Tears For Fears / Rule The World – The Greatest Hits / new compilation

Two new songs • Selections span all studio albums  • no deluxe edition

Virgin/EMI will issue Rule The World: The Greatest Hits, a new Tears For Fears compilation, in November.

The 16-track, one-CD collection will include singles from all six Tears For Fears studio albums (including the two where Curt Smith wasn’t a member) as well as a couple of new songs, the rather anthemic I Love You But I’m Lost (the new ‘single’) and Stay.

The set is non-chronological, which is probably sensible, but inevitably is defined by the big hits from the 1980, including their two US chart-toppers Everybody Wants To Rule The World and Shout. The former is probably presumed to be a UK number one, but it actually peaked at number two – the band have never reached the top of the singles chart in Britain.

Rule The World is by no means a complete collection of 45s; their debut Suffer The Children is missing, as is Tears Roll Down which featured on – and was issued as a single to promote – their 1992 collection Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82–92). Eleven of the 12 tracks on that set are included on Rule The World. Non-album single The Way You Are – issued between The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair and famously hated by the band – is an unsurprising absentee.

The last three studio albums Elemental (1993), Raoul and The Kings Of Spain (1996) and Everybody Loves A Happy Ending (2004/5) delivered 11 singles around the world, but only three feature on this collection, the best-known being Break It Down Again (a top 30 hit on both sides of the Atlantic).

Apart from Shout which is labelled as the ‘edit’, there is no indication which ‘versions’ of songs we are getting. There were loads of single/radio versions created for Woman in Chains for example, but the likelihood is that it will be the album cut. Pale Shelter will be the second version (the hit) not the 1982 original and I Believe will inevitably be the ‘Soulful Re-Recording’ issued as single number five from Songs From The Big Chair.

There is no deluxe edition (with rarities), no multi-disc expanded version of this set (with more of their singles), and no exclusive editions from their website – just this fairly straightforward single disc release, which is also available as a 2LP vinyl package. We can expect the new songs to appear on the band’s forthcoming album, which is likely to surface next year. There will also be a 2018 UK tour.

I would like to hear SDE readers’ thoughts on I Love You But I’m Lost and the track listing in general? What changes would you make, if any? Leave a comment.

Rule The World: The Greatest Hits will be released on 10 November 2017.

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Tears for Fears

Rule The World - CD edition


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Tears For Fears

Rule The World: The Greatest Hits [VINYL]


1. Everybody Wants To Rule The World – from Songs From The Big Chair (1985)
2. Shout (Edit) – from Songs From The Big Chair (1985)
3. I Love You But I’m Lost (New Track)
4. Mad World – From The Hurting (1983)
5. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – from The Seeds Of Love (1989)
6. Advice For The Young At Heart – from The Seeds Of Love (1989)
7. Head Over Heels – from Songs From The Big Chair (1985)
8. Woman In Chains – from The Seeds Of Love (1989)
9. Change – From The Hurting (1983)
10. Stay (New Track)
11. Pale Shelter – From The Hurting (1983)
12. Mothers Talk (US Version) – Re-recorded US single (1986)
13. Break It Down Again – from Elemental (1993)
14. I Believe – from Songs From The Big Chair (1985)
15. Raoul And The Kings Of Spain – from Raoul And The Kings Of Spain (1996)
16. Closest Thing To Heaven – from Everybody Loves A Happy Ending (2004/5)

2LP Vinyl

LP 1
1. Everybody wants to rule the world
2. Shout
3. I love you but I’m lost
4. Mad World
5. Sowing the seeds of love
6. Advice for the young at heart
7. Head over heels
8. Woman in chains

LP 2
1. Change
2. Stay
3. Pale shelter
4. Mothers talk
5. Break it down again
6. I believe
7. Raoul and the kings of spain
8. Closest thing to heaven

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Read two online news articles over the past week.
One said that TFF had the the new album ready last year, but TFF management felt they need to re-acquaint themselves with their UK audience before releasing it. Something along the lines of “Hey, remember us? We recorded all this cool stuff back in the day, so keep us in mind over the next 6 months as you’ll be hearing from us again” kind of thing. And that, apparently, is one reason for the current tour.
The other said that they have 26 songs for the new album which, according to Curt, they’ve never had for any previous albums (although if you look at the b-sides and other tracks they’ve released, they obviously had “extra” in the past). With that many songs, could it be a double, a super deluxe, or even 2 (or 3) separate albums?

