Suede / The Blue Hour

Suede / The Blue Hour

Suede will release a new album, The Blue Hour, in September.

Their eighth studio album has been produced and mixed by Alan Moulder and is described as “the final part of a triptych of albums recorded by the band since they reformed and released 2013’s Bloodsports“. It will feature a choir, ‘spoken word’ and string arrangements by Craig Armstrong and Neil Codling.

Format-wise, there will be a CD edition (no deluxe), a double vinyl set and a box set. The contents of the latter will be “announced in full at a later date”, so basically they are still working it out. If I were to hazard a guess… I’d expect double vinyl and CD within some kind of book, perhaps with a bonus CD or vinyl offering exclusive audio and maybe some other ‘bits’ (postcards, poster) thrown in.

The Blue Hour will be released on 21 September 2018.

In addition to the options below, HMV have an exclusive BLUE vinyl (uk shipping only). Also, HMV have the box set listed for £49.99 (again, UK shipping only).

Compare prices and pre-order


The Blue Hour - box set


Compare prices and pre-order


The Blue Hour - 2LP vinyl


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The Blue Hour - CD


The Blue Hour 

As One
Beyond The Outskirts
Chalk Circles
Cold Hands
Life Is Golden
Don’t Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You
Dead Bird
All The Wild Places
The Invisibles

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[…] Suede announced their new album, The Blue Hour, at the end of April, the band promised to reveal the details of what was in the box set edition ‘at a later […]


details have finally emerged!

The Blue Hour Box Set contains:

2-disc 180g heavyweight LP
CD album
Specially mastered instrumental CD
DVD featuring an album commentary from the band and Alan Moulder plus never-before-seen video for ‘Don’t Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You’
Exclusive bonus track ‘Manipulation’ on 7” vinyl
Lyric sheets
A collection of art cards


ah you beat me to it jim ;-)


so are there any news on the contents of the box set?


Ordered the box set from Amazon.co.uk for US delivery,
inc shipping was 44 GBP;
happy with that.
Love the fact that Amazon UK will ship box sets to the US for just 3 GBP shipping (and of course shipping to US means we dont pay VAT, hence 9 GBP price drop)

Alan Wilson

Amazon have finally price matched HMV on the deluxe set at £49.99 for those waiting on that option.

Kevin Galliford

Can’t wait for this, if it’s as good as the last 2 it will be brilliant. Hope the b ox set makes it worth my while! They did a great job of the special editions on the last one!

Kevin Galliford

That was great. Shame they are’nt doing the same this time as it’s good to have a series of colllectibles like the MSP have been doing for years now.

Larry Davis

Agree, I have most of them…still need the Japanese 2CD booksets of “Rewind The Film” and “Futurology”…and 2 big boxsets I still need are “Everything Must Go” and the rare “Generation Terrorists”…all the others I have as the 2009 2CD Japanese “4 Real” series…


I received my signed bundle from SandbagUK this week… damaged. I try to be understanding and patient in these circumstances, but it is very disappointing to preorder an item the moment it’s announced, wait the full six months or whatever and have whoever is reponsible just pile the items into a regular LP mailer (where they are free to slide around and damage each other)… I now have a limited red vinyl with dinged/creased corners, a cassette with a shattered case, and worst of all, a signed CD bookset with damaged corners. I’ve been collecting the signed Manics sets as they’ve been announced for the past few years… I’m really not sure how to go about responding to this and how much luck I’ll have with my signed set. PS great to have Suede back…


Thanks Paul! Will see how I go…


Great news!! They have consistently put out quality work. I hope the box is good. PS…I too was a little miffed about the Air Moon Safari glow vinyl. I’d actually forgotten about it until I received the cancel notice…


Amazon description on Box set says 1 disc – Hope its actually the box set since the description is all wonky.


So great to see the first band I was ecstatic about in my youth carrying on making glorious music well into my forties. Good hell they are on a roll and continue to be a singular experience (there is no one making music like this right now). Night Thoughts is my 2nd favorite album they’ve released.

Shame they never caught on beyond a cult act in the US. Even back then America never seemed to get bands like Suede even the US music press completely and continually miss the boat on this band.


wonderful news! ordered the box set from amazon uk… night thoughts was by far my favorite album of 2016 and I still listened to it at least weekly… also still watch the full length dvd every few months… wish they would tour the US but I’ve given up on that oh so long ago…


Yes Vacuum, Alcazar, Bwo, AOL… Perfect pop band… Viva sweden

Rik Skyline

I look forward to hearing this. The last album was good, although the production was a little off in places.


