Supergrass / The Strange Ones 1994-2008 career-spanning super deluxe box

Supergrass / The Strange Ones 1994-2008 career-spanning super deluxe box set

12″ box set containing vinyl records & CDs • Six hours of unreleased audio

Supergrass‘ career-spanning box set The Strange Ones 1994-2008 is now more widely available for pre-order.

This set contains all six albums on vinyl picture disc and on CD, along with four further CDs of live material, a two-CD set of remixes, B-sides and rarities and a final CD of unreleased demos, outtakes and ‘oddities’.

That’s a 19-disc set made up of 13 CDs and six vinyl records; in fact, make that 14 discs since a seven-inch single with ‘Caught By The Fuzz’ / ‘Richard III’ 2020 remixes. The label (BMG) claim “over 6 hours of previously unreleased audio material”.

Supergrass: The Strange Ones 1994 – 2008 (click image to enlarge)

In the box with the discs are a 42-page large format book, four colour posters and six ‘Supergrass is 10’ button badges (perhaps sitting in a drawer for the last 15 years?!).

The label are selling these sets direct from the Supergrass shop with a signed photo for £150, although if you can do without the band scrawl there are savings to be made and as you can see below Amazon Germany have this for the equivalent of £126 at the time of writing, which is reduced further (no VAT) for those ordering outside the EU.

As well as the box set there’s a reverse-chronological 26-track, 2LP Strange Ones collection as well as a single CD edition (which is five tracks shorter, curiously). Both are compiled by the band.

The Strange Ones 1994-2008 will be released on 24 January 2020.

In the box set:

2-part, rigid, 12″ x 12” x 3″ box, matte laminate outer finish with hot foil cover text, containing:

6 LPs
– 6 x original albums as picture discs: I SHOULD COCO (UK #1, 1995) / IN IT FOR THE MONEY (UK #2, 1997) / SUPERGRASS (UK #3, 1999) / LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS (UK #9, 2002) / ROAD TO ROUEN (UK #9, 2005) / DIAMOND HOO HA (UK #19, 2008)

13 CDs
– 1 x 6CD set – All 6 original studio albums in new digipack
– 1 x 4CD set – Live (5 hours of previously unreleased, career-spanning performances: radio sessions, full live shows and acoustic sets)
– 1 x 2CD set – Remixes, B-sides, acoustic versions and other rarities
– 1 x 1CD set – Demos, out-takes and oddities (all previously unreleased)

7” single
– Caught By The Fuzz / Richard III 2020 Remixes

– 12″ x 12″  52-page book. Story of each album, written by separate journalists: Everett True, Charles Shaar Murray, Sylvia Patterson, Andrew Male, Adam Sweeting and Paul Moody. Quotes from new band interviews with Matt Everitt. Unseen photos and memorabilia.

Colour posters x 4

Supergrass is 10 – button badges x 8

The Strange Ones 1994-2008 – 2LP vinyl edition

Side 1
1 Diamond Hoo Ha Man
2 Bad Blood
3 Outside
4 Rebel In You
5 Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)
6 St. Petersburg

Side 2
1 Fin
2 Kiss Of Life
3 Brecon Beacons
4 Rush Hour Soul
5 Seen The Light
6 Grace
7 Moving

Side 3
1 Mary
2 Beautiful People
3 Pumping On Your Stereo
4 In It For The Money
5 Richard III
6 Late In The Day

Side 4
1 Sun Hits The Sky
2 She’s So Loose
3 Mansize Rooster
4 Strange Ones
5 Lenny
6 Alright
7 Caught By The Fuzz

1 Diamond Hoo Ha Man
2 Outside
3 Rebel In You
4 Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)
5 St. Petersburg
6 Fin
7 Kiss Of Life
8 Brecon Beacons
9 Seen The Light
10 Grace
11 Moving
12 Mary
13 Beautiful People
14 Pumping On Your Stereo
15 In It For The Money
16 Richard III
17 Late In The Day
18 Sun Hits The Sky
19 Mansize Rooster
20 Lenny
21 Alright
22 Caught By The Fuzz

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Wayne C

Well after a lot of will I won’t I?, I’ve decided to order this from Amazon.de!. I can’t see the price dropping much more than it is currently and if it does then cost enough (wish if bought the Mode box instead of holding on as well, but that’s another mistake I’ve made!). Obviously people are holding out for standard vinyl re issues as the originals cost as much as this full box set does for one LP, but what if they don’t re issue them and this goes out of print?. That’s why I’ve decided to go for it!.


