Day”
“Secret Love”
“The Dealer”
“Dreams” – Live
“Gold Dust Woman” – Live

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Stevie Nicks Had Done A Very Similar Compilation Of Her Solo Career During The 1990’s
The ENCHANTED Box Set & The ENCHANTED Box Set Was Much Better Than The Stand Back Compilation , I Enjoy Listening To Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac Very Awesome

Greg Daniels

This is a strange release. Can anyone confirm that the single disc contains the single versions, but NOT the 3-disc set!? Also, dumb question, but is this all remastered? I would rather have just had Expanded Deluxe Editions of “Rock A Little” and “Other Side of the Mirror”.
Thanks… I guess anything is better than nothing.


Nevermind… I answered my own question!


Where’s Beauty and the Beast?!!! Im sorry but that should be on there – its one of her best songs…


It seems like the 3CD set has already been released (at least digitally) whilst the single disc edition is nowhere to be found online yet.

Stephen K

I can’t believe this slipped under my radar. Track lists between the two options are a bit weird, but she’s an American artist and it has her U.S. singles, so I’m satisfied on that point. Oh, except “Whole Lotta Trouble”. Heyyy, but that showed up in 1998 on a compilation… maybe not even remastered… so, no… big… problem… I’ll just sit in my corner and suffer.

Harry Starman

Stevie Nicks in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Lindsey should have been inducted first as producer/unique guitarist/singer-songwriter, as opposed to merely singer-songwriter for Stevie. Also, there is Stevie’s obstinate refusal to resuscitate the classic Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac (FM) lineup. First she refused to contribute songs to what was supposed to be the next FM album, but what consequently turned out to be the Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie album, which was the most consistent CD related to FM since Tango in the Night. Given that she hasn’t released a CD of newly written songs since 2011, methinks she is going through a dry spell. (2014’s 24 Karat Gold is old songs that she resurrected.) Then she refused to tour with FM two years ago in favor of her own tour. Then she convinced Mick Fleetwood to choose between Lindsey and her and boot him from the band because he wanted to do his own solo tour, even though she did the same thing two years earlier. The only silver lining is that if Lindsey was still in the band, it would have had to cancel the 2018-2019 tour since Lindsey lost his voice as a result of heart surgery. Stevie does have leverage. She has produced more albums and sold more recordings than Lindsey. She can also claim the support of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She also got by far the loudest applause of any member during introductions in the 2019 concert I saw. Finally, Mick and her reportedly still have warm feelings after their liaison, which lacks the poison that Stevie and Lindsey still share.

Now to this collection. Stevie’s solo career never captured her early highlights with Fleetwood Mac in my opinion. Her solo material was more mainstream, rock-orientated, differing from the mystique she cultivated during the late seventies FM era. Each album in her solo career sold less than the previous. She put out four albums in the eighties, followed by her best and largest selling greatest hits album, Timespace: The Best of Stevie Nicks. So the logical thing to do would have been to do a volume 2 that captured the four albums she released over the following three decades. However, it might not have sold so well, and Stevie probably wanted a grand career spanning retrospective. However, what we have here is a collection that manages to leave off many of her singles, a “duet” CD in which many cuts are her singing background on songs that she didn’t write, and another live CD that has inferior solo live versions of songs she wrote for FM followed by a couple of songs from soundtracks. I would have preferred two CDs of singles, with cuts involving guests integrated into the ones without arranged in chronological order, followed by an optional “deluxe” CD comprising some of the non-hit duets in which she shared writing credits, some tracks from soundtracks, and some live cuts that were released as singles. So here’s my recommendation:

CD1: Stop draggin’ my heart around, After the glitter fades, Edge of seventeen, Leather and lace, If anyone falls, Nightbird, Stand back, I will run to you, Enchanted, I can’t wait, Imperial Hotel, Talk to me, Has anyone written anything for you?, Rooms on fire, Long way to go, Two Kinds of Love, Whole lotta trouble, Desert angel

CD2: Sometimes it’s a bitch, Love is a hard game to play, Blue denim, Maybe love will change your mind, If you ever did believe, Sorcerer, Planets of the universe, Every day, You’re not the one, Secret love, For what it’s worth, In your dreams, Soldiers angel, Cheaper than free, Starshine, The dealer, 24 Karat Gold, Lady

CD3 (Bonus CD): Blue Lamp, Sleeping angel, Twisted (with Lindsey Buckingham from the Twister film), Your hand (I will never let it go), Whenever I call you friend, Magnet & Steel, Desiree (with former FM member Rick Vito), Gold, You can’t fix this, Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream), Live tracks: Silver Spring, Landslide, Sara, Crash into me, Circle Dance, Needles and pins, Dreams, Gold Dust woman


I wonder whether the single disc version includes the U.S. 4’10 edit or the international 3’36 edit from Edge Of Seventeen.


