Tears For Fears: box sets available again + SDE booklet & vinyl pic disc

The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair boxes back in print

Universal Music Catalogue are making the super deluxe edition box sets of Tears For Fears‘ first two albums The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair available again. Additionally, a Songs From The Big Chair vinyl picture disc will be released to mark the 35th anniversary and SDE will publish a special celebratory booklet: How Songs From The Big Chair Ruled the World.

As many readers will know I helped curate both TFF box sets and contributed sleeve notes/interviews for both packages. The Hurting is a 3CD+DVD box set that offers the remastered album, a disc of B-sides and remixes, a CD of rare radio sessions and finally the In My Mind’s Eye concert on DVD. It was first issued in October 2013 and comes with two booklets: a reproduction of a tour programme and my notes, which include quotes from interviews with Roland and Curt, conducted at the time.

Originally issued just over a year later, in November 2014, the Songs From The Big Chair super deluxe edition is a bigger offering, featuring four CDs and two DVDs. This set delivers a truly phenomenal amount of audio with every commercially issued b-side and remix of the era included, along with previously unreleased radio sessions and early mixes. The first DVD includes Steven Wilson’s 5.1 surround mix (and his stereo mix) while the second brings together the Scenes From The Big Chair documentary, a long interview with producer Chris Hughes, promo videos and TV appearances. Again, this comes with a tour booklet replica and a second booklet with band and producers discussing the album ‘in their own words’ (interviews edited and conducted by myself). There is also a detailed guide to the bonus material.

New for 2020, is a limited edition 35th anniversary vinyl picture disc of Songs From The Big Chair and we’re not done yet, since I’m delighted to announce a sixth in the series of SDE ‘keepsake’ booklets with a publication that focuses on Tears For Fears’ 1985 album and is called How Songs From The Big Chair Ruled The World.

New SDE booklet ‘How Songs From The Big Chair Ruled The World’ (click to image to enlarge).

The How Songs From The Big Chair Ruled The World booklet features new content by SDE editor Paul Sinclair (me!), pulling on hours of interviews with key members, a new interview with Roland and fresh insight from engineer Dave Bascombe. It explores, in detail, all aspects of the album, including the recording process, the songs, the singles, the marketing, the chart success and the aftermath.

The two box sets, the new vinyl picture disc and SDE booklet will all be released on 13 March 2020 and everything is available to order via the SDE shop, with the booklet exclusive to that channel. If you are wondering about The Seeds of Love and ‘the new album’, the record label say “new material and further reissues on the horizon”!


Tears For Fears / The Hurting four-disc box setCD 1 – The Hurting

  1. The Hurting
  2. Mad World
  3. Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love)
  4. Ideas As Opiates
  5. Memories Fade
  6. Suffer The Children
  7. Watch Me Bleed
  8. Change
  9. The Prisoner
  10. Start Of The Breakdown

CD 2 – B-sides and Remixes

  1. Suffer The Children (7″ Version)
  2. Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love)
  3. The Prisoner (B-side)
  4. Ideas As Opiates (B-side)
  5. Change (New Version)
  6. Suffer The Children (Remix)
  7. Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love) (Extended Version)
  8. Mad World (World Remix)
  9. Change (Extended Version)
  10. Pale Shelter (Extended Version)
  11. Suffer The Children (Instrumental)
  12. Change (7″ Edit)
  13. Wino (B-Side)
  14. The Conflict (B-Side)
  15. We Are Broken (B-Side)
  16. Suffer The Children (Promo CD Version)

CD 3 – Live Sessions

Peel Session 01.09.1982

  • 1. Ideas As Opiates
  • 2. Suffer The Children
  • 3. The Prisoner
  • 4. The Hurting

Jensen Session 20.10.1982

  • 5. Memories Fade
  • 6. The Prisoner
  • 7. The Start Of The Breakdown
  • 8. The Hurting

From ‘The Way You Are’ single

  • 9. Start Of The Breakdown (Live)
  • 10. Change (Live)

CD 4 – DVD – In My Mind’s Eye – Live At Hammersmith Odeon

  1. Start Of The Breakdown
  2. Mothers Talk
  3. Pale Shelter
  4. The Working Hour
  5. The Prisoner
  6. Ideas As Opiates
  7. Mad World
  8. We Are Broken
  9. Head Over Heels
  10. Suffer The Children
  11. The Hurting
  12. Memories Fade
  13. Change