Gareth Pugh

To your question Paul, just received my Rule the World vinyl copy. Nice and pristine condition I might add, but the design and packaging is quite perfunctory again (no real sleeve notes, plain white paper inner bags). What is a bit baffling, given there are 4 tracks per side, is they haven’t made full use of the surface space this could have afforded them for optimum sound quality by spreading the grooves out at the cutting stage; instead, the tracks are quite ‘bunched’ and there’s oceans of deadwax!


I bought the cd in a shop today and have listened a couple of times. It sounds good. Nicely mixed, all of the tracks sound really nice. I really enjoy the new songs and the pacing of this mix. The booklet has little info and just a few pictures of the guys now. But, I’m glad to have it. I’d only change out “Advice for the young at heart” myself, but just a personal preference… not a favorite track for me, but everyone has their own opinions. I like this disc a lot. I think now it is a smart move to try and garner interest in build up to the new album. It already has me excited for it!


Advice for the Young at Heart is one of my favorites! Too each his own :)

Lynn Mathews

I’m not holding my breath for any more new material, otherwise I’d be dead waiting ?14 yrs for new music & being told year after year the new stuff (a whole album/CD worth) is mixed & in the can waiting to be released (by the new label). This reissue smacks of prior contract fullfillment requirements & I’m pretty sure everybody has that figured out by now.
So if they DO actually release a whole CD of new music everybody will rule the world of enjoyment of their fav band all over again.

DJ Salinger

The new compilation seems like a tactical move to me. Rekindle wider public interest in the band in time for Christmas, maybe win a few new fans along the way, and then drum up (hopefully) greater level of interest in the new album next year.

Nothing wrong with that strategy – it seemed to me that back in 2004 ELAHE wasn’t really given the attention it deserved. Which remains a shame as some of the songs on that album are up there with their very best and it’s the sort of grand production that just doesn’t seem to happen much anymore. If something as joyful as ‘Call Me Mellow’ doesn’t get you excited about rock music again, then you’ve got a heart of stone.

Like a lot of long-term fans, the new ‘best of’ has little interest for me apart from cherry-picking the new tracks. A two-disc option could’ve been an opportunity to revisit some of the neglected ’90s album tracks and b-sides. TFF always gave good b-side: ‘Lord Of Karma’ and ‘Until I Drown’ are two from the ’90s that spring to mind as rather fine songs, reflecting the two sides of the band – hook-laden banger and atmospheric melancholy respectively.

Short answer: will be saving my cash for the new album in 2018.

But either way, it’s good to have them back. RAH ticketing fiasco notwithstanding (I’m almost over it, really I am…)

[…] You But I’m Lost remains on the ‘A-list’ of BBC Radio 2’s playlist and the Rule The World greatest hits is only a couple of weeks away from […]

Julian H

I put my first impressions of the single here -> http://tearsforfears.boards.net/thread/78/love-lost-single-premiered-october

Though if I hadn’t written to my favourite radio station, I don’t think ANY German radio station would have played it. Either there’s a conspiracy or the promotion is simply bad. Other bands get promoted properly, TFF get swept under the carpet…

As for the CD itself, this release would be a lot more rewarding for us loyal TFF fans if it came with a 2CD option including some of the rarities missing on CD.

It would also be interesting to know which mixes and edits have been used (the original US Version of “Mothers Talk” is surprisingly hard to find, as the reissues tend to include the reverb-laden version from 1990) and whether the mastering of “The Hurting” tracks improves upon the deluxe edition / the mastering of “Seeds” and “Elemental” tracks provides a preview of the coming deluxe editions.