Just a few complaints. If she insists including those live numbers, couldn’t she have put them as last tracks of disc 3 and the rarer studio songs up front? Would make it much more listenable (to be able to just hit ’stop’ after the studio recordings, ahem).

In any case I would’ve much rather gotten those Fleetwood songs’ studio versions on this, even though we have them a hundred times. To have both Stevie’s solo and band classics on this would’ve made it pretty much perfect. In general I hate collections which mix up studio and live stuff. If I wanted live songs, I’d buy the live albums. If there’s a problem with rights just don’t include them at all.


Pretty good track listing. There will always be debate, but I think they’ve largely got it right. Pleased to see ‘You Can’t Fix This’ included, which is fantastic and I really unheard gem for many people.

... NOT!

What, no ‘Blue Lamp’? I’m dissapointed :(


It’s on the 3cd version.

Charlie Waffles

She was so mean to make the other members of Fleetwood Mac give Buckingham the boot. So, I will pass on this.

Mathew Lauren


So much to say…

Buckingham was THE FM (as we love them) architect. I’m VERY happy he got 90+% of his a$k (settled out of court) + concessions, and MORE importantly, he’s alive!

As for this release, it’s lacking (period).

It’s hard to support this artist on ANY level and I CAN’T put aside “the other” and focus on the music given ALL — so, this is an absolute pass for me, as well.


Why 1981-2017? What Kind of anniversary is that?

Neil Kelly

Yes let’s just hold this release until 2021…

Tim Abbott

This seems a bit…off. There’s a perfectly acceptable single disc album in here somewhere, but it seems Stevie’s competitive side wants to show she’s able to do a triple-disc set by adding some pretty borderline-acceptable choices. For example, unless there’s something fundamentally different about the version of Magnet & Steel here, it’s a bit misleading (or a bit desperate to shore up the tracklist) to suggest it’s anything other than a Walter Egan recording that happens to feature Stevie Nicks on backing vocals.

It’s a bit like compiling a Fleetwood Mac anthology and including Werewolves of London.


The omissions of Beauty And The Beast and a live Edge Of Seventeen are quite interesting. You would definitely include these in an anthology?


So-the single versions are only on the single cd set? Thanks for nothing.


That’s what I was wondering too. If you want single and/or album mixes ánd the substantial hits with Stewart, Egan and Loggins, you’d have to buy both?


I planned on purchasing this until I realised 3 singles that got into the top 100 uk chart are not included, so a big disappointment considering the amount of live tracks and duos that are featured that never even made it into the chart. SINGLES MISSING: ‘Whole Lotta Trouble’, ‘Sometimes It’s A Bitch’ and ‘Maybe Love’.

The Golden Age Of Winter Heatwaves

I’m probably in for the 3 CD set. I don’t have any of Ms Nicks’ albums so this is for me.


Finally, live versions of Rhiannon and Dreams! {eye roll} I’m glad they’re including Angel but what about the many, MANY other songs she has and has performed live? Every live Mac/Stevie solo album has the same songs. Even the bootlegs and unofficial releases are pretty redundant. At least the Rolling Stones realized we don’t need 700 live versions of Jumpin Jack Flash and started digging back into the deeper cuts for their concert albums.

Scott M.

Why include 1981 in the title when the Loggins, Stewart, and Egan tracks are from the 70s?

A. Vogt

I think she’s purposely copying Buckingham’s idea from last year, as he put out a solo retrospective just like this, both single and 3-disc versions. Big fan of Lindsey, but I’d feel worse about his ousting from Mac if I wasn’t an even bigger fan of Neil Finn (seriously, he’s almost as good as Jeff Lynne, and for me that’s high praise…)

Mathew Lauren

Surely you jest, sir. Jeff Lynne is incomparable: Singer, songwriter, musician, producer, mixer, etc…

Neil has 2 hits and plays for scale in the
current “Corporate” Mac cover band.

