Stone Temple Pilots / Core: 25th anniversary six-disc super deluxe

Remastered • Masses of unreleased audio • 5.1 mix on DVD

This September, Rhino are to reissue a 25th anniversary, six-disc super deluxe edition of Stone Temple Pilots 1992 debut Core.

The Grammy winning album has sold over 8 million copies in the US alone and amongst its 12-tracks are the singles Sex Type Thing, Plush and Wicked Garden.

The super deluxe edition reissue is a 4CD+DVD+LP set. It includes a newly remastered version of the original album, and a very impressive amount of unreleased material. In fact, across the three bonus CDs is more than two hours of unheard demos and unissued live performances, including the band’s performance on MTV Unplugged.

The record label seem to be following the format of their Fleetwood Mac super deluxe sets here and so, like it or not, you get the vinyl with your optical discs! At least this set also comes with a 5.1 Surround Sound Mix of the album along with videos for the album’s four singles. This is on a DVD, so unfortunately it won’t deliver a lossless 5.1 audio experience, as would have been the case with a blu-ray. Note: There is also 24/96 stereo mix on the DVD.

This Core anniversary set is ‘limited’ to 15,000 copies and is packaged as a 12″ x 12″ hardcover book, with the usual rare and unseen photos.

At around the £50 mark at the time of writing, this package seems like decent value, although many will resent the inclusion of the vinyl, which obviously bumps up the cost of purchase. Amazon Canada’s price of just under CA$62 is the best by far right now. That equates to around £38 although the UK/US prices may drop.

There is also a two-CD deluxe edition which pairs the remastered album on CD with the bonus disc of demos/B-sides. Both that and the super deluxe will be released on 29 September 2017.

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Stone Temple Pilots

Core - 6-disc super deluxe


Compare prices and pre-order

Stone Temple Pilots

Core - 2CD deluxe


Disc One: Original Album Remastered
1. “Dead & Bloated”
2. “Sex Type Thing”
3. “Wicked Garden”
4. “No Memory”
5. “Sin”
6. “Naked Sunday”
7. “Creep”
8. “Piece Of Pie”
9. “Plush”
10. “Wet My Bed”
11. “Crackerman”
12. “Where The River Goes”

Disc Two: Demos And B-sides
1. “Only Dying” – Demo *
2. “Wicked Garden” – Demo *
3. “Naked Sunday” – Demo *
4. “Where The River Goes” – Demo *
5. “Dead & Bloated” – Demo *
6. “Sex Type Thing” – Demo *
7. “Sin” – Demo *
8. “Creep” – Demo *
9. “Plush” – Demo *
10. “Sex Type Thing” – Swing Type Version
11. “Plush” – Acoustic Type Version
12. “Creep” – New Album Version
13. “Plush” – Acoustic from MTV Headbanger’s Ball (Take 1)

Disc Three: Live 1993
Live At Castaic Lake Natural Amphitheater (July 2, 1993)
1. “Crackerman” *
2. “Wicked Garden” *
3. “No Memory” *
4. “Sin” *
5. “Plush” *
6. “Where The River Goes” *
7. “Sex Type Thing” *
8. “Wet My Bed” *
9. “Naked Sunday” *

Live At The Reading Festival (August 27, 1993)
10. “Wicked Garden”
11. “No Memory” *
12. “Sin”
13. “Lounge Fly” *
14. “Dead & Bloated”
15. “Sex Type Thing”
16. “Naked Sunday”*

Disc Four: MTV Unplugged (November 17, 1993)
1. “Crackerman”
2. “Creep” *
3. “Andy Warhol”
4. “Plush” *
5. “Big Empty” *
6. “Wicked Garden” *
7. “Sex Type Thing” *

Disc Five: (DVD) Original Album 5.1 Mix, 24/96 Stereo Audio, And Music Videos

Disc Six: Original Album on vinyl LP

* Previously Unreleased

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Amazon UK lists the contents as
blah blah blah
Disc 6: Limited bonus ‘Plush’ single (7 inch vinyl).

On here it says:
same blah blah blah
Disc Six: Original Album on vinyl LP

Any idea which it actually is..?

Paul E.

First 1,000 orders include a 7″ “Plush” single…per STP’s site.


