Suede / Studio Albums 93 to 16 / Limited coloured vinyl box set

10LP vinyl box • Coloured vinyl sold out

Demon Music will release Studio Albums 93 to 16 a new 10LP Suede box set that brings together Suede’s five original studio albums and Bloodsports and Night Thoughts from 2013 and 2016. Fans who get in early can secure a limited coloured vinyl version.

The albums in the set are as follows Suede, Dog Man Star (2LP gatefold), Coming Up, Head Music (2LP), A New Morning, Bloodsports (single LP with gatefold sleeve) and Night Thoughts (2LP gatefold).

In the coloured vinyl box (which is exclusively available via Amazon UK) the colours for each album are as follows: Suede – Brown, Dog Man Star – Green, Coming Up – Yellow, Head Music – Purple, A New Morning – Red, Bloodsports – pink/red, Night Thoughts – Blue. The coloured vinyl is a limited edition of 1000 units.

Demon’s previous Suede vinyl box, 2013’s The Vinyl Collection, went out of print very quickly and now commands ludicrous prices.

Studio Albums 93 to 16 will be released on 2 November 2018. Coloured vinyl now sold out but black vinyl edition still available.



1. So Young
2. Animal Nitrate
3. She’s Not Dead
4. Moving
5. Pantomime Horse


1. The Drowners
2. Sleeping Pills
3. Breakdown
4. Metal Mickey
5. Animal Lover
6. The Next Life



1. Introducing The Band
2. We Are The Pigs
3. Heroine
4. The Wild Ones


1. Daddy’s Speeding
2. The Power
3. New Generation


1. This Hollywood Life
2. The 2 Of Us
3. Black Or Blue


1. The Asphalt World
2. Still Life



1. Trash
2. Filmstar
3. Lazy
4. By The Sea
5. She


1. Beautiful Ones
2. Star Crazy
3. Picnic By The Motorway
4. The Chemistry Between Us
5. Saturday Night



1. Electricity
2. Savoir Faire
3. Can’t Get Enough


1. Everything Will Flow
2. Down
3. She’s In Fashion


1. Asbestos
2. Head Music
3. Elephant Man


1. Hi-Fi
2. Indian Strings
3. He’s Gone
4. Crack In The Union Jack



1. Positivity
2. Obsessions
3. Lonely Girls
4. Lost In TV
5. Beautiful Loser
6. Streetlife


1. Astrogirl
2. Untitled
3. …Morning
4. One Hit To The Body
5. When The Rain Falls
6. Oceans



1. Barriers
2. Snowblind
3. It Starts And Ends With You
4. Sabotage
5. For The Strangers


1. Hit Me
2. Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away
3. What Are You Not Telling Me?
4. Always
5. Faultlines



1. When You Are Young
2. Outsiders
3. No Tomorrow


1. Pale Snow
2. I Don’t Know How To Reach You
3. What I’m Trying To Tell You


1. Tight Rope
2. Learning To Be
3. Like Kids


1. I Can’t Give Her What She Wants
2. When You Were Young
3. The Fur And The Feathers

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Took delivery of this yesterday, and although overall very happy, a lot of the inner sleeves have quite heavy creasing which looks unsightly. Looking at it, I wonder if it’s damage from the records being inserted.

A shame as it does make the set look less than pristine.

Chris Squires

Same here, I complained and got a 25% discount. It was only supposed to be 20% but I was VERY polite. All in all a lovely set numbered under 75, the lowest of any set I have ever had I think, and all for £78.

Steven Cook

How did you manage to complain ? I can’t find any contact / customer service links other then just returning the item. Please let me know how


Same problems here with inner sleeves and several outer sleeves fairly scuffed. Disappointing and I’ll be contacting Amazon tomorrow.


Update: Rang today and got £20 off. Obviously wasn’t as polite as Chris!! Happy enough but it’s a pity they can’t get something like this right first time (Demon).

Chris Squires

Hi Steven

I used Google “Contact Amazon UK” (it works for any country, DE, ES, FR, .com) and it is there. You are right, it’s very hard to find a contact button as it seems they would prefer a simple return and minimal discussion.


