Sweet / Sensational Sweet: Chapter One: The Wild Bunch / 9-disc box set

Albums • Bonus tracks • BBC Sessions • Live concert • & more

The classic era of British glam rock band Sweet is celebrated next month as Sony issue Sensational Sweet (Chapter 1: The Wild Bunch), a new box set which features a “complete collection of their music” from 1971 – 1978, including 30 previously unreleased tracks.

This nine-CD box set includes all of the bands original albums from 1971-1978, with fully restored artwork and bonus tracks, many of which are previously unreleased.

The box also includes three additional albums which including a compilation of non-album singles and b-sides, a full live concert and largely unreleased BBC radio sessions. This well-priced collection also comes with a 52 page booklet with new sleeve notes and unseen pictures.

Sensational Sweet: Chapter One: The Wild Bunch will be released 10 November 2017. Good price in Germany.

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Sensational Sweet 9-disc box set


CD 1 – ‘Funny, How Sweet Co Co Can Be’
Original Studio Album + 1 bonus track

1. Co-Co
2. Chop Chop
3. Reflections
4. Honeysuckle Love
5. Santa Monica Sunshine
6. Daydream
7. Funny Funny
8. Tom Tom Turnaround
9. Jeanie
10. Sunny Sleeps Late
11. Spotlight
12. Done Me Wrong All Right
13. Be with You Soon

CD2 – ‘Sweet Fanny Adams’
Original Studio Album + 3 previously unreleased new bonus tracks

1. Set Me Free
2. Heartbreak Today
3. No You Don’t
4. Rebel Rouser
5. Peppermint Twist
6. Sweet F.A.
7. Restless
8. In to the Night
9. AC-DC
10. In to the Night
11. Set Me Free
12. Rebel Rouser (Steve Priest Lead Vocal Version)

CD3 – ‘Desolation Boulevard’
Original Studio Album + 7 bonus tracks, 4 of them are previously unreleased new content

1. The Six Teens
2. Solid Gold Brass
3. Turn It Down
4. Medussa
5. Lady Starlight
6. Man With the Golden Arm
7. Fox on the Run
8. Breakdown
9. My Generation
10. I Wanna Be Committed
11. Medussa
12. Burn on the Flame
13. Turn It Down
14. Are You Coming to See Me
15. Fox on the Run
16. Lady Starlight – Andy Scott

CD4 – ‘Give Us A Wink!’
Original Studio Album + 4 bonus tracks, 1 of them are previously unreleased new content

1. The Lies in Your Eyes
2. Cockroach
3. Keep It In
4. 4th of July
5. Action
6. Yesterday’s Rain
7. White Mice
8. Healer
9. Cockroach
10. 4th of July
11. Action
12. Cockroach

‘Off The Record’
Original Studio Album + 7 bonus tracks, 2 of them are previously unreleased new content

1. Fever of Love
2. Lost Angels
3. Midnight to Daylight
4. Windy City
5. Live for Today
6. She Gimme Lovin’
7. Laura Lee
8. Hard Times
9. Funk It Up
10. Midnight to Daylight
11. Lost Angels
12. She Gimme Lovin’
13. Hard Times
14. Fever of Love
15. Fever of Love
16. A Distinct Lack of Ancient

CD 6 – ‘Level Headed’
Original Studio Album + 7 bonus tracks, 4 of them are previously unreleased new content

1. Dream On
2. Love Is Like Oxygen
3. California Nights
4. Strong Love
5. Fountain
6. Anthem No I (Lady of the Lake)
7. Silverbird
8. Lettres D’Amour
9. Anthem No II
10. Air on a Tape Loop
11. Love Is Like Oxygen
12. California Nights
13. Cover Girl
14. Show Me the Way
15. Dream On
16. Strong Love
17. California Nights
18. Dream On

CD 7 – ‘The Lost Singles’
Non-Album-Singles & B-Sides Compilation (83 minutes playing time)

