Sting / New album: 57th & 9th


Sting will issue 57th & 9th, his first ‘proper’ rock/pop album since 2003’s Sacred Love, this November.

The ten-track record was produced by Martin Kierszenbaum, and as well as working stalwart collaborators like guitarist Dominic Miller, and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, Sting has brought in other musicians for the album, such as drummer Josh Freese, guitarist Lyle Workman and the San Antonio-based Tex-Mex band The Last Bandoleros.

The first single is I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (listen to it on Spotify) and Sting describes the album as being “about searching and traveling, the road, that pull of the unknown…. we ended up with something that’s energetic and noisy, but also thoughtful.”

The album was recorded in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York and indeed the title comes from the street corner that Sting crossed each day as he walked to the studios, where Mr Sumner admits ““It happened very quickly, very spontaneously.”

As well as the standard CD and vinyl LP editions of 57 & 9th, there will be a deluxe edition which adds three bonus tracks and includes liner notes penned by Sting (since this is mentioned specifically, presumably these are not included on the standard editions).

An ambitiously titled ‘super deluxe edition’ appears to be the deluxe edition with a DVD added, which features an interview with Sting and a video of him performing bonus track Next To You live, with the aforementioned The Last Bandoleros. The ‘super deluxe’ also comes with “collectible photographs” (aka “photographs” when not described by optimistic PR folk). No confirmation as yet, but presumably the packaging for the SDE will be considerably snazzier than the deluxe, especially for the premium being asked.

57th & 9th is out on 11 November 2016 via A&M/ Interscope Records.

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57th & 9th super deluxe CD+DVD


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57th & 9th deluxe CD edition


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57th & 9th vinyl edition



57th & 9th CD / LP

1. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You
2. 50,000
3. Down, Down, Down
4. One Fine Day
5. Pretty Young Soldier
6. Petrol Head
7. Heading South On the Great North Road
8. If You Can’t Love Me
9. Inshallah
10. The Empty Chair

57th & 9th Deluxe CD edition bonus tracks

I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (LA Version)*
Inshallah (Berlin Sessions Version)*
Next to You*

57th & 9th Extra content for SDE

DVD with Sting interview and video of live performance of Next to You
Collectible photos

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Glad I pre ordered the Deluxe CD/DVD at $21, would really be an unhappy person now – especially as they want $60 for it. The album is ok, not stella and the DVD is poor, IF it had a 2 channel 24/96 mix or 5.1 it would have been better but all the other stuff is just not needed. A wasted opportunity.

Alan Wilson

There are 2 retailers selling the Blue Vinyl version if anyone is interested.

The first is Barnes and Noble (USA)

The Second is JPC

Both reasonably priced.

Shaun Vaughan

I don’t get it. He makes the blandest music I’ve ever heard. Even blander than Coldplay.


£51.93 for the CD+DVD seriously ?

Charlie Waffles

Another God awful album cover. Who is Sting hiring for this garbage? The lead song is awful. Time to retire, Gordo. You are out of songs AND good album covers.


I agree Charlie. The new single couldn’t be less compelling. I listened to it again today and liked it less. It’s such a predictable, conventional rock song. I guess I’m so disappointed because “Nothing Like The Sun” and “The Soul Cages” are rock/pop masterpieces IMO.

Paul Hoyle

Why is there no UK super deluxe edition? Is it just that it has not been set up on Amazon or other outlets here yet?


Oh dear…

I put off listening to the new single because I dreaded what it might be, mediocre and disappointing. Well… That’s exactly what it is.

IMO, the cracks started to show around his Mercury Falling album in 1996 and each album has gotten worse since. Then there’s the pretentious self-indulgent last 13 years, which was just a bore.

I thought, maybe the old Sting has returned. Alas, this new song is lifeless, with just a hint of melody. It sounds like a B-Grade Police rip-off.

It even sounds like some auto-tune has been applied to the vocal. Sigh.

If this represents the new album, at least I’ll save some money from not buying the CD.


