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Sting / My Songs new album

As predicted by SDE back in January Sting has announced his next album, My Songs, which sees him rework (or ‘reimagine’) songs from his back catalogue as a solo artist and with The Police.

The selection veers towards big hits, which hints at commercial aspirations rather than creative explorations, and indeed, when talking to Billboard recently about the new version of ‘Brand New Day’ (which sparked off the idea for the project) Sting said “…so we did an updated version of that… taking off some filters and using a different bass drum sound, and it just sounded very contemporary and it ended up on Spotify, next to Ariana Grande. So I thought, ‘Yeah, that works. Let’s keep doing that.'”

Sting admits that he’s “constantly tinkering” (he reworked ‘We Work The Black Seam’ back in ’93, for example) and told Billboard that “I’m always wanting to make the songs as contemporary as they can possible be, because I think they are good songs. Sometimes songs are identified by the technology they were recorded with — recording techniques, the sound of synthesizers or the drum sound. They all date a song, so we just want to re-contemporise the stuff.”

The standard 15-track version of My Songs is roughly half solo material and half The Police. Regarding the latter, tracks include ‘Walking On The Moon,’ ‘Every Breath You Take,’ ‘Message in a Bottle,’ ‘Can’t Stand Losing You,’ ‘So Lonely’ and a live version of ‘Roxanne’. On the solo side, as well as the aforementioned ‘Brand New Day’, My Songs includes new versions of ‘If You Love Somebody Set Them Free’, ‘Fields of Gold’, ‘Englishman In New York’ and ‘Shape of My Heart’ (the latter a great song that undeservedly stalled at 57 in the UK charts).

The album comes as a double gatefold vinyl set, with A2 poster and a CD deluxe edition adds four live tracks. A French exclusive deluxe CDavailable at FNAC – adds and extended version of the new version of ‘Desert Rose’, while the Japanese deluxe CD exclusively features a live version of ‘I Can’t Stop Thinking About You.’

My Songs was recorded in various locations, makes use of both existing and newly recorded tracks, with members of Sting’s touring band (guitarist Dominic Miller and his son Rufus, drummer Josh Freese) and of the Last Bandoleros and Sting’s manager Martin Kierszenbaum. It comes with new sleeve notes written by Sting, in which he shares the personal stories behind each track.

My Songs will be issued on 24 May 2019 via Universal Music (the vinyl follows on 7 June). Read the SDE review here.

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My Songs - 2LP vinyl


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My Songs - deluxe CD


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My Songs - CD


Standard CD/vinyl editions

  1. Brand New Day
  2. Desert Rose
  3. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
  4. Every Breath You Take
  5. Demolition Man
  6. Can’t Stand Losing You
  7. Fields of Gold
  8. So Lonely
  9. Shape of My Heart
  10. Message in a Bottle
  11. Fragile
  12. Walking on the Moon
  13. Englishman in New York
  14. If I Ever Lose My Faith in You
  15. Roxanne (Live)

Deluxe CD bonus tracks:

  1. Synchronicity II (Live)
  2. Next To You (Live)
  3. Spirits In The Material World (Live)
  4. Fragile (Live)

Japanese Deluxe CD adds:

I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (Live) (Japan Exclusive)

French Exclusive Deluxe CD adds:

Desert Rose (Extended Version) (France Exclusive)

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Michael Quinn

ACTUALLY listening to the album now on Apple Music. Sounds great. Keep reinventing sir.


This album lacks the real punch, although a few songs have the fire to interest a Police or Sting fan. Sting’s remarkable solo version of ‘Shadows in the Rain’ in his first solo album was a credible one with Omar Hakim on drums. Some live performances of Police like ‘Bed’s too Big without You’ sound interesting when compared with studio version. Of course, it’s always nice to hear Sting but this album is pointless as an official release.


i was hoping this was an april fools joke, but it isn’t sadly.

i fell for the paul mccartney remix one last year.

anyways, too bad.


Wayne C

Does this mean we will have a Sting the Complete Vinyl Collection Version III?, perhaps he should have left enough space for another 6 albums!!.

