T. Rex / Bolan’s Zip Gun + Futuristic Dragon / three-disc deluxe set

Edsel are to issue a new T. Rex deluxe ‘bookset’ pairing expanded versions of 1975’s Bolan’s Zip Gun with 1976’s Futuristic Dragon, across three CDs.

Both albums were produced by Bolan (who by then had parted ways with Tony Visconti) and between them they delivered three top 30 hit singles in the UK, including New York City. Amongst the bonus outtakes on this new deluxe set, seven are said to have been mastered from original first generation tapes supplied by two fans – the first time these tapes have been used.

Mark Paytress has written a new 10,000 word essay for the book and the cover features a rare Terry O’Neill photograph.

This Bolan’s Zip Gun / Futuristic Dragon deluxe edition will be released on 3 March 2017.

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Bolan's Zip Gun and Futuristic Dragon





  • 1. Light Of Love
  • 2. Solid Baby
  • 3. Precious Star
  • 4. Token Of My Love
  • 5. Space Boss
  • 6. Think Zinc
  • 7. Till Dawn
  • 8. Girl In The Thunderbolt Suit
  • 9. I Really Love You Babe
  • 10. Golden Belt
  • 11. Zip Gun Boogie

Extended Play

  • 12. Do You Wanna Dance?
  • 13. Dock Of The Bay



  • 1. Futuristic Dragon (Introduction)
  • 2. Jupiter Liar
  • 3. Chrome Sitar
  • 4. All Alone
  • 5. New York City
  • 6. My Little Baby
  • 7. Calling All Destroyers
  • 8. Theme For A Dragon
  • 9. Sensation Boulevard
  • 10. Ride My Wheels
  • 11. Dreamy Lady
  • 12. Dawn Storm
  • 13. Casual Agent

Extended Play

  • 14. London Boys
  • 15. Laser Love
  • 16. Life’s An Elevator



  • 1. Till Dawn
  • 2. Light Of Love
  • 3. Sky Church Music
  • 4. City Port [by Pat Hall]
  • 5. Bolan’s Zip Gun
  • 6. Solid Baby
  • 7. I Really Love You Babe
  • 8. Golden Belt
  • 9. Children Of Rarn [extract]
  • 10. Savage Beethoven
  • 11. Love For Me


  • 12. My Little Baby
  • 13. Casual Agent
  • 14. Dawn Storm
  • 15. All Alone
  • 16. New York City
  • 17. Futuristic Dragon Intro
  • 18. Bust My Ball
  • 19. Brain Police
  • 20. London Boys
  • 21. Funky London Childhood

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Robert Fitzpatrick

I pre-ordered this ! it looks good !


The majority of both Edsell and Easy Action reissues are abysmal in there design, they look tacky to the point of laziness, everytime they choose a font for the word T.Rex it just looks wrong. I’m a designer and would love to design the T.Rex reissues, for FREE just to end this embarrassment. It’s not that hard, keep it simple with great images and well crafted typography, i.e. the Jimi Hendrix reissues. Edsel and Easy Action are more than welcome to contact me. Apart from the dreadful artwork the remastered and unreleased recordings are amazing.

Mangold Winfried

This Box-Set is only a “nice try” to find buyers like me, who collect those box-sets.
There is no need to release the same stuff over and over again. So I think, with the
final Album “Dandy…” there will be no ending with this “sort/art” of release…
So let’s collect the same stuff till dawn… To find “new words” for nearly 50 year old songs
Is amazing and an Art-form for itself, I love to read the words from Marc Paytress (really do!) so I am glad that I ‘”must” buy this albums again…

Ciaran Beattie

I Think A Great Release For The Anniversary Year Would Be The “Zinc Alloy” Multi-fold Sleeve,
As Finding An Intact Sleeve Nowadays Is Almost Impossible…Plus The Original Is A Rare Collectors Item So A Reissue would Be Welcome.
A “Dandy In The Underworld” Deluxe Would Also Be Welcome.
But Please Edsel, If You’re Reading NO MORE SLIDER’S.
It’s A Great Album But Don’t You Think Too Many Reissues Of The One Album Detracts From The Rest Of The Catalogue.
A “Final Cut” On Blue Vinyl Is Also On My Wish List.


Aw, this was a truly good post. In concept I’d like to put in writing like this furthermore – taking time and actual effort to create a very very good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means appear to obtain something done.

chris cummings

This release seems to have stirred up a Hornet’s nest!!!
I will buy it for the outtakes and hope I don’t already have them elsewhere.
The cover shot is pretty poor and I feel sure a better one could have been found.
As Bolan fans we will probably continue to be exploited, especially this year, but hopefully the discs may have a surprise track or two.
However, if you don’t like it then don’t buy it. Simple, really.


