Stone Temple Pilots / Purple reissue

3CD+LP set features remaster plus host of unreleased audio

Stone Temple Pilots / Purple reissue

Stone Temple Pilots are to reissue their 1994 album Purple as a four-disc super deluxe edition.

The 3CD+LP package includes a newly remastered version of the original studio album on both CD and vinyl, plus unreleased versions of album tracks and rarities, along with an unheard full concert recording from 1994.

The super deluxe edition features three CDs and a vinyl LP

The band’s second long-player, Purple gave the Scott Weiland-fronted combo a number one album in the states, selling over six million copies, as well as a top ten placing in the UK. Produced by Brendan O’Brien, it featured the singles ‘Big Empty’, ‘Interstate Love Song’ and ‘Vasoline’. Purple saw the band still primarily routed in the grunge sphere, while adding new elements of psychedelia and country into the mix.

Among the bonus content, this new edition explores the making of the album with a mix of unreleased music that includes demos (‘Unglued’ and ‘Army Ants’) and early versions of album tracks (‘Meat Plow’ and ‘Interstate Love Song’), plus acoustic recordings (‘Big Empty’).

The second CD of the collection also features three unreleased live performances from the 1994 KROQ Acoustic Christmas show, including a version of ‘Christmastime Is Here’ from A Charlie Brown Christmas. There is also the previously unreleased demo of ‘She Knows Me Too Well’, a song the Beach Boys originally recorded in 1965.

The third disc also has the full, previously unreleased August 23, 1994 concert from New Haven, Connecticut, a 17-song set featuring both electric and acoustic sets, including ten songs from Purple along with hits from their debut Core (‘Plush’ and ‘Sex Type Thing’) and some covers.

If you don’t really want the vinyl there is also a two-CD deluxe which includes the demos/early versions CD from the super deluxe but omits the live tracks. If you really want to, you can just buy the remaster on a single CD!

Purple is reissued on 18 October 2019 (was 13 September).

 3CD+vinyl LP super deluxe

Vinyl LP: Purple 2019 remaster

CD 1: Purple 2019 Remaster (CD)

1.    “Meat Plow”
2.    “Vasoline”
3.    “Lounge Fly”
4.    “Interstate Love Song”
5.    “Still Remains”
6.    “Pretty Penny”
7.    “Silvergun Superman”
8.    “Big Empty”
9.    “Unglued”
10.  “Army Ants”
11.  “Kitchenware & Candybars”

CD 1 : Early Versions, Demos & Acoustic

1.    “Meat Plow” – Early Version *
2.    “Interstate Love Song” – Early Version *
3.    “Big Empty” – Acoustic Version *
4.    “Unglued” – Demo *
5.    “Army Ants” – Demo *
6.    “Kitchenware & Candybars” – Demo *
7.    “Dancing Days”
8.    “She Knows Me Too Well” – Demo *
9.    “Interstate Love Song” – Acoustic Version *
Live At KROQ Acoustic Christmas 1994
10.    “Pretty Penny” – Acoustic Version *
11.    “Kitchenware & Candybars” – Acoustic Version *
12.    “Christmastime Is Here” – Acoustic Version *

CD 3: Live at New Haven Vererans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, August 23, 1994

1.    “Vasoline” *
2.    “Silvergun Superman” *
3.    “Crackerman” *
4.    “Lounge Fly” *
5.    “Meat Plow” *
6.    “Still Remains” *
7.    “Gypsy Davy” *
8.    “Pretty Penny” *
9.    “Creep” *
10.  “Andy Warhol” *
11.  “Army Ants” *
12.  “Big Empty” *
13.  “Interstate Love Song” *
14.  “Plush” *
15.  “Unglued” *
16.  “Dead & Bloated” *
17.  “Sex Type Thing” *

* previously unreleased

CD1: Purple 2019 Remaster

“Meat Plow”
“Lounge Fly”
“Interstate Love Song”
“Still Remains”
“Pretty Penny”
“Silvergun Superman”
“Big Empty”
“Army Ants”
“Kitchenware & Candybars”

CD 2: Early Versions, Demos & Acoustic

“Meat Plow” – Early Version *
“Interstate Love Song” – Early Version *
“Big Empty” – Acoustic Version *
“Unglued” – Demo *
“Army Ants” – Demo *
“Kitchewnware & Candybars” – Demo *
“Dancing Days”
“She Knows Me Too Well” – Demo *
“Interstate Love Song” – Acoustic Version *
Live At KROQ Acoustic Christmas 1994

“Pretty Penny” – Acoustic Version *
“Kitchenware & Candybars” – Acoustic Version *
“Christmastime Is Here” – Acoustic Version *

* previously unreleased

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Was there ever a 5:1 mix of any of their albums (apart from ‘Core’) released?


What a missed opportunity to not include a 5.1 mix. That is why I bought the Core SDE. It included a 5.1 mix. This is a great album but it’s a pass without the 5.1 mix.


How about a single purple vinyl only release?


We have the PURPLE ALBUM in REAL 5.1 audio and sounds awesome. We don’t know why not includes in the 25th anniversary edition


Huh? Where


Looking forward to this, but the exclusion of a 5.1 mix is a definitely a missed opportunity and the non purple-coloured vinyl is a bit of a letdown.


