Stones’ No Security on coloured vinyl

First pressing on tri-colour vinyl • US 2CD+blu-ray is region-free

The first pressing of the triple vinyl edition of the recently announced Rolling Stones No Security San Jose ’99 release will be on coloured vinyl.

As seen above, the records will be pressed on yellow, black and red vinyl. Also, for those in doubt, there is definitely no DVD with this edition.

For reasons that no one can work out, a Eagle Rock continue to offer a 2CD+blu-ray edition of these kinds of releases in America, but not in Europe. Crucially, SDE can confirm that the ‘SD blu-ray’ in this combo set is compatible with all regions (A, B, C), so importing is an option. As a rough guide, buying this edition from Amazon US with UK shipping and import deposit (i.e. the ‘all in’ price) is around £34. The 2CD+DVD price in the UK is about £20 at the moment.

Important: There is categorically no 2CD+blu-ray edition available outside of the US. Amazon UK are currently incorrectly listing a 2CD+blu-ray, but SDE can confirm that this is a standalone blu-ray and is currently a listing error. To avoid confusion there is no link to this version in the widget below, but for reference the INCORRECT UK listing is here.

No Security. San Jose ’99 will be released on 13 July 2018. Read more information about this release.

1. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
2. Bitch
3. You Got Me Rocking
4. Respectable
5. Honky Tonk Woman
6. I Got the Blues
7. Saint of Me
8. Some Girls
9. Paint It Black
10. You Got the Silver
11. Before They Make Me Run
12. Out of Control
13. Route 66
14. Get Off of My Cloud
15. Midnight Rambler
16. Tumbling Dice
17. It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It)
18. Start Me Up
19. Brown Sugar
20. Sympathy for the Devil

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Philip Cohen

No colour vinyl to Uk dealers? My response was to cancel my order with amazon.co.uk


I keep asking this, and so I will ask it again. Why does the Official Rolling Stones Archive not put out a CD version of perhaps the greatest live bootleg concert ever: “Brussels Affair.” It was briefly made available as a download on the Official Rolling Stones Archive site, but no more. And people in the United States could only buy the lousy sounding mp3. They had some ridiculous super deluxe box set which I had no interest in buying. All I want is an audio CD. I don’t get why they don’t release this thing. Are there legal issues?? It is the best live concert CD I have ever heard. It just mystifies me why the Stones have not given it a proper release. Yes, I realize they don’t have video footage of the gig, but still, it needs to be released on CD. Does anyone know how to contact Eagle Rock Entertainment or whoever is in charge of putting out these releases? The customer service team at the Official Rolling Stones Archive site don’t know anything. Thanks.

Earl Warren

It was actually released on CD in Japan as a strictly special edition package of the Marquee Club which included the Marquee Blu Ray and CDs. I would have thought that Eagle Rock would then release it domestically next, but no such luck.


Can’t believe my Brussels Affair box is now going for $850! I wonder if the watch still works..


The vinyl package looks so pretty, I just couldn’t resist. Then, after watching the Sticky Fingers Live 2015 blu-ray release from the series, I decided I also needed the San Jose release on blu-ray. They clearly know how to take your money. But it’s the Stones, so what the hell!

Tony Orwell

John, Flipping is to try and make enough money back to cover the cost of your purchase, record dealing is when you pay tax and national insurance on your sales so you can put food on the table and a roof over your head. In my experience everyone is “at it”, lets face it 1 week after record store day there have been 30 and 40 thousand RSD items on ebay where people are just “flipping”. ebay and the inland revenue work hand in hand monitoring who is selling what on ebay and other sites and I know that some people who were just “flipping” were turning over 20 or 30 thousand pounds a year without declaring, some of those people got billed for a lot of money as once the IR get their claws in they will go back for 7 years to find out what people have been up to.


Record dealing requires knowledge (which takes a long time to aquire)and could be argued to be a profession. Buying limited edition new releases in the hope of making a profit is being a market trader.


ANOTHER new one, yet STILL no physical release of “The Brussels Affair” outside of Japan.
This “From The Vault” series is starting to bug me…

Alan Blevin

The From The Vault series has only been for shows where they have video.That being said a source over at IORR who has been well informed in the past has said that a Brussels Affair release is in the pipeline which could mean it is 10 years away.