Just received mine and visually at least it’s a great package, though why they’ve done two albums in the same colour is beyond me. Mine doesn’t have any creases, splits & all the vinyl looks fine plus there’s just about enough room to squeeze in the new album too . Good work Demon (IMO).


if u look closely, bloodsports actually has a bit “translucent” in it, but i see what you’re saying. i think clear wouldn’t have been too out of place for ANM.


Received my set yesterday from Amazon, expertly packed, luckily no issues with any of the sleeves.

Didn’t know it was a numbered box, 517 / 1,000. Nice ne.


I received my coloured vinyl box set today, I’ve been listening to them all with glee, even though I noticed the sleeves were quite thin and flimsy, but the worst problem is that Night Thoughts has a seque split between tracks when each side runs out, basically you can hear the first second of Pale Snow at the end of No Tomorrow, then it cuts off and resumes when you flip the side. Very disappointing.
I checked my original pressing of Night Thoughts to see if this was present on it, and it is not, the tracks end as they should when the record side ends.
This makes me believe this was thrown together and they used the nearest master they could find, I’ll be returning this for a refund.

Steven Cook

Just checked my copy of Night Thoughts, and yes I see what you mean, this is going to be the case with the black vinyl also so the whole release is faulty.
It would be nice if Demon replaced this
With correct masters/edits

Regarding the coloured viny, the colours are mostly pretty good, the brown (Debut) is fantastic, the green (Dog Man Star) is awful ,no match for the album, and A New Morning and Bloodsports, to my eye seem to be the same colour


band/demon just made announcement that they are aware of the issue and will work to repress and replace.


My order was due today with Beatles Deluxe only to get email from amazon saying package damaged & unfit for delivery…..refunds on the way but gutted, so looking forward to this

Steven Cook

Just received my colored vinyl box, very nice, but every inner sleeve has a two inch ragged split on one edge, presumably were the discs were dropped in ? Shame.

Alan Fenwick


Mine is the same as well, seem splits all over the place. This was a Christmas present but upon reading your comment I felt in necessary to check mine as well, so I appreciate your feedback on this.

I’m loathed to send it back because there is no stock and therefore unable to receive a replacement, but on the other hand I like my items to be in tip top condition as well.

I wonder if Demon will send out replacement inner sleeves? I’ll drop them an email to see what they say.

Edevar Citton

Hello, Paul. All right?

Please, you could answer two questions.

– in the box there will be a code to download the songs?
– who will receive the version of the colored LPS?

The information in the Amazon.UK announcement is poor and incomplete.
I’m sure I was one of the first thousand buyers to buy the box in the pre-sale.
Is the box sending random or will it be in chronological order of purchase?

Sorry for the many questions.

I ask you why I know you have a good relationship with the Amazon company and will probably get this information.

I sent these questions to Amazon.UK but got no response.

Excuse me for my lousy english.
Thank you very much for your attention.
My sincere thanks.

Timm Davison

Sigh…I just bought these on vinyl for the first time 2 years ago (with the exception of Bloodsports and Night Thoughts.) I guess I’m selling them all except for Sci-Fi. Be nice to have everything in one box (except for Blue Hour which I just got the deluxe edition of). Too bad Bloodsports doesn’t have the bonus 7″ single, that would make the box extra cool.
BTW, when I bought mine just now, it was 86.41 pounds at Amazon UK.


how did you get it for that price?! My pre-order was 104.29

Stephen Tomlinson

The price is 86.91 if you take the VAT off. The box is currently unavailable in Amazon UK now.


Anyone know if ?the box set include download codes for the albums


Never having owned any Suede albums and being a CD guy, reading about this box led me to discover the previous box. $50 later, I have all but their last 2 studio albums on CD in one very handsomely made set. Plus, it includes Sci-Fi Lullabies. A perfect introduction to a band that has been somewhat ignored in the US.

Peter Muscutt

Nice set for people like me who missed Suede on vinyl. Only have the ‘Suede’ gold vinyl that HMV did, so have ordered. Will just have to get Blue Hour and Sci Fi Lullabies on vinyl now to go with it!!

David Carter

Having gave away my cd copies years ago and regreting it, this is a no brainer at such a very welcome price.


I bought the original box set but never opened it. This is extremely good value – had to buy. Question is, if I was to open and play only one box set – which one would it be? Are these new stampers or are they represses with older stampers? The original box featured albums that had not been released – at the time they would have been low volume pressings.