My local record store are stating they will have an indies exclusive Blue Vinyl-not sure when HMV became an indies then!


Fuck everyone who is so disturbed that he has to use Pictures of dead animals to promote his work. This is just tasteless. I never was a fan of Suede but that Image makes me hate them!


It’s not a real dead bird…


Crickey you wanna see what my three cars do to birds


Cats !!!!!! Cats Not car


There’s no need for anyone get into a flap…


Robbie – your language is disgusting.

Chris Brown

Bit late to worry about dead animal references when the band is called Suede, surely?

John Orr

I know this is a thread on the new Suede release, but just another wee update on the customer service of Amazon.com in America. Just come off from a chat with a customer representative, do Amazon use the Indian sub continent at all if they’re busy or because of time differences? Well, anyway, got absolutely no where. Long story short, asked why they cancelled my pre order for Air’s Moon Safari glow in the dark vinyl release. Surely, they would have to honour the pre order? Got the usual excuses of inventory sold out! No date for when the record will be back in stock. Sent me a useless link for another seller(s) who were selling it at $49.99!! The pre order was for $14.98? No resolve, no recourse, nothing at all whatsoever, but that I was to keep checking their site if and when it was back in stock, the convo. would be saved, and that I would get the item at the original pre order price! Is this all making sense? I thought a pre order was a guarantee of receiving the item? It appears not from Amazon.com in America. I know there are other things to get pissed off at in the world, but raging at this treatment. AND then I get a useless email sent almost straight away from the same person informing me of their policies?!! Anyone for a pre order??


i got fedup with the process of the Air- moon safari and cancelled the order, never was charged since they never had it in stock at all


It might be worthwhile pursuing this with amazon.com
I emailed them to say how disappointed I was that they were unable to fulfill the pre-ordered item. A few email exchanges later they had given me a $20 gift voucher and a link to buy the LP from a seller for the original pre-order price.

The order has now been placed and according to my invoice this should be with me by the end of the month.

I’d give amazon.com another try if I were you, you might be surprised.


“It will feature a choir, ‘spoken word’ and string arrangements by Craig Armstrong and Neil Codling.”

I’m intrigued by that. I love Craig Armstrong. Big fan of Suede too. Can’t wait to hear the LP and what that collaboration will amount to.

Jason Schafer

Awesome news! I’m always worried there’s going to be another long gap like the one we had when the band was mothballed after New Morning, and the idea of this being a trilogy of sorts make sense if the music in the trailer is indicative of what we should expect. As an American, I think the Brits should be very proud of this band and hold them up as a type of national treasure in the history of treasures like Bowie and Roxy. There are so few who have done this pop/rock career thing as well as Suede (including the lineup changes), and their vision is a singular one to be admired. Makes me jealous not to be British! Bring on September!!

David S

Darren, it does say that there is an HMV exclusive of blue vinyl. The official Suede Store is quoting lower prices on all formats compared to Amazon at present, but as you say Amazon prices will drop. I think common sense tells you to wait to see what is in the box set before placing your order. With nearly five months until release, there is plenty of time!


I loved the last one, I am still listening to it at least once a week. I hope this one is as good

Mark R

Great news. I echo Backwards7’s thoughts on Suede. They’re aging gracefully, unlike some other bands (do you hear Duran Duran?)!


Since there will be 14 songs on the album, and since ‘Night Thoughts’ had no bonus material at all, I think it is safe to assume no exclusive audio content will be included in the box set. Quite probably some extra artwork bits in a lavish packaging, the inevitable signed print or whatever, and nothing really substantial if your main interest is the music. CD will be fine for me, hoping for a standard jewelcase version. Maybe a vinyl copy later on, if I happen to enjoy the album a lot.

Gary C

Will they be in pods or cocoons when this bit is played live?
Sounds very Tap


If there is one band (or man) who consistently delivers, it’s Suede (or Brett Anderson). I’m not yet pre-ordering the boxset because it could be a total dud with just vinyl and CD together plus some unnecessary book. A boxset needs to deliver additional tracks otherwise I’ll skip. So waiting for that boxset content.

Alan Wilson

Might also be worth getting in on the boxset from HMV as well, it’s listed at £49.99, cheapest I can see so far, although I would personally like to see what’s going to be in the set before committing to a purchase.

