Suede / Coming Up: 20th anniversary super deluxe edition


4CD+DVD set. Limited edition comes with bonus 10-inch. 

Suede’s third album Coming Up will be issued as a five-disc 20th anniversary super deluxe edition next month, with a special coloured double vinyl edition also on offer…

The 1996 long-player shoved two fingers in the air to critics who predicted Suede were a spent force after Bernard Butler had departed (shortly before 1994’s Dog Man Star was completed) and achieved something the previous album hadn’t, by being a big commercial success with an incredible five top ten hit singles during the 1996/7.

Trash and The Beautiful Ones in particular are to this day stalwarts in live sets and as with previous 45s, the string of singles produced an even bigger string of B-sides/extra tracks, some of which were as good as, if not better, than some album tracks. Europe Is Our Playground, Another No One, Young Men, Every Monday Morning Comes, and Sam come to mind.

This new super deluxe edition features the album, the B-sides, a CD of previously unreleased demos and monitor mixes and an unreleased Amsterdam concert from 1996. The DVD features various BBC TV performances (including five Top Of The Pops), and an hour-long film of the band and producer Ed Buller discussing the writing and recording of the album with Pete Paphides, all issued for the first time.


All of the above comes packaged in a book which includes a new note from Brett Anderson about the creation of the cover image, along with the lyrics, hand-written lyric drafts, tape boxes, and photos from the band’s collections.

A 750-only limited edition (Amazon UK Exclusive) includes a bonus three-track ten-inch single which features the first recordings with then new member Richard Oakes. The tracks are Asda Town, Together and Bentswood Boys. These were originally issued as Dog Man Star B-sides/extra tracks. The ‘normal’ super deluxe version simply excludes this single and is slightly cheaper.

A double gatefold yellow vinyl edition is also available. The second record in this set offers a selection of B-sides.

Coming Up will be reissued on 30 September 2016.

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Coming Up - 4CD+DVD+ten-inch: 750-only

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Coming Up - 4CD+DVD super deluxe

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Coming Up - 2LP Yellow Vinyl

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CD 1:


  • 1. Trash
  • 2. Filmstar
  • 3. Lazy
  • 4. By The Sea
  • 5. She
  • 6. Beautiful Ones
  • 7. Starcrazy
  • 8. Picnic By The Motorway
  • 9. The Chemistry Between Us
  • 10. Saturday Night

Bonus tracks

  • 11. Europe Is Our Playground [‘Sci-Fi Lullabies’ version]
  • 12. Trash [‘Singles’ version]

CD 2:


  • 1. Europe Is Our Playground [original version]
  • 2. Have You Ever Been This Low?
  • 3. Another No One
  • 4. Every Monday Morning Comes
  • 5. The Sound Of The Streets
  • 6. Young Men
  • 7. Sam
  • 8. Money
  • 9. This Time
  • 10. WSD
  • 11. Jumble Sale Mums
  • 12. These Are The Sad Songs
  • 13. Feel
  • 14. Sadie
  • 15. Digging A Hole
  • 16. Graffiti Women
  • 17. Duchess

CD 3
1. Trash [early take]
2. Filmstar [monitor mix]
3. Lazy [first demo]
4. By The Sea [studio demo]
5. She [early monitor mix]
6. Beautiful Ones [early monitor mix]
7. Starcrazy [first demo]
8. Picnic By The Motorway [demo]
9. The Chemistry Between Us [different version]
10. Saturday Night [monitor mix 2]
11. Electric Cakes [Together] [demo take 4]
12. Wedgie [This Time] [demo take 2]
13. Waltz
14. Sombre Bongos [Europe Is Our Playground] [demo]
15. Owly [The Sound Of the Streets] [rehearsal]
16. Every Monday Morning Comes [demo]
17. Soundgarden [Have You Ever Been This Low] [different version]
18. She [strings]
19. The Chemistry Between Us [strings]

CD 4
1. Intro: ‘She’ strings – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
2. Filmstar – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
3. Trash – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
4. Heroine – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
5. She – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
6. Lazy – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
7. By The Sea – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
8. Starcrazy – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
9. Animal Nitrate – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
10. The Wild Ones – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
11. Saturday Night – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
12. So Young – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
13. New Generation – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
14. Beautiful Ones – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam
15. Europe Is Our Playground – Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam




  • 1. Trash [26.7.96]
  • 2. Trash [9.8.96]
  • 3. Beautiful Ones [25.10.96]
  • 4. Saturday Night [24.1.97]
  • 5. Filmstar [22.8.97]

LATER [14.12.96]

  • 1. Trash
  • 2. Saturday Night
  • 3. Lazy

MERCURY MUSIC PRIZE 1997 [28.8.97]

  • 1. By The Sea


Brett Anderson, Richard Oakes, Neil Codling, Mat Osman and producer Ed Buller discuss “Coming Up”, track-by-track, with Pete Paphides