Well, the following must be the reissue campaing by Suede in the last eight years:

01.11.2010 – The Best of Suede [2xCD]
16.04.2011 – The Drowners / To the Birds [7″] {RSD exclusive}
30.05.2011 – Suede [2xCD+DVD]
06.06.2011 – Dog Man Star [2xCD+DVD]
13.06.2011 – Coming Up [2xCD+DVD]
20.06.2011 – Head Music [2xCD+DVD]
27.06.2011 – A New Morning [2xCD+DVD]
24.03.2012 – Royal Albert Hall, 24 March 2010 [2xCD+2xDVD] {Suede website exclusive}
21.10.2013 – The Vinyl Collection [11xLP]
17.02.2014 – from ‘Suede’ to ‘A New Morning’ {standalone LP releases from the aforementioned box}
14.04.2014 – 7″ Singles [24×7″] & CD Singles [24xCD+DVD]
19.04.2014 – Let Go / Heroin [7″] {RSD exclusive}
12.05.2014 – Sci-Fi Lullabies [2xCD]
21.05.2014 – Royal Albert Hall, 24 March 2010 [2xCD+DVD]
26.05.2014 – CD Albums [8xCD]
09.06.2014 – Royal Albert Hall, 24 March 2010 [3xLP]
20.10.2014 – Dog Man Star [7″+3×12″+MC+2xCD+DVD+BD] {20th anniversary edition}
18.04.2015 – Dog Man Star 20th Anniversary Live [2xLP] {RSD exclusive}
01.06.2015 – Suede [CD] {Edsel Classics edition}
04.09.2015 – Dog Man Star 20th Anniversary Live [4xLP+2xCD] & [CD]
02.10.2015 – Dog Man Star [CD] {Edsel Classics edition}
30.09.2016 – Coming Up [2xLP] & [10″+4xCD+DVD] {20th anniversary edition}
17.06.2017 – Suede [LP] {HMV exclusive gold vinyl}
30.03.2018 – Suede [4xCD+DVD] {25th anniversary edition}
21.04.2018 – Suede [2xLP] {25th anniversary RSD exclusive silver vinyl}
16.06.2018 – Dog Man Star [2xLP] {HMV exclusive olive green vinyl}
14.09.2018 – Suede [2xLP] {25th anniversary standard black vinyl}

Impressive eh? You don’t need to be Elvis or Bowie to have a mega exploitation of your back catalogue.


The love you take is equal to the money you spend


What scares me is just how many of these I’ve bought and I’m not sure that any is an improvement over original CDs and bootlegs


Spot on. I haven’t been impressed with the sound on the Demon reissues – vinyl and the 2CD/DVD sets. Or the packaging for that matter. I finally coughed up for original vinyl copies of DMS and Coming Up and the sound is vastly superior imo

Nick Love

It’s funny because I was just thinking it seems like we get a new article on something Suede related about once every month or two on SDE anymore. I almost consider myself lucky, that, as a very casual fan, these releases hold no appeal to me. If they were one of my favorite bands I’d have have to take out a second mortgage to keep up with their release schedule of the last 8 years or so.


After just having bought 2 of these albums on vinyl (Bloodsports and Coming Up) and already owning Suede and Night Thoughts i still could not resist… ordered


Just out of interest how do you know it’s limited to 1000, I can’t see it anywhere


Great thanks

Alan Fenwick

Wow, its no coincidence that since this box set was detailed and listed on this site, it moved rather rapidly from languishing down at around 8,000 in Amazons sales rank all the way up to overall number 4 spot and in doing so claiming number 1 spot in the following 3 categories:

#1 in CDs & Vinyl > Box Sets
#1 in CDs & Vinyl > Indie & Alternative > Brit-Rock & Brit-Pop
#1 in CDs & Vinyl > Pop > Pop Rock

In doing so also knocked all of the Kate Bush box set’s down 1 spot as well in the listings.

At this rate, these will be sold out in a few days.

Michael G

Same as above missed the last box set,but ordered this beauty.
Just look at the Kate Bush vinyl box sets,this is a decent price compared to those overpriced money grabs.


Price has gone up to £128 on Amazon. Damn!