Robert Laversuch

Lots of differing comments being bandied about. I for will be getting it simply because I have everything else he has done. Although have to agree that the first several albums will never be bettered. The Police back catalogue is beyond reproach and Dream Nothing and Soul Cages deserve deluxe eds of some sort. Love his “Xmas” album the rest is still good but a bit like with Elvis Costello he has tried his hand at differing styles and not everything gets played too often. There again, can’t expect him to do Fields of Gold again and again. As to seeing him live given his world class backing bands and no frills approach you can’t go much wrong there. Looking forward to this. Sting is a hero and always will be. So there.

Paul Taylor

Perhaps an official expanded issue of the Vinyl Villains bootleg (Hatfield Poly 1979 from Rock Goes To College) would be preferable to something like this. I’m sure the BBC would be willing to give them the original tapes to do it

Randy Metro

Jeff Lynne did either a re-do or modernized sound of his greatest hits. Some people can’t hear the difference. I can and I’m glad it was a try it/buy it deal. I’ll stick with my original greatest hits albums & CDs.
Carly Simon did an album of re-do’s and I loved it; but any review that I’ve read, gave it a thumbs down.
The modernized T.Rex 40th Anniversary CD was a stinker.
Jimi Hendrix music: maybe/maybe not sounds dated. I like it the way it is; late 60’s sound when I started listening to music, and original Woodstock was happening 15 miles away from my house. I dread how Hendrix’s hits would sound modernized.

Sometimes these thing work and sometimes they don’t.
Trivia: I was at Max Yasgur’s farm in the early 60’s on a school class trip and was shushed by my teacher for laughing when a cow dumped.

Todd Richards

I’m interested, because I love Sting’s creativity. I also understand that we all want new music that pushes his work forward. I’m impressed that some above have mentioned his early redo “Shadows In The Rain” on THE DREAM OF THE BLUE TURTLES as an early sign of his further tinkering – I never thought of it that way. A valid point. I’m certainly happy he reinterpreted live versions with his first solo band (BRING ON THE NIGHT) as that was my entrance into the POLICE back catalog.
I guess I’ll wade through this – for a few new live songs (I haven’t seen Sting live in forever it seems, and was so bummed to miss the tour(s?) with Peter Gabriel)… would love to see him again the next time another BRAND NEW DAY album puts us all on notice and wakes us up again. :)

Neil (US remix)

Knowing how earth-friendly Sting is, should we be at all surprised that he’s recycling?

I’ll be getting the UK deluxe version, but the collector in me hates that I would have to get versions from 2 other countries to get 2 extra tracks.

I also agree that a “Blue Turtles” reissue with bonus tracks is overdue.


The original versions of these songs from Sting and the Police were already perfect, and have stood the test of time. The release of “My Songs” IMHO, adds nothing to Sting and the Police’s legacy.

Regarding the other members of the Police, I would be much more interested to see deluxe reissues of the Andy Summers & Robert Fripp albums, “Advance Masked” and “Bewitched,” and an expanded reissue of Stewart Copeland’s (a/k/a Klark Kent) album “Music Madness From the Kinetic Kid.” Hey, even an SDE of the Police Live! with much more added concert material from different gigs (like the Jam’s “Fire And Skill” box set) would really capture my attention!

[…] been following the feedback on Sting‘s new album My Songs and thought I’d offer my own thoughts on this forthcoming […]

Stevie B

Jeez Louise Such Negativity!
I’m not a solo fan but I did buy most if not all of the Police albums ‘back in the day’ and that ‘Greatest Hits’ that came out on CD yonks ago. I like a few of this solo songs (EiNY).

I don’t understand why FANS are opposed to this. I’m a Pet Shop Boys fan and I’d love it if they updated/reinterpreted/reimagined more of their songs (they’ve done a few ‘Left to my own devices’ (Super Mix) the most recent).

I totally get wanting to modernise music that sounds dated because of the technology. The plus side for fans, you get to love and cherish the old versions and hear them afresh too.