Songs From The Big Chair – 4CD+DVD super deluxe edition

DISC ONE – Album with special cassette-only bonus tracks recreated

01. SHOUT : 6:31
04. MOTHERS TALK : 5:04
05. I BELIEVE : 4:54
06. BROKEN : 2:38
07. HEAD OVER HEELS : 5:02
08. LISTEN : 6:54

Bonus tracks

09. THE BIG CHAIR : 3:20
11. THE MARAUDERS : 4:13
13. THE CONFLICT : 4:02
14. THE WORKING HOUR – Piano Version : 2:08
15. PHARAOHS : 03:42
17. SEA SONG : 3:51

DISC TWO – Edited Songs From The Big Chair

01. THE WAY YOU ARE : 4:49
02. MOTHERS TALK – Single Version : 3:53
03. SHOUT – Single Version : 5:58
04. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Single Version : 4:14
05. HEAD OVER HEELS – Remix : 4:15
06. I BELIEVE (A Soulful Re-Recording) : 4:39
08. THE WAY YOU ARE – Short Version : 4:21
09. MOTHERS TALK – U.S. Remix : 4:14
10. SHOUT – U.S. Single Version : 4:51
11. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RUN THE WORLD – Running Version : 4:30
12. HEAD OVER HEELS – Radio Version : 4.20
13. MOTHERS TALK – Video Version : 4:14
14. SHOUT – Short Version : 4:03
15. LISTEN – Clean Intro : 6:52

DISC THREE – Remixed Songs From The Big Chair (exclusive to box)

01. THE WAY YOU ARE – Extended Version : 7:37
02. MOTHERS TALK – Extended Version : 6:18
03. SHOUT – Extended Remix Version : 7:40
04. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Extended Version : 5:40
05. BROKEN / HEAD OVER HEELS / BROKEN – Preacher Mix : 8:00
06. MOTHERS TALK – Beat Of The Drum Mix : 8:54
07. SHOUT – U.S. Remix : 8:02
09. MOTHERS TALK – U.S. Remix alternate : 4:12
10. SHOUT – Dub : 6:49
11. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Instrumental : 4:21
12. SHOUT – Acappella : 5:02

DISC FOUR – Unreleased Songs From The Big Chair (exclusive to box)

01. HEAD OVER HEELS : 4:14 Richard Skinner Session
02. THE WORKING HOUR : 6:06 Richard Skinner Session
03. BROKEN : 3:19 Richard Skinner Session
04. MOTHERS TALK : 4:05 Live At Massey Hall
05. BROKEN / HEAD OVER HEELS : 5:01 Live At Massey Hall
06. MEMORIES FADE : 6:50 Live At Massey Hall
07. THE WORKING HOUR : 7:31 Live At Massey Hall
08. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD : 4:19 Live At Massey Hall
09. SHOUT : 7:50 Live At Massey Hall
10. MOTHERS TALK – Early Mix / Instrumental : 4:39
11. THE WAY YOU ARE – Early Mix : 4:25
12. BROKEN – Early Mix : 5:38
13. SHOUT – Early Mix : 5:08
14. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Alternate Single Version: 4.20


5.1 and Stereo mix

SHOUT : 6:32
I BELIEVE : 4:54
BROKEN : 2:38
LISTEN : 6:49



01. SCENES FROM THE BIG CHAIR – Documentary : 1:14:43

03. THE WAY YOU ARE – Music Video : 3:57
04. MOTHERS TALK – Alternative UK Video : 4:00
05..MOTHERS TALK – Music Video : 4.49
06. SHOUT – Music Video : 6:31
08. HEAD OVER HEELS – Music Video : 4:26
09. I BELIEVE – Music Video : 4:45
10. MOTHERS TALK – US Mix – Music Video : 4:52
BBC TV Appearances

03. THE WAY YOU ARE : 4:11 Top Of The Pops
04. MOTHERS TALK : 3:48 Top Of The Pops
05. MOTHERS TALK : 3:51 Top Of The Pops
06. SHOUT : 4:20 Top Of The Pops
10. THE WORKING HOUR : 4:28 Wogan

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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For anyone in the Glasgow/Renfrewshire area HMV in Braehead have one copy left on display (back of shop right hand wall) for £24.99


I’ve picked up the last The Hurting boxset from HMV Leeds today Thursday 30 July 2020 for £24.99.