I too am unsure why anyone should take it upon themselves to go to the trouble of dismissing a band as ‘flyover rock’ when they plainly struck a chord with a lot of people (and still do). This is a site primarily about format not content. Frankly, who cares if someone ‘…lost interest in the band fast…’. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but some discretion needs to be exercised as to when and where to express it. Whilst I am here, I would agree with the comment above about re-mastering vs. mixing.

Michael G

Any information on the book,is it a proper hard back or a thin booklet?


This is about 6 discs more than necessary.
Seriously, who has the time to listen to all of these reissues in addition to what you usually play?
And who has the room?

Paul E.

@BillyD- hysterical! If you’ve ever wandered onto the wrong the site…you did today. The only parallel I can muster is you posting comments on a vegan site noting your favorite steak marinade recipes. But then again, who has time to marinade and where do you store all that food?

Charlie Waffles

Dear Rhino:

Lose the vinyl with the cd/dvd sets! Listen to the music buyers comments here!

Richard Starkey

Yes Rhino, and while you’re at it, please reissue all the Genesis CD-DVD box sets. They’ve gotten too expensive on the secondary market. Thank you.!

Larry Davis

Weren’t the albums reissued separately?? The Genesis ones??

Richard Starkey

@Larry; Yes, I think they were, and I was able to pick up most of ’em individually. I’m just a geek who likes complete box sets, and those have become pretty high now. Oh well…


Its curious how often people preparing these sets take note of what people mention in terms of extra tracks and rare mixes (as has been proven on this site many times now) but the one thing they all continue to ignore is how few people want vinyl (and for the majority it remains useless). I’m a huge Goldfrapp fan and the box set for Tales Of Us would’ve been a day one for me but the vinyl inclusion killed that idea. Way too expensive to import.


I had the Goldfrapp lp & cd before the deluxe was announced. I really wanted the surround mix but I wasn’t buying it again.

Friso Pas

@Larry Davis. Come on, man. What a pitiful contribution to this thread. Leave your bashing at the door, please. You don’t see me going over to some thread, being all negative about their music, just to rant without purpose. So…just leave it alone, ok? Respect the fans that are interested in STP.
1 thing you’re right about is the multi-format preference. I like to play records as well, so I love to have the vinyl for at home, sometimes indulge in the 5.1 disc, and the cd’s for in the car with all those extra tracks. I wish they were always like that.

Larry Davis

Hey Friso…I was trying NOT to be too negative about the band out of respect for the fans, while at the same time acknowledge this SDE and article and being 100% honest about it…not an easy balance in the first place, yet I couldn’t just put blinders on and hit the ignore button either…didn’t mean to offend you at all whatsoever, so my apologies…


The live stuff sounds interesting, but it’s the demos & etc. that I’m more interested in.
Ideally, I’d like to have a 3-disc set: CD’s one and two + a BluRay with the videos, hi-res stereo and 5.1. Since shelf space is very limited for me, and I already have the yellow vinyl LP that came out a few years ago on Record Store Day, I’ll vote with the crowd…that the vinyl should be separate.
I scratch my head at why they still use DVD instead of BluRay. Is there really ANY audiophile-minded person looking to play a 24/96 stereo or 5.1 mix that DOESN’T have a BluRay player in 2017? Not only does Blu fit more…and at better quality, but let’s also remember the videos would look a helluva lot better on Blu too.
My BIGGEST fear is the “remastering”. If I actually buy this, and they decimate the sonics with a super-brickwalled DR7 or lower (as was done with the recent Prince “Purple Rain” remaster), I shall cry…

Paul E.

@Mick- I’m guessing the Blu Ray absence is attributed to at least these three considerations: a limited run of 15,000 sets, cost to press a DVD is half that of Blu Ray and the cost of mastering Blu Ray can be ten times more than DVD. I’m just excited about hearing the demos + live content. At least I can play DVDs in the car!

Larry Davis

Not interested in this set at all…not an STP fan…I used to have this album cuz of “Sex Type Thing”, but lost interest in the band fast, as I hated “Plush” and still do, song makes zero sense…they were a radio commercial take on the Seattle sound, the early 90s version of Nickelback and other horrible flyover rock groups…something very contrived about their records…still feel that way since Scott’s passing, which never affected me…as for CD+vinyl boxsets, no prob with them at all…have the one of the debut Ramones album and will be getting “Leave Home” as well.