That’s the black vinyl at £128
Coloured is still £104

Aaron Van Wyk

Oh Wow Suede on vinyl. Excellent. Yet another box set Amazon has blocked from Australian customers. Damn you Amazon. But I will find a way..

Peter Yarrow

I just got a near mint copy of the previous box for £175 on eBay … then I saw this. What the heck, it’s £104 … ORDERED,


Thanks Paul…Ordered it :)


Curse you Amazon exclusive. However having missed the last box and not wanting to pay silly prices I’ve gone against my principles & ordered it. Gah!!

Rik Skyline

I’m glad I didn’t buy the first version of the vinyl box set now. All of the black vinyl pressings in that are available separately. But this second coloured edition looks really nice. I must admit, I love all these reissues from Demon Records. It’s great that their back catalogue is getting some attention. Keep ’em coming.

Frank Weber

Yes they’re milking us again :) Following their logic, the next release would be an 3LP 25th anniversary set of DMS for RSD 2019 with a bonus disc of B’s and those 3 unreleased songs from the CD Sets. Maybe a different vinyl colour this time? Bought the yellow “coming up” 2LP and the grey “SUEDE” 2LP from RSD2018….I wonder if the later albums will become the double album b-side magic treatment, too…or maybe a SCIFI “2”release containing those B’s??? Well we’ll see as one thing is sure: They’re not done yet :)

Jimi Fletcher

This does look lovely, and the designated colours are very appropriate for their respective albums. Won’t be buying it myself because it’s too much money for me – not complaining about the price, mind – looks like a great value set for what you get, it’s just that my box set indulgences don’t stretch beyond the £100 mark! I have to set myself limits!

Mark Jensem

I would have been much more likely to buy this with Sci-Fi Lullabies.


Just wait a couple of years until the inevitable Studio Albums 1993 to 2018 limited coloured vinyl box set! They’ve become masters at recycling their output. An anniversary box set from earlier this year got ripped apart (literally!) by reviewers on Amazon.

Matt Thurston

Ugh. I bought almost all of these albums on vinyl in the past year or so, and in the USA at $30/album. But I really want this box set, so I’ll probably end up buying it, and trading my virtually brand new albums into Amoeba Records for pennies on the dollar.

gary oliver

I remember when i had money. It was the day before i discovered this website

Víctor M Bustamante

Me too


$12 an album including shipping? I’m in.

Chris Squires

Why do people keep asking why?

10 coloured limited slabs for pretty much bang on £100. It’s a great way to get the whole lot if you missed out on the now out of reach original set. There’s always a chance amazon will screw up and it’ll drop to £90 for a couple of hours in the weeks before launch and that’s the price you will get.

So “It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the sale of the effing century ” to quote Lock Stock……


It’s a bit like those people who keep asking “But how many copies are being produced?” when the label hasn’t given a figure – normally, I assume, for commercial reasons – for limited edition releases!

robert peel

Pity about scfi lullabies

However after not ordering the other vinyl box set and wanting to pay silly money I’ll grab this


The original box will suit me just fine, however I would have been very interested in some of the individual albums on these colors were they available. (Specifically a purple ‘Head Music’.) Odd they’ve decided to leave out ‘Sci-Fi Lullabies’ this time.

andrew R

Oh its a bad weekend for all us first pressing
boys(and girls) !


Shame Sci-Fi Lullabies (for me their best collection) isn’t included here. Also if I get this i’ll now have 4 different coloured versions of Dog Man Star!


if i hadn’t the original vinyl pressings of both dog man star & coming up (which are the albums i feel most bonded to), i’d probably buy it.

Sylent Syd

No Sci-Fi Lullabies? That’s unfortunate.


Don’t bother. Just go and buy the new one The Blue Hour. Its phenomenal.


I doubt these are cut differently from the lp’s already out. Can we confirm they are the same (outside of the color)?


Ordered, I know Suede’s back catalgoue has been getting rinsed but I regret missing out on the original box set, so this up to date version will do me just fine, shame it doesn’t have the new album though to make up to date.

Peter Robertshaw

???? YET ANOTHER version of these. Why?


Ordered this last week without knowing it was coloured thinking it was a decent price. Even more so know.

Paul Taylor

The one you ordered might be black vinyl (I did the same). I’d double check!


Thanks Paul, but when I when I clicked on the link it told me I’d ordered this set so think I’m good to go!