It’s interesting that the blurb on the deluxeeditions website says that they’ve done new research into the lyrics for this edition of Zip Gun. Those lyrics are devilish to decipher, so that will be interesting to see what Bolan was actually singing, presumably they found some authorised versions of the lyrics. They weren’t printed on the album cover.
So great to see Bolan’s soul/disco ‘underworld’ period treated so lavishly, a lot of this stuff has been denigrated in the past – most of it recorded at MRI in Hollywood with Richard, Gloria and Pat Hall. They all did a fine job. On each album there is just one song I struggle with: ‘Dawn Storm’ and ‘Precious Star’, because both of them are so lyrically (& musically) slight and repetitive. We just have to be thankful he didn’t put ‘Sky Church Music’ on there, where the only lyric is the title phrase!
Some great songs though, Think Zinc, Golden Belt, My Little Baby and Sensation Boulevard are all time greats for me. Great to hear a new remastered version as well!

Randy Metro

Sky Church Music found it’s way on to the Zip Gun album with changed lyrics and a new title: Zip Gun Boogie. The song Sky Church Music is sung in a traditional gospel style which wasn’t suitable for this album, although that didn’t stop Bolan from putting a gospel flavored song on Tanx. New York City is almost as lyrically bankrupt as Sky Church Music; the magic of Marc Bolan’s songwriting!

Ciaran Beattie

Just Like To Say I Love Both “Bolan’s Zip Gun ” And “Futuristic Dragon”,
However This Set Is Overpriced, Especially When You Consider The Amount Of Times Edsel Have Reissued This Material In The Past.
Hopefully Some Of The Bonus Disc Tracks Will Be Previously Unissued.
No Doubt A Limited Edition 7″ Of Two Of The Tracks Will Be Issued Costing A Third Of The Price Of The Book Set.
Ciaran Beattie

Randy Metro

There is a saying that has been corrupted into “the sum is not equal to it’s parts” or something like that. Each of the songs on Zip Gun sound great when they appear separately on Bolan compilations. However, when I try to listen to the whole album at once, it whizzes by like a train (wreck). It lacks sequencing with slower quieter songs that allow breathing space for the listener’s ears and mind. I get the feeling that Bolan purposely fashioned this album that way to show he could rock hard non stop. Lyrically it is not like any other Bolan album. Regardless of what one thinks of his lyrics, they were part of the Bolan sound, and they are lacking here. Futuristic Dragon has more interesting lyrics, a different sound from Zip Gun but it is probably my least liked of any T.Rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex album. My ears hurt when I listen to it.

don cooper

That was probably the sound of Marc -supposedly-‘ playing’ *Moog* .’ I think he got jealous of Tony V’s Mellotron swamping Tanx-not that there was anything wrong with that.
Marc clearly took Micky Dolenz efforts on Daily Nightly and Star Collector as his cue.
(Love ’em both dearly,btw)


No offence intended, but that looks like a Dead or Alive cover shot.

don cooper

Could do better.
See me after class…


Ian Harris

Why do people keep asking about Tony Visconti being involved when he had nothing to do with the original albums? These two are the nadir of Bolan’s albums but they do have good points on them. The previous box combined Tanx and Zinc Alloy… so it’s not much of a surprise that these two are combined. Hopefully Dandy In The Underworld will get a multi disc set in due course.

Anyway I hope Visconti is busy preparing 5.1 mixes of Low, “Heroes” and Lodger…I can dream.

Dennis Cattell

“Why do people keep asking about Tony Visconti being involved when he had nothing to do with the original albums?”

That’s why. Because we believe he could do a great job with the tapes and should have been allowed to do so at time of recording. Would have done were it not for Bolan’s ego getting in the way of a marvellous partnership forty-odd years ago, and thinking he could do better. He couldn’t. Surprised you didn’t realise this, sir.

Randy Metro

Remixing of T.Rex tracks was done in the 80’s by John & Shan Bramley with disastrous results. Later in the ’90’s, Peter Todd gave it his worst shot including remixing studio tracks with an audience applause track to sound like a long lost T.Rex concert. Even Tony Visconti did a few remixes in the ’80’s. To be fair, most of them were remixes of T.Rex hits and not from these two albums, though Think Zinc was the victim of a leaden, ear deafening, disco dance remix. All of them were a big flop. Bolan’s Zip Gun doesn’t need remixing. Better alternate versions exist and would give the album more of a Zinc Alloy sound, which may not be music to some your ears.


Would far prefer separate expanded reissues. Why combine them in this way? Makes no sense.


Paul – I lost you at “Edsel are to issue”.
Edsel reissues – thanks but no, thanks

Randy Metro

I doubt that Tony Visconti would touch this with a 50 foot pole.

I recently compiled a wonderful set of alternate takes from Bolan’s Zip Gun and related period. There is a lot of material that they could have worked with to make a full CD of outtakes just from the Zip Gun era. If bonus material is coming from DanielZ & Company, that would be a plus. I can guess that the final installment will be Dandy in the Underworld paired with The Final Cuts and any other usable outtakes.

The misplacement of bonus tracks goes back to the mid ’90’s when Edsel thought it would be more fair to spread the extra tracks throughout the catalog. Their mistakes seem to have carried through to the present day. (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay was released on the Marc label but should be moved to Gloria’s Vixen album as a bonus track.


Intersteller Soul is the worst Bolan cover. This doesn’t even come close.

Richard McCook

Why do they keep tagging Do You Wanna Dance & Dock Of The Bay on at the end of Bolan’s Zip Gun? They would be far better having no extra tracks and putting those two on at the end of Futuristic Dragon.


I think the cover’s not too shabby except for the typography. Using the original Zip Gun and Dragon typefaces is okay but that “T.REX” looks so cheap it’s unbelievable. One doesn’t have to be an expert to see that.

Paolo Meccano

The cover looks remarkably similar to that of the T’Pau Virgin Anthology…

Seriously, why don’t Edsel just re-issue their previous 2cd versions of the albums?


To be fair the cover image is good considering the time frame, Bolan looked dreadful in the mid 70’s, bloated and sweaty. Also the two original album sleeves were terrible, easily his worst.
Good to see that these are the shelf friendly book style packages, but once again the Bolan catalogue is all over the place. Electric Warrior deluxe had a great mini type of box, the next one’s an LP sized box and now this.
There is obviously no proper plan in place, they seem to just make it up as they go along.


Not into Bolan’s work, so forgive me if my question is stupid, but why pairing two different albums in a deluxe edition set? It just gives me the feeling of those crappy budget release of two albums by the same artist, those that come in cheap cardboard sleeves.

Colin Murphy

They managed to find the worst photo of Bolan ever for the cover, and £35 for CDs is ridiculous…I’ll pass on this and wait until it’s reduced to about £18 whilst Edsel try and get rid of the stock they have…

Jim Edwards

Seriously, is that the cover? It’s bloody awful. What were they thinking?


Does anyne know if these are the same outtakes that appear on the old 2cd “deluxe” versions?

Fi Jack

So, another Bolan re-release dawns upon us. What a wasted opportunity in Marc’s 40th Anniversary year. This, in my honest opinion, is merely further exploitation of fans. £35 for 3 cd’s including a few outtakes and an essay from Mark Paytress? Seriously? No vinyl, no extras in the box set, no mention of Tony Visconti being involved and a terrible front cover to boot. No way am I paying for this nonsense.

Ollie Carlisle

Looks like he’s trying to do a “Heroes” with more hair. “Hairoes”!

Stephen Goulding

Photo of Marc taken two years before Bowie Heroes release.

Barrie Wilkinson

£35 for 3 cd’s is disgusting. While Marc was alive he believed in value for money so all fans could access hm and his music. Yet another exploitation release.

Chris Squires

What a terrible, terrible cover image…. loses all of the majesty of the man


I’ve seen better fanzine covers!


Not crazy about the cover image…There are much better ones from this session.Although there isn’t anything “New” ,the 7 tracks supplied by Danielz are different outtakes.Hopefully unheard.?

Kevin Barrett

CDs? We don’t want CDs, we want vinyl!! Good grief!!

Fabrice Dray

No we don t

Glen Buchanan

Yes we do! Now stop it Kevin!

Marc Hartley

I prefer CD’s!


So is this a shelf friendly book set or an LP sized one like the previous three T.Rex deluxe sets?

Dennis Cattell

I suppose that I’ll be buying this principally for the Mark Paytress essay, as there doesn’t seem to be anything new on here, though I might be pleasantly surprised by how it sounds, I dare say. Has Tony Visconti been involved in the remastering? Will there be any more Marc Bolan reissue/release activity in this anniversary year?

Music aside, I’d really like to see some of his prose come out in book form. Poetry or his Krakenmist novella, is there anything holding this up? Heck, even a good complete song lyric book would be welcomed.