1. Stairway to the Stars
2. Why Don’t You Do It to Me
3. Funk It Up
4. A Distinct Lack of Ancient
5. Action
6. Fox on the Run
7. Miss Demeanor
8. Someone Else Will
9. Burn on the Flame
10. Teenage Rampage
11. Own Up, Take a Look at Yourself
12. The Ballroom Blitz
13. Rock & Roll Disgrace
14. Hell Raiser
15. Burning
16. Blockbuster
17. Need a Lot of Lovin’
18. Wig Wam Bam
19. New York Connection
20. Little Willy
21. Man From Mecca
22. Poppa Joe
23. Alexander Graham Bell
24. You’re Not Wrong for Loving Me

CD 8 – ‘The Rainbow (Sweet Live in The UK)’
The full concert – previously unavailable on CD since 2007

1. The Stripper (Intro)
2. Hell Raiser
3. Burning/Someone Else Will
4. Rock’n Roll Disgrace
5. Wig Wam Bam
6. Need A Lot Of Loving
7. Done Me Wrong All Right
8. You’re Not Wrong for Loving Me
9. The Man with the Golden Arm
10. Little Willy
11. Teenage Rampage
12. Rock’n Roll Medley
13. Ballroom Blitz
14. Block Buster!

CD 9 – ‘The Sweet At The BEEB (The BBC Radio Sessions)’
17 Tracks, 15 newly unearthed and previously unreleased

1. Lollipop Man
2. Time
3. The Juicer
4. All You’ll Ever Get from Me
5. Love Me Two Times
6. I Can’t Explain
7. Paperback Writer
8. I Can Hear the Grass Grow
9. Baby What You Want Me to Do
10. The Who Medley
11. Summertime Blues
12. Done Me Wrong All Right
13. Mr. Business Man
14. Santa Monica Sunshine
15. Chop Chop
16. Rock’n’Roll Repetition
17. Need a Lot of Lovin’

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Has anyone else noticed a printing error in the booklet, after where it says ‘was more in keeping with the fulsome, hard edged direction that Sweet had in mind . Despite’ then leads into the next page which starts ‘Musical Express, it boasted a short vocal interlude….’and so on, so appears to miss out a whole chunk of text?

Andrew B

Awful brickwalled copies, still I played it loud cos it deserves it, but why or why the loudness wars and brickwalling. It doesn’t need it….

Jesus does remastering mean lets brickwall the bastards these days….

Johny V

yes, it’s crazy. most of those brick-walled projects were done by engineers that never worked in an analog environment. and could not related to how drums, guitars and bass are supposed to sound. i just had enough & started my own mastering lab. where i specialize in analog vibe for the digital world.


I ordered mine during the 3-for-2 offer at Saturn.de and they sent me an email saying that it is currently out of stock but will be in stock again in mid-december as they are re-pressing it.
Same information is given on jpc.de at the moment of writing.


Thanks, Klaus. I ended up ordering through Amazon US via Movie Mars for a few dollars than I originally tried to through Import CDs.

Kevin Langin

Import CDs just cancelled my order for this, as it has been on backorder since day one. Any one else have trouble getting a copy?

Larry Davis

Rare Glam…i recall there was another CD I used to have with all the Pre-RCA material, without having to buy another version of “Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be”…as that album is in the box… Well I found it on Discogs and ordered it…it’s called ” First Recordings: 1968-1971″ and is on Repertoire Records Germany…it has the 8 tracks plus 4 from a pre-Sweet Brian Connolly project…the cover of this out-of-print CD is the same picture as a self-titled RCA album from 1972/1973…


This looks pretty good, even though I really dislike their latter LP’s and still have my original release of the too many re-issued times live show. They actually are pretty sloppy on most of the China & Chapman songs on that show. I have a Glam Rock VHS tape with the great live version of Hellraiser from that show with the live footage of the same performance. I would have loved to see that whole show filmed.

