Stranger Things / soundtrack on 2LP


If you haven’t seen Netflix’s Stranger Things, then I strongly advise you to do so. Part supernatural-horror-thriller and part homage to 1980s genre films (E.T., Stand By Me) the eight-part series is a fantastic watch and the mood and atmosphere is perfectly framed by the title credits and the accompanying music.

The synth heavy soundtrack is was composed by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon of the electronic band Survive and echoes works by John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis.


Invada Records are releasing volume one of the music on 2LP red/blue vinyl with the two records packaged in an extra thick 425g heavyweight gatefold sleeve. A printed insert is included which features additional artwork and credits.

There will be a ‘volume two’ though and a box set containing both LPs will be announced at “a later date” but perhaps that won’t arrive until the second series is completed next year.

This 2LP set will be issued on 28 October 2016.


Side A:

Stranger Things
Nancy and Barb
This Isn’t You
A Kiss
Castle Byers

Side B:

The Upside Down
After Sarah
One Blink For Yes
Photos In The Woods

Side C:

Fresh Blood
Hanging Lights
Biking To School
Are You Sure?
Cops Are Good At Finding
No Weapons

Side D:

Walking Through the Upside Down
She’ll Kill You
Run Away
No Autopsy
Joyce and Lonnie Fighting
Lights Out
Hazmat Suits
You Can Talk To Me
What Else Is There To Do?
Hawkins Lab

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Where can I find the red and black swirl to purchase?!


a quick misread had me thinking it was pressed on 425g vinyl.


Paul Mac

“done released”…..good grief, I really need to proofread before I post in future!

Paul Mac

Tangerine Dream have done released their cover version of the Stranger Things soundtrack, which can be heard via Soundcloud. Well worth checking out….

Paul E.

I think it’s worth noting that S U R V I V E have a new release due out September 30th named “RR7349”. I’ve been a fan for about three years now and it’s great to see them get this kind of press. I loved the series, soundtrack, and all of the great 80’s tracks perfectly placed into the episodes. Felt like the producers steamed one of my playlists: Joy Division, The Clash…not to shabby!

Paul E.

“streamed” I meant…


“425g heavyweight gatefold sleeve”

So now the vinyl weight fetishism has expanded to the sleeve, eh? Does it also come in three layers of extra-thick audiophile shrink-wrap?

Steve Lade

I also notice on Juno records they are giving details of a 4 LP box set


Wonderful series with brilliant acting from all involved.

Great soundtrack too but would really like to have seen some of the songs on this.

When I heard Joy Division’s Atmosphere and New Order’s Elegia during the programme, it instantly went from brilliant to an instant classic.


I saw the first episode today and I must say I thought it was alright. Nothing special IMO but I may give it another chance. I don’t know anything about Survive; I wonder what Savage Garden and their 80’s Fairlight would have produced?!


The first season of this whow was absolutely amazing !
But it also included several 80’s tracks…
I’m not usually keen on these kind of soundtracks, but at least we can say that they make a real effort on this !

Chris Merritt

Yes – would love to see Joy Division and The Clash included…

Chris Merritt

Thanks Paul!

Chris Merritt

This is good news – I was frustrated to see it was immediately sold out on the Relapse records website after this post the other day: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/13/stranger-things-soundtrack-on.html


Any ideas on where (other than flippers on Ebay) to get the “mud spattered” variant shown on the first link?