I suspect AutoTune as well


So is Sting really 3 feet tall, or are manhole covers in New York twice the size of everywhere else?

Philip Cohen

I avidly collected “Sting”(including CD singles and Japan-only bonus tracks), but he lost me with that album with the French language rap artist on one song. Anyhow, what condition is his voice in at this late date? Half of the songs on The Police’s reunion tour were de-tuned to lower keys, and the songs where Sting attempted to sing in the original keys had Sting struggling with the high notes.


Cover photo looks more like Eddie Izzard!
Was it photoshopped by an intern?
Thrown together to whack it out and get folk ready for buying his rereleases very soon.

Philip Cohen

Re-Releases? Given Universal Music’s recent policy, those Re-Releases will have no remastering, no bonus tracks & no reason whatsoever for us to buy them.


Have you posted on the wrong thread ?

Florian M. Kranz

The single is almost as direct as a Police song. The chorus seems to be boring though.

Ben Williams

I loved the new single, very Police sounding. I’m surprised the deluxe edition didn’t just include the DVD and have 3 physical formats – Standard, Deluxe and Vinyl. They could easily have included those collectable photographs in the deluxe.. But I don’t care too much, I am very much looking forward to this album and hopefully, a tour! Saw him last year with Paul Simon and it was absolutely fantastic, he can still put on a great show!


As long as mary j dirge or craig david aren’t on this i will be happy.


Hi Paul, on hmv.jp there is a blue vinyl for sale, any info ?


The single actually is a total retread of Truth Hits Everybody.

All you guys complaining about the state of album cover art understand that no one looks at that anymore. It is a small square on a phone. Only a very small minority buy a vinyl release, or even a physical cd. I can understand why labels slap together something cheaply and quick in these days. I didn’t say I liked it but there it is.


Paul, I can tell you I have not been this excited about a sting release for a while, but I’m so biased its crazy. The man is a legend.


To the folks here that are questioning the lack of Hooks, I think this track has them. But I agree there is something missing.

I know what that is………

Its Hugh Padgham people. Can anyone possibly disagree??!!


The album cover is especially awful, isn’t it? I actually thought it was a mock-up gag before reading through the post. Shame he’s in the spotlight… be rather nice not to have him on the cover at all!


Assume ol’ Gordon was popping down the Holiday Inn or the Planet Fitness in Midtown – although his gym bag does look a little large. Can only hope that there was not too much chafing on the rainy night the cover art was done

Last spotted Sting at DTE with the Police on their reunion/401K tour when he was at best disinterested. Skipped his appearance with Gabriel this summer and so did almost everyone else.


Have to agree entirely Paul.
Generally there are more dud album covers than great ones and ultimately surely it is the music that counts.
Excluding the Police albums, which I adore totally, I would also highly rate Dream of Blue Turtles, Nothing Like the Sun, Ten Summoner’s Tales and Mercury Falling as great Sting albums.
Even his lesser albums are still highly listenable so personally I look forward to hearing what he has come up with.


As Neil said what is being labelled these days as a Super Deluxe edition or a Deluxe edition is laughable and Trading Standards should seriously get involved. I bought the Wild Beasts new album as “Deluxe Edition” which comes in a card sleeve and has an extra track on it (over 20 minutes admittedly) A lot of CD singles in the past were packaged this way and they were never ever called “deluxe”. A deluxe edition these days means a digipak version (again not exactly revolutionary) or even worse described as a digipak but is actually a card sleeve (yes Blossoms I’m talking about you) The malaise started with Elbow when they started releasing albums as deluxe versions but were only digipaks with no new artwork or additional tracks – and charged £3 more.


why is everyone so anxious to be critical? behave it’s only a cd the music is most important, and sting is not 24 he’s 64, i am just happy he is still making music! ;-)


Wow, just pre-ordered the super deluxe CD + DVD for CDN$21 on amazon.ca


the street corner that Sting crossed each day as he walked to the studios, where Mr Sumner admits ““It happened very quickly, very spontaneously.”