It’s probably me, but that’s really dry humour that has gone over my head.


Peter Fletcher

Neil Finn is “incomparable” in his own right. One of the greatest songwriters ever.


2 hits? Have you been hiding under a rock since 1981 by which time Neil had already written and sung at least 3 hit songs with Split Enz? (that’s ignoring all of the hits during the rest of his career in the Enz, his time in Crowded House, and his solo career since, as well as the numerous other projects he has been involved with).

Personally, I couldn’t compare the two artists, but like them both in their own way.


If this is going to look great ill buy the vinyl box but i fear its going to be a by the numbers cash in so i might just get the 3cd because its still freaking Stevie Nicks


I love this. However… why is “The Battle of the Dragon” from the American Anthem Soundtrack not included??!!! I mean, that song was/is/will always be absolutely gorgeous.
As far as I know, it was included in the ‘Enchanted’ anthology, back in 1998? But nowhere ever since.
Other missing gems on here include “Nightbird”, “Sable on Blond”, “Sometimes It’s a Bitch”…. but at least these were remastered in the last few years.


Sometimes is not included because it was a record company Stevie considers the word bitch a swear word & didn’t to record it.

Sean O'Brien

This set is solid but missing so many strong songs like her Warren Zevon cover Reconsider Me, Bella Donna, etc. I’d rather see a reissue of her Enchanted box set.

Steve Junior

So glad to have the Enchanted set, luckily not too expensive either.

70s Guy

If the horribly remastered 3 disc Bella Donna set from a few years back is any indicator of how this new set will sound, I am going to do a wait and see what kind of reviews it gets. The Bella Donna album proper is shrill and crackly, and the live cd is really lifeless and flat sounding.

Marc Wall

Missed a chance to include the excellent Casablanca by Dane Donahue on this


So any hint on who that is what that song has to do with Stevie Nicks?


Surely it’s quite simple to google “Casablanca by Dane Donahue” and find that a) Donohue is misspelt and b) it’s a song that Stevie did some backing vocals on.


Fantastic news!!!!! Stevie Nicks is one of the all-time greats and it’s about time there was a comprehensive retrospective. Edge of Seventeen is just about the coolest rock song I’ve ever heard – what a guitar riff, what a vocal!

Rather confusing about the staggered release dates though…..

Any limited editions available like her previous albums?

The vinyl boxset is a must have!!!!


As a die-hard fan, I already have most of the tracks in my collection except for several songs that were download only and are making their cd/LP debut. It’s also nice to have songs that I have scattered over loads of cd’s in one handy collection, such as “Needles and Pins”.

I’m hoping remasters of “Rock A Little” and “The Other Side Of The Mirror” will be next, as well as the long-awaited blu-ray release of the 24K Gold Tour concert that was filmed in Pittsburgh.

By the way, “Sorcerer” is the Stevie Nicks solo version from “Trouble In Shangri-La” and not the (superior) ” Marilyn Martin featuring Stevie Nicks” version.

Paul Nolan

Well the 29th March is the Day of Her induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so it makes sense to release it that day. Dont know if I’ll bother with this as I’m still annoyed with her for her role in Lindseys Firing. I’ll wait till its in the bargain bin lol

Captain Cutshaw

My first thought was, no Beauty and the Beast, no sale, but then I saw that Gold was included and that may be as close as I will get to having ANYTHING from John Stewart’s Bombs Away Dream Babies on CD so this is tempting. Sorcerer from the Streets of Fire soundtrack is nice to see, too. The 2nd and 3rd discs are the ones that really interest me as after her first two solo albums which I love (and only take up about a third of the 1st disc), nothing she did in her solo career (or with the Mac, for that matter) after did much for me.

Would have been nice to see something on here from the Buckingham Nicks album on the 2nd disc, but God forbid she acknowledges Lindsey in any shape or form nowadays.

Ben Williams

Heart went in my mouth when I first saw this article… all I saw was “Stevie Nicks 19xx-2019” in my head and I suddenly feared the worst!!

But cool looking set, much like the Lindsey set from last year


Lol. Awesome.