They had it in their back store room after checking it’s availability. The salesman said he sold another copy a couple of days ago.

It was recently advertised by them at that price online but had sold out.

So it’s worth asking at your local HMV.

Other item of interest in the HMV crash sale which was ongoing was the Simple Minds Street Fighting Years CDs & DVD boxset.

I think that was similar price area from memory now. Sorry, face mask started to steam up my glasses so left soon after!

Alan Crane

I ordered both The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair box sets on March 4th from Amazon – Songs From The Big Chair was delivered on 28th March after initially having given me a May delivery date. Waited and waited and last Monday (4th May) got the dreaded ‘We regret to inform you that we have been unable to source the following item:’ email. I’ve noticed Songs From The Big Chair is still in stock on Amazon albeit at £49.99 and at the moment The Hurting is £77.99 + £1.26 P&P from an Amazon seller. Anyone know if equal amounts were produced of each box set?

Ross Baker

Well, it’s been concluded that mine has been lost in the post. Getting a full refund is all very well, but given that prices are now double the original £40 I’m still not going to be able to afford one at the minute – and judging on what happened with the first issue, the cost will only go up in time.

These ludicrously low run limited editions – when put out by the largest record label in the world – are such a pain in the arse, as not only do they leave people like myself without an item that I pre-ordered, but the difficulty in getting a replacement is partly because scalpers have clocked the demand (there’s already a new copy for £110 on Amazon).

Needless to say I’m very frustrated at the whole thing.


Hmv online 50 quid

James W

I just got mine today, very, very late. Hopefully, yours shows up soon as well. Now I hope my “The Hurting” box shows up very late, too. ha!

S Fernandez

It was a pain to visit the site daily to check inventory but I was finally able to pre-order The Hurting box set on March 5. It was shipped March 19. I’ve lost hope it’ll arrive and of course since it’s sold out I can’t afford it anymore on third party sites. Going back and forth with uDiscover went nowhere, there’s no more in stock. After waiting years for this to be available I’m really upset by this. Why this was reprinted in such limited quantities despite the demand is beyond frustrating.


How many units of The Hurting Deluxe have been made available? 2 or maybe 3? I wanted to wait with the order til April and it’s already gone. Better no re-release than this rubbish. It’s under a month ago, that it was put out (March 20).

Jason M

Tom, this site, and this very thread you are posting in has listed multiple sites selling these box sets, and I put my order in late and got mine on Monday. I think The Hurting is sold out everywhere but you should check all the sites in this thread. Sadly, the economic meltdown could lead to cheaper prices on Eee Bait and Scamazon. Good luck. The Big Chair should still be available on a few.


Strangely enough, Amazon UK shipped last Thursday and delivered The Hurting box to my US address Monday March 30th but my SFTBC box shipped on March 19th and still isn’t due to arrive until next week. At least I got The Hurting. Was thinking I was just waiting for a cancellation notice like others.

Mick Renshaw

Finally got round to opening these two box sets, without a shadow of doubt this is how to do them properly. Excellent job, Paul, really well done. Not to start listening to them!

Elliott Buckingham

I think this set is well overpriced when you think of recent sets from inxs and marillion were around £25. Why no bluray 5.1 mix just a dvd version


Over priced it’s a great box set best box set I’ve had most underrated group ever

paul widdows

Hi i was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem as me with the big chair picture disc. i purchased a copy from amazon and the copy i recieved had a split from the middle outwards so i unsealed it and the picture in the middle was cracked, more noticeable on side b. so i returned it. They had no more copies so i ordered one from the hmv website. I was in hmv yesterday and the copies they had in stock had the same crack in it in exactly the same place. Is this a manufacturing fault or just a coincidence


Mines fine, although I know what you mean as I’ve had this “split” image issue with other picture discs. When the audio quality is pretty rubbish, the least you want them to get right is the image

Tony walton

Been to hmv today in Sunderland and they have got 4 copies of the tears for fears sde boxset of the hurting in stock…so all you fine people who can’t get one that’s where you can…..