Crossing the street corner?? :) I would too in Hell’s Kitchen…


Awful cover, awful photo, awful composition… everything is nonsense in this cover

Denis Woods

Not bad lead single. Like a speeded up Message in a Bottle.

Ben in Colorado

Ugh. The song is a dud. Sounds like he wrote it in about 5 minutes. The spark and hooks that made Sting’s songs for the Police so great is gone. Has been since Mercury Falling.


How on earth is that labelled a super deluxe edition with a dvd with an interview on it one live track and some photos ?


Good song. Terrible cover. Is this the wax sting from madame tussaud?


Quite lazy on bonus tracks, isn’t he ?


Why on earth would anyone want photos of him, collectible or otherwise? What would you do with them?!


The “collectible” photos just means they can bump up the price by a fiver!


amazon.ca is listing a blue vinyl version.


I wonder if ‘Next To You’ is the old Police song which Sting has revisited before (in 2010 iirc)


The price for the ‘Super Deluxe’ at Amazon Canada is super cheap.


yes canada is cheap but by the time you add on the shipping and taxes it’s £30 like the rest :)

Craig Hedges

Welcome Back Sting!


I hope it will be good…
Btw, what’s happening with cover artwork designers: lately are frankly bad, ugly sharp colorful images with no nuances nor depth: Elton John, Metallica (worst one), Steve Hackett, Muse (second worst), etc.

Ben Williams

Great news, been waiting for the proper cd announcement for a while. Now awaiting Uk preorder link for the super deluxe :)


“Collectible photos”

Is it a bit like Panini stickers? Collect the full set and swap any duplicates with your mates.


The photos will presumably be different photoshopped angles of him crossing this street. Holding different bags. It’s all about the journey, man. Sod off.


Then take pictures at different angles with different bags. It’s by his house, he could knock off an album in a day.


So will the recently announced Sting vinyl box feature space to allow inclusion of this new title, I wonder?


If he walked across that street everyday, I wonder why they didn’t take a photo for the cover.
This has clearly been photoshopped – and badly. Look at his feet! Unless Sting doesn’t have a reflection these days. In which case, that’s a far bigger problem than just a bad photoshop job…

DJ Salinger

Almost as much a cause for concern as those leather trousers [shudders].

In his defence, maybe they’ve been photoshopped, too.


The Fallon episode brought me here and to your comment because I just couldn’t wrap my head around the reasoning for having his body poorly photoshopped in to a street corner he wants everyone to know he passes every day on his way to work. ‘yea guys i totally walk on the street all the time and this is my intersection so if you could take a picture of me in front of a green screen and take a picture of that corner that’s be great…’

Rob Deighton

Hmmm that’s good planning – wonder if the LP will fit in the box of his solo albums he is issuing soon?


Awesome news! Can’t wait!

Thank goodness he has finally shaved off that terrible beard!!

He looks a lot younger – I didn’t say PhotoShop :-)



Love the new song, can’t wait for the album! But: Sting has mostly had really nice album covers and unfortunately that standard is not present here. First the LP-box with not so good cover and now this, which almost looks like a “regular unsigned, self-releasing artist/working musician cover” (so sorry to say that, because surely it has been made by professionals) + “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” -digital single cover underlines that look a lot too. Though the cover manages to portray well the spontaneity and unpretentiousness of the music (which can be heard on the single). On the other hand: if the photos and typography look like this, the need for getting the SD-pack is not a priority for me – as I would like to have a nice looking item (still to be seen, when photos of that pack are released). Or maybe this design is just created after American taste/standard and I just don’t get the aesthetics. But love the music and that is the most important thing. As good and well written The Last Ship was/is, it’s so nice to hear Sting rock in his way again. Hurray!

Jakob Rehlinger

His album art has generally been varying degrees of terrible, in concept or execution, since Brand New Day.


No 5.1 mix on the DVD?