Oh shit, no 5.1 mix? I was excitedly waiting for this release since Core came out, but now, not sure I’m even going to buy it.


I agree that a 5.1 mix would have been very welcome, however, the overall package still seems pretty fantastic so I’m all over this. Typically I’m not crazy about the vinyl + CD super deluxe concept but the Core super deluxe edition was really a beautiful package and very reasonably priced – this seems to be shaped in that image. Definitely puts other sets to shame in terms of value (talking to you, New Order Movement Definitive Edition!).

Mathew Lauren

Another HUGE RHINO/Atlantic/Warner Bros. MISSED opportunity.

There is NO (quality) 5.1 or ATMOS!

Total pass.

I kinda figured when Rhino regurgitated the ATROCIOUS “double stereo” (6-channel) mix from the (lossless) DVD-A in a MUCH more expensive (lossy) DVD-V SDE-package, that Rhino would punt when it came time for a 25e RE of “Purple” — and they did!

Rhino can almost always be guaranteed to let down the surround-sound, physical-media consumer when it comes to NEW, quality 5.1 or ATMOS/X surround-sound offerings — and they ARE consistent at that!

Congratulations RHINO!

“Purple” is a wonderful (if not better) follow-up to “Core,” where the STP begin to stretch their legs and own their (unique – NOT GRUNGE) sound.

Without a quality 5.1/ATMOS, this is nothing more than another shameless cash-grab based on 25e, imho!

Support your local CdTraders and p/u a pre-owned copy of this disc. There was no need for a RM of this disc. I was (incidentally) listening to it on the way to LAX 2-weeks ago. It’s sounds wonderful. Can’t believe it’s been 25 years since I bought that cd.

Send Rhino a message and DON’T reward this umpteenth-2.0 repressing, unless you really need VINYL.

Old Bailey

I think they missed an opportunity to market it as the ‘plush’ edition…

Eric Kretz

‘plush’ was on Core

Joshua Klessig


Charlie Waffles

I believe this was one of my suggestions for the deluxe treatment at the beginning of the year.


Does anybody knows if vinyl is also remastered audio or its basically the same vinyl that its available now?

SDE Hall of Fame

The article gives you the answer “The 3CD+LP package includes a newly remastered version of the original studio album on both CD and vinyl”


Beautiful reflective foil paper used on the album jacket, and the embossing of the flying dragon baby is a nice touch, but since the super deluxe package doesn’t include a DVD-A or BR 5.1 surround sound mix, then it doesn’t make sense to me to spend more money than the price of the 2 CD set .

Well, here’s hoping “Tiny Music…Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop” is next to be remastered and expanded as a wonderful STP deluxe set with (please, please, please, Rhino engineers) a 5.1 surround mix!


I’d be in for this kind of treatment of Tiny Music… For me, that was when STP went from being stuff everybody else played to one of my favorite albums of the ’90s.

Dave R.

The two CD set is good value seeing as the live stuff is already available on those grey area bootlegs that surface from time to time.

Michael McA

I’m really confused about this. I see it happening over and over these days – and I’m sure it’s already come up before – but someone enlighten me please.

Why produce a product with Vinyl and CD in the same pack? Why would anyone want the vinyl and the CD of the same record?

Surely it’s one or the other?

Do they do the same with DVD / Blu-ray?

I just don’t understand.

SDE Hall of Fame

Because they can charge more. At least the 2CD looks quite good, so I don’t think people can complain too much in this instance.

Gareth Jones

Michael, l appreciate it. I regularly play CDs on a little ghetto blaster un the kitchen when cooking/eating dinner. And we still have CDs for car journeys. So when l buy vinyl that comes with a download code, l download it and burn it to CD to play in the kitchen/car. So l appreciate getting a vinyl and CD combo!

Chris Squires

I am a fan of mixed media, like this and the Fleetwood Mac boxes. I will use the CDs if I want something “background” on, whilst working for example and of course for the car. But I also want the Vinyl for when I really want to Listen and enjoy something as a singular activity. I.e the Mrs is out and I have a couple of hours to do nothing but indulge in music.

I get why others don’t like it though and I have some sets, like Marillion, where I end up buying both the CD pack and the Vinyl pack for all of the above reasons.

Yes they can charge for for the extra disc on vinyl but for the same reasons they put both DVD and Blu-Ray in a pack. It just makes production and distribution (paperwork etc.) so much easier. To only have one package to create and distribute and sell across the world is far cheaper than creating and selling two packs. It doesn’t really cost us, the buyers, more. I get it might be seen as a waste of resources to have two video based discs but no more so than creating two sets of packaging with different logos and permissions and credits on.


Vinyl for home, CD for car or room in house without turntable.


I play the vinyl and use the CDs both in my office and in the CD changer of my Ferrari, that’s why.

Iain Thornton

Will there be a UK retail for the 3 disc+vinyl? I can’t see a UK price anywhere.


This is really disappointing. The Core SDE came with a surround sound DVD. That is missing here. Purple is a better more well rounded album, would have loved to have Purple in surround sound. Real shame.

Christopher Aud

I completely agree. I was hoping for a 5.1 mix as well.