The Stone Roses to issue a new single


We’ve already seen Radiohead issue their new album on a Sunday in the last few days, and now The Stone Roses are joining in this release tomfoolery with a brand new single, planned for 8pm this evening.

The band left the brief announcement on their facebook page and no other details are forthcoming at this point in time. Given the putting-the-kids-to-bed timing, one can only presume that your local record emporium won’t be working overtime with physical product ready at ’20 hundred hours’ – rather this will, at least initially, be a digital release. Hell, maybe they’ll just bung something up on YouTube or Soundcloud – who knows! Labels and artists do play fast and loose with the phrase “releasing a single” these days (see: Duran Duran who haven’t ‘bothered’ with a physical single for nine years).

The Mancunians have a number of shows planned for this year including four nights at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium in mid June and a venue with a slightly more rock ‘n’ roll pedigree, Madison Square Garden at the end of next month. The Stone Roses’ last single was Begging You from late 1995 which peaked at number 15 in the UK (although a four-track live EP, Crimson Tonight, was issued in Japan and Australia).

Update: The song is called “All For One” – you can listen to it below.

A twentieth anniversary of their self-titled debut was issued in 2009 but so far a second coming of The Second Coming has not been forthcoming. However Sony will be issuing The Very Best of The Stone Roses on 2LP vinyl on 10 June 2016.

Compare prices and pre-order

The Stone Roses

All For One



Compare prices and pre-order

Stone Roses, The

The Very Best Of The Stone Roses (Remastered) [VINYL]



Side 1
1. I Wanna Be Adored
2. She Bangs the Drums
3. Ten Storey Love Song
4. Waterfall

Side 2
1. Made of Stone
2. Love Spreads
3. What the World Is Waiting For
4. Sally Cinnamon

Side 3
1. Fools Gold
2. Begging You
3. Elephant Stone

Side 4
1. Breaking into Heaven
2. One Love
3. This Is the One
4. I Am the Resurrectio

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[…] Roses are ‘back’ with the slightly underwhelming One For All but if you want to check out the classics on vinyl, this Very Best Of is being reissued this […]


Apparently, ‘All For One’ is currently sitting at number one in this week’s Official Trending Chart…



Sounds more like def leppard than stone roses to me (childish lyrics/ far too commercial sound/ no effort put into it). I really hope the album has much better tracks on it, and it doesn’t end up as career suicide for them.
I suppose this is what happens when a band who released one of the best debut albums of all times tries to recreate the past almost 30 years later. I’m so glad led zep or the smiths haven’t reformed and tried to release a brand new album, it just destroys the legacy.


The band’s website is offering a single bundle which contains the seven inch, CD and download which saves you 50p if you buy all three separately. If you buy the seven inch and CD separately you can save 50p on that bundle! You don’t get the download but why would anyone want to pay for a download when you can rip it from your CD. Most artists give you a free download if you order the vinyl. To charge for is a bit naughty.


Good on you. I used to support Spin back in the day, but had a string of problems a year or two back (inc. poor customer service) and no longer order from them. A shame, as I’d rather give money to small retailers than to Amazon, but still…


Not bad, not great, but not bad. Eminently hummable, at any rate. Looking forward to (rather than dreading) additional new material based on this effort.

You can preorder physical copies here (instant download included): http://thestoneroses.shop.musictoday.com/store/ (No word on additional tracks on either format though; seems pretty weak to me.)

Jakob Rehlinger

Honestly, better than I expected. Sounds oddly Oasis-y to my ears.


Shark sandwich


Is Ian Brown holding his sbest ongs for his solo career?


I like it, but to me it’s more like a ‘bridge track’ like Don’t Stop off the first album rather than a single. The guitar is great.


Not overly remarkable, but I rather like it.


They CANCELLED (not postponed) 2 gigs in Tokyo … aaaaagh!

Paul Fraser

This song is written for crowd singing. Simple, football chant singing. It will go down very well at the gigs.

Chris Lancaster

Very dull song, unfortunately. And with twenty years to work on the lyrics, you’d have thought they could do better than that…


Nobody could’ve expected a I Wanna Be Adored, but it’s a decent enough track. Can’t agree with it being a Seahorses cast-off – that Seahorses album was seriously seriously poor. However, if this track represents the very best of all their new material, they shouldn’t have bothered reforming.


It is called “All For One”.

It sounds like a Seahorses’ cast off.



According to DJ Dave Haslam’s Twitter account “the new Stone Roses single sounds like ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ by the Beatles, esp. the guitar & drums…”

Insider knowledge or wild speculation?


It dorsn’t. It sounds like a La’s b side.


I find myself quite excited by the announcement of a new single to be released at 20:00.
1 hour 40 mins to go…


The tracks from Second Coming on this album were just ripped from the original CD because Geffen wouldn’t let John Leckie have access to the master tapes, so the vinyl version of those don’t represent any upgrade.


From the Very Best liner notes: “All tracks Re-Mastered by Chris Blair at Abbey Road Studios from the original master tapes. Re-Mastering of all tracks was overseen by John Leckie, except for tracks 3, 6, 10 & 12 which were overseen by Simon Dawson.”

If you compare the sound files visually, side-by-side, the Second Coming songs from the Very Best CD look different than the original versions. So there was some remastering done, apart from the obvious fade-in for Breaking Into Heaven, and fade-out for Ten Storey Love Song. Granted, it’s hard for me to note much of a difference in sound quality.

Steven Campbell

Although I have it on CD I wouldn’t mind that best of on vinyl though I think Amazon UK is getting the arm in with the price as usual. I know it usually does come down when it’s released but it’ll not be that much, I mean yes you can order it from other countries cheaper but then you have greater shipping costs and also consequently if it turns out to be a faulty or bad pressing it costs more to send it back. I love my vinyl but the one issue I have with newer pressings versus back in its heyday is that the quality of the pressings aren’t there as it can be hit and miss as to whether you get a good one or not.


If you get a faulty copy from let`s say Amazon France, they will have to pay your return costs. A benefit of being in the EEC means we are covered by the same consumer laws which means in this case if you are sold faulty goods the seller is liable for any return costs incurred. Seeing as you are buying with Amazon, they will organise for the item to be picked up from your home or return via normal postal services at their expense.

rob deighton

Not necessarily… I bought a 2lp reissue of Queen’s Innuendo from Amazon Germany last year and the first disc was faulty. I contacted them (through the website which allows you to contact them in English) and they sent out a brand new copy and said I could keep the faulty one to save on the costs of sending back.

Iain McCarthy

About time for some new material! The reunion was announced in November 2011 and it has taken until now.