As someone who had no Supergrass, I bought this to fill an obvious gap in my collection. It does feel like a missed opportunity. The picture discs look great but as with all picture discs they have a lot of surface noise. It’s a shame as the actual quality of the recordings / mastering used for the picture discs sounded great (except where it was quiet and you could hear the surface noise). Then I had no original artwork and the book is not even hardback and the CD covers are really cheap. To cap it all the box came dented and the inner tray holding the CD’s was ripped. So it goes back to where it came from. Weird the recordings/pressings was great but the actual presentation is cheap. Why can’t we have both for this price ! Given the work done to produce the great vinyl master I am sure these will be repressed in black for people who want to listen to them !


Agree Bruno.
No unboxing video yet Paul?


Got my box on Friday :D
It’s great !!
Well, as I typed the titles for me, here they are for everybody.
Live 1994-1996 (TSO 2020)
1-Mark Radcliffe Introduction; 2-Strange Ones; 3-Time; 4-Interview; 5-Sitting Up Straight; 6-Lenny; 7-Shane O’Donoghue Introduction; 8-Lenny; 9-Cought By The Fuzz; 10-Sitting Up Straight; 11-I’d Like To Know; 12-Odd?; 13-Lose It; 14-Richard III; 15-Strange Ones; 16-Time; 17-Alright; 18-We’re Not Supposed To; 19-She’s So Loose; 20-Melanie Davies; 21-Going Out

Live 1997-1998 (TSO 2020)
1-I’d Like To Know; 2-Richard III; 3-Sitting Up Straight; 4-Cheapskate; 5-Time; 6-Alright; 7-Odd?; 8-In It For The Money; 9-Tonight; 10-You Can See Me; 11-Cought By The Fuzz; 12-Going Out; 13-It’s Not Me; 14-Sun Hits The Sky; 15-Strange Ones; 16-Lenny; 17-Out Of The Blue; 18-Alright; 19-In It For The Money; 20-Richard III; 21-Sun Hits The Sky; 22-Going Out

Live 2000-2001 (TSO 2020)
1-Mary; 2-Alright; 3-Time; 4-Jusus Came From Outer Space; 5-Sick; 6-Faraway; 7-Sun Hits The Sky; 8-Going Out; 9-Cought By The Fuzz; 10-Steve Lamacq Introduction; 11-Pumping On Your Stereo; 12-Cought By The Fuzz; 13-Moving; 14-Can’t Get Up; 15-Beautiful People; 16-Late In The Day; 17-Lose It; 18-Funniest Thing; 19-Richard III; 20-Going Out; 21-Sun Hits The Sky; 22-Lenny

Live 2005-2008 (TSO 2020)
1-St. Petersburg; 2-Late In The Day; 3-Seen The Light; 4-Sitting Up Straight; 5-Kiss Of Life; 6-Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6); 7-Roxy; 8-Moving; 9-Low C; 10-Road To Rouen; 11-Bullet; 12-Sun Hits The Sky; 13-Fin; 14-Mary; 15-Diamond Hoo Ha Man; 16-Bad Blood; 17-Rebel In You; 18-The Return Of…; 19-Ghost Of A Friend; 20-Outside

Roots & Vines (Demos, Out-Takes & Oddities) (TSO 2020)
1-Sitting Up Straight (4 Track Demo); 2-Cought By The Fuzz (4 Track Demo); 3-Lose It (4 Track Demo); 4-Richard III (4 Track Demo); 5-Out Of The Blue (Studio Recording Monitor Mix); 6-Moving (8 Track Demo); 7-Sun Hits The Sky (Acoustic Radio Session, Studio Brussel, 2002); 8-Stinkfinger (Studio Recording Monitor Mix); 9-Dark Star (Studio Recording); 10-Brecon Beacons (Rehersal Room Demo); 11-Can’t Get Up (Mini-Disc); 12-Funniest Thing (4 Track Demo); 13-Orbiting Around The World (Mini-Disc); 14-Sad Girl (Radio Kerrang!, 105.2, Birmingham, 2005); 15-Road To Rouen (Studio Outtake); 16-Fin (Live At UEA, Norwich, 2005); 17-Car Crash (Rehersal Room Demo); 18-Next To You (Studio Recording Monitor Mix); 19-Bury My Heart (Demo); 20-345 (Demo); 21-Tronic (Demo)