Bonus 10″ on limited version

  • Asda Town
  • Together
  • Bentswood Boys


Coming Up 20th anniversary 2LP Yellow Vinyl

LP 1
1. Trash
2. Filmstar
3. Lazy
4. By The Sea
5. She
6. Beautiful Ones
7. Starcrazy
8. Picnic By The Motorway
9. The Chemistry Between Us
10. Saturday Night

LP 2
1. Europe Is Our Playground
2. Another No One
3. Every Monday Morning Comes
4. The Sound Of The Streets
5. Sam
6. This Time
7. Jumble Sale Mums
8. Feel
9. Sadie
10. Duchess

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[…] set is presented as a ‘media pack’ (i.e. similar to the 20th anniversary reissue of Suede’s Coming Up) and comes with a 40-page booklet. This features an introduction and track-by-track notes by […]

[…] This new three-disc T. Rex deluxe set pairs expanded versions of 1975’s Bolan’s Zip Gun with 1976’s Futuristic Dragon. Packaged in the same ‘media book’ styling as Suede‘s Coming Up 20th anniversary.  […]


Currently at 31$ CAD on Amazon.ca (approx 20£)!

Tim Barton

Just got mine today. I managed to get it at a great price through Amazon Japan. Still a fantastic record from start to finish!

Paul English

My box set, 10″ and double LP arrived today.

10″ is fine.
2xLP – not glossy and a seam split. Vinyl is more lime-y than yellow but plays good.

How can you get the discs out of the back? Mine are still in there.

Tim Barton

Had a struggle with the discs in the back, too. I’m not keen on these formats. Design flaw, for sure! Pockets would have been better!


Received my in Australia today. Standard case book packaging with glossy cover. Same format as some Paul Weller ones or the Paul Young Tomb one. Except that the rear right hand side plastic clear tray holds three discs (which incidentally are a real pain to remove) instead of the usual one or two. Thin booklet, with one page cover story from Brett, lyrics, photos and some scans of lyric sheets. Overall I would give this a 6/10. Comparing this to the Simple Minds boxes which actually cost less to buy but probably a lot more to produce it’s not that great value. I know they added the 10″ vinyl, but frankly I would have liked nicer packaging for the money.
A comment needs to be added on the cardboard mailer it arrived in, which was second to none in quality. It would have taken a real effort on the part of the postal services to damage this one.


Not received my copy yet, Amazon, but seen a damning review on the packaging of the Super Deluxe p, tacky, cheap, etc

Anyone got their version yet, like to comment ?


Hmmm..first one site said limited to 500, super deluxe says limited to 750, now Amazon says limited to 1000. Any one know what’s going on behind the increases?


No 5.1 surround mix?

Gary C

Some fantastic coverage of Suede at the Korea Pentaport festival this year including this



Next giant deluxe edition from demonmusicgroup must be DOG MAN STAR with the same (or bigger) treatment. Hope so…


Not sure they’d get away with it so soon after the last 2 Dog Man Star reissues, but I’d buy the whole catalogue all over again if they did the reissues like the Coming Up one here. Hell, I’ve bought about 4 copies of Head Music so far, so why stop now?


I’m sure the vault for Dog Man Star is not empty ;)


Is a monitor mix a backing track??


Ordered the limited edition. On Amazon it says it’s limited to 500 but if the label tells you 750, im sure it is 750.
Expensive weekend. First the Blur 21 box, now the Siede ltd edition box. Thanks Paul!!!

David Blaydes

Paul have amazon confirmed the box with vinyl is limited to 750 only thanks


Thank you

[…] was very happy when I learnt that Suede‘s 1996 album Coming Up was to be reissued in September. I wouldn’t say the album is ‘better’ than Dog Man Star (a big ‘ask’, […]


Couldn’t resist on ordering the CD+DVD+10″ set and the double yellow vinyl, treated myself with this birthday present!


Paul, Discogs saying that the vinyl is ltd. edition, yellow and numbered ?


Think I have to give in and buy the album again (4th time I think…)…
On a slight sidenote – how come Elastica’s fab debut has never seen a (super) deluxe edition though?


Paul, when I order the box from Amazon UK would the DVD then still be NTSC (like the Blur box 21)? Living in the USA I always made sure to order boxes that contain a DVD from a USA based outlet. I was pleasantly surprised the DVD in the Blur 21 box was NTSC even though it comes from Germany. Is the norm NTSC for these box sets or it it different each time?


Thank you Paul!!

Rik Skyline

Suede ditches the avant garde and goes pop with Coming Up, but I do love this album. It’s a shame that the DMS 20th anniversary edition was not similar to this. That was a rather ridiculous release that included a plastic carrier bag and a cassette with ‘original 1994 inlay’ – wow, amazing! They didn’t even sell out of the Collector’s Edition with it’s ‘alternative colour treatment’ and they ended up on Amazon 2 years later for £117.48. It would be great if Suede would release the instrumental version of Night Thoughts in the UK instead of it being a limited Japanese release.