Gregg Adams

So incredibly sad. I found the SFTBC box years ago, but have been on the hunt for The Hurting box. Didn’t hear about this until today and see it’s all sold out. What did they do, only make 5 more copies of that thing? $300 on the secondary market? If anyone picked up an extra set and would be willing to help a fellow music collector in the states out with a reasonable price, please let me know. Don’t mind paying a bit over sticker, but some people want a rather exorbitant amount. Thanks in advance. Also Paul thanks for the awesome interviews with the Tears for Fears crew about the albums.


Still available through Universal online store as of 12pm today.
Hope that helps you out.

Gregg Adams

Thanks for the heads up I really appreciate it. Unfortunately stateside store is sold out. Doesn’t let me check the UK store. May have found one on Amazon. Listed as Super Deluxe, had pics of everything. Paid for it, now we’ll see when it arrives sometime next month. My fingers are crossed.

Jason M

Chair is 66.50 on Amazon and The Hurting is 31.82! Buy now before they are gone.

Shaun H

Stephen Curtis
My order was also cancelled this morning and a charge made for the download. I rang customer services and they have now credited the download charge and gave me £10 in compensation.


The Hurting arrived from Sister Ray Records about half an hour ago and SFTBC just this minute turned up from Amazon.

With these boxes still having the same copyright details from a few years back I have a question. Have these been newly created or has the record company been sitting on stock for years?

Looking forward to delving in.

One petty little niggle. The halftone on the cover of the SFTBC box is a bit shoddy. lol

Stephen Curtis

Pre-ordered these at the time and this morning on the day amazon said they would be delivered they’ve cancelled The Hurting. To rub salt into the wound they charged me £10.99 as i accessed the digital content they made available to me at the time of pre-order.

Wayne Klein

Paul thanks for originally posting about this. I missed the SDE store version and even an earlier Amazon but managed to pick it up from another distributor in the U.K. thanks for your efforts on behalf of those who love physical product.


Songs From The Big Chair box set available now in stock at Base.com.


Songs from the big chair box arrived from Amazon today but the hurting “We’ll e-mail you when available.” Quick check online and base.com has it for £32 including p&p. Says in stock and 2-3 days…fingers crossed!


Thank you for the heads up at base.com. Ordered them both!


Have just received the ominous “We’re still trying to obtain the item(s) which you ordered” email re Songs from the Big Chair box set from Amazon. Based on past experience this is usually followed by the “Sorry we can’t get stock of your item” and they cancel the order.

I always interpret that as – we are not making enough money to fulfil the order. Because of course I could obtain stock by walking into my local HMV and lift a copy!

Johnny Buck

Are these two sets being offered only through the SDE website?


Have actually seen two copies of the Songs box set in the flesh so to speak (in local HMV) and yet I await my Amazon pre-order

Ian Whiteford

When are you posting the Hurting super deluxe Paul?


I’ve just had an email from Zoom saying my Hurting box set has been despatched which ties in with what Paul was saying about stock being received today.


Am I just being blind or is the earlier single version of Mothers Talk (the one on the video with the kid on the floor watching TV that starts off ballad-like before kicking in) not included on any of these releases?

Not trying to be THAT guy ;-) but if it isn’t, I am baffled lol


Was about to say I am very happy to be blind in this instance but I can be forgiven as it actually says ‘single version’ much appreciated anyway, thank you.


I am losing it. I have the two disc version of Songs from last time around


Ahhhhh track 13!!!!! I will go away now lol


just ignore my idiocy, Paul! :-D

Kevin Horton

Anybody else getting messed around by amazon this morning on both these boxes?
Got an email to say they’re trying to source stock/delivery date pending
Ordered both on 13th Feb – maybe they’ve overcommitted on orders


Yeah. I have had a delay email too. Maybe because we are now in the delay phase! I have been really excited for these but now feel I might not get them..


If anyone still looking for Songs From The Big Chair box Base have it for order, although not in stock, but you can apparently reserve. I ordered it a few days ago and mine is on the way. Might be a bit more expensive than some other places but worth a go if you are desperate.