Chris Squires

Can’t see what the upset is about, as Paul has said all you would be doing, at worst is putting a holding order in place for something that is 5 months down the line.

I do get the cancelling in time thing, but it isn’t that difficult to remember to check your open orders tab and many a time an early order with the choice of cancelling has led to a bargain as you pick up any price drop along the way.
I have seen this (or similar) before. Item starts at £70, drops to £45 for a short period and then goes back up to £60 for launch…. because of your early holding order at £70 you can get it for £45 or still cancel. It’s automatic and you don’t even have to be aware of the price drop and raise.

It really is a no lose thing with just a touch of effort (remembering).


btw jpc.de says “3 LPs, 1 DVD, 1 CD” for the boxset


Another movie bundled with the music then? The one with the last album was quite useless, I wouldn’t pay a premium for something like that again.

Stevie B

£70 to pre-order a boxset that you have to guestimate what’s in it! A video clip that looks and sounds like a taster for the latest Stephen King movie? The last in a trilogy! Jeez Louise! Since when did SELLING pop music become so overblown and multi-product based? Just release the bloody album preceded by a single and less of the pretentious claptrap.


“Since when did SELLING pop music become so overblown and multi-product based?”

Since people stopped paying for music, I guess…

Anyway, Suede have always done overblown with style so bring it on.

(PS – have you seen the new press shot? Get yr hair cut Codling!)


Neil looks rather cool like that!

Yeah, and the only time they did not overblown they failed. ‘A New Morning’, you know…

Larry Davis

Nah, that would be boring…I prefer this approach… Like a trailer of a new Star Wars epic…you need SOMETHING to get people excited these days…otherwise, what’s the bloody point??

wayne hill

I agree. A single or two, then give us the CD.
It sounds like we’re just one step away from Tales from Topographic Oceans era Suede if they continue down this road.


This is absolutely brilliant news, can’t wait! Normally there should also be a tour. Night Thoughts was such a superb album!


Love Suede but to sign up fora £70 box without knowing the contents is a gamble. I got stung with a terrible pressing of Bloodsports and it really put me off! And £26.99 is taking the Michael a bit as well.


If you’re not happy with the content then simply cancel the pre-order, no money will leave your account until the item dispatches in September.


Suede in its dotage has managed to hold on to some of its youthful glam and grandeur while also retaining its dignity. They’ve aged gracefully and that’s not an easy trick for a band to pull off.


Paul, do you have the full press release? I’ve read that there’s a hint in it that this might be their last album, but the bit you reported says that it is the last of a trilogy, doesn’t sound as an actual farewell put that way.


Also, is there a black metal metal influence on the record going by the trailer?


Nice artwork, looking forward to this. Box set for me.

Alone With Strangers

I think I will wait for further details before ordering: I don’t want to order from Amazon in the hope that it contains some good stuff only to forget to cancel before it is too late.


Good news… One of my favorite band with Tears for Fears and Army Of Lovers (i don’t want to see somebody laugh

Chris Squires

Army of Lovers were great and we all need a guilty pleasure, mine is ACT, brilliant when the mood is just right.


ACT a guilty pleasure?? Are we thinking of their same band? ZTT, Claudia Brucken and the totally underrated Thomas Leer.
Total pleasure full-stop! :-)

Larry Davis

I love anything Alexander Bard is involved with…AOL were great yes, BUT Bodies Without Organs aka BWO were even better…less camp, up the genius pop song quotient…the Swedes are like no one else in pop…BWO are up there with ABBA, seriously…I’d put their “Halcyon Days” album up there with any ABBA album…song for song…now, on with the new Suede…have to say, I ordered the box only with the prospect of a bonus audio CD included…if a deluxe CD gets announced and the vinyl in the box is not blue, I’m switching my order…

Bjorn Johnsen

You’re free to like whatever you like, except Army Og Lovers of course.


Always good news that there’s a new Suede album on the very distant horizon but they seem to have the same PR firm as the Manics.


How do you mean?

Andrew Richards

I think this is a reference to the gap between announcement and release. Only five months to go…

Phil Wilson

The lead in time, still nearly six months away. The Manics announced their new album about six months before release too


Surely a blue coloured vinyl will be released?!?! :)

Alan Wilson

HMV have a pre-order up for the blue vinyl on it’s own – £28.99, this will probably expand to Indie stores as well, although that hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

David S

Alan, Rough Trade are now advertising the Blue Vinyl edition.