Mr. Mustard

Yes, I would want that too. “The Brussels Affair” on standalone CD and also “Live At Leeds”. Why do we get all this “newer” concerts? What about the “Voodoo Lounge” aera? There was a DVD which got cancelled. They should re-release that one as well.


CDJapan has a 2CD/Blu-ray option, not sure what shipping to the UK would be.


Looks very good, great song list and strong performances to boot – yes please…thank you!

Question: When is buying more than one to sell to be called “flipping” versus “record dealing”? Discuss…thank you.


Hey, maybe the SD actually stands for ‘Super Deluxe’… In which case we may need to rethink everything ;-) The most important thing is we have choices… I just hope the vinyl is region free.


Ordered. Each of the previous releases have been fantastic….


Well, this is silly, I got the first 5 “From the Vault” in LPs+DVD and they decided to cut the DVD now ? I would have preferred black vinyls but DVD included.. Or at least they could have put a code to redeem a video file of the concert. Smart move to get people like me to buy the LPs plus the standalone blu-ray so they can milk more money from the fans…


correct about the milking…or they know that people will torrent the bluray ?

elliott buckingham

any idea if this is gonna be in the over sized sleeves again


Hi Paul, Just ordered a few copies 3Lp any idea of how many copies are made in 3 coloured vinyl ..? and are this 3Lp set’s worldwide or just UK

Thanks again

elliott buckingham

did you order more than 1 to flip the rest


Universal are saying that the tri-coloured vinyl edition is US-only and that the Amazon UK listing is incorrect. Here in the UK/EU this release will be black vinyl only, according to the label anyway. We’ll see…


There is BD+2CD in Japan too. They also list bonus tracks, and there is a T-Shirt edition as well.
In total there will be 7 different editions in Japan.

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

If Im not wrong there will also be a 2cd+bluray Japanese edition with 2 bonus tracks on the cds, which will be shm-cds.


The Rolling Stones coloured vinyl set looks the most attractive of the format choices for this concert. I have ‘L.A. Forum’ and ‘Hamilton Coliseum’ in both DVD-2CD and SD Blu-ray. I watched the concerts a couple of times, but now prefer to listen to just the music on the CDs, which are well mastered. So just having the music for ‘San Jose ’99’ works fine for me. Paul, just to let you know you are right about the DVD vs. SD Blu-ray. Since I have both formats of the two aforementioned RS concerts, I have played them back-to-back on my OPPO Blu-ray player. My brother and I couldn’t detect any difference in image or sound quality between the DVD and the Blu-ray, since both software formats were created from the same digital source.


Even though the DVD sound is compressed and the blu is not?
Do you detect a difference between an mp3 and a CD?

Picture would probably be less, if any, difference.


I did the same with Totally Stripped dvds/brs, the dvd is better than the bluray, because it’s upscaled to 1080p on the bluray, from a an older digital source, giving a blurry rendition at times


Mikael, Blu-ray is HD, but the source material must be remastered to HD to appreciate the superiority of this software technology. If the source material is not upgraded, there is no discernible improvement. Likewise with CD vs. mp3, wherein CD is better, but if the engineering isn’t done well for a CD, it too may sound compressed.

Todd Everett

“Get Off of My Cloud” twice?

Chris Squires

£9.20 a slab. And very pretty to boot.

An interesting question from your notes paul.
How many releases on Vinyl get a second pressing these days?
I can think of only two of the top of me noggin.
Ten year war was stretched from 3,500 to 6,500 and the massive Queen set from a couple of years back was re-issued (much to everyone’s surprise)..anything else sold enough to warrant a re-press?


releases that fans are doing petitions to have a repress done, like Gorillaz’ Demon Days, or Keane’s Hopes and Fears,
because of crazy prices on the second hand market,
otherwise,very unlikely :-(

Chris Squire

Ah, I don’t mean re-issues of rare albums. There’s a load of 1990s / early 2000s albums that had small vinyl print runs because “vinyl is dead” such as Kate’s Aerial, Robbie Williams’ albums, Lock, stock and two smoking barrels etc. I mean a recent album re-issue or SDE / box set that sold in such significant numbers that a second run was made or should be made. Bowie’s Five Years for example or The Hurting. Numbers are reducing again. A couple of album releases this month alone are only 300 copies. It seems 500 can be a stretch.

Paul Spurgeon

i’m all over that 3lp set – cheers!