The BBC disc looks great. That’s strangely the stuff that I never heard before. I have a live Gold CD from their 1971 Swedish radio broadcast which has a bunch of the same songs but sadly the vocals are mixed way too low. I still enjoy listening to it though. But the song choices for this BBC set are really cool -Beatles, Who and The Doors! To name a few. Strangest is a version of I Can Hear the Grass Grow which I know from the amazing UK Nuggets Box Set. Even though I am heaping praise on it, there’s a bit too much I don’t like and/or already own so I’ll be passing on this release. Having said that, if I find it super cheap down the road maybe I will pick it up. I really would love to own that BBC disc alone!!!

Philip Cohen

The tracklisting for Caroline’s “Sweet-The Polydor Albums” 4-CD set has been announced. The albums “Level Headed”, “A Cut Above The Rest”, & “Water’s Edge” add the single edits & non-L.P. B-sides. The album “Identity Crisis” doesn’t have bonus tracks. No vault material or demos, though Andy Scott-licensed independant label releases do have alternate mixes & demos related to all of these albums.

Kevin Henry

I am currently reading Block Buster!: The True Story Of The Sweet by Dave Thompson. There’s not a lot out there on the band. I bought it as an e-book for my kindle on Amazon. I would love to buy the Steve Priest book, but is not available on Amazon.

Bought the 2005 re-issues which I love. So many great non-album tracks. Check out the Hit Singles (Complete A & B Sides).

First band I got into in 1972 as a ten year old. Loved the b-sides which is most likely why I became a rocker.

Philip Cohen

“Sensational Sweet” postponed one week. Also,later in November (from the Caroline label) “Sweet-The Polydor Albums”, 4-CD set. This includes the albums “Level Headed”, “A Cut Above The Rest”, “Waters Edge”(known in the U.S.A. as “Sweet VI”) & “Identity Crisis”. Probably no bonus material, though there’s non-L.P. B-sides that could have been added to 3 of the albums.

Philip Cohen

At the time that I posted the previous post, the tracklisting for “The Polydor Albums” had yet to be announced. The single edits and non-L.P. B-sides ARE included.


A huge THANK YOU to Philip Cohen and Adam Shaw for taking the time to share their expertise in these comments!

Larry Davis

On a related note, I am REALLY looking forward to Quatro Scott Powell… The summit of Suzi Quatro, Andy Scott & Don Powell from Slade!! That’s Gotta be good!!

Philip Cohen

The QSP(Quatro,Scott, Powell) album was released earlier this year.


The QSP CD was only released in Australia, sure you can buy it on the internet. It has now an official european release with two extra tracks but should still be cheaper if you are European. It’s now a so called deluxe edition not under the name of QSP but Quatro, Scott, Powell. It will also be released as a double album in december. Just saying.


It’s sad and telling that despite being an Aussie fan of Quatro, Slade and The Sweet, I had no idea that this item even existed until this very second. There can’t have been much promotion involved. I must try and chase it up.


OK, the “Andy Scott” version of Lady Starlight is apparently a demo and not his solo single, so the b-side (Where D’Ya Go) is clearly outside the scope of this set.


Many thanks for that Paul just ordered off Amazon DE. If you go on their site you can listen to Samples of most of the tracks from the Box Set especially the BBC Session Disc. Excellent.


It appears that Desolation Boulevard includes Andy Scott’s “solo” single version of Lady Starlight as a bonus track. If so then it’s a pity that the b-side Where D’Ya Go is missing. Or have I missed a listing for it somewhere?

Also MIA (so far as I can see) is the Strung Up version of Solid Gold Brass with the extra guitar overdub.

Other than that, this looks great. I’m particularly keen to hear Steve Priest sing lead on Rebel Rouser. Sweet Fanny Adams has remained one of my favourite albums since the week it was originally released, and Steve’s performances on No You Don’t and Restless show what a seriously great lead vocalist he always was.


Locked in that German price… thanks Paul!