Why is the video for the MTV Unplugged session not included in the dvd?


The usual complaints about vinyl stack up once again like dirty laundry. I like vinyl and discs in one set. My biggest complaint about the Sgt. Pepper super deluxe is that it contains no vinyl edition of the original LP.


And a lot of us do not like vinyl included and can not afford such expensive box set! I like vinyl but I like it released seperately. What next? – VHS and Betamax tapes included.


Most or all of the STP albums were released quite recently on vinyl, so adding that to this box set os rather superfluous…


In the 90-‘s I wanted to embrace the grunge rock and bought many of the releases: STP, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, etc. In the end, I just didn’t like it. I tried hard but eventually the whole thing gave me a massively negative vibe. As it relates to STP, I thought Purple was a very strong album. Better than Core. But Core has enough strong moments and this release offers many great extras. It’s definitely one of the better box sets.

As it relates to the vinyl, I don’t like it either. I don’t use vinyl and yet I’m forced to spend additional $$ when purchasing an SDE as it often comes with vinyl. It’s of course a cash cow for the record company. Highly unfair, that’s why I typically wait for one of Paul’s deal alerts. If the record companies want to use us for extra cash, I have no qualms waiting for the ultimate deal so I get my vinyl for “free” (more or less). It almost always happens.

Richard Starkey

I’m right there with you. I had a huge burst of interest in the 90’s music scene. Not just grunge, but all the alt-rock, indie rock, and mainstream pop-rock like Collective Soul, MB20, Tonic, Verve Pipe, Jayhawks, Fastball, Dishwalla, Wilco, DMB, Widespread Panic, in addition to all the ones you mentioned. Some of it sounded fresh and kind of catchy at the time, and a few tracks stood out above the rest. But you’re right, in the end, so much of that era’s music has faded into obscurity and so little of it has proven to be of enduring value. There were just too many bands doing basically the same formulaic thing, and it was really hard for any true pioneers to get heard. After dabbling in all that for 10 years, I returned to my prog-rock & classic rock roots. I feel like the creativity of the 1960’s and 1970s will never be repeated. The songwriting, musicianship, and that sense of wonder and inventiveness was something unique to those people and those times. And IMHO, largely thanks to British bands.

Dan T.

I’m kind of wishing two things lately –

1. Stop with the vinyl-only sets. I understand the purity of analog, the nostalgia, the additional artwork, etc. etc. But vinyl is largely impractical, and pushes the prices of these sets into the stratosphere.

2. Stop remastering. Be thorough, and get to the MIX. Open it up. Let it breathe. Mastering is the final stage of the process, and most of the time all that ends up happening is loudness leveling or tweaking the EQ. And an album from the 90s like this one rarely needs remastering treatment – it usually needs somebody to get into its mix to pull out subtleties and the like. Remastering is rarely done properly and mostly comes off as a gimmick. I haven’t heard the surround sound version yet, so maybe there’s hope that THAT mix is done properly (with a good mastering job to boot). That said, this takes me back to point #1 – I’m NEVER going to hear/own the surround sound mix if it is always packaged with vinyl (pushing up the price point significantly).

I know my tone is negative, but I’m a huge fanatic of this album, and this album deserves an affordable release.


Nothing live with Chester Bennington?


No, thank god.
It’s clearly not the same era anyway so I can’t see how that would make any sense on this release.


Dear SDE and followers,

Although I certainly echo everyone else’s comment on keeping the vinyl separate.. I am posting simply because I am huge STP fan and am really hoping that this is the first of what should be 6 total deluxe edition boxsets.. STP has become the Badfinger of the 90s… an immensely talented, underrated band riddled with setbacks and tragedy. A proper deluxe edition treatment of all (and sadly only) 6 of there long players is what the fans want and what their legacy deserves. To coin a phrase from across the pond: Good on them! May this be the beginning of deluxe editions whether on an anniversary or not for STP!

All The Best – Jeff


This would be fantastic, I’m in. All in the same format as this and all underrated albums!




