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3CD+vinyl LP super deluxe of 1996 album

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Tiny Music... / Stone Temple Pilots

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Stone Temple Pilots‘ third album, Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Giftshop will be reissued in the summer as a four-disc super deluxe edition box set.

Released 25 years ago TODAY the album features the singles ‘Big Bang Baby’, ‘Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart’ and ‘Lady Picture Show’. All three reached the top of Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart (the band never really had any ‘proper’ hits in America, ‘Sour Girl’ from 2000 came closest, peaking at 78 in the Hot 100).

Rhino’s is reissuing the album as a 3CD+vinyl LP super deluxe edition. This includes a newly remastered version of Tiny Music… on CD and black vinyl, 15 early versions/instrumentals/alternates (on CD2) and a complete concert recording from 1997 on the third CD. This gig is the band’s 14 March 1997 concert in Panama City Beach, Florida.

In addition to the super deluxe there will be a two-CD deluxe edition (with CD 1 and CD 2 from the box) and a single CD remaster. There is no standalone vinyl edition.

Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Giftshop will be released on 9 July 2021.

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Stone Temple Pilots

Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Giftshop - 3CD+LP super deluxe


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Stone Temple Pilots

Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Giftshop - 2CD deluxe


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Stone Temple Pilots

Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Giftshop - single CD remaster



Tiny Music Stone Temple Pilots / 3CD+LP super deluxe

      1. “Press Play”
      2. “Pop’s Love Suicide”
      3. “Tumble In The Rough”
      4. “Big Bang Baby”
      5. “Lady Picture Show”
      6. “And So I Know”
      7. “Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart”
      8. “Art School Girl”
      9. “Adhesive”
      10. “Ride The Cliché”
      11. “Daisy”
      12. “Seven Caged Tigers”

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Last edited 1 year ago by paultest1

My favorite album from my favorite alternative band from the 90s!!

Sooooo looking forward to this!!!

I celebrated Tiny’s 25th today by listening to it cover to cover.. whuch led to 1999s No.4 then the masterpiece Shangri-la Dee Da… Viva STP!

Thanks and All the Best – Jeff


I have this as part of a boxed set called THE ORIGINAL ALBUM SERIES which is made up of the first five albums. Very affordable.


Ridiculous that you can’t just buy a three CD set. I’ll buy the two CD set only and stream the third.

Kevin O

Back in the day, my response to this album was hastily put together, so there’s no way I have enough material to respond to this latest provocation. My 2014 EP reissue will have to do:


The back story:
My musical project at the time was called Tinty Music, so when I first saw this album (and every time thereafter, really), I misread the title. Upon noticing that it was actually called Tiny Music, I chose to respond in Nick Lowe fashion (he released his Bowi EP in response to David Bowie’s Low LP) by issuing my cassette Stone Temple Plots.


I’m probably in for the 2-disc version. I’m not that into live albums unless it’s very specific acts, and it’s definitely not worth the extra $60 for me, since the vinyl is just this thing that takes up space for me. Glad the alternative versions/mixes are on the 2-Disc version.


So it’s essentially $US 80 for the live CD since I already own the original CD (in its unremastered form – the shame), I’m not dying to hear early versions and I have no use for vinyl.


R. Michael Cox

I was hoping they would keep this reissue series going–good deal for the money. My favorite album by STP. Speaking of another good reissue series, I read a couple months ago the XTC reissue series is continuing with Apple Venus (Vol 1)–no release date.


Looking forward to this!


Going by the UK prices, the price difference between the 2 CD set and the 4 disc set with the extra live CD and vinyl copy of the album is £62.
I sometimes wonder what planet these record labels are on with their crazy prices.