So as it has ‘the hits’ I’m going to give this a go and get the FNAC version. (I quess if we’d still had HMV they’d have got one too ).

Thanks for all the work on the website Paul. You are costing me SO much money but the gems you point in my direction are so worth it (and you’re saving me money if I go for them). Aretha Franklin & Kate Bush bargains from Amazon.it for example. Cheers, love your dedication.

Sean O'Brien

Frustrated to see great artists stop taking chances. Although they may not always hold mass appeal, I respect Sting’s jazz infused early work, The Last Ship, Songs from the Labyrinth etc. Simply redressing older songs doesn’t seem purposeful nor designed to fulfill creative ambitions. It would be great to artists like Sting, Springsteen, Dylan, etc take a page from Paul Weller who is continually evolving and challenging his audience.


Complete pass for me. Love everything he’s done through BND. Great albums that make for a fun listen through their entirety. Would love to hear any b-sides/unreleased from those. Now, 57th sounds shoddy and this effort is pointless. I get where he really can do what he wants; however, I don’t get why he’d want to put any energy into this. Seems so beneath his repertoire. A shame as yet another artist I used to look forward to hearing now apparently has nothing to offer.

John B

Have any US fans been successful ordering the French version? There is no place for a “State” in the address field, so it keeps rejecting me.


To be fair, we should have known his career would turn out like this, given that he covered a Police song (“Shadows In The Rain”) on his very first solo album. It turned out great, too, so maybe that made him overconfident in the concept.

As for his work after the second album, I did like Sacred Love (another SACD with a hidden bonus in the surround mix, like Every Breath You Take: The Classics had), and I thought The Last Ship was charming, but overall I find his later output maddeningly inconsistent.

Always outstanding live, though. Do not miss a chance to see him perform if you can.

Shawn C.

Hard pass on this. Love “Dream of the Blue Turtles” and “Nothing Like the Sun.” “Soul Cages” is pretty good. But what a cash grab this is. Sad.


Could have been worse – a collaborative album of reggae reinterpretations with Shaggy?


I really liked Sting’s post Police jazz phase. That was really inspired. The players were excellent, there was a vibe. It seemed he was doing art and not just pop. There was an edge, even his reinterpretations were interesting even better than the originals at times. I have a lot of respect for Sting’s work, but there was really something special about those first two Sting albums and I wish he would revisit that approach as a band leader rather than a solo artist with a backing band.

Joe W.

I always got the impression that there was not much left behind after a Police album and subsequent singles were released. We’ve been hearing the same b-sides and “rarities” for years. Plus, Sting seems to not have any interest in shining a light on his past work, other than these re-workings which he has been doing for so many years, from Truth Hits Everybody ’83 to We Work to Black Seam ’93 to this release coming out.

I’d love to hear “new” music from each Police album time period, whether it be demos or in-studio jams, early mixes (like The Beatles have been doing lately), or even some of the incidental music that’s heard in the mix on the Police Around the World film. By the way, to echo a previous comment, I would LOVE to see that film reissued. I didn’t know until recently there was an “alternate” version, “Police in the East”, so cool. In fact, each live performance in those films are so amazing, I’d love to see a soundtrack album of just the live songs themselves, those takes, those versions that were used in the films. Anyhow, one can dream.

Bryan Greiner

I didn’t know about an alternate version of Police Around the World until I read your post!



Just to let you know, your link to the Japanese version of the CD actually leads to the import edition (from outside Japan) which won’t have the bonus track, as you can see from the tracklisting lower down the page.

The Japanese version (slightly more expensive) can be found here (no track listing but it does say that there will be a bonus track)


There is also a more expensive first time pressing with high quality MQA and UHQCD sound (I have no idea what that means!), but the same bonus track as far as I can see.

