Suede / Head Music 20th anniversary deluxe 4CD+DVD edition

Suede / Head Music 20th anniversary 4CD+DVD

4CD+DVD set includes unheard demos • Signed set sold out

Suede‘s 1999 album Head Music will be reissued as a five-disc 4CD+DVD set in November.

The chart-topping album features the singles ‘Electricity’, ‘She’s in Fashion’, ‘Everything Will Flow’ and ‘Can’t Get Enough’. Singles formats were mad at this time with ‘Electricity’ issued as a mini-disc single (as well as CD, cassette but no vinyl!) and ‘Can’t Get Enough’ issued as a three-CD ‘set’.

The album is on CD one of this new deluxe set of course, but CD two of this set features the 18 B-sides from the aforementioned formats while CDs three and four feature 30 previously unreleased home demos, rehearsal room recordings, studio demos, alternate versions and live recordings from the collections of Richard oakes, Neil codling, Brett Anderson and Simon Gilbert.

The DVD features three Top of the Pops appearances, along with a three song performance on BBC TV’s Later… with Jools Holland.

The media book presentation contains a new note by Brett Anderson, along with all the lyrics and photos from the collections of the band. The limited version is exclusive to Amazon UK and comes with a print of hand-written lyrics to Indian Strings, signed by Brett Anderson.

This Head Music deluxe edition is released on 8 November 2019. A 3LP black vinyl edition will also be released. It’s the same as the RSD edition (with 10 ten B-sides on the bonus LP) but pressed on black vinyl.

Suede / Head Music 20th anniversary 4CD+DVD



1. Electricity
2. Savoir Faire
3. Can’t Get Enough
4. Everything Will Flow
5. Down
6. She’s In Fashion
7. Asbestos
8. Head Music
9. Elephant Man
10. Hi-Fi
11. Indian Strings
12. He’s Gone
13. Crack In The Union Jack



1. Leaving
2. Popstar
3. Killer
4. Implement Yeah!
5. Waterloo
6. See That Girl
7. Bored
8. Pieces Of My Mind
9. Jubilee
10. God’s Gift
11. Weight Of The World
12. Seascape
13. Crackhead
14. Let Go
15. Since You Went Away
16. Situations
17. Read My Mind
18. Heroin



1. Gloopy Strings [Neil’s original instrumental home demo of She’s In Fashion]
2. Repugnant [Richard’s original home demo of Everything Will Flow, 1997]
3. God’s Gift [Brett’s home demo]
4. See That Girl [Brett’s original home demo]
5. Jubilee [Neil’s instrumental home demo]
6. Shed [rehearsal room recording of Leaving, early 1998]
7. Pieces Of My Mind [rehearsal room recording]
8. John Pong [early rehearsal of He’s Gone, January 1997]
9. Can’t Get Enough [Protocol demo]
10. Savoir Faire [Steve Osborne’s trial session, June 1998]
11. Everything Will Flow [Steve Osborne’s trial session, June 1998]
12. Everything Will Flow [Anti-Latin instrumental]
13. Can’t Get Enough [Stomp mix]
14. Hi-Fi [Dub Ben2 mix]



1. Leaving (instrumental) [early take]
2. Hi-Fi (instrumental) [different version]
3. Savoir Faire [Mayfair mix]
4. Everything Will Flow [Mayfair mix]
5. Stompy[early mix of Electricity]
6. Can’t Get Enough [working mix, 29 October 1998]
7. Down [monitor mix, 20 Nov 1998]
8. She’s In Fashion [early mix]
9. Indian Strings [alternate version, 15 October 1998]
10. Jubilee [early version, 28 August 1998]
11. Killer [monitor mix, 29 October 1998]
12. Popstar [Matrix version, 9 July 1998]
13. Everything Will Flow (live) [acoustic fan club show, Amsterdam, 8 June 1999]
14. Down (live) [acoustic fan club show, Amsterdam, 8 June 1999]
15. Elephant Man (live) [acoustic fan club show, Amsterdam, 8 June 1999]
16. She’s In Fashion (live) [acoustic fan club show, Amsterdam, 8 June 1999]




1. Electricity [23.4.99]
2. She’s In Fashion [2.7.99]
3. Everything Will Flow [17.9.99]


4. Can’t Get Enough
5. Elephant Man
6. Everything Will Flow

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Tim Barton

I was nearly ready to buy this when the price dropped a little at Amazon Japan, but I went with the much cheaper previous anniversary editoon from a few years back. It will do unless this gets slashed further. Honestly, I don’t often listen the additional CD’s unless there are some great sessions and really good b-sides. That shorter edition seemed to cover all the essentials well enough. My copy was a steal, priced at the value of a single disc, so I am quite happy with it, having put it off for years.