Rarities, Remixes & B-Sides 1 (TSO 2020)
1-Cought By The Fuzz (Backbeat Version) (From “Cought By The Fuzz”); 2-Strange Ones (Backbeat Version) (From “Cought By The Fuzz”); 3-Cought By The Fuzz (Acoustic) (From “Cought By The Fuzz”); 4-Odd? (From “Man Size Rooster”); 5-Wait For The Sun (From “Lenny”); 6-Sex (From “Lenny”); 7-Condition (From “Alright/Time”); 8-Je Suis Votre Papa Sucre (From “Alright/Time”); 9-Melanie Davies (From “Going Out”); 10-Sometimes We’re Very Sad (From “Richard III”); 11-Nothing More’s Gonna Get In My Way (From “Richard III”); 12-20ft Halo (From “Richard III”); 13-Sun Hits The Sky (Bentley Rythm Ace Remix) (From “Sun Hits The Sky”); 14-Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (From “Sun Hits The Sky”); 15-Don’t Be Cruel (From “Late In The Day”); 16-The Animal (From “Late In The Day”); 17-We Still Need More (Than Anyone Can Give) (From “Late In The Day”)

Rarities, Remixes & B-Sides 2 (TSO 2020)
1-We Still Need More (Than Anyone Can Give) (Dust Brothers Recordings) (From “Dead Man On Campus” Soundtrack); 2-Sick (From “Pumping On Your Stereo”); 3-What A Shame (From “Pumping On Your Stereo”); 4-Lucky (No Fear) (From “Pumping On Your Stereo”); 5-You’ll Never Walk Again (From “Pumping On Your Stereo”); 6-You Too Can Play Alright (From “Moving”); 7-Believer (From “Moving”); 8-Faraway (Acoustic) (From “Moving”); 9-Oracle (From “Mike Bassett: England Manager” OST); 10-Velvetine (From “Grace”); 11-Electric Cowboy (From “Grace”); 12-Tishing In Windows (Kicking Down Doors) (From “Grace”); 13-That Old Song (From “Grace”); 14-The Loner (From “Seen The Light”); 15-I Told the Truth (From “Seen The Light”); 16-Everytime (From “Rush Hour Soul”); 17-Kiss Of Life (Tom Tom Club Mix) (From “Kiss Of Life”); 18-We Dream Of This (From “Kiss Of Life”); 19-Fin (Dave Eringa Alternative Mix) (From “Fin”); 20-Car Crash (From “Rebel In You”); 21-I Believe In Love (From “Sofa Of My Lethargy”)


Thanks for that. Can’t see the XFM version of Beat It (Bad Blood B side) on there, what else is missing I wonder?

Ross Thomas

It’s not me demo is missing too


I got mine too, not bad for 121 euros. (amazon France).
But I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with the quality of the artwork inside. The CDs are in pretty cheap, unimaginative sleeves. The Oddities one isn’t even the same size as the others. I’d have preferred the original artwork here, like mini Japan LP sleeves or something. They’ve had such great artwork on the singles and LPs it’s a shame they did’t put more effort and imagination into it.
We’ve all moaned about the picture discs. Coloured or splatter vinyl would have been more fun. But again, the actual LP sleeves would have been great.
Then there’s the track selection.It’s by no means comprehensive. if you want the demos from I Should Coco, go to the Anniversary 3 disc set. And not all the B sides are here either. I thought they’d do a comprehensive retrospective with this number of discs, and I’d have preferred that to the tons of live versions. Hey-ho.


What bsides are missing?


Still no track listing of the 7 cds beside the albums cd?