Hope this clears things up


Master Quality Authenticated is an audio codec using lossy compression and a form of file fingerprinting, intended for high fidelity digital audio internet streaming and file download. Launched in 2014 by Meridian Audio, it is now owned and licensed by MQA Ltd.
UHQCD is a type of audio Compact Disc introduced by Memory-Tech in Japan in 2015, and is a development of the HQCD (High Quality Compact Disc) introduced six years previously. UHQCD discs conform to Red Book standards and are playable in any audio CD player. … As of 2017, there were over 900 titles available on UHQCD.
Hope that helps…


NEXT !!!!!

Larry Walker

Pre-ordered from Amazon Japan. First international Amazon that didn’t already have my Amazon login set up already. I’m in the US and have purchased from UK, Italy, France and Spain by logging in with my US email and password and all my payment and address info on file already. No big deal. I have purchased from CD Japan all the time with no issues. Amazon JP should be fine I’m sure. Thanks to SuperDeluxeEdition my bankbook is smaller and my collection keeps growing! And I save money on my purchases, Thanks!


I will buy this if I can get the deluxe edition for less than 10 Euros. All Sting releases since 10 Summoner’s Tales are just boring. Sting has written less than 50 songs in this century, so what is he doing all this time? Counting the money he gets for selling stuff every fan has obtained more than one time? I can’t wait to hear his songs in a children’s “musical box” arrangement…
PS I love The Police and Sting’s elder solo records

PPS JPC has 57th&9th superdeluxe for 8,99€


I will have to buy it just to keep my collection complete. However, I do not see myself listening to this album beyond the day I receive it. I will wait to see if Target or Best Buy (both in the USA) have their exclusive versions as FNAC has it in France.

Dear Sting, I would rather appreciate deluxe editions of your previous albums more than this re-imagined or re-worked versions. I do not think that they are more than covers of your own songs. You have been reworking these songs for years as you play them live, so much reworked that you must not recognized or must not remember how the original versions sounded like. I think that you already feel that you have said all, musically and lyrically, that you have to say. I hope that you realize that you still can continue writing. I hope you prove me wrong and these new recordings were necessary. Good luck with your new album.


Sorry, the last decent Sting record was his third (!), The Soul Cages.
Plus If on a Winter’ s Night, however sly and lazy and “look how cultured I am” a move that may be.
Haven’ t heard The Last Ship, maybe that’ s good.

Bring on the Night is superb, but doesn’ t count as originals. Same for Symphonicities, which I have not heard but could be nice.

Sting is arrogant and has lost it completely ages ago.
He needs other people to create with him. If the Shaggy album is as good as I think, just imagine what could come out of a Police writing reunion.


How can you not love “Ten Summoner’s Tales”? To each his own (of course! :-) ), but pls give that album another chance. To me it is his most interesting album both melodically and thythmically.

And I agree with most that Sting’s hunger to create new innovative melodies stopped around “Brand New Day”.


Ten Summoner’s Tales is an excellent album, full of melodic pop songs, quirky time signatures and sly musical in jokes.It really was the sound of Sting emerging from a very dark period in his life. The tour to support the album was phenomenal with musicianship of the highest quality. If only he could get round to releasing the Oslo show on blu ray.


I completely agree. To me this was Sting at his very best. There is not a single bad track on there. I think by then he had processed the death of his parents and was ready for new heights.

But I think all his albums until “Brand New Day” are great and innovative. In my opinion “Sacred Love” was the first disappointment – trying to adapt too much to the current pop sound. Before that he had been more independently doing his own thing.

Unfortunately when looking at his output of the last 15 years or so, he has not managed to create a single really memorable standout track. The first half of “57th&9th” is quite ok, but he should rather have done such an album with The Police. Also his recent reggae tracks would have been much better with The Police than with Shaggy.

Just my opinion of course.


Keeping an open mind on this. Didn’t think I would like Symphonicities, but I do. Ditto the Sting/Shaggy collaboration, where my musical snobbery nearly stopped me getting it. Preordered the deluxe CD to get the live Spirits in the Material World, which is one of my all time favourite Police tracks.


