Sting / The Complete Studio Collection

One man, 12 albums, three vinyl box sets… 

Six months on from Sting‘s Studio Collection vinyl box set comes The Complete Studio Collection, an expanded edition which adds four further albums…

In addition to the eight studio albums featured on the first box (across 11LPs), this new box gives you his three Deutsche Grammophon albums – Songs From The Labyrinth (2006), If On A Winter’s Night… (2009) and Symphonicities (2010) – and his latest album 57th & 9th.

The original set is apparently sold out, although they still seem to be available for now. If you are feeling miffed at having bought an ‘incomplete’ studio collection, the label are also offering The Studio Collection: Volume II.

What this is, is a box set with just the additional four albums, with what the label describes as “a placeholder for all of the original set”. That’s a tad confusing, because that surely means if you buy this box and then transfer the LPs from your original box, you have a) an empty box (the old ‘Studio Collection’) and b) a full collection in a box titled ‘volume two’ and not ‘complete collection’.

In SDE’s mind it would have been more logical to either NOT have the placeholder in this box, so the buyer maintains two boxes, or keep the placeholder but label this box “The Complete Studio Collection” so that when you do transfer your other records across the title on the box makes sense!

Both new Studio Collection vinyl boxes are released on 14 April 2017. The original Studio Collection set is still available now.

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The Complete Studio Collection box


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The Studio Collection Vol II - box set


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The Studio Collection - box set


The Complete Studio Collection box set contains

  1. The Dream Of The Blue Turtles
  2. …Nothing Like The Sun
  3. The Soul Cages
  4. Ten Summoner’s Tales
  5. Mercury Falling
  6. Brand New Day
  7. Sacred Love
  8. The Last Ship
  9. Songs From The Labyrinth
  10. If On A Winters Night
  11. Symphonicities
  12. 57th & 9th

The Studio Collection Vol II box set contains

  1. Songs From The Labyrinth
  2. If On A Winters Night
  3. Symphonicities
  4. 57th & 9th

The Studio Collection box set contains

  1. The Dream Of The Blue Turtles
  2. …Nothing Like The Sun
  3. The Soul Cages
  4. Ten Summoner’s Tales
  5. Mercury Falling
  6. Brand New Day
  7. Sacred Love
  8. The Last Ship

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When I bought the first box (on black Friday of 100 Euro) I thought there might be problems with DGG that the three albums are not uncluded. So box 2 is a rather quick und fair problem resolver, though it might be funny. After Police I was more into his non-pop stuff, so I especially like the Bring on the Night live album and the three DGG albums. So this second box is made for me, thanks. (Anyone who needs a rather solid, heavy and empy box?)

Alvy Singer

You can just, er… “impress” visitors by apparently having two Sting box sets on your shelf; tell them one set of records is still sealed and the other box contains your playing copies.
I have two Iron Maiden Complete Album Collection boxes on my shelf; they made the box too small to accommodate all the albums (I think they probably forgot some of them were gatefolds), but you could e-mail them and get a replacement box of proper dimensions. I keep large size theatre programmes in the empty box. Works a treat.

I’ll certainly buy the second Sting set to get the rest of the LPs.


I agree – a very bizarre concept? Also if you purchase ” The Complete Studio Collection” the cost is £183.54. Whereas if you purchase both volume I & volume II separately, the cost is £161.25. Therefore to get all the albums in the one box, it will cost you an extra £22.29? What the hell is going on here?

Anselm Lee

I think vol. 2 is labeled as such to distinguish it from the new complete box, but when we order it we will get the same box with the 11 LPs removed and with the placeholder filling the space. What would be the point of printing two different boxes of the same size and functions?




Ok, so I think I’ve sorted this out :-)

I have all the vinyls but I didn’t buy V1 so I suppose I just need to get the Complete box set as then I’ll get the exclusive vinyl releases!

Thanks Paul for doing the “head banging against wall” to explain this!

But… I still don’t get why V2 would have space for V1 and then you have a full box set called V2 and an empty box for v1. LOL. My head hurts again now!!