Fortuitously, having used them previously for the limited edition blue vinyl of OK Computer I had an email from JPC de last week offering me a one-off 30% discount which enabled me to order this for £113.08 delivered.

Wax Monster X

Ugh! More over priced frippery. When all I wanted was the next 2 albums in deluxe CD sets like the first one. Bet those pic discs are chock full of fidelty. You’d think they were Hipgnosis sleeves. Seriously. Why?


Just for the record, when no one was looking, back in 2015, I bought the band’s entire run of albums on used CD (great condition, all) for the princely sum of US$1.34 (plus shipping.) So, not sure I need to have this box, but thank you, Paul for helping me to feel better about taking a pass.

Tim Barton

It honestly does not look like its within my budget. Nice, probably, but I can’t see myself getting it-unless I win a lottery. I would love to have the individual albums, or even just a CD set, but it looks like that that won’t be happening.


Does anyone really like Supergrass anyway? File under Dollar – the collection


Nope. Nobody does. Certainly none of the 70+ folk commenting on this story do. Thanks for your input steve with a lower-case ‘S’.

Ben in Colorado

I love Supergrass. I have since I heard their first album. They have excellent melodies and power and I think they’re just a blast. To each their own.




I am also disappointed with their choice to go with picture discs. I’m hoping a reissue of the individual LPs will follow this release.

Gareth Jones

Regarding the reverse order of their singles on the ‘best of’ compilation. The average greatest hits CD will kick off with the biggest, most well-known and most popular singles, then towards the end you’ll hear the more forgettable and average singles.

By doing it in reverse, it becomes more like being at a gig (the bands tend to save their biggest hits for the end portion of the show). Plus the CD will start off quite weak then just get better and better! I’m in favour of it in reverse actually!

Stephen Gilmour

Picture discs…nothing to see here..Love along everybody

Tim Abbott

I’m gonna blow some minds here: the majority of purcashers will be people who like picture discs and don’t want to treat a piece of pop music like it’s a priceless museum artefact. The quality difference between normal vinyl and a picture disc is negligible to the average punter, who’ll be playing this and enjoying it because Supergrass are/were a band whose music was fun.

If you want your music collection to be kept under glass and looked at but never touched or played, perhaps Supergrass are not the band for you?

Stuart Ansell

All coloured vinyl and picture discs are made to be looked at, it’s a trade off between aesthetic and audio quality.

I am with Tim on one thing, the last few picture discs I’ve bought I genuinely haven’t felt there was any difference in quality from the regular editions, the king crimson live ep and the HMV record day Goodbye Yellow Brick Road both sounded GREAT- so I don’t see that this differs hugely from any other mixed media release – I get the arguements for seperate boxes for the cd only and vinyl only boxes – but then you’d get the likes of me who are happier with mixed media…

Can’t win them all!!!! I still think that at £126 there’s a lot of content, but you pays your money, you takes your choice – I’m happy to pay the price for this, but it’s not for everyone, nor should or could it be.

Isn’t it wonderful that we’re living in a time that we’re so spoiled for well curated releases from great bands that this is a debating point?

Have a good week everyone, happy listening!

Tim Abbott

“Is the ‘average punter’ going to spend £150 on a Supergrass box set?” – thinking about it, they probably are. The demographic of said punters is the 44-50ish music fan who was around during Britpop, bought a few Supergrass singles and albums, has a bit more disposable income these days and is probably getting back into vinyl. The quality of picture discs is secondary to sound quality, because the music’s still good.

Add a nostalgic tour to the mix and there’s who’ll be happy to cough up that much.

Saying that, I don’t doubt there’ll be some individual black vinyl editions available before 2020 is out.


I believe “the average punter” just wanted nicely done copies of their albums because the originals are exorbitantly priced and extremely difficult to find in NM condition. Picture discs always sacrifice some sound quality, and judging by the pictures above and the thickness of the box…they won’t even be providing the original jackets or inner sleeves. These picture discs are a huge way to cut some corners.

Wayne C

I’ve just clicked pre order, I don’t like picture discs as already said but I love the self tilted album that much and it’s so expensive to buy second had I’ll give it a go. They may not release it again and I’m not willing to take the risk if they don’t.