Stevie B

Disc 1
Chop Chop – Sweet / Connolly, Brian
Reflections – Sweet / Connolly, Brian
Honeysuckle Love
Santa Monica Sunshine – Sweet / Connolly, Brian
Funny Funny
Tom Tom Turnaround
Sunny Sleeps Late
Done Me Wrong All Right – Sweet / Connolly, Brian
Be with You Soon
Disc 2
Set Me Free
Heartbreak Today
No You Don’t
Rebel Rouser
Peppermint Twist
Sweet F.A.
In to the Night
In to the Night – Demo Version
Set Me Free – Demo Version
Rebel Rouser (Steve Priest Lead Vocal Version) – Alternate Version
Disc 3
The Six Teens
Solid Gold Brass
Turn It Down
Lady Starlight
Man With the Golden Arm
Fox on the Run
My Generation
I Wanna Be Committed – Full Lenght Version
Medussa – Demo
Burn on the Flame – Demo Version
Turn It Down – Alternate Version
Are You Coming to See Me – Early Version of Medussa
Fox on the Run – Demo
Lady Starlight – Andy Scott Demo – Scott, Andy
Disc 4
The Lies in Your Eyes
Keep It In
4th of July
Yesterday’s Rain
White Mice
Cockroach – Munich Mix
4th of July – Munich Mix
Cockroach – Home Demo
Disc 5
Fever of Love
Lost Angels
Midnight to Daylight
Windy City
Live for Today
She Gimme Lovin’
Laura Lee
Hard Times
Funk It Up
Midnight to Daylight
Lost Angels – Demo Version
She Gimme Lovin’ – Alternate Version
Hard Times – Alternate Version
Fever of Love – US Single Version
Fever of Love – Home Demo
A Distinct Lack of Ancient – Home Demo
Disc 6
Dream On
Love Is Like Oxygen
California Nights
Strong Love
Anthem No I (Lady of the Lake)
Lettres D’Amour
Anthem No II – Instrumental
Air on a Tape Loop
Love Is Like Oxygen
California Nights – Single Version
Cover Girl
Show Me the Way
Dream On – Rehearsal Version
Strong Love – Rehearsal Version
California Nights – Rehearsal Version
Dream On – Demo
Disc 7
Stairway to the Stars
Why Don’t You Do It to Me
Funk It Up – Disco Mix
A Distinct Lack of Ancient
Fox on the Run – Single Version
Miss Demeanor
Someone Else Will
Burn on the Flame
Teenage Rampage
Own Up, Take a Look at Yourself
The Ballroom Blitz – Sweet / Connolly, Brian
Rock & Roll Disgrace
Hell Raiser – Sweet / Connolly, Brian
Burning – Sweet / Connolly, Brian
Need a Lot of Lovin’
Wig Wam Bam
New York Connection
Little Willy – Sweet / Connolly, Brian
Man From Mecca
Poppa Joe
Alexander Graham Bell – Sweet / Connolly, Brian
You’re Not Wrong for Loving Me
Disc 8
The Stripper (Intro) – Live [UK Tour 73]
Hell Raiser – Live [UK Tour 73]
Someone Else Will
Rock’n Roll Disgrace – Live [UK Tour 73]
Wig Wam Bam – Live [UK Tour 73]
Need A Lot Of Loving – Live [UK Tour 73]
Done Me Wrong All Right – Live [UK Tour 73]
You’re Not Wrong for Loving Me – Live [UK Tour 73]
The Man with the Golden Arm – Live [UK Tour 73]
Little Willy – Live [UK Tour 73]
Teenage Rampage – Live [UK Tour 73]
Ballroom Blitz – Live [UK Tour 73]
Block Buster! – Live [UK Tour 73]
Disc 9
Lollipop Man – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
Time – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
The Juicer – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
All You’ll Ever Get from Me – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
Love Me Two Times – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
I Can’t Explain – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
Paperback Writer – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
I Can Hear the Grass Grow – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
Baby What You Want Me to Do – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
I Can’t Explain
Summertime Blues – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
Done Me Wrong All Right – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
Mr. Business Man – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
Santa Monica Sunshine – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
Chop Chop – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]
Great Balls Of Fire
Need a Lot of Lovin’ – Live @ The BBC [The Radio Sessions]

Adam Shaw

Looks like they’ve gone to Andy Scott for the bonus demo stuff as it’s mostly his and it’s got his version of Lady Starlight as well .