Bought this signed edition as soon as Paul mentioned it on SDE… and today I got the email that my order is cancelled, because Amazon.co.uk was not able to obtain it. Bummer!

Since no signed edition available all I have to do is wait until the normal edition will go down in price…

Donovan Pain

I happen to rate Head Music as a great album, superior to ANM. Love Hi fi, nice and sleazy and dark. Asbestos. Indian Strings. Could have maybe cut it down to a 10 track album, or chuck a few b- sides on as Brett mentioned in his notes in the 2011 reissue. The Blue Hour didn’t grab me intially but wow! Now put it equal second with Night Thoughts behind DMS. Just a personal opinion. On the DMS note, I’m expecting a few insults from REM fans as I’ve just left a post on the Monster SDE page…saying I prefer their 1998 album Up and looking forward to that eventual SDE. Go on to mention that even Up could lose few tracks as no album is perfect from start to finish…apart from Suede Dog man star or Lightning Seeds Dizzy Heights. Would like to hear any Suede fans opinions on Up and Dizzy Heights, the latter I think being similar to Coming Up, pure pop…

Scarlet Jupiter

It is Sunday (22/9) 01:00, and the signed edition is available again on amazon.co.uk.

Paul Taylor

No it isn’t. It’s the bog standard unsigned one, no mention of Amazon Exclusive

Ray Oakley

Yes, I noticed that the signed edition became available again on amazon.co.uk and I pre-ordered a copy today. Hopefully the order will be fulfilled and the previous cancellations were due to an allocations mix up.

Paul Taylor

They maybe over-cancelled their cancellations!

Ray Oakley

My signed edition was marked as despatched by Amazon and yesterday the Order status was shown as “Delivery by 8:00 pm” but it disappeared from the system today and I received an email to say it was not available and unable to be sourced, so had been cancelled. So it seems that it was already over allocated when the signed edition appeared as being available again on 22nd September.


Oops…saw the signed is sold out. Disregard earlier message. A shame to get a cancel notification a day after the confirmation though.
Cheers, Chris


Same happened to me (cancel notification). I ordered as soon as I received Paul’s alert.

Tony O

another Amazon message saying that they have had to cancel my signed order and offering me a link to the vinyl lp


Amazon have canceled the order now. Do you know why it’s been pulled from release, Paul?


Maybe Brett’s hand got tired at 250…


And once again:

We’ve had to cancel Head Music: Exclusive Signed Edition
Limited Edition, 20th Anniversary Edition from your order # as we are no longer able to source the item from our supplier.


CD set GBP35 on Juno.uk.


By all means an unnecessary and cheeky release. The 2001 EDSEL versions are all readily available and currently under GBP15 on amazon with MORE DVD content! Yes, the packaging was/is dreadful, but that can’t be undone. Paying an extra GBP30 for a bunch of instrumentals, demos seems ludicrous! They should be offering these as free down loads to long term loyal fans as many other artists have done. Greedy in my opinion.


Heh, you wanna pay GBP30 for unfinished product, feel free :-)
These demos weren’t “unearthed” while cleaning out the closet, and should have been on a more lavish deluxe set in 2011. True, no one’s forcing anyone to buy anything, so consumer choice. Me – I’ve just gone and ordered the EDSEL set for GBP13!


Unfinished product meaning demos :-). Each to their own. Still think they should have given these demos away to fans as a thank you for decades of support during thick/thin, or even boxed up with something like Insatiable Ones DVD. Having fans fork out to get the album & bsides yet again, is not in good taste.

Graham Richardson

You’re so right about Duran Duran being lazy! Spot on!

Michael G

Well said this band has a greedy habit of releasing their albums over and over again!
Seems the band as a whole cannot even be bothered,to sign this so called ltd to 500 set.
Lazy and poor feel sorry for the true fans of this band.


Let me laugh, AndreasL, a “long term loyal fan” / “decades of support during thick/thin” buying a deluxe set 8 years after release. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !

Metal Mickey

Maybe…just maybe…these demos weren’t readily available/found/remenbered when the (it was 2011 by the way, not 2001) 2CD+DVD reissues came out…or there was enough readily available B sides and readily available unreleased tracks to fulfil these first re-issues…with regards to packaging…it is/was not dreadful…I am sure at that time 8 years ago in 2011, multi disc digipacks with CD booklets was the perceived high end of CD packaging for re-issues. Better than plain 3CD jewel boxes or 3CD jewel boxes with a slipcase


Ordered pixies signed pretty early on, got a ‘still trying to obtain product’. So it seems there’s a few people without the cd, me being one. Nowhere in email or when I check it’s status does it say it’s cancelled.

Dan Marks

Its been a nightmare. I pre ordered asap. Had the -product is shipping. Then tues had anxail saying it had been cancelled. It was a avaialable through amazon market place though at a 30quid mark up. Several emails and texts i got a credit but its really angered me. Its an amaozn exclusive. They must know how many to sell. On the plus side they seem to not be sellibg very well on ebay so i hope the person who has five for sale gets his fingers burnt.

Iain McCarthy

This has nothing to do with “Head Music”, however, regarding the 2011 CD&DVD editions, did anyone have any trouble playing the Brett & Bernard interview from the “Dog Man Star” DVD? I have had two copies of it and neither of the DVD’s will play the interview on any DVD player i use. I did contact Edsel at the time but had no response.


No, I bought all the reissues & had no problems,


Some of the B-Sides on those 2011 Reissues are edits of the original CD Single versions, can’t remember which ones now…I think the Poor Little Rich Girl cover was edited from the original Noel Coward Tribute album version as well…

Dirtee Rephlex

– Poor Little Rich girl + promo edit
– Single edits (Electricity, Everything Will Flow, She’s In Fashion)
– Video Mix of Electricity
– The 3 Rollo mixes of Everything Will Flow
– The Arthur Baker Remix of Head Music
– The piano version of Down
– The 2011 edits of Waterloo & Poor Little Rich Girl
– A few demos but I suppose they may have tried not to double previous reissues

– Heroin was the b-side to… Attitude released in… 2003

– The DVD is a bit short (no concert, no interviews….)

Dirtee Rephlex

sorry, mistake about Heroin.


Well this album was no “Dog man Star” or “Coming Up” but like Oasis’ “Be Here Now” it has it’s moments. Nice to see it is a physical product and not a download like the recent Peter Gabriel rarities set that came out this week. Bonus for a signed photo. Actually I hope they do a set for “A New Morning” as I think the demos that were temporarily available to stream were better than the final product. Thank you for the “Head’s Up” on this one Paul. I’ve reserved my copy.


I second that, “New Morning” had great songs, that deserved to be better (maybe less) produced.

I’ll always have a soft spot for “Head Music” because it was the first time I heard Suede.
I still remember standing in this record shop with headphones on (appropriately I guess), sampling the cd, and being completely blown away by the songs, the arrangements, the vocals, everything.
I thought it was an amazing record.
I still do.
I supposed everybody thought the same way and that it would be a smash hit, no question about it.
Only later I found out I’m in the vast minority here :)
Anyway, I still rank it among their best things… much better than Coming Up in my opinion.


The album is much more layered and produced, but lacks some of the spontaneity and punkish energy of Coming Up. I also think drugs were really beginning to take a real toll physically and mentally for Brett. There was a definite crossover from albums, such as Implement Yeah! was recorded during the b-side sessions for Filmstar, they were really excited about it and for a time marked as a possible single, and then it was almost impossble to get, other than on a Select Magazine freebie CD. They were red hot by the time they began recording this record but that level of hot is difficult to sustain without getting burnt out. In some respects, I think the fact that so much was riding on this record really made them too self counscious, and stymied their mojo. However, if you like this, you should check out Mobile Home by The Longpigs, as they were Suede’s opening act, in 1997 and there was obvious cross polination going on there, Apparently the frontman of the longpigs used to play Guilty by Barbara Streisand in the tour bus, and likewise I think that Gibb writing style seeped its way into this record as well. Also, the single Frank Sonata, could easily be misaken for Suede.