I love the album, but subtract the 2011 SE content (including in my opinion a vastly superior DVD) and the cost just doesn’t justify the new stuff. I am writing this with a heavy heart, as it does look brilliant.


This looks delicious. 2 CDs and a DVD with mostly new stuff, what looks like a nice book. No cassette or plastic bag. Ordered.

Simon Taylor

When i saw the double yellow vinyl i was going to ask is this 45rpm as the album is single vinyl length, i have a black vinyl copy from 90’s but 2nd disc with b-sides. Hmmmmmmm? Quite intriguing. Have to admit when i saw this news earlier i rolled my eyes as i have the 2cd deluxe edition with their terrible packaging, spines all squashed/bent, but even i have to admit i love this album and the b-sides. Keeping my eyes peeled.

Jorje Chica

I already own the original vinyl album, CD singles, cassette and 7 inch singles that had rare demos and live tracks, and the free magazine tapes/CDs that cover this period. The few new demos and live show won’t be enough to entice me again (I bought the first three of the 2011 reissues). A truly complete reissue of Coming Up would have also included the live tracks that were exclusive to the original US double CD and that were later issued as a fanclub CD.

Oh, and I would have buried Digging a Hole, Feel, Graffiti Women, and Duchess in the deepest, darkest pit and never let them see the light of day again. But that’s just my opinion.


“A truly complete reissue of Coming Up would have also included the live tracks that were exclusive to the original US double CD and that were later issued as a fanclub CD.”

They’ll no doubt be on the inevitable 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition!

Gary C

For me, I think the big difference with a band like Suede and the reissue by Simple Minds, is the number of individual songs to enjoy. Tears For Fears I’d tag there too.
New Gold Dream has 10 actual songs credited to its period I guess, with b-sides and live tracks all being from previous albums.
Songs From The Big Chair this time has 12 songs credited to that period. You can argue about whether some of these are rehashes of other songs or not…they do have different titles…

Coming Up has 10 album tracks, plus a further 17 bona fide songs attached to that period as b-sides or whatever. Then all the demo’s and live versions.

I’m a long time fan of all three bands, but the wealth of material to revisit and enjoy lies with Suede in this case. I understand the former albums were released in a different commercial landscape, so b-sides to fill multiple CD singles was needed etc. For SM and TFF you have picture discs and extended versions of the singles on 12 inch vinyl.

Glittering Prize has 11 versions on the 58 track NGD set
Shout has 10 versions on the 72 track SFTBC set
Trash has 4 versions on the 63 track Coming Up set

Stan Butler

Unbelievable in this day and age to think that a band would produce 17 extra songs (as well as a few demos and live tracks) to fill out singles for one album release! That’s one of the reasons why I love Suede, the sheer depth of their material. Their b-side output alone (and that includes those from Head Music & A New Morning, which tend to get overlooked) would be enough to rank them with the best of their era. How “This Time” was not on the album I’ll never know, as Brett acknowledged on the 2011 releases when he picked his alternative Coming Up listing.


A buy for me, but not the version with the 10″ single. A decent enough package – and not forcing vinyl on anyone that doesn’t want it – all in all far better than the dire DMS 20th box (which is the only one of the many Suede reissues I’ve never got despite it being my favourite album of theirs). A price drop to about £30 would may be persuade me to get the DMS box !


I have all the 2cds+dvd sets which, I thought at the time, were the best bargains for a special editions. The concerts/videos added to each set shouldve been an example on how to properly do a SE set. I ordered the limited edition one here as well and Amazon knocked off 10gbp so at 49 its a good deal.


This is great news for Suede fans, a second SDE within the space of a few years. All I want are individual SDE versions of Prince’s albums 78-88 and a comprehensive albums and rarities box set of Curtis Mayfield’s 70-76 output. I’m not holding my breath!


Pass on this one like I did with the DMS 20th anniversary box. I’m a huge Suede fan but honestly I’m a bit fed up with such endless reissuing of their back catalogue. It’s been quite a messy all-over-the-place exploitation in the last 6 years, if they had in mind to release anniversary editions I wonder why they went with the 2CD+DVD deluxe sets before. And it’s not that they couldn’t reissue the albums before the actual anniversaries, since they have done with the discography box sets, both vinyl and CD, so why?


I know that they own their back catalogue, I actually meant that Suede did exploit it knowingly. If you make a quick search you’ll find that they’ve reissued their stuff countless times on multiple formats since they reformed back in 2010. This to me looks like an exploitation. It is under the band’s control, yes, but from a fan perspective is probably even more annoying. Just my opinion though.