I really don’t understand, there is a 2 disc option or alternatively buy the full set and just don’t play the vinyl.
I didn’t want the cassette that came with this: http://metrosite2014.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/79c6e0b0-214d-0132-221d-1a43c56ee7ef-medium.jpeg
however, as one of my favourite bands I wasn’t going to miss out. Should I have not purchased it because it came with a cassette tape?


I would like the option of being able to buy just a 4 or 5 Disc Set only and not be made to have to buy the expensive boxset with vinyl inclued to get them. All they do is take up loads of room with the vinyl included when they could be nice and compact with just the CDs and DVDs which, unlike the vinyl, would get played. Why are companies making us buy expensive boxsets with vinyl incuded to be able to get extra tracks on CDs that are only with the more pricey editions, such as with the recent Fleetwood Mac “Tango In The Night” ans Def Leppard’s “Hysteria”? Not everyone has money to afford them and yet they keep doing it and it is damn annoying! Obviously you can afford to spend high amounts of money where as some of us can not.


Quite the opposite. I’m very selective in the purchases I make, I don’t have money to burn. I do own a record player and take enjoyment from seeing bigger artwork, reading through lyric sheets and ‘not’ being able to skip the tracks easily and appreciating an album in It’s entirety.
I have limited time and a modest amount of space in my house. If I don’t like something I don’t buy it. Sets like this try to please everyone, as many fans as possible and entice new ones to the mix-not a limited few. If you like it, I’m not going to slam you for liking or even disliking it, just don’t understand comments that add nothing constructive. The internet is becoming a tough place to find the right information and for every 10 comments only one seems to hold any value worth reading. Perhaps it is just me!


I wish companies would stop adding vinyl to boxsets, which not only will I never play but it also makes the price much more expensive (not everyone is made of money, has it growing on trees or has bank accounts full of it). All I am interested in mainly is CDs and maybe the DVDs and Blu Rays but as for the vinyl in will just end up staying in the box.


Just recently got back into STP, but I may have to give this a pass. It’s the vinyl part for me. I can’t justify buying a box set with things I have no use for that add to the space. The 2-disc edition may be what I shoot for.

I remember hearing concert recordings of the band doing “Christmastime Is Here,” and I think they did it on the Unplugged show. I’d be surprised if that is on there, just for copyright reasons.


Thing is the last 3 new stuff in SDE all are CD+vinyl, and all 3 are of my interest.
I bought the Division Bell box, just for the blu-ray (althought they neglect to include tthe videos of the album!!!)…and was the first and last time, it is a huge box, even more than the Immersion sets, waisting space and gathering dust


The UK amazon price was originally £74.99 so hopefully it’ll drop further.
There’s a 7″ Plush/Sin included if you order via their official site but with international postage and potential customs charge I won’t bother. It’s just the original UK 7″ anyway so nothing special really.
I’ve already ordered from Amazon but echo the thoughts of keeping analogue and digital formats separate. However I did end up buying a new deck last year due to getting unplayed vinyl lumped in boxes so in my case I guess that marketing ploy worked.


Music industry still seems completely incapable of simply giving people what they want.


Why not add an MC, a BD and some flexi discs to fully annoy us with total format overkill?

Marshall Gooch

I think the music industry is still trying to figure that out! And I don’t necessarily mind the vinyl + CD, but it depends on what it is and who. I don’t care for STP so I wouldn’t be buying this, while at the same time I love the Stones but that new Satanaic Majesties set is ludicrous in its redundancy. Four copies of the same album, the only difference is two are mono. Not enough “extra” (none at all!) to warrant the price.

Martin Power

What’s the cost of importing through Amazon Canada anyone?


I just went to order a copy from Amazon Canada – Initial cost with shipping is 78 Canadian dollars – this does not include the Import Taxes …..Amazon usually take the import fees up front – Canada Amazon Do Not, so you will have the Ridiculous £8 Royal Mail Handling fee to pay too and the Import Taxes so it works out with the postage £48 plus handling fee / Import Taxes…. so getting on for £65 or so…..

Guy B.

The unreleased content in this sounds exciting. Still a bit disappointed that I won’t be able to display this on my CD shelf with a thick spine of jewel case height.