Ordered. Even though this will be the 8th copy of the album. For me, it was all about the b-sides, there were some amazing, dark songs that obviously didn’t agree with the general mood Mr. Anderson wanted for this album. I suppose Poor Little Rich Girl has been left out for CD capacity reasons. I do love this cover, although that live performance was generally seen as a very poor one, so maybe that was one other reason.
I, too, am curious as to why they didn’t release DMS in this “booklet” format, they’ve released all the others up to Head Music.. Come on lads, we can’t have a hole in the collection, booklet-format-wise.
Oh, so A New Morning is up for reissue next. Ha.


I bought the album when it was 1st released, I bought most of the CD singles, I even bought the “Electricity” mini disc single, some fan club only CD EP’s from the time, I bought the reissue from a few years back which was excellent so with all that I don’t need this version. For those that do buy it, how many times are you actually going to play the early versions of the songs? Really? As for the Mr Anderson autograph, I’ve ordered a copy of his new autobiography which will be signed so I’m happy. I’m keeping my hard earned for the next Bowie / Tin Machine & “Street fighting years” boxsets which must surely be imminent.


I wouldn’t hold my breath about the Bowie/Tin Machine box…


Andrea, do you know something I need to know?


Thanks Paul, just pre ordered the “signed” set!!!


For some reason or another this set is missing Poor Little Rich Girl (feat. Raissa) and Music Like Sex which were on the 2CD+DVD set.


Perhaps there was no financial incentive, it was a cover version and they recorded it specially for the Red Hot organization, which means, presumably the ongoing proceeds go to the charity, so not only was there not enough time, but it would have cost them to include it, I don’t think U2 included the “album version” of the Cole Porter cover of Night and Day in their Achtung box either, one could guess that a hardcore fan would already have it, or buy the set despite it’s exclusion.


I want that MiniDisc single! Never even knew MD singles were a thing…


You can buy a M/M copy for 25 Euros on Discogs:



My problem is not that I don’t want Suede to be free of reissuing their music as many times as they like, or deny new fans the chance to buy a fresh product, or that I regret spending £12 in 2011. My problem is that I don’t want to have 4 copies of an album I like just because there’s different bonus material scattered around different issues of said album.
I just love Suede, they’re one of my top 5 favourite bands/music artists, but I find really annoying to have 3 copies of Dog Man Star!
I own the original CDs, bought them in the early 2000s, before A New Morning came out, I bought the 2011 reissues cause they offered a considerable amount of unreleased material, then bought all vinyl reissues except A New Morning, because I like having my favourite records on vinyl too. But I just could not justify buying more of the same so I skipped on DMS 20, Coming Up 20 and Suede 25.
Now there’s this, which seems to have a lot of interesting stuff in it, but then again what should I do? I just wish they could hold everything for a definitive 20th anniversary edition, I mean for all of their albums.

martin farnworth

I remember the release of the mini disc single of Electricity was to be the first ever of that format but was cancelled before release.


You can buy it on Discogs…

Alan B

It was indeed cancelled. They even placed an advert in the NME for it ahead of its release – only for it to subsequently be pulled. It was advertised as the first mini disc single ever released. A few leaked out obviously. I managed to get mine a few months later. Still have it.

John Simmons

It’s a great edition but I’ll probably stick with the previous one that i have.

One of the advantages of an artist releasing a second Deluxe edition with extra tracks is that the first one sometimes sells cheaply as the first edition is considered obsolete to some degree.

A good example of this is the original Deluxe edition of Village Green by The Kinks which can now be picked up very cheaply on E-Bay.

David B

Yes it can.. But the sound quality of the later one is incredible.. Greatly improved over the earlier one..

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

Boxset only £35 on Townsend records…. lyric print isn’t signed though…


If, like me, you prefer to upgrade and only keep the best / most complete version of an album then this is really tough call. The previous Suede anniversary mediabook reissues, Suede & Coming Up, for me did not have enough extra content compared to the 2011 reissues, although it was still close (i’m looking at you Goodier Session tracks!).
The DVD content on the 2011 version definitely beats this one, it’s a mystery why all the previous content (videos, live, new interview) wasn’t simply added to the new DVD?
But the wealth of demos, the acoustic set plus the fact that the B-sides (minus the Rollo remixes) is complete this time does look tempting… BUT let’s not forget the 2011 version includes “Poor Little Rich Girl”, their Noel Coward cover, the the previously unreleased “Music Like Sex”, and a clutch of Protocol & home demos, all NOT amongst those on the new reissue. I’m sure they could have squeezed these somewhere on one of the four CD’s, why not do that and make this a more definitive collection of the era (as Paul is always saying)? It’s just 6 more tracks…
Decisions, decisions…


I bought the similar reissue for the debut album and sadly must admit I was very disappointed with the signed lyric sheet – a really poor bit of cardboard that was awkwardly sized and just not eye-catching or desirable looking at all. Felt really cheap and naff. I know you can’t expect the earth as part of a 20 or 30-quid reissue, but it was laughably bad in my humble opinion.
Am I right in thinking Dog Man Star has not been reissued in this anniversary format?