I guess nobody nowadays really put much effort in new albums, especially if they are established artists, because the can’t make much money out of it. So the album has become a way of promoting a new tour. Sting has been going on almost permanently on a “Best Of” tour since at least 2011 and it works perfectly for him and the general audience that just want this kind of experience. The die hard fans are old and scarce nowadays and the “new” ones are just interested superficially because that’s the way music is enjoyed in the streaming age.

So from a business point of view this is the perfect album and represents the ideal promotion for the forthcoming tour of the same name.

For the rest of us, the real fans, it would be enough to have lost gems unearthed or old albums updated both with a fresh remix and rarities added. Oh and some new stuff would be good to have too.


To all the Sting fans complaining; just be thankful you aren’t Stones fans…

elliott buckingham

not really been a big sting solo fan his police stuff was brilliant but a lot of his solo work seemed far to serious and dull then I heard the shaggy / sting album it was brilliant a man enjoying himself sting is great when he does upbeat stuff

Michael Caspar

Ok! It looks like easy money. But I have news for you: that’s the sense of music business!

For me (as a long-term Police/Sting-Fan) it’s a win-win-situation… ;)

Charlie Waffles

Hey, Gordon.

Truth hits everybody. This means you need to retire.

If you love somebody you will not release this silly album.

I am driven to tears seeing you re-record songs that do not need to be revisited.

Also, you need to rehumanize yourself and buy a new bass guitar. Yours is looking so bad.

Miss Gradenko would not even shell out two pounds for this crap.

Until you decide to record some real music, consider me gone…


Brilliant !!!


very good

Tom m hans

I remember almost everyone on this site dishing the Sting/Shaggy project before listening to the record. Personally I love it and I will await this release, listen to it and then form an opinion. At least it’s not Grrr or Honk 2.0.
Cant bring a good song down, now can we please get the FULL live aid show in HD sound?


Ohhh. Is this like the Paul McCartney April Fools joke last time?


Just listened to Demolition Man. Doesn’t sound radically different to me, just a re-recording…


If Sting puts any energy in his old work I would prefer he re-issued his first 4 albums as box sets with outtakes, remixes, live stuff, b- sides and a blu-ray with 5.1 surround sound. This does not do it for me.


I totally agree with you,those first four solo albums are in serious need of the “deluxe treatment.”At that point in his career Sting was working with some of the greatest musicians on the planet and they really helped to shape his brilliant song writing skills.For me,he’s never really hit those heights since although at times the old magic is still in evidence.


Has he run out of songs? I would be more interested in live concert albums with a dvd of those concerts. This seems interesting, but it seems like a lot of remastered cds are coming with a whole disk of remixes and this I guess could qualify as that.


As a lifelong fan of The Police / Sting, the biggest disappointment of this release,for me, is the actual songs he has chosen to “reimagine.”The track list is unbelievably predictable and unimaginative. Do we really need to hear an updated version of an all time classic like Message in a Bottle ? Can he really expect to improve upon the original ? If Sting feels he needs to undertake this project,why not tackle some of the more obscure songs in his repertoire that his fanbase could at least get excited about ? I’m sorry,but to me this does have a distinct feeling of desperation about it.


What I loved about The Police: spontaneity, grit, excitement. Three words I just can’t use about solo Sting, especially as time has progressed. Is he really the same guy who I used to love?

Glenn Roger

I can understand Sting wanting to tinker with some of his songs and reimagine them different ways. What I don’t get is whenever he seems to reimagine, it’s always the same songs over and over, like Fragile or Roxanne. He has a huge catalog, why can’t he explore using some songs that didn’t get the push. Like for example, I loved Fortress Around Your Heart, it would be awesome to hear a reworked version of that, and I could rattle off a dozen right off the bat. I was a little turned off to see Desert Rose and Brand New Day listed yet again…..groan!!! Although I’m sure this will be a wonderful album, I really think I will skip this one as one can only have so many reworked albums on hand before it becomes monotonous!

Dan T.

Not so fast, everyone. If you saw him on the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” tour, you know that the songs are RADICALLY rearranged and different, some of them almost unrecognizable. For that reason I’m looking forward to this.

