Suede reveal details of Blue Hour box

Six-disc box set of the forthcoming album

When Suede announced their new album, The Blue Hour, at the end of April, the band promised to reveal the details of what was in the box set edition ‘at a later date’. That later date has arrived and those details are now available…

At the time, SDE predicted the contents would include a “double vinyl and CD within some kind of book, perhaps with a bonus CD or vinyl offering exclusive audio and maybe some other ‘bits’ (postcards, poster) thrown in.

As it turns out, that was not far off of the mark, since the band have announced that the box set includes the album on 2LP vinyl, the CD edition, a bonus ‘specially mastered instrumental CD’ of The Blue Hour, an exclusive bonus track, Manipulation, on seven-inch vinyl, and DVD featuring album commentary from the the band, lyric sheets ‘and more’.

Don’t forget that HMV have an exclusive BLUE vinyl (uk shipping only) edition of the album, and while the box set is £65 on the Suede store, you can pick it up for £50 via HMV (again, UK shipping only) and Amazon UK (worldwide shipping).

The Blue Hour will be released on 21 September 2018.

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The Blue Hour - box set


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The Blue Hour - 2LP vinyl


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The Blue Hour - CD


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Brett Anderson - CLEAR vinyl


The Blue Hour 

As One
Beyond The Outskirts
Chalk Circles
Cold Hands
Life Is Golden
Don’t Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You
Dead Bird
All The Wild Places
The Invisibles



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Joe Col

Correction, signed CD’s are available on the Suede site for a limited time. I believe signed vinyl, also, though no signed Box Sets.
I stand corrected and thoroughly embarrassed.

Joe Col

Unlikely that signed versions will be available on the Suede store site. These have been available for pre-order since May. If they offered signed copies now, fans will riot!


I love Suede and I was looking forward to this album but Im not very fond of the two songs already released from it. I hope the rest of the album is better.

Why isn’t this LP blue or something completely exclusive like clear etc?

I don’t remember them ever mentioning Bloodsports and Night Thoughts being part of a triptych ever…


Complete overkill. They sure know how to milk the fans. Do we really need a commentary?

Not all albums need a deluxe box set. Only old albums that have become iconic. Certainly not every new album from the likes of Suede and Weller etc. Madness imo.


I do kind of agree, though I’ve indulged in deluxe versions of new albums occasionally myself. Six discs for something totally new, that you don’t even know if you like? Too much for most, but diehards. But then, Suede do have plenty of diehard fans.


“Suede do have plenty of diehard fans”

Diehard fans who ensured that A New Morning hit the lofty heights of No.24 in the charts! I think this is overkill too for a new release album but the comments here repeatedly show that people literally fall over themselves to buy ANYTHING that’s presented in a box. I suppose it goes with the territory but I do hope for those splashing out £50 that it’s a good album. Spending a tenner on an album that turns out to be a duffer is bad enough!

Stan Butler

I’ve always liked “A New Morning”, but realise that seems to be the minority view. I’ll settle for the standard CD. I don’t need the vinyl and whist the instrumental versions would be interesting, they don’t warrant the extra cost.


Also some indie stores are going to have the blue vinyl http://reflexrecordshop.com/product/19507/The+Blue+Hour+%5BBlue+Vinyl%5D


Rough Trade’s UK shop has the blue vinyl listed as well for £27.99.

O(+> Peter B

“Amazon UK (worldwide shipping)” should read “Amazon UK (worldwide shipping, except Australia)”. Sorry, still annoyed about that!


Does the box set on amazon contain all the same contents as the one on the suede store ? There’s no track listing as yet on amazon and it’s considerably cheaper.

Kevin Galliford

I wish they would make more effort & do something special for the CD release, something like what they did with “Night thoughts”or the RAH reunion gig. Really great hardback book format inc Art prints. Why does always seem to be the record, as it used to be called ( no one called it “Vinyl”back in the day did they? ) which gets the special treatment! This really pisses me off!


I think I’ll stick with the standard one CD version that I pre-ordered, an instrumental disc isn’t enough to win me over sadly. A live one probably would have.

Rik Skyline

Absolutely fantastic band, I love them. Looking forward to hearing “the final part of the triptych of albums recorded by the band since they reformed”. I just hope this doesn’t mean the end (again).


I was curious myself when I read that. I don’t recall any mention of this “triptych” before now, so it sounds to me like a bit of a pretentious retrofit (or maybe there’s some overarching narrative going on that I’ve yet to spot…)

It also invites the question as to what they’re planning to do next. If anything at all, it’s presumably going to be an almighty departure from the classic Suede sound (which has rarely worked out well for them in the past) – unless ‘The Blue Hour’ in fact turns out to be part three of a “tetralogy”??

Tony Orwell

is the box set from HMV blue vinyl as well?


Really looking forward to this. I’m usually very sceptical about bands reforming but Suede’s output since coming back together has been astonishing. Even eclipsing their earlier output. Same with the band James. Their new album is one of the best of the year.


If this record is even half as good as Night Thoughts it will be very good indeed.

Wonder what will be on the b-side of the vinyl bonus track?

Peter Muscutt

Some sort of etching perhaps?


Isn’t it a six-disc box set?

However, I will buy this box

Marc Palmer

Have always liked them, but hadn’t taken the plunge on any of their albums, but then I went with a mate and saw them perform Night Thoughts at the Roundhouse… absolutely fantastic! That time, the album didn’t come out until a couple of months after the gig, so I was counting down the days until I could re-live that night, but this time the album will be out before we see them, yep, going to see them again with my mate, at Hammersmith, in October. Since Night Thoughts, I’ve bought the other albums in the box set, but seeing Night Thoughts, it has a soft spot, and is my favourite. Looking forward to this box set, just earnt a £50 voucher with HMV, so if it’s £49.99, I hope they let me use said voucher, if I ask for a bag!


I wonder what “specially mastered” entails…(if anything)


Any chance the Suede Website version will be signed? For Night Thoughts they did several events including a free ‘gig’ at HMV Oxford Street and a signing. It went down fantastically well with fans so I’m surprised they haven’t done it again..maybe it didn’t generate that much extra revenue.

Iain McCarthy

I was interested in the blue vinyl, however, £25.99 is a bit too expensive for me.


“The Blue Hour” will easily be one of this year’s best new releases!