You are right. Ridiculous that their greatest album hasn’t been deemed worthy but I assume it’s because of the pathetic 20th anniversary reissue that came out in 2014. (Did ANYONE buy that?)


I bought it five years ago and it seems enough people did as it’s now out of print and goes for higher prices than face value (which was too expensive to begin with) if you can find it. It looks nice but was definitely a missed opportunity.

Prince Is Dead

It was reissued as a multi disc box set in 2014 but the price was much higher than the other box set reissues (Suede, Coming Up, Head Music) and the content was not great. The CD’s actually featured less material than the 2011 version. I think the only extras on the DVD were some 2013 interviews with the band. It also featured a cassette version of the album and some 12″ singles.



Surely this is worth it for the legendary TOTP performance of “Electricity” where – much to the band’s later amusement -the BBC “Special” effects team froze Brett’s head onscreen and sent lazer bolts through it! Outstanding! (Chortle, tee hee!)


There is a lot of complaining, but some is understandable when it comes to money spent. We all have different opinions on what a box set should have within it. I think all SDE’s should come with a sticker on the front that says “Remember, there may be more in the future”. I love this website and I’m always jealous of the box sets that come out. Most of my favorite bands do not do this type of thing. I wish I liked a lot of the groups on here. Anyways, a big thanks to Paul for the work he does and if your favorite band puts out a box set every few years, of the same material, then just LOVE it even if you won’t buy it.
(Another thing, when record companies/bands are about to create a box set, they should have an open advice page for a few days to see what fans would like to have in the box set. That could create some wonderful product)


There’s a store near me that still has the three LP RSD version of Head Music and I keep picking it up and putting it back! Then I was in another store recently that had the 2011 edition, and I thought that might be a better purchase. Now this! What to do?!? (Buy all of them!)

As far as I can see, there are six tracks missing from the 2011 version on this 2019 version, and the DVD from 2011 has much more content. I have the 2011 versions of the earlier albums and they were/are great value if you don’t want to take the giant leap of this bigger box.

Rare Glam

Sorry for going off – band so to speak but someone earlier raised the issue of the Pixies Amazon exclusive signed copies being cancelled. I got a message to say they don’t have them yet not that they are definitely cancelled. However, I see that at the time of writing there is already a (UK Amazon) market place seller offering a signed CD copy for £39.95. Good mark up on the £9.99 pre-order price, I assume he got his from elsewhere though, so not that exclusive to Amazon perhaps?. Hopefully Amazon will have them soon.

Nick Button

Hi I received my signed copy a couple of days ago


I got my signed copy last week so don’t believe what Amazon Customer Services has told you.

Alan Fenwick

Sorry to stay off-topic

@Rare Glam

Not sure where the story of The Pixies signed copies being cancelled from Amazon came from, but I received mine ok, and was fully signed to the front cover.

Ian Gair

Pixies signed CD from Amazon, has anyone received theirs or is it a case of resellers on ebay having purchased them all. I note the band are presently on a UK record shop signing appearances, so perhaps we might get 1.


Some buyers from Amazon had signed Pixies cancelled, some did not.


I got a message from amazon service: “I’ve checked your order, and have found that “Beneath the Eyrie (Signed Amazon Exclusive Edition)” has been delayed in the dispatch process. To assist you best in this, I’ve now escalated this to the fulfilment centre that is dispatching your goods to help solve the problem. We will attempt to dispatch your order.” I hope they’ll send it anyway..


This is an excellent release. Wayyyy more unreleased content than their previous SDE of “Suede” that barely contained anything interesting and was a useless release. I would have liked a 5.1 mix but none of their previous SDE’s had that so no surprises there. I did buy the previous 2cd/dvd version of this but who cares. I bought it for a tenner and that’s why I really take care of my physical products. I can always sell them on EBay for a decent price and cut my losses.