John Lingwood

It’s great to finally see Level Headed take pride and place in a Sweet box set. It completes the ‘classic’ Sweet era. I think this album is worthy of a box set treatment all on it’s own. It’s possible when you consider that 2 versions of this album were released back in the 70’s, one on Polydor, and the other on Capital Records that had a different track running order and different mixes of certain track to suit the American market. Then there are a plethora of demos, outtakes and alternate versions of every song on the album. A DVD could be included featuring the 4 song promo film plus various TV spots. Then there is Level Headed rehearsal album featuring songs from the album plus some of Sweet’s classic singles and album tracks. If some entrepreneurial record company had the mind, they could really go to town with a special Level Headed release!

Philip Cohen

If you want Sweet video material, check out the Sony Music 3-DVD set “Sweet-Action” . The set is a Uk release, but it is NTSC format. It has 446 minutes of material including all surviving T.V. performances and promo videos. Especially notable is the group’s never-broadcast Musikladen 1974 performance. Later Sweet line-ups(some only including Andy Scott from the “classic” line-up) are also well-represented in the set.

Michael Knight

Wow Just looked it up. what a great collection of videos. i gotta get it. and i think i might see Steve priest at the Canyon in April.


Amazon also have new, expanded editions of Off The Record, Desolation Boulevard, Sweet Fanny Adams & Give Us A Wink listed for £5.99 each.

Neil Wilkes

I just checked those out, and they are all slated for December 2018 and appear to have the same tracklisting as here so my guess is these will be Box Set exclusives for 123 months then standalone releases, but I could be mistaken


I wonder why ‘It’s It’s… The Sweet Mix’ and ‘Sweet 2th’ aren’t on ‘The Lost Singles’ disc. I assume they were officially sanctioned way back in ’84.

Derek T.

Shame that their first 4 singles and last 3 albums aren’t included, even if those albums don’t feature Brian Connolly. Great set otherwise. Those early singles were reissued by 7Ts / Cherry Red a couple of years ago so at least they are available.

Philip Cohen

Their first four singles(one for Fontana and three for Parlophone) DO feature lead vocals by Brian Connolly, but they all pre-date guitarist Andy Scott joining the group.
The Fontana single(and many other songs from that period which went unreleased until the CD era) were recorded at a time when Frank Torpey was the group’s guitarist, are owned by Robert Mellin Music, later a subsidiary of EMI. But Mellin also employed Brian Connolly as a session singer, to perform on songwriting demos, in which the polished backing tracks could be re-used by other singers covering the songs. Some of the Mellin recordings released as “Sweet” recordings (including the Sweet debut A-side “Slow Motion”) only feature Connolly, but no other Sweet members.
The three Parlophone singles were recorded when Mick Stewart was the group’s guitarist, and are owned by A.I.R. Productions, later bought by Chrysalis, and (likely) now owned by Warner Music. While these recordings don’t appear in the new boxed set, 4 of the 6 songs appear via BBC versions. Of the Parlophone tracks, only “The Juicer” hints at the group’s eventual vocal harmony sound.
After four failed singles, the group(temporarily without a guitarist) were offered the chance to add vocals only over an already existing backing track for “Funny Funny”….and the rest was history. Then, the policy in effect at the time of the first five RCA singles(and the group’s Uk debut album “Funny Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be”) was this: When singing songs written or supplied by their producers, Sweet would appear only as vocalists, but when recording original group compositions, the group would sing and play. the group did not play the instruments on “Funny Funny”, “Chop Chop”.”Alexander Graham Bell”,’Poppa Joe” & “Little Willy”, and it is likely that they didn’t play on the B-side “Jeannie”(credited as a Sweet group composition, but actually written by Brian Connolly’s flat mate Roger Glover).
Effective with the single “Wig Wam Bam”, the group was permitted to play the instruments on all songs, whether or not the group wrote them. Also, with the exception of “Little Willy”, the songs featuring studio musicians were never permitted to appear as album tracks in the U.S.A., though the group’s then U.S.A. label(“Bell Records”, a forerunner of “Arista”) had already issued some of them as (failed) singles. The American album “Little Willy featuring The Blockbuster” is a much better representation of the group’s early recordings, with the group playing the instruments on all but one song.