Timm Davison

Would those people be more into the music of…Superglass?
Sorry, had to do it!


The art department must have seriously racked their brain when they came up with the cover for the… ehm… anthology LPs/CD.
Such an original concept ;)


I’m buying to get the albums (I try and get rid of jewel case single cd’s when I can) and the b-sides, rarities disc. Sure hoping it wraps up all their good b-sides as it’s a little frustrating there has been no track listing released. Yeah I could care less about the picture discs as well but personally I’m just glad the cd are included and it’s not just vinyl. I’m always worried labels giving up on CD only has it crossed anyone’s mind that combining vinyl and cd in one mind is them thinking they’re appealing to everyone?

Miguel Rocha

This looks like a bargain but where’s the marvellous single We Still Need More? Or am I suffering from selective blindness?

Tim Abbott

We Still Need More wasn’t a UK single. It’s nearly their best song, but it was only a B-side (to Late In The Day), so I guess it’ll end up on the B-sides compilation. The single release was a multi-artist EP with songs taken from the (excellent) Dead Man On Campus soundtrack.

Miguel Rocha

Thanks Tim! I still haven’t been able to find a complete track listing for the b-sides/outtakes discs.

Ian Gair

Really looking forward to 6 LP Pictures Discs and the Bands Scrawl + Supergrass is 10’ button badges (perhaps sitting in a drawer for the last 15 years? ) Why?? Because it compliments the 2019 LTD 10″ Picture disc and honours the promotional badges issued around supergrass is 10 album ~ on a postcard, CD, or Fridge magnet. Then there was the LED Frisbee for Life On Other Planets or the fluorescent space stickers and lets not forget the In It For The Money Banknotes. Yes I ordered one of the the rebel in you signed 7″ by them in 2008. Perhaps its sleeve was an indication of their feelings towards being marketed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebel_in_You

Gareth Jones

I won’t make yet another comment about the picture discs, as l feel that’s been given enough coverage. So formats aside, why on earth don’t they want to reveal the full music content yet? I bought the Blur 21 box set because l knew exactly what an amazing array of B-sides, demos, live tracks, unreleased tracks and rarities l was getting for my £140 or whatever it was l paid for it at he time (and you could buy either CD or vinyl box sets!).

But here, beyond the albums, we have absolutely no idea of what these 6+ hours contain. That’s surely the juicy carrot to dangle and tempt you with opening your wallet for an expensive box set, and yet still no tracklists have been announced!! I have all the B-sides (l bought all their CD singles back in the day), so c’mon Parlophone, beyond some live tracks, what else are we getting? I feel, like the 2nd album, they’re only in it for the money.


I only really liked Moving probably because that riff keeps me in mind of Dogs by Pink Floyd.


Hi Paul, Did my (yet to be approved) post about this and the German price (admittedly on another thread) prompt this bespoke one by any chance? If so you’re welcome! If not, what timing!


Friendly price for a box set with 6 LPs and 7 CDs.
I guess picture discs means LPs are added for collectors and CDs are for listening the music.

It’s an interesting choice because they could have created a vinyl box set and a separate CD box set. Like Kate Bush for example.

Mark McKendrick

Shame this wasn’t all-CD – or at least an all CD-alternative. Bye.

Timm Davison

OK, I agree with everyone else. Not thrilled about picture discs, but seeing as there’s loads of extras and some sweet packaging, and it’s dirt cheap, I’m gonna pre-order it. Thanks Paul!


If only the Depeche Mode box were done like this… grrr.


I don’t “do” Blu-ray audio, DVD audio, 5.1, or any of that hogwash, but I buy plenty of boxes that include it all. When you think about it, most of your albums sit and “gather dust” for most of your life, so what’s a few picture discs you don’t play?

Derek Langsford

I have begrudgingly bought some boxes with a single vinyl (several Fleetwood Mac, Goldfrapp) to get hi-res discs or 5.1 mixes, but 6 vinyl LPs is too much for most of us who prefer digital formats to pay for, store, and “gather dust.” Combining lost of vinyl with digital discs is a deterrent to many potential purchasers who prefer digital, from purchasing such a set. I won’t even consider the Supergrass box for this reason alone. The Beatles boxed sets have been done right, offering multiple versions but keeping formats separate so everyone can pick and chose what they want. Calling blu-ray, DVD Audio and 5.1 “hogwash “makes it sound like you either have either not heard these audio formats or heard them on a decent system capable of delivering click- and pop-free, immersive music of exceptional fidelity.