David M

Vinyls is not plural. It’s vinyl


1) Sell it on ebay. They have lots of empty boxes for sale
2) Keep it & try explaining the whole sordid affair to your wife
3) Set it on fire and record it & put it on YouTube
4) Send it back to the record company

Ps: As to #2: My wife just found my (not so) secret purchase of Dylan Live 36 cd box. Just remember this is NOT an obsession. It is an investment!!


Hmm, smells like a CCC* to me!

Dan T. shouldn’t that be Clarifi/cation and Expla/nation?

*Colossal Corporate Cockup


Anybody got any suggestions for what could be done with the empty box…..perfect holder for back copies of tantric caravaning monthly?


… could it be used as a newspaper rack?

* rainforest * paper * irony *

This is also odd because when V1 was released the record company knew the other releases existed!

So what did they expect would happen to the “missing” releases.

Such idiots!

Maybe they should have done a Paul McCartney and just released V2 digitally (or on cassette).



Yea, burn it and send a video to the record company thanking them for their greed and stupidity in once again double dipping the customers for the same material and creating confusion in the marketplace. You might also throw in a sentence or two about how these tactics only piss those of us (a small remaining amount of people) who still actually spend hard earned money on music, but maybe not for much longer ;-)


i was one of those idiots who bought the first box. I have the other lps so am not that put out..but you have to say someone was really asleep at the wheel on this one.

Dan T.

I’m with AnthonyC. Maybe Sting will release some sort of “Clarification Box Set,” with a second “Explanation Box Set” after it to straighten out the malaise.


Ironic that the founder of The Rainforest Foundation is killing more trees with useless boxes.


It’s the tired and worn out “Do as I say, not as I do” routine.

Todd R.

OMG. I was a bit let down when 25 Years was released (OUCH THE $$$) and it only covered like EVERY single ever released – but none of the magnificent b-sides or non-album releases. I’m still waiting for a true comprehensive box set – so many of the early solo works (DREAM OF THE BLUE TURTLES) b-sides and bonus tracks have never seen a digital release (on disc at least) it is it’s own set in-of-itself. my reaction here ? “Yay – vinyl remasters. more & again “.


Still waiting for the Police Around the World DVD that they announced would be released around the time of the Police reunion tour.


Which reunion tour. :-) Been around 10 years since the first one. I guess time for another one and charge $100 for the cheapest ticket in the nose bleed sections.

Hub Hamers

Positive that there will be a volume 2 for the volume 1 buyers. This we don’t see very often!

Now the wait for a ‘deal alert’ by Paul… ;-)


Quite bizarre…


Let me get my head around this. If he did not release the first incomplete complete collection, you now have a Vol 2 collection which is incomplete because it has four records but the box holds the complete collection which was incomplete in the first place.

At least Travelling Wilburys calling their second album Vol 3 made some sort of sense at the time. This clunker from Sting makes no sense at all. Anyway, back to my padded room.


Don’t forget Chickenfoot with studio albums “I” and “III”.


And of course completists will need all three…


The only reason for Sting to look back at his old work is the vinyl (hype). So I guess expanded CDs unlikely will ever be issued. It’s simple not in his interest (perhaps the record company is, who knows……)


I will wait for a CD version.

Chris Squires

So, is it like “Take a look at me now” (which came with 2 LPs already installed). The 4 new LPs in a box big enough for all 12 LPs? Hmmm.

I thought the original, but now “Incomplete Studio Collection” already had a space for 57th & 9th in the box anyway.


The new album fits in there, that’s where I put mine, though I can’t see the other albums squeezing in the Vol 1 box.


My head hurts trying to work out what the hell is going on here :-)


I still don t get why he doesn t release proper remastered & expanded cd editions of his catalogue, there is plenty of material


He probably doesn’t need the money at a guess.


His B Sides & movie stuff is at times better than the original albums we all know.
I have spent 20 years + trying to get lossless versions of all these great Sting songs.

One example is his brilliant version of ‘After Midnight’ done with Andy Summers. Or his cover of Windmills Of Your Mind. So many great songs out there he did that are hard to find on CD.

Stephen E Cohen

Me too… I have always been partial to the studio version of “Another Day”, which was the b-side to “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free” or the “New Mix” of “Love Is The Seventh Wave” or “If You There”, which was the b-side to “Englishman In New York” and on and on… Sure, I’ve got these things on vinyl and/or cassette… But, what I really want is to hear them on a remastered disc.