This does look very promising. Paul, any mastering/remastering info?

Pete Hepple

Interesting… it’s bloody frustrating when the record companies hold back on the bonus track info though! As Adam Shaw said, the majority will have been known to Sweet fans for years anyway from previous reissues, but it’ll be interesting to see which tracks from the grey market releases can be replaced.

Given how much has already come out on those CDs (which I’m assuming, given that Andy hasn’t gone after the fan sites selling them, are at least partly sanctioned), I’m not holding out much hope for any brand new unreleased material. Hopefully it’s a decent upgrade, but I’ll be keeping a keen eye out and fingers crossed for any more details!

Philip Cohen

Most “Sweet” outtakes CD’s that appear to be grey market aren’t. There was an interesting business agreement between the members of the “classic” Connolly/Scott/Preist/Tucker line-up, in that any tapes(concert soundboard tapes, studio outtakes, rough mixes, in-progress versions) that an individual band member held, were that band member’s property, and that band member could license out the recordings for release. At various points in the CD era, Brian Connolly, Andy Scott & Steve Preist licensed their tapes for CD release. Preist’s tapes were soundboard cassettes, Connolly’s tapes were studio outtakes, and Scott’s stash(by far the largest) contained studio outtakes, soundboard cassettes and home songwriting demos. Tucker apparently didn’t have any tapes. In addition to that, “Chinebridge Ltd.”(Phil Wainman’s production company that is the owner of the recordings from “Teenage Rampage” onwards) could also license out the same studio recordings.
While the new boxed set has all of the originally released studio recordings from 1971 to 1978, it does not use all the studio outtakes, rough mixes and soundboard tapes that Scott & Connolly licensed out during the CD era. It would not be in the best interests of Andy Scott or the Brian Connolly Estate to render all of the independant label Sweet outtakes CD’s obsolete and unsaleable, especially since many of them are still in print. Notably absent from the new set are alternate takes of “Blockbuster” & “Hellraiser”, and the “Laura Lee/Show Me The Way” medley(the two songs were recorded as one piece, then separated for original 1970’s release). Also, the new box doesn’t use the two songs recorded with Brian Connolly at the start of the “Cut Above The Rest” sessions. Connolly was then fired from the group due to an alcoholism problem; a situation similar to Uriah Heep’s problem with original lead singer David Byron. Sadly, both Connolly & Byron later died from organ damage caused by excessive drinking.
Interestingly, the past and present members of Deep Purple also have a similar agreement where each member could license out the rarities in their personal tape collections, but they never do license out the material. Perhaps after the group disbands?
The confusion between which Sweet outtakes CD’s are legitimate and which aren’t is so acute, that a few years back Andy Scott sued a German CD mail order dealer over the sale of a CD which Scott believed to be a bootleg…..but it wasn’t. Scott was then ordered(by a court) to pay 50,000 euros to the German dealer, to cover his legal expenses, plus damages. Scott never again filed a lawsuit against a record shop.