I would purchase a 13 CD collection without the vinyl/poster/badges for a reasonable price. But will give this a miss because of the unnecessary extras included to justify a higher price point. Like the recent Heaven 17 set, separate CD and Vinyl boxes would have been good solution.
Also I don’t need another Greatest Hits and I hate reverse-chronological collections and always make the effort of putting back in the correct order on my MP3 player before listening.


I hugely want Supergrass on vinyl – and I look forward to seeing them Live next year but picture discs – correct me if I am wrong – are never at the top end of audio quality wise. I’d cheerfully pay £20 or so for a copy of Road to Ruin – it’s blisteringly expensive for a second hand copy – I just hope that that they plan to also have normal vinyls out there eventually.

Larry Davis

I want this set too…I know people hate pic discs, but I have no prob with them…the German price went up from 126 to 147, still better than $224 US for the signed box from their direct website, plus the fact the band is touring, I’ll have no prob getting it signed anyway…I’ll wait to see if the price fluctuates…but I do want this set…wonder when Paul will do a write-up on the 3 Kim Wilde SDEs of 1st 3 albums by Cherry Red out in January??


Paul, I know you hate the CD+ vinyl complaint and when it is in a Ramones, Alphaville or Fleetwood Mac package, I have no problem with it. You only get one vinyl disc that you will never use. Ok, I can suck that up for the sake of making those boxes viable for the labels.
This is a different story. I now get 6 entirely useless vinyl discs stuffed down my throat. Why not sell a vinyl box and cd box separate? Had this been a CD only box, or a CD + 1 vinyl disc box, it would be a no brainer, but paying for 6 vinyl discs you know you will never use is pushing this into “no thank you” territory for me. A real shame, I would have been totally on board with a CD box set.

Electric Sydney

I’m happy to have mixed formal in the package, I happen to use all mediums. Even if I didn’t, I still appreciate having the vinyl to examine and play if I want.


‘Moving’ from the (self-titled) third album gave me a glimmer of hope when I was dealing with my father’s death in ’98. Still a great song from a decent album, but hard for me to hear without being taken back to a raw time. On a lighter note (well, any note would be lighter), this looks like a nice release, if perhaps a tad too comprehensive yet still lacking 5.1 mixes (Steven Wilson’s golden touch would be most welcome). Plus, with few exceptions I don’t much care for live albums, and I’ve always thought picture discs a goofy concept. BTW, is there really a dedicated fan-base that’s sufficiently large to justify this kind of release? Just asking. Anyway the 2 x LP collection will probably suit me just fine.

O(+> Peter B

When they split up the NME reported that they had recorded 17 new tracks that they decided not to release (NME said “just leak it”). No sign of that on here. A great band but I’m happy with the CDs I have.
Incidentally, Mickey Quinn has been playing bass in Swervedriver for the last few years.

Ross Baker

Surprised / disappointed that there’s not at least a rough mix of Release the Drones on there. That would make the box an immediate purchase. Very rarely do I give live material more than the occasional listen so this actually makes for comparatively slim pickings in terms of unheard material.


IIRC, they’d split from Parlophone by the time “Release The Drones” was being recorded which would be another reason for its non-inclusion.


13 CDs great, but same problem of many recent SDEditions…same that MUSE, that really hurts

Wayne C

Lot of consensus on here about the vinyl!, why didn’t they do some market research and ask fans what they would of liked. Is it to late for them to release this with black vinyl – probably , hopefully someone from Supergrass will read these comments and do something to remedy this situation. I don’t have one picture disc in my collection and have 1,000s of records. They are such a brilliant group hopefully the powers that be will see sense!!.


The picture discs put me off too.
I’d much rather black vinyl, or even better coloured splatter vinyl to match the covers.
It’s not a bad price for the content, especially the German amazon price, that’s a bit tempting actually.
But still, picture discs?


