Suede / Royal Albert Hall 24 March 2010 3LP clear vinyl

New 3LP clear vinyl edition

Suedes triumphant ‘comeback’ show at the Royal Albert Hall in 2010 is to be issued as a 3LP clear vinyl set.

The performance was at the request of the Teenage Cancer trust and resulted in Suede ending their seven-year hiatus for what they believed would be a one-off concert on 24th March 2010. This turned out to the be the start of a remarkable third act in the Suede narrative, which has since delivered three new studio albums (Bloodsports, Night Thoughts and The Blue Hour).

All that was yet to come, and on the night Suede delivered a flawless setlist of singles (‘Animal Nitrate’, ‘Metal Mickey’, ‘Trash’, ‘The Wild Ones’, ‘New Generation’) , album cuts (‘The Asphalt World’, ‘The 2 Of Us’) and B-sides (‘Killing of a Flashboy’, ‘He’s Dead’, ‘The Living Dead’) which stunned the capacity crowd.

This was originally issued on black vinyl in 2014 but the new 180g triple vinyl set is pressed on clear vinyl for 2021. The inner sleeves feature Paul Khera’s photos of the event.

Royal Albert Hall 24 March 2010 will be released on 22 January 2021.

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Royal Albert Hall 24 March 2010 - 3LP clear vinyl



Royal Albert Hall 24 March 2010 Suede / 3LP vinyl

    • Side One


    • Side Two


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Mark R

I always admired Suede from afar but never committed. I saw the play Glastonbury on TV and was taken back by their energy, so I bought Night Thoughts and finally The Blue Hour. Finally I saw them live in 2018 at the Hammersmith Apollo and was blown away. What a band. I’m in.

Mark Filby

I do love Suede, one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen (many times) and great albums.
However, how many different versions do we fans need of each album?


Has this just been announced and released tomorrow? I’ve ordered just in case after what happened to Stevie Nicks clear vinyl.


That moment after “Metal Mickey” where the band are almost stunned into silence with the spontaneous roar of appreciation from the crowd is epic.

I have that CD / DVD book & it’s brilliant. What a band!! Always suprised me they never became an Arena band with their amount of hits & huge following. Maybe they just did’nt want to. They easily have the charisma & songs to do that but hey ho, as long as they keep up the quality levels & pushing themselves creatively since the reunion, I don’t care.

martin farnworth

for whatever reason never really come back to Suede since they reformed apart from a cursory listen to the recent material. but i might still rectify that. tastes can change a little over time of course.
however as far as reissues i believe the spade they dug the the hole with once the hole in the barrel was created had already had it’s day…

John Murray

Metaphor of the day award right there !

Steven Roberts

Pah! Never been a fan of clear vinyl.

Based on the colours of the cover photo, I’m waiting it out for the 15th anniversary red, white and blue triple vinyl edition in 2025.


Wow! Surprised Amazon US is carrying it as a non-“London Suede” branded item. Good price for a 3LP. Ordered!

Nigel Day

No CD ? No sale


There’s also a 2CD+DVD set in digipack, released around 2014 I believe, which must be still in print or easily trackable anyways.

That said, please stop Suede, just stop.

Nigel day

Ah I missed that. Dammit



Different Time

There is talk of a limited edition clear CD reissue.


…credited to The London Suede. ;-)

(PS – love Suede, have done since ’92)


I saw Suede on their past two tours and those performances were absolutely mesmerising. I really hope to see some footage of one of those (if not both) tours get a release!

I’m not a vinyl adept so perhaps I have no right to speak here but releasing a long live concert on vinyl kind of takes away the flow one usually wants when listening to a live-show, doesn’t it?


See You in The Next Life & The debut album out as The London Suede on LP next month as well.

Since August that is
See You In The Next Life Red LP
The HMV Masters Live LP
The Best Of (multiformats)
Royal Albert Hall LP
See You In The Next Life (Again) LP
The London Suede LP

It is an impressive release list as the only vaguely new album was the HMV one. I can only think Bret must have bought a record pressing machine and is sitting at home playing with it.

There is a brand new album due soon as well.


What is The HMV Masters Live?
Couldn’t see anything called that on Discogs and Google drew blank…


Yes it is that.

Neil Young is a worse offender

(Homegrown – last Spring)
Since August:
The Times
Return To Greendale
After The Goldrush
Archives II
Way Down In The Rust Bucket

At least 4 of those are available in £100+ formats

An incredible release schedule.


@MattE – You missed one: The London Suede was released on clear vinyl as part of RSD 3 last October.


Oops. I think I bought that as well.
I’ll have to check at home.