I bet A New Morning doesn’t get a 4 disc reissue. I still face palm at the ‘she live in a house, she stupid as a mouse’ couplet on Savoir Faire. That doesn’t get better after 20 years.


That lyric is excruciating but he makes up for it with the “We gotta lotta ‘lectricity” line, classic Brett.

Wayne Olsen

Bob Dylan’s “Biograph” box set in 1985 encompassing 25 glorious years, was THREE CDs.
Of course, he’s made up for it since.


Lots of outtakes, the DVD looks pretty barren though…could they not have sat around a sofa to talk about it in front of a camera for an hour?! Probably not judging from the recent Suede film (The Insatiable Ones), where the Head Music era was the most revealing part; Brett off his head, the band all miserable.

I was hoping for a DogManStar 25th but I guess that’s already been reissued twice in recent years. A pity though, the current formatting could house something like the below, with no, ahem, crossover of line-ups (see previous reissues of this album):

Disc1 Bernard Butler remix of album
Disc2 Bernard Butler remix of 6 bsides & Stay Together
+ All released/unreleased four-track demos
Disc 3 BBC Radio One session Feb94/Dec’93 private live recording (fan-club gig, Heaven London)
Disc 4 BBC Radio Live In Concert Blackpool Feb’94

TOTP 1994 (Stay Together x2 appearances)
Opening Shots Channel4 documentary
MTV Most Wanted (The Living Dead & My Dark Star acoustic)
Naked City (Still Life acoustic)
Private live recording? (Paris Nov’93/US tour fall’93)


I’m hoping for The Tears next!


Bernard has actually remixed The Tears album (as revealed to our Paul on these pages a few years ago) cos the original/released mix was bugging him.


I would love to see a SDE of The Tears!! Of course I’m grabbing this. Ordered the discs and vinyl. I’m a sucker for Suede. Anything and everything they put out, I’ll buy. No questions asked.


The Rollo mixes of Everything Will Flow is missing


The first thing that crossed my mind on seeing this post was wondering if the Rollo remixes would be included this time. As someone who collected all of Suede’s singles in vinyl was disappointed that they stopped releasing 7”s and / or 12”s for Head Music and to the best of my knowledge the remixes 12” was the only vinyl single from the album. I had to go to a specialist DJ shop and rummage amongst the faceless white-label 12”s to find it. Despite not being the most exciting remixes, the cover did look quite good.

O(+> Peter B

Head Music is my favourite Suede album. The Blue Hour from last year had a lot of praise and Head Music is often derided, but I don’t think The Blue Hour has any tracks in the same league as Everything Will Flow, She’s In Fashion, Can’t Get Enough, He’s Gone, Asbestos or Indian Strings. Sure it has a couple of silly tracks, but so did Abbey Road. Great b-sides in this era too, especially Waterloo and Let Go. I’m happy with the 2011(?) triple disc reissue though, so I’ll pass on this. I am curious about Gloopy Strings, though.


Thanks. Paul, just ordered


It looks great!
Note that the 2nd paragraph needs editing.


Looks great apart from the DVD being a bit sparse! Where there no promo videos available for the singles?


They’ll be keeping them back for the 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition…


Love that album. Take my money.


Everytime I order something signed on Amazon they say no stock so order cancelled. Got same message yesterday for the pixies


18 bonus tracks from one album? The 90s really was the best time for b sides.


This is the one time the b-sides were genuinely better than the album: I listen to Disc 2 of the 2011 2CD/DVD edition more often than the parent album!

Paul Nesmith

Suede have already released ‘Deluxe’ versions of all their back catalogue in the last decade which contain all the core tracks and extras from each album you could possibly need.I just do not understand the need for these super deluxe versions so soon after the deluxe editions which add very little apart from sweeping up the detritus discarded on the cutting room floor of the original recording sessions
Whoever is sanctioning these superfluous pointless releases really is taking the piss and hopefully end up with a warehouse of unsold stock

John Archbell

I really fancy this..

However, the packaging quality of previous Suede boxsets are holding me back.

Is it really that hard to produce something special.. for a special anniversary?

Ross Baker

Glad all the b-sides are here this time. The gorgeous ‘Weight of the World’ was a notable omission from the 2CD/DVD expanded version.

Still a horrible album though!

Steve Horwood

I have the 3lp colour vinyl from rsd too, and the deluxe cd that came out a while ago.

Stuart Ansell

I initially read that as 31p vinyl. Batching!