Julian H

Aaah, thx Paul. I’ll check SDE even more often than I do anyway, then! :)

Mike Williams

I think that there should be a 2-disc version with the 2nd disc being a Blu-Ray/DVD of all of the videos.


Don’t know if this is the right place to mention this (and hope it’s OK, Paul) but as a result of the ticketing fiasco for the TFF Albert Hall gig next week I’ve ended up with an extra standing ticket in the Gallery as I subsequently managed to get a seat. Problem is that they’re marked as strictly not to be resold, in order to keep them out of the hands of the touts and in the hands of the fans, which is a little ironic as this one could end up not in the hands of anyone. I understand they’ll be checking IDs on the door too.

So if anyone is looking for a ticket (and is prepared to stand up all night!) for the price I paid for it (just under £50) let me know. Or if anyone has any suggestions … I’ll check back on the forum later.



Absolutly love the fact that its a one disc no deluxe, straight forward release ! – just like it used to be. I sometimes get disallusioned with all these sooooooper deluxe sets that you would never sit down and listen to from beginning to end. Like what listening to an album should be !

Jose Luiz

I’m looking forward to have the “lost tapes” of the mid 80’s on my TFF collection! Please Paul, let us know if there is any news about the “Suicide Jam Tapes”? Any chance to “Suicide Jam Tapes” and the unreleased songs produced by Ian Stanley just after Songs From The Big Chair be released in one exclusive disc on the The Seeds Of Love SDE?


Would’ve preferred a half decent tour, like they had in the States…

Chris Squires

Having just seen the notes for the upcoming new Madness best of “Full House” across 4 LPs with 42 tracks and looking like a solid effort it makes me realize what a missed opportunity this is for TFF. It backs up the “last minute” hypothesis above from Jack.


On the subject of that Full House by Madness the double CD is on Amazon for £19.17 which is a total joke compared to £9.99 om hmv.com. Madness seem to release a few compilation albums every few years as bad as level 42 and tears for fears.


As a huge TFF fan, I can’t help but agree with some of the posts here.

This compilation seems like an almost last minute rushed job to capitalize on the success of the recent tour with Hall & Oates, just in time for Christmas and to keep rotation going to generate interest in the new upcoming release (“The Tipping Point”?). I expect “Stay” to be a decent but underwhelming song in the same regard as “Pullin’ A Cloud” but I could very well be wrong.

If anything, they should have released an expanded deluxe 25th anniversary 5-disc edition of “Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits)” with the bonus CD of remixes – expanded, another bonus CD of additional “hits”, an expanded “Saturnine Martial & Lunatic” b-sides and rarities collection, and a DVD of all the promo videos (easter eggs could be Graduate videos and Roland & Curt solo videos!). That would have geared things up for “The Seeds Of Love” box as well as the new album. Perhaps a 30th anniversary edition will arrive in 2022 to keep things consistent with the previous anniversary boxes? :)

Either way, looking forward to the “clubby” new album and tour! … and yes, “The Seeds Of Love” box (2019)!… Paul, any chance of an Oleta Adams interview on this site? :)


New somg sounds great!

mick lynch

Everybody Wants To RUN The World would have been a lovely addition Paul.


Enough with the bloody compilations already… Release the ‘Seeds of Love’ box set… Or even the new album, preferable before the f***ing sun become a red giant and consumes the earth.
This reeks of cash grab.


As a life long die hard TFF fan I find this collection rather underwhelming. This is more like a marketing trick to catch the mass audience’s attention, before releasing a new album with new songs. Kind of what U2 are doing with The Joshua Tree. Go back to be able to move forward, make a splash with well known songs and build interest. But… I don’t think the new song is up to their standard. I hate it when people compare it to Take That – because they are spot on. The song is too compressed and generic, in my opinion. At the same time: I’m happy that they are still around and are releasing new material. It has been too long. Will buy the vinyl and have my hopes that the mastering/sound will be flawless.