Pete Hepple

I’d often wondered about those releases – thanks for filling in the blanks, that was very informative. It always irked me that there was so little actual info on what the tracks were (take numbers, mix details, and – worst of all – rough mixes or early takes being labelled as demos instead), so I assumed there’s been little to no involvement from anyone connected to the band. I’m not expecting Beatles Anthology-level of detail, but anything more than just “Munich Mix” or “demo” would be nice!

adam shaw

Yes Philip you are so right .
A warning should be given though as some of the “official cds” are of terible quality .
Andy used a company to sell them on Ebay . I bought a bought a Ltd Edition signed box set of the Level Headed recording sessions and live material , some of it was ok like the backing tracks but some of the rehearsal tapes were unlistenable . Also the only remarstered cd of that album was the USA version which had the tracks in a different order .
Would love a nice clean copy of Laura Lee/Show Me The Way .

Philip Cohen

Many, but not all releases of the “Laura Lee”/”Show Me The Way” medley are from a tape with bad magnetism-related damage.An undamaged source can be found on a German CD “Unreleased Tracks + Versions” on the “Fox” label.

Gary Russell

The only thing I can see missing from the previous reissue program is the short version of I Wanna Be Committed (various Sweet forums confirm its the long version that’s been added to DB here)

Ade Swatridge

The short version was just a dreadful edit done for space. The full version is great.


Looks great. I wonder how the one box fits inside the other box. Or is it the same from different angles?

Rare Glam

I’m a big Sweet fan. This is a nice set that puts a lot of their output all in one place so I will buy it and I already bought the Japanese mini LP CD box set of their albums last year! If you are into the classic glam rock sound of the Sweet, this is the place to get it all in one place.

It’s a pity that the pre-RCA singles As & Bs could not be licensed in to complete the package. Several of them appear on the BBC sessions disc as session recordings which will be very good to have, but to get them in one place as the original singles you need to get the 2 x CD edition of the Funny How Sweet Coco Can Be on the 7Ts label from 2015. They comprise the second disc:

Slow Motion
It’s Lonely Out There
Lollipop Man
All You’ll Ever Get From Me
The Juicer
Get On The Line
Mr. McGallagher

I also have the 2005 CD reissues of Sweet Fanny Adams and Desolation Boulevard issued by RCA that have the period As &Bs added to the end of the albums making for two very loud and rocking CDs. These now appear on the Lost Singles CD in the box set, but why add the earlier bubblegum singles at the end instead of starting with them if everything else is chronologically arranged? The ’83 minutes’ CD I would imagine uses the ‘after-burn’ facility, the few extra minutes on a CD that are usually left for the data / finalising process on the disc. Many CD burners (already a redundant technology in the age of ITunes etc.) have or had the option for using those extra minutes for music, though I do not know exactly how that works.

Presumably RCA (or Universal or whoever owns their catalogue) will be doing a Chapter Two box next year that takes in the post Brian Connolly titles.

darren vickers

If it was vinyl, i would buy now


This is begging to be released on vinyl.


Not very likely, regarding that Sony just released the core material of this as the “Are You Ready”-vinyl-box. I really appreciate it though that they are releasing this CD-box now for sentimental reasons because Sweet were my first favourite band ever, starting in 1974 with the “Six Teens”-single right after starting secondary school. Now let’s hope that there are not too many glitches on these (fingers crossed).

Adam Shaw

Great box set .
Have to wait and see what’s new here as so many outtakes and alternative versions have popped up on cds over the years .


Paul, there is something wrong with price comparison widget. It is not coming up, all you can see is the coding “[show_price_compare codes=”amazon:B074WGM6CH” title=”Sensational Sweet 9-disc box set”]”


I loved Sweet as a kid – probably not enough to pick this up as it would be unused really (Shamelessly only the hits). But for fans this is a great set and nice price too

Keith Lambert

Looks great! It would be nice to know if the Rainbow concert has been sonically improved for this release; I have the CD that came out some time ago and it’s a great gig but the sound leaves much to be desired (and I say that as somebody who loves audience tapes).