Got mine too! Thanks, Paul.

Gareth Jones

I attended a Suede Q&A evening a couple of years ago. Brett claimed he was a man who doesn’t really like looking back, and it’s more keen on making new Suede music. Could’ve fooled me. This is a band who spend more time looking back and reissuing the same albums over and over than making new albums.

Those Edsel reissues a few years ago containing x2 CDs and DVD were supposed to be the “definitive” and “complete” versions (I certainly remember reading that somewhere at the time anyway). And yet somehow they manage to unearth yet more demos and out-takes that weren’t on the Edsel re-issue, even though that one seemed pretty damn good https://www.discogs.com/Suede-Head-Music/release/2956612

Exactly how many times do they expect their fans to buy their deluxe versions?!

Gareth Jones

Maybe you don’t ‘get’ this complaining Paul because you run a fantastic website with lots of great content, so everything seems very exciting. But as someone who forked out £££ the first time to buy all the Suede albums as x2 CD and DVD sets, I’m somewhat reluctant to do it all again for one new disc of rarities.

And I feel somewhat duped when, in 2011, they gave interviews saying they’d unearthed pretty much everything they could find to put into the reissues, then 8 years later they’ve mysteriously found more. 30 unheard demos could be interesting/exciting I guess, but the original 2011 reissue surely offered the cream of the crop?!

I guess my point was more, how many times do they plan to do it? Dog Man Star alone has had about 5 different reissues. How much more rummaging around for lost tapes can there be?

Chris Squires

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The internet just loves complaining. It’s as if no-one can see the big picture and can only focus on what they want.
Taking your example Paul of Songs from the Big Chair or even the Hurting which has been re-issued a few times itself. EVERY single thread about anything to do with Tears For Fears comes with a dozen posts along the lines of “When are they going to re-issue this”. If they re-issue it exactly the same it’ll be “It’s exactly the same how dare they”, if they dig up a few extra tracks it’ll be “Why do they add tracks, I just want it as it was”.
To use a well worn cliche (A cliche to me is like a red rag to a bull!) “You have an off switch”. If you don’t like something don’t buy it and let those that want to enjoy an album, maybe for the first time, buy it and love it. In the last 6 years here, quite often my first exposure to a band has been the super deluxe edition of something. And I am sure many here, through the great network that is SDE, have done likewise, but still there are those who would deny new-comers to a band because there was a 2-CD version released 9 years ago. Really currently enjoying Black Box Recorder, who I had never even heard of until this year. Bought the super-duper box as my entry point. yippee it’s wonderful, looking forward to the Vinyl version. My apologies to those who think It shouldn’t be released and no-one should be allowed to buy it because you can pick up the original CDs from a Woolworth’s bargain bin in Oxfam for £1.99!

All bands can cater for new fans too, y’know. They owe old fans nothing, for we have had the music (and blood sweat and tears) we have enjoyed for the last 20, 30 or 40 years. If Stephen Duffy can dig out 30 unheard demos for an album I’ve bought five times already I would be chuffed to bits, not moaning about it. Look on the bright side, you could be a Rolling Stones fan, they get shafted six ways ’til Tuesday.

Gareth Jones

Haha, fair point. Sorry for my grumpy old man grumbles! I usually post fairly positive comments! :)

Tim Abbott

Got to admit, the 3LP version that came out on Record Store Day did a lot to adjust my opinion of Head Music to something more positive (the third disc of B-sides compiled as an album is really good), but it remains easily my least favourite of theirs.

It’s doubtful that it’ll happen given their ambivalence toward it, but I’d really love to see them do something similar with A New Morning – there’s myriad recordings, including a version of the album made up of alternate takes that was available to download when the album was released, and that hasn’t surfaced since then. It’s ripe for revisiting as there are some much overlooked gems on there – Astrogirl, Lost In TV, When The Rain Falls, Oceans etc.

O(+> Peter B

Yes, A New Morning is not the complete disaster it’s made out to be, some great tracks on there. I like the ones mentioned plus One Hit To The Body and Street Life.

Matt R

The problem with A New Morning is the ok/good tracks don’t sound like Suede.
The tracks that sound like Suede are terrible.

I’ll still buy the RSD LP and the 4CD & DVD reissue of it.


Nearly 20 demos and 20 b-sides on the EDSEL collection. Note sure you could want for more :)


got it!!!
thank you for providing the most indispensable service to music buyers!