Julian H

I agree about the compressed sound. It didn’t do ELAHE any good, why should the “trick” work this time? Music needs some space to breathe. TFF used to sound great. Steven Wilson thinks “The Seeds of Love” is the best sounding record *EVER* produced besides “Dark Side of the Moon”! Why not try to continue that legacy? There’s enough headache-inducing stuff on the radio already. TFF could stand out with better sound. Like Daft Punk or Mark Ronson did.

Jenna Appleseed

That cover is really dated, looks like an late 80s/very early 90s New Age book about saving the planet.

Hope the mastering’s good, picked up a second hand copy of Mad World: The Collection (didn’t realise it was a brickwalled budget comp) – turned out to only have disc two – Break It Down Again sounded horrible/wrong compared to the original cd of Elemental.


I agree we don’t need another compilation but at least there are two new songs. A nice way to ease us into the album campaign and tour.

I am really liking the new single. Very excited about the new album. Hopefully it will be released in Jan or Feb.

Fingers crossed 2018 sees the release of SOL box set. The Hurting & SFTBC box sets are incredible and SOL will no doubt be as good


A tidier release would have been a 2-CD set with a disc of some recent live material (the Spotify Landmark material for example) that would give a taste for the new tour.

Charlie Waffles

The album cover is awful. The track selection is dreadful. This release needs to be put in the back of a warehouse and forgotten. I want the Songs From The Big Chair box set that I cannot find anymore. Now THAT was a proper album release, although stingy on the availability.


According to the band’s webstore the 2 LP vinyl will be released on 12 January 2018, that is too late for Christmas…

Timothy Harrison

Agree… new song isn’t great. A lazy release with lazy art work.

Irving Weisenthal

Love the new single. Very modern sounding. Can’t wait to hear the rest of their new matieral. I think they are trying hard to stay relevant and not just be a greatest hits band. I have already bought the new single and will get the next but will most likely skip the greatest hits album unless something is amazing on it.

Anxiously awaiting for the new material album which supposedly is coming out early 2018.


I want this, but I mean, the band already have so many compilations… it’s like the Human League, it feels like more comps than albums now. But, I want to hear the new songs, so I won’t complain much.


I want a chronology with these things, the narrative.

And Tears Roll Down.


The bad: the new song isn’t great. A bit like when Duran Duran do the whole EDM thing. Sounds awkward but there’s an endearing line in there for the chorus.

The good: all this Seeds of Love talk made me revisit the album- Badman’s song truly is an incredible piece of music


When you say “Duran Duran do the whole EDM thing” do you mean “Last Night in the City”?

Neil Forker

I would have liked to have seen a deluxe edition that included the three tracks from “Ready Boy & Girls?” There is still only the vinyl RSD release of those tracks unless you could the low resolution digital releases on YouTube.

Paul English

Not a bad track list. Tears Roll Down was decent (aside from the failure to use single edits)
I always picked up the B-side comp Tears Laid Low which is great.

Larry Davis

I thought the B-sides disc was called “Saturnine Martial & Lunatic”?? Is “Tears Laid Low” a newer B-sides comp??

Julian H

“Tears Laid Low” is the only CD that includes the proper version of “We are Broken”!

Wayne Klein

My guess is that this is designed to inspire those who see them in concert to buy it realizing that they are missing one or two songsesides the new ones.


not a fan of the artwork.

not a fan of non-chronological.

not a fan of the new song, and yet, i will probably end up buying it,
(maybe the other song is good?), and because i collect tears for fears

yes, even the ones that i don’t like.

such is the life of a collector.



i was wondering why they’re doing that concert…lol.


Paul, since we’re talking 80’s anyway, I emailed with Piet Blank and he said he hoped they would release So80s 11 before the end of this year. Can’t wait. I know it’s off-topic but good news nonetheless.


This looks more like the new default best of they will be selling at the supermarket, nice they have something new to add. I think they did a great job with Gold, collecting their singles, granted a rarities set included would be better, as they never had the 10″ covers ep never released on cd that could have been great for a rarities, among other single mixes, such as Year of the Knife. But now, TFF are like The Smiths, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, where there are more compilations than actual albums.