I recall buying (I think it was) their second CD,
Possibly a 2-disc limited edition.
It was unlistenable.
I struggled to get through it for just the one hearing.
What should have been an enjoyable experience was marred by ear piercingly shrill mastering.
A common problem with new releases back then, if I remember correctly…
There may be more reasons to avoid this box set,
than the forced vinyl purchase.


Love this band, extremely underrated and In It For The Money’s is one of the best Indie albums of the 90’s . What a shame it’s not just a standard black vinyl
Complete boxset1? Hope they re issue them a stand alones (which I’m certain they will next year)


On the fence about this. I never picked up two of the albums, and I’m sure I would enjoy the live discs/ b-sides, etc. But the vinyl would just sit there gathering dust. Great that the band is doing this (it looks like a lot of work went into it), but I wish they had separate vinyl and CD versions, so that the fans of each wouldn’t be forced to buy a format they won’t use.

Andrew Greenwood

Suspiciously, my 20th Anniversary I Should Coco 3CD set has a whole disc named Demos/b-sides/out-takes/curios and I wonder how much of the tracks are also in the bonus CDs above (despite the previously unreleased tag) or if they are just missed out. I also cannot find any mention of remastering, which makes me worry that there is none, leaving the CDs identical to the ones I already have. They already have a load of cash from me for the Alexandra Palace gig next year so that may be all they’ll get.
I’d have bought a vinyl-free set despite the repeats (probably) but can’t be doing with the 6 picture discs (along with everyone else apparently)
Alternative 2CD deluxe versions of the last 5 albums would also work for me, but perhaps the later ones wouldn’t sell enough compared to disguising them in a single box. I’ll wait and see.
I have a lot of box sets on my hopeful-list-for-Black_Friday already

Dave Beaney

Would love this with blu Ray and 5.1 mixes. Vinyl well ok if you must but picture disc vinyl no way.
Is on one out there looking at the XTC / Steve Wilson sets and the plaudits they are getting!!

Peace and love✌

Sylent Syd

Being from Canada, I’ve been hunting a long time for vinyl copies of their 2nd and 3rd albums. Seeing as the combined cost on Discogs isn’t that much less than buying this box, I’ll gladly pre-order this set.

Marshall Gooch

Also, I believe the release date is January 24, 2020, right?


Picture discs???
***puts credit card back in wallet***

Marshall Gooch

I would love to own this but the picture discs are a drawback. (I have all of the original albums on vinyl anyway.) The live CDs and rarities are what make this appealing. Comes to $162 USD at this point and that’s not in my budget… if it comes down to $120 then I’m in!


if only they weren’t pic discs, it’d be an automatic purchase for me.

Regan Judson

I wish these weren’t picture discs but hopefully they sound good. It seems picture disc audio quality has come a long way in recent years so fingers crossed. This is a great price for the content.

Charles K.

Was really hoping they would just continue releasing their catalog on black vinyl like their recent debut re-release. I wouldn’t mind a separate CD box but not this where I’m forced to buy a bunch of gimmicky pic discs that sound terrible most of the time. Hard pass on this one. Really disappointing.


I would have purchased this box set it only CDs. I have no interest in all the albums being on vinyl LPs as I just would not bother playing them. I do not see the point in having 6 CDS and 6 LPS with all the same tracks! If released as CDS the only in the near future I will definitely purchase it but until then I will not be spending over £100 for a box set with vinyl and duplicate tracks. When I heard about this release being issued on the radio by Supergrass themselves I was really looking forward to it but now I am very disappointed.


Was wondering if you would cover this, Paul! I don’t know why they haven’t revealed the tracklisting yet, I did ask on social media (even tweeted Mick Quinn, the bassist, but he didn’t know).
I’m not going to buy until I see if the content on the 6 bonus discs makes it all worthwhile. Colour vinyl LPs might look nice but they don’t play great!

Wayne C

Love Supergrass – self titled album is one of the best albums ever in my opinion. I would buy this for sure but I don’t want picture discs, coloured vinyl at a push but picture discs are just a waste of time. If it was on normal vinyl you could take my money now !!. Who makes the decisions to sell them with picture discs!.