Mister Stick

“If you saw him on the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” tour, you know that the songs are RADICALLY rearranged and different, some of them almost unrecognizable.”

Then why not just release a live album and/or DVD from that tour? I saw that show – the one with Peter Gabriel – and it was really enjoyable. But studio refreshes of his big hits? I don’t see the point at all. And just for measure, name any pop artist who has pulled this move and really added something important, or even worthwhile, to their catalog. And in Gordo’s case, didn’t he already use this chit with his symphony record? You know what happens next, right… The dreaded “duets” album. Sorry, hard pass.

Stephen K

Gee, I don’t know, Sting.

In America, I turn on the radio and I hear a lot of 80’s music being played. A lot of R&B/Rap. A lot of 70’s. And (don’t get me wrong, I like dance music) bland, soulless dance music. What I don’t hear is a radio station that plays modern music in the vein of Sting’s old stuff. So I guess if I liked Maroon 5 and wished they wrote better songs and sang better, maybe this album would be for me.

Everything in the backcatalogue sounds fine, anyway, except Dream of the Blue Turtles, which while having good songs, really needs a good remastering that would fill out its weak sound. Up the bass? Change the wet/dry effects mix? Increase the stereo separation? Pull some instruments back in the mix so that some of the solos come through more powerfully? I don’t know. What’s funny is watching the documentary film, and how all of the band jams and rehearsals have so much more spontaneity and creativity than the actual album! I would love to get an album of Blue Turtles rehearsals!


I hear You on The Dream Of The Blue Turtles. What has been done on the compilation “25 Years” on the DOTBT tracks reflects Your wishes about the remix. I really puzzles me why they didn’t just remixed the whole album and republish it.

Eric Weinraub

I think a lot less of a money grab and more that he just doesn’t have that much to say, presently, as a song writer … and of course, the constant pressure by whatever label he is signed to produce product. While I am not an artist, there is constant pressure in my world to produce.


It makes no sense to me to constantly rehash the same material. Believe me, I’ve been a life-long fan of Sting/The Police and love his songwriting, even (with some notable exceptions) into the more recent years. But after Symphonicities, Live in Berlin, and the 25 Years box set (whose few ‘remixes and alternate versions’ were hardly different from the originals), this collection seems like overkill. The fans would be better served by box sets of the vast recordings of b-sides, film score one-offs and non-album tracks, in my opinion. Even an expanded version of the 1999 promo Live at the Universal Amphitheatre, a show which I had the pleasure of attending, would be more welcome.


What is that I can hear? Oh, it is the barrel being scraped.


Money grab…I hope Stewart and Andy are rightfully compensated!


The concept is what it is, and Sting is far from the first to re-record or remix songs from his back catalogue, but what really annoys me–and I’m surprised that more aren’t complaining about this–is that we have multiple editions of the same CD with varying tracks. If you consider yourself a real fan, you’d have to shell out for both the French and Japanese deluxe editions to get all the songs.

Not cool. Is that really how you treat your most loyal fans? How ’bout I don’t buy ANY of the editions?

Consider me gone.


I liked it when he did jazz versions of his songs on All This Time, and loved the Symphonicities tour of classical versions of his songs with a full orchestra, but just remixes/recordings? Again?
Not a pre-order for me, but I will surely check it out and see,


If he does the one about a tank of unleaded i`m in, otherwise i`ll pass.Is he skint?.

thomas solimine

Sting reworks old songs because he has not written anything worth listening to since 1983.

Why Should I cry For You?

Agreed – Sting has released some cracking stuff as a solo artist.

I was at Live 8 and remember Sting smashing it. The whole audience were stunned into silence when Message In A Bottle started. The sound was so good it was ridiculous.
Fair enough the songs he did on that day weren’t re-worked, they were live and sounded very very refreshing, modern and relevant.

Kylie at Abbey Road? Brilliant.

thomas solimine

I would rather hear the jazzy pop records he made in the late 80’s over the radio fodder now that is on the radio but has he done something edgy? I think not. But it is only my opinion isn’t it.