Yeah, I know you don’t need to do a search, I was talking in general there. I think that bands can still make a living out of their back catalogue without rehashing it every 6 months with a new release, as long as their records are in print. My point is that it feels a bit tricky when you have a Best Of released and marketed as an exclusive chance to get those songs remastered and then 6 months later all of the albums with related B-sides comes out in that same remastered version. If you knew in advance you probably wouldn’t have taken the Best Of at all and waited for the deluxe albums. Same logic when you release a pricey box set including all of your records on vinyl LPs and then four months later all the records become available separetely, at an overall lower price, of course. And here’s the same, you got a deluxe edition in 2011 that was supposed to be kinda complete but now you put out another one that’s dubbed as a 20th anniversary edition where you put out a whole CD of other demos and alternate takes, plus a live CD as well, demanding your fanbase to buy yet again this album and all its B-sides that were already available in multiple other releases. It’s their music and they can do whatever they want, I’m just saying that as a fan it’s a bit upsetting.


Just hang on in and wait for either the 25th or 30th Anniversary edition!


Is Feel going to be unedited this time? Part of me hopes not…

Overall, it’s a good set, I just don’t know if I “need” those demos and live takes that will likely be played once and filed.

Richard John

Wondering if the tracks on the 10″ are worth the extra £13 or not. I know it’s only 750 copies, so there’s the rarity factor, but still.


Buy it and in a few months sell it on eBay or Discogs and use the profit you make to buy the non limited edition copy when it appears here as an SDE deal alert! It’s a no brainer!


Well if they included the cassette singles, there would be nothing to buy when they release the re:collected set in the box set 25 years from now.
Honestly, the place for those b-sides was the vinyl singles box, as they were the true equivalent of a b-side. However this is a neat set that i will inevitably need to get someday. Yellow vinyl 10″ is cool but i don’t really need that one. The original version of we’re so disco would have made sense here as well as it has only appeared on a dvd single. Implement yeah! Was also recorded as a b-side for filmstar and was also released as a live fan club single. Oh well, no one says you have to buy this and if you are a “real fan,” you already have all of those b-sides right? Haha.

Phil Wilson

It’s going to be an expensive few months with the two Marion reissues coming out (This world and body and The program).


Minor Dutchman’s Nitpick: it should be live at Paradiso, Amsterdam. It was never ‘The Paradiso’.

Phil Wilson

Whilst I think this looks great, and I love Suede, and have ordered it I cannot understand why they would put the singles version of Trash on disc one but leave off:

By The Sea (original demo) from the Beautiful Ones cassette
Picnic by the Motorway (live) from the Saturday Night cassette
She (live) from the Lazy cassette
Filmstar (original demo) from the Filmstar cassette

At least the other missing b-sides (Saturday Night demo, Rent and Saturday Night with PSB) were on the CDs in the single box, but these 4 trcaks have not appeared elsewhere, I also think there may have been a live By The Sea on a Select Magazine Cassette.

Whilst there are two schools of thought on completeness, do they go for the warts and all approach like the New Gold Dream Box, which is exhaustive (but a bit exhausting in one listen), or do they produce a standalone package with the best tracks as they see them. Probably too late to force a Bros style rethink on adding those tracks to disc 1, but it would be nice


There’s also a slightly different version of Filmstar on the 2010 best-of with a longer intro. Not sure where this particular edit is from though.


Agree with others. The old deluxe editions cover a lot of this. Maybe if it comes down around Black Friday…..


A pity the Dog Man Star super-deluxe wasn’t as “generous” as this. Forty quid more expensive and didn’t even include the album on vinyl! Cassette and a plastic bag indeed.


I think I’m going to wait for a price drop on this one. I own the 2011 deluxe editions which covers a lot of tracks on here. I would have liked to see a longer live disc with a version of Picnic by the Motorway to be honest.

Alvy Singer

Deluxe edition and yellow vinyl for me. I love this album.


Great another whole in the budget … but I was at the Paradiso concert on October 20th 1996 spending 20 HFL at that time which is about 9.00 Euro Looks Amazing ORDERED

Same design boxes for other albums PLS

David Blaydes

I wonder how many of the yellow vinyl edition are being pressed?

Godzilla Kiwi

Oasis take note, why Definitely Maybe didn’t contain the DVD released a few year prior I’ll never know


Bit of a job brainer for me. Still love the album. A little bit pricey, but couldn’t resist the very limited edition.

Phil Wilson

It looks like the b-sides from the cassette singles are still MIA, Picnic by the motorway live for example. I wonder if the demo of By The Sea is the same one that appeared on the beautiful ones cassette? It would be nice to have these as the b-sides, understandably, repeat those on the last deluxe edition. Also, a minor gripe but could they not have found a longer live show, 14 tracks is not a typical Suede show from this era


This looks amazing! Shame I just bought all their 2011 deluxe editions not long ago.