I still don’t get why they won’t give you the 4 CDs without the LP. Wouldn’t an avid fan of both STP and the vinyl format want all four discs on vinyl instead of just disc 1 (a.k.a the main album)? Why bother with the 2 CD set either? Is it for those who definitely want unreleased demos but positively no live content? “I don’t want Super Deluxe, please just give me Moderate Deluxe.” It’s not very well thought out. Ghost of Scott Weiland, hear my plea and make the format options be:

– 4 CD / 1 DVD deluxe set (what I would get)
– Remastered album on 1 LP
– Super limited edition on 4-6 LPs and toss in a DVD why not


I’ve taken some of my bulkier box sets, took out the discs, bought a quad-jewel case or DVD case that would fit and create my own cover artwork based on the original. The original box and book are in storage.


i think i’ll stick to my music on vinyl reissue. really can’t understand why they included the vinyl records with the dvd and the cd’s.


Ya. I agree. The Doors debut album had both and then there was a Japanese only [I think] release with just the CDs. Even as a Japanese release it was still cheaper. Only difference is that no LP sized book. Woopie.


@Lee I’ve no doubt that Purple will follow, but for me the album is perfect as it is, so any bonus material would have to be pretty spectacular.


The specifications for DVD discs are perfectly capable of delivering lossless audio in 5.1. PCM is a lossless format.


PCM is an uncompressed format, it would be incorrect to term it lossless as there is no compression. Lossless vs. lossy refers to the compression being used. TrueHD, dts-HD MA, MLP, these are lossless. PCM is uncompressed.

DVD is not capable of PCM 5.1 above 24/48 because it exceeds the specifications as soon as you get to 24/88.2 (12.7 Mbps). Anything over 24/48 in 5.1 you need to use MLP which is lossless compression.

Sad they’re not doing this as a DVD-A, I quite like the surround mix and I think Where The River Goes sounds fantastic on the DVD-A in 5.1. No way they’re ponying up the money for a new 5.1 mix.

Lee Realgone

I wush they’d stop bundling vinyl in with CD/DVD sets… I’m probably not going to go for this one; I like it, but still can’t fathom it’s legendary status. ‘Purple’ is still the STP masterpiece.


Lee, I completely agree with you on the combined CD/vinyl front, I find it incomprehensible, too.

I don’t want to disparage vinyl lovers, good luck to them and may they enjoy it, but I have no use for it, with no record player, so wish they would keep the two mediums separate, so we are all free to choose what we want.

Mad Earwig

I guess we’re all different ….but I love Core, with its energy and amazing tracks like Crackerman, Plush and Sex Type Thing. Scott’s voice never sounded better to me.
The follow up was good, but to me, had less impact and weaker tracks but it’s subjective.
Would have bought this, but like others, don’t need the vinyl.


Couldn’t agree with you more Mad Earwig.


Regardless of it being on DVD, hopefully this 5.1 mix will be an improvement on the DVD-A that came out a few years ago. Instant buy for me though for the Unplugged performance and the book alone.

Lee Realgone

Beware… The “book” that was promised with a similar “limited to 15,000 copies” Ramones anniversary edition was nothing of the sort. It was a ten page pamphlet slotted in behind the vinyl. It was no better than the freebie that came with Adam Ant’s Kings of The Wild Frontier LP in 1980.


I would hazard a guess that they’re just going to port the old 5.1 mix from the DVD-A over to this release, because it’s the cheaper option.

Paul E.

I disagree and own/enjoy the DVD Audio Disc. Nick DiDia is credited for the audio/three options: 6-channel discreet surround (96 kHz/24 bit), 2-channel stereo (96 kHz / 24 bit), and 5.1-channel surround (Dolby AC3). I’ve ripped the 2-channel audio and play it on my hi-res portable player and it sounds excellent. Both 6 channel and 5.1 are great on the home stereo as well. Thanks Mr. Sinclair for the tip – ordered via Amazon Canada and have it pre-ordered including delivery to the U.S. for $58.26.


$58.36 will depend on the exchange rate. While you will get the Amazon Canada price, the exchange rate is improving for Canadians buying US stuff – not reversed.