The new song sounds like St. Lucia, a modern band that recreates a lot of the 80’s tropes. Full circle. Anyone know who produced it?

As for “yet another singles comp”, I really have no idea who this is aimed at. As a big TFF fan, I have all the songs already, most remastered recently so they sound fine. The new song isn’t something that I would go back to again and again. I’ll listen to it a few times on streaming and be just fine.

knows better

Since these guys hate each other, I wouldn’t expect any more great music from them.

Chris Squires

A La Clarkson, May and Hammond. You don’t have to be BFFs to make a lot of people very happy (just TFFs – hahaha).

I know the SoL wait is frustrating because we know it is so far down the line BUT a) it will come and b) we already have two of the best SDEs ever released from the boys that most other groups should take note of as the Gold Standard – Macca, Eagles take note.


In July, just a few short months ago, the new Warner Bros. TFF album was named as “The Tipping Point” and Roland said that it would be out THIS year and that “I Love You But I’m Lost” would be on it. I guess plans have changed dramatically.



These news are slightly disappointing…
If you want only 2 new songs, you’ll have to deal with another boring compilation…
I would have prefered news about the “Seeds Of Love” reissue ! And obviously a full new album! It seems like the TFF are unlikely to do another long player for a long time… :-(


I love TFF, but I am beyond frustrated at this point. No deluxe Seeds of Love and no new album, despite both having been acknowledged as being ready for quite some time. Instead, we are asked to be excited about yet another greatest hits package that includes 2 new songs so fans who are starving for new TFF music will feel obliged to buy it. And we are told a new album is “likely” for next year.

As I said, I love TFF, but it is tougher and tougher these days.

George Michael did the same thing for years–teased new material over and over and over. I remember seeing him on the 25Live tour and he literally apologized to the audience and acknowledged how difficult he had made it to be one of his fans.

Having said that, I know others are going to love this set and the 2 new songs, but I am out at this point.

Call me when the new album and/or Seeds of Love deluxe are actually being released.

Tom Richardson

Your point about GM is pretty relevant – so many wasted years where we would have loved new music and tours and now he is gone! Nobody ever knows what will happen to us so all the time without any new activity from our favourite artists becomes all the more sad! Time is precious…


A bit weak in my opinion, the whole thing. The new single sounds like it was written in five minutes. This would’ve been a perfect opportunity to make this a comprehensive 2CD singles collection. I’m gonna wait for the new album!


Considering some of the tracks were NOT hits, it is not exactly their GREATEST.


ONLY 16 tracks? – Wow, what a lot (NOT)!


Steve Wilson 5.1 TSoL mix + demos. I can’t say that I’m very interested in 2 new tracks. I don’t mean to sound cynical, but I just don’t imagine actually paying for this new comp.


I’m a big fan of TFF but i don’t buying this… I want a seeds of love reissue and a new album


Oh my god!! only one song ( the title track) of his best album Raoul and the King of spain!!
Oh think Twice, It´s another compilation in paradise!!


I like the new song in general but it doesn’t scream TFF Tto me (it more screams TT to me – or even Coldplay in parts).

Phil G.

Depressingly, I can see The Seeds Of Love Deluxe Edition boxset now being shelved until late 2019 for some kind of 30th-anniversary tie-in.

I really, REALLY want to hear that Steven Wilson 5.1 surround mix….

Stephen K

The double 7″ of I Believe featured a “full version” of the I Believe studio version that has more of a cold ending/extended clean fade instead of the album version that fades into Broken.

I’d like to see that version get released!

Julian H

Me too! Also the proper B-Side versions of “Ideas as Opiates” and “We are Broken”.


On iTunes “Change” is listed as the Radio Edit.

Steve Marine

I LOVE THE NEW SONG!!! Tears For Fears is still my favorite band of all time. I’m not going to complain. I’m just happy to have new material. And I hope the two new songs do appear on the next studio album, even if only as bonus tracks on a deluxe edition. (Unless, of course, their inclusion would require the removal of other new material. LOL!)