Teenage Fanclub / vinyl reissues

Remastered vinyl • First pressings come with bonus 7″ singles

Teenage Fanclub / Grand Prix vinyl reissue

Scottish indie band Teenage Fanclub are to issue five of their studio albums on vinyl, later this year.

These reissues cover the Creation era, so the albums in question are Bandwagonesque (1991), Thirteen (1993), Grand Prix (1995), Songs From A Northern Town (1997) and Howdy! (2000)

Each album has been remastered from the original tapes at Abbey Road Studios (“under the guidance of the band”), and the packages will replicate the original packaging.

What spices things up a little bit, is that the first pressings of these will each come with a special seven-inch single that offers two tracks from a selection of rarities, picked by the band. These are all new to vinyl with one track previously unreleased.

All five albums are reissued on 10 August 2018.

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Teenage Fanclub

Bandwagonesque vinyl + seven-inch


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Teenage Fanclub

Thirteen vinyl + seven-inch


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Teenage Fanclub

Grand Prix vinyl + seven-inch


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Teenage Fanclub

Songs From Northern Britain vinyl + seven-inch


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Teenage Fanclub

Howdy + seven-inch


Bandwagonesque vinyl LP + seven-inch single

Side A.

1. The Concept
2. Satan
3. December
4. What You Do To Me
5. Don’t Know
6. Star Sign

Side B.

1. Metal Baby
2. Pet Rock
3. Sidewinder
4. Alcoholiday
5. Guiding Star
6. Is This Music ?

Bonus 7” Single

A. Heavy Metal 6 – From The King album
B. Long Hair – B-side from The Concept

Thirteen vinyl LP + seven-inch single

Side A.

1. Hang On
2. The Cabbage
3. Radio
4. Norman 3
5. Song To The Cynic
6. 120 Mins

Side B.

1. Escher
2. Commercial Alternative
3. Fear Of Flying
4. Tears Are Cool
5. Ret Live Dead
6. Get Funky
7. Gene Clark

Bonus 7” Single

A. Country Song – From the Thirteen album sessions and is Previously Unreleased.
B. Eyes Wide Open – From the Thirteen album sessions and appears on vinyl for the first time.

Grand Prix vinyl LP + seven-inch single

Side A.

1. About You
2. Sparky’s Dream
3. Mellow Doubt
4. Don