Suede / The CD Albums Box Set


Edsel Records will issue a Suede CD Albums Box Set next month.

The eight-CD collection will gather all of the band’s six studio albums (Suede, Dog Man Star, Coming Up, Head Music, A New Morning, Bloodsports) as well as the classic B-side compilation Sci-Fi Lullabies (across two discs).

All the albums come packaged in vinyl replica card wallets with Dog Man Star, Bloodsports and Sci-Fi Lullabies boasting gatefold sleeves. The white rigid lift-off lid box is a mini-me version of the now sold out vinyl box set that was released last year.

The booklet that came with that LP box had a detailed track-by-track interview with the band about every song on the albums. Until now that was unique to that vinyl set, but this content is now replicated in a 60-page booklet that comes with this CD box.

The Suede CD Albums Box Set is released on 26 May 2014.

Track listings: Suede CD Albums Box Set


  • 1. So Young
  • 2. Animal Nitrate
  • 3. She’s Not Dead
  • 4. Moving
  • 5. Pantomime Horse
  • 6. The Drowners
  • 7. Sleeping Pills
  • 8. Breakdown
  • 9. Metal Mickey
  • 10. Animal Lover
  • 11. The Next Life


  • 1. Introducing The Band
  • 2. We Are The Pigs
  • 3. Heroine
  • 4. The Wild Ones
  • 5. Daddy’s Speeding
  • 6. The Power
  • 7. New Generation
  • 8. This Hollywood Life
  • 9. The 2 Of Us
  • 10. Black Or Blue
  • 11. The Asphalt World
  • 12. Still Life


  • 1. Trash
  • 2. Filmstar
  • 3. Lazy
  • 4. By The Sea
  • 5. She
  • 6. Beautiful Ones
  • 7. Star Crazy
  • 8. Picnic By The Motorway
  • 9. The Chemistry Between Us
  • 10. Saturday Night


  • 1. Electricity
  • 2. Savoir Faire
  • 3. Can’t Get Enough
  • 4. Everything Will Flow
  • 5. Down
  • 6. She’s In Fashion
  • 7. Asbestos
  • 8. Head Music
  • 9. Elephant Man
  • 10. Hi-Fi
  • 11. Indian Strings
  • 12. He’s Gone
  • 13. Crack In The Union Jack


  • 1. Positivity
  • 2. Obsessions
  • 3. Lonely Girls
  • 4. Lost In TV
  • 5. Beautiful Loser
  • 6. Streetlife
  • 7. Astrogirl
  • 8. Untitled
  • 9. …Morning
  • 10. One Hit To The Body
  • 11. When The Rain Falls
  • 12. Oceans


  • 1. Barriers
  • 2. Snowblind
  • 3. It Starts And Ends With You
  • 4. Sabotage
  • 5. For The Strangers
  • 6. Hit Me
  • 7. Sometimes I Fell I’ll Float Away
  • 8. What Are You Not Telling Me?
  • 9. Always
  • 10. Faultlines


CD 1

  • 1. My Insatiable One
  • 2. To The Birds
  • 3. Where The Pigs Don’t Fly
  • 4. He’s Dead
  • 5. The Big Time
  • 6. High Rising
  • 7. The Living Dead
  • 8. My Dark Star
  • 9. Killing Of A Flash Boy
  • 10. Whipsnade
  • 11. Modern Boys
  • 12. Together
  • 13. Bentswood Boys
  • 14. Europe Is Our Playground [Sci-Fi Lullabies version]

CD 2

  • 1. Every Monday Morning Comes
  • 2. Have You Ever Been This Low?
  • 3. Another No One
  • 4. Young Men
  • 5. The Sound Of The Streets
  • 6. Money
  • 7. WSD
  • 8. This Time
  • 9. Jumble Sale Mums
  • 10. These Are The Sad Songs
  • 11. Sadie
  • 12. Graffiti Women
  • 13. Duchess

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I don’t own any of the Suede albums but I do have the complete singles box set which, presumably, renders Sci-Fi Lullabies totally redundant – is that right?

[…] Album Collection will be a 10CD box and there is a good chance this will be packaged similar to the Suede CD box from earlier this year, or the Leo Sayer set from 2013. Ten CDs suggests the eight studio albums […]

Frank Weber

I’m afraid before christmas they might come out with a CD box set containing all digipak 2CD+DVD albums :) …man, they’re squeezing out our last pennies!!!!


I agree about the packaging on the deluxe versions. I ended up sending 3 back to Amazon for replacements. Other than that, I thought Suede set the standard on how to release such a set: original album, bonus tracks and a DVD featuring a show from the era. All were a solid 5 stars. Even though I have all this, I may get this new set as well.

Michael Bird

I wish I could just give them a tenner for a box to collect the eyesore digipacks. The designs for the original sleeves are gorgeous and all but the spines of half of mine were bent from the crush of overpacked shipping boxes. I’d rather just put them in a display box but obviously this one won’t be large enough.


Agree with you 100% Michael. Great content but the packaging left a lot to be desired. And I’m really getting fed up with digipak spines that arrive through the post damaged…
The situation was slightly better when these deluxe editions came in plastic slipcases, which at least gave *some* level of protection (the Cure & Depeche Mode reissues spring to mind).


Easier to buy them all off Marketplace for 1p each plus postage.


I think is better to buy the digipack version with 2 cds and dvd…


I would buy this if they included bonus tracks, especially the ones for “Bloodsports”. I refused to buy that album because there were bonus tracks scattered all over the place, while the UK only got a 10 track version!


£43 for single disc versions of the six albums plus the compilation? Yes it must be April 1st for anyone to be buying it at that price.

A small bare bones box containing 8 discs in very cheap sleeves and a booklet should be around £20-£25 like the very similar Roger Waters box.

Paolo Meccano

*checks it’s not April 1st…*

Hmmm. The sleeves will be nicer than the digipacks… And it will look nice next to the singles box… And I don’t yet own ‘Bloodsports’… And it works out at around a fiver a disc…

Go on, then *slaps in pre-order*