Philip Cohen

No Keith, it’s not an audience tape. When the concert was recorded, two recordings were made; 16-track and direct to mono. when the multitrack recording was played back in the studio, the track which was supposed to have (the late) Mick Tucker’s snare drum was blank. Tucker skillfully re-recorded his snare drum, but alas, only for the selections that the group intended to released on the half-live/half studio 2-L.P. set “Strung up”. For the other songs, the only recording with the snare drum is the direct to mono soundboard tape. Some early independant CD releases of the concert(like the one on the DOJO label) combined stereo and mono tracks, but RCA releases opt to use the mono tape in its’ entirety. The mastering on the Sony UK CD of “Strung Up” (earlier this year) has the concert entirely in mono, and with a nasty, jarring sound drop out on one of the live tracks, and harsh “Loudness Wars” mastering on the studio tracks.

Neil Wilkes

Hi Philip.

Really good to hear that the nasty brickwall mastering that for me ruined some of the earlier reissues has been corrected. There used to be good reason for going right up to 0dBFS in the early days of CD when DAC were poor and often delivered 12-14-bit of actual resolution making the noise floor theoretically audible but those days are long gone now & there is no need to go anywhere near to 0dBFS if working at 24-bit.

Have you ever considered doing any of these albums in 5.1 at all?

Philip Cohen

My days as a CD boxed set compiler ended in the late 1990’s. Simply put, I was never asked again.

Philip Cohen

Don’t celebrate too soon. We don’t know yet whether the sound will or won’t be brickwalled in the new boxed set. Suffice to say that the studio tracks on Sony’s 2-CD expanded of “Strung Up”(released earlier this year) were definitely brickwalled and blaring.

Neil Wilkes

You were right to advise caution – the brickwalling is horrendous on this set, almost unlistenable & I am seriously thinking about returning it.
I wish I could add images here to show you how bad this is, but for just “The Six Teens” in the order of the 6 versions I have, the order in terms of increasing levels is as follows:
1 – 1989 Castle Communications (compilation) -13.86 LUFS (range 4.64 LU)
2 – 1988 Capitol US (Desolation Boulevard) -12.21 LUFS (range 5.88 LU)
3 – Strung Up version -8.89 LUFS (range 5.71 LU)
4 – 1999 UK CD -8.08 LUFS (range 4.91 LU)
5 – Box Set remaster -7.69 LUFS (range 3.74LU)
6 – 2005 Remaster -7.60 LUFS (range 3.73 LU)

So it is interesting, although we see 2 sets of figures here that are contradictory the best version of “Desolation Boulevard” would appear to be the 1988 US edition, followed by the Strung Up version with the 2005 remaster & this new version having much, much less dynamic range and far, far louder even on a track that has (or should have) quite a decent range.
It makes “Strung Up” look good in comparison.

So yet again, we see excessive use of heavy limiting and so-called “mastering” that is wrecking the sonics of the music. WHY? The job of the ME is supposedly to prepare an approved mix for it’s intended release format and not the final chance to completely alter the sound of what we assume was an approved mix in the quest for ever louder masters – this is madness, and the labels wonder why CD is not selling as well as it should do! The problem is not with CD but these ME who take out as much headroom as possible on all digital platforms to make it louder.
Silly me – I always thought this was why we had amplifiers?


83 minutes on one cd? Will that be playable on all players?


These discs are oversized, meaning that Sony have basically written more audio to the CD than its official capacity by utilising the area reserved for the lead-out and a few blocks beyond that. Don’t worry, these discs will play without any problems.

Lee Realgone

Is disc 7 actually discs 7&8? 83 minutes is too much for a single CD. I’m not a massive fan – I like selected tracks but haven’t heard a full album, ever – but this looks like a really great set.

steve gilmour


Plus picked up Queen Vinyl box today coloured vinyl for 400 Aussie dollars so a very pleased man :)

David Cornyn

Can you tell me where you got the Queen box? Cheers, David.

Auntie Sabrina

Really nice package and a great price.

In your excitement you’ve posted 2 copies of your widget…

Kevin Barrett