Dave Thompson

I phoned Amazon today and was given a date of 25th April (a Saturday?). I asked as to whether there was a delay in release or if they had taken too many orders. The lady said that it was a delay on release. I don’t understand then, why right up to last night, they stated that it was to be dispatched on the 13th March. I will be interested to find out as to if I was fed the truth or not


I’ve just received mine today from udiscover music no problems whatsoever brilliant service

Robert Hammond

Anyone else had their order from Zoom for ‘Songs from the Big Chair’ cancelled and refunded? They’ve just thrown me an email saying, ‘ We are regrettably contacting you to inform that we will be unable to supply your item, this is due to an issue with receiving stock from the manufacturer.’ I then had an email from PayPal with a refund – despite my order status yesterday stating ‘Sent from warehouse’!

Very disappointing.

John 79

Robert Hammond,
Yes, I have had my order cancelled for SFTBC from Zoom,I am furious with them,what a time to tell us that they cannot complete our orders,the day before release,I will never use that company again,
From a very unhappy customer of Zoom……


My Amazon UK order of The Hurting due today has not taken payment from my account. It seems there is a supply issue. I ordered the day the pre-order links went live so I should have been one of the first on the list (If Amazon works that way).


Thanks for the info Paul. As long as I get it at some point, I am not in a hurry. Just would hope that if they do get limited stock, it’s first come first served.


Great job with the booklet. It’s a fantastic companion for the album. I was pleasantly surprised by the A4 size too.


Can’t believe how quickly these box sets have sold out. Would like to own both TFF super deluxe editions and am willing to pay in advance of any available copies.

Also, is the book available as a digital download?


Just ordered via jpc/Germany. Has been unavailable the last weeks.
Great records – great artists.
Personal all-time-fave from TFF: “Pale shelter” – still shivers down my spine…

Now still patiently waiting for the seeds of love… to grow.


I went to pre-order from SDE but it is already out of stock. :o(

Garry Clayton

Yes they are bought and on eBay again at inflated prices


Hi Francois. Like you, I waited too long. I was able to order a copy at a decent price at https://www.grooves-inc.com. I haven’t shopped that site before, so I can’t yet vouch for their speed or reliability.

Dave H

Hi Paul,
Received the SDE booklet today. Thanks on the great job on the presentation and interviews.
Anyone thinking about whether they should purchase a copy, I would definitely spend the money before this also sells out.


I have used Grooves Land via their eBay shop. I have never had an issue with them so, touch wood, everything will work out swimmingly well for you.


Just a heads up in case anyone is still after the box sets. They are still available on pre-order at Zoom. £33.99 for The Hurting and £29.99 for SFTBC.


Please could you provide a link? I can’t fine any trace of these on the Zoom website.


They disappeared from Zoom website and Zoom on ebay overnight. They were there yesterday evening.

Randy Layton

have a link? went to zoom and neither set is listed at all, though i located the picture disc.

Tony M.

Both boxes are currently back up for pre-order at Amazon UK. Needless to say, I just placed my order. I was not about to make the same mistake thrice!


Now deleted from zoom but I think I may have just ordered in time. Otherwise they may cancel my order.


Crazy that these box sets are so limited. They seem to have sold out everywhere weeks before they’re even released. So much work gone into them, so many people wanting to enjoy them, but can’t. Nuts!

Lazy sunday

Quick, available to preorder again on Amazon uk….just ordered.


this is REALLY pedantic, but the only thing that bugs me about the SFTBC box, is that I would have liked the original album to be on a stand alone disc. incorporate the other 9 tracks from the first disc onto the other discs. Apart from that little niggle – the box is just awesome.


I think if you do the maths, it’ll be tough to split them up in any way. Most of the CDs are pretty full already, and how would you split up the b-sides?

There was a precedent here too with the limited cassette that had most of these bonus tracks (except the last three), so I think it’s justifiable. It would’ve been a shame if, say, the demos wouldn’t have been there because of the missing space. (Although I guess some of the edits could’ve been left off disc 2!)


Just bought the book! looking forward to reading it.


Banquet Records seems to be accepting pre-orders.


How many of these booklets are you going to produce Paul? I currently can’t use PayPal (too long story to post here) and I fear I’m going to miss out :(


I fear that’s too short to sort out my financial problems :(


Thank you very very much Paul! You’re the real deal. I promise it won’t take too long :) (And once I’ve got it all sorted out, I’m sure I’ll use your SDE store regularly, since I definitely want to support your endeavours…)


Both sets are shown as available at jpc.de.

Si Rogers

The Hurting now sold out on recordstore.com as well.

si Rogers

The Hurting now sold out on udiscovermusic.com again. Hope people got their copies.

Wayne C

Apparently you can pre order both of these again from record store and udiscover, I’ve just looked on them and saying available.

Kevin Greer

I’m wondering if they are re-releasing these to get an idea of how many of the Seeds of Love box to manufacture. I for one will be very upset if they have waited this long for a release and then we have to scramble to get it or it sells out immediately.

Jason M

Success! I hope. 125.22 total USD for both sets and shipping to the US is not too bad. Better than the 190 plus on ebay. Seems that Udiscover music and recordstore.uk may be the same thing as I put both in my cart and everything was exactly the same. Ordered them separate so unsure if there was any shipping discount.


all available from recordstore.co.uk to pre-order as of 17:00 with 49 left of the picture disc.


Thanks Guy!!! Never even heard of this site before but just ordered my Hurting box. I’ve been dying for this set forever, couldn’t believe it sold out again before it even got released. I’m guessing Amazon will eventually get more but didn’t want to take that chance.


SFTBC Super Deluxe seems to be available at select online vendors for list price range prices. The Hurting Super Deluxe appears to be sold out everywhere but greedBay. Maybe Universal will do another run…

Kevin Greer

The Hurting back up on udiscover and record store.uk.

Alan Fenwick

Vinyl Picture Disc now in stock at Amazon UK now and is £17.99

Si Rogers

Just ordered mine from udiscoverymusic.com they seem to be plenty in stock . Grab them now rather more expensive than Amazon

joel ivins

i think it is interesting that their website has been down for a few weeks…hopefully, because it is being revamped for the seeds of love extravaganza

Rob M

Hey guys.

Having just checked, the “Songs From The Big Chair” box seems available to pre-order at recordstore.co.uk again.

Get it while you can. :)


Thanks. I just ordered one from there. I was hoping to get from a U.S. source to cut down on shipping but oh well.


Amazing nearly a month to go till release and sold out everywhere apart from the robbers on flea bay!!!

Rob M

Absolutely love this band and some of my earliest musical memories are of hearing “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” on the radio back in 1985. I’d already bought the single disc reissues from the late nineties and also the two disc Deluxe Edition of “Songs from the Big Chair” that came out back in 2006, but missed both these Super Deluxe boxes the first time around. I always intended to pick them up, but never quite got round to it. Before I knew it they were both out of print and going for crazy money. Over the last few years I’d been periodically checking places like eBay and Amazon to see if I could get a good deal on them, but the prices were always completely ridiculous. Funnily enough, about a week ago I checked eBay UK and there was a seller on there offering both boxes mint and sealed with a “Buy It Now” price of £600. Insane.

Anyway, I was delighted to read on here last week that they would be reissuing both boxes. I would have preferred to have bought them from the SDE shop but, just two days after being announced, they were already sold out there and gone from Amazon as well. Thankfully, I managed to pre-order both from recordstore.co.uk in time. I feel bad for all the fans who have missed out yet again, though. Surely the band and their management must realise that the demand is there and they still have a strong fanbase who will devour these kinds of releases? I think it’s very thoughtful of them to repress these so that people have a chance to get the full trilogy of their classic ’80s albums in Super Deluxe editions when the “Seeds” box finally appears, but I think the demand has been seriously underestimated. Either that or they only pressed a few of them, because selling out in just a few days when the release date is still a month away is pretty nuts. The sad truth is that I’d be willing to wager that a lot of them have been bought up by the scalpers for the inevitable pricey re-sells on eBay and the like, which only hurts the real fans at the end of the day.

Anyway, thanks for your work on these sets and the continued work on the site, Paul. Fingers crossed that eveyone who wants to snag these will get them eventually. Having just checked, they still have the box of “The Hurting” available on recordstore.co.uk if anyone is still looking for it.

Jason M

Is it really too late for them to press another 2000 of each? These are cd/dvd not exactly custom built cars.

Lee Farber

As of this morning, The Hurting is still available for pre-order on the US udiscovermusic.com site.


Anyone wanting the picture disc can pre order still from What Records


So upset I´ve missed both of the box sets again, why they dont make more available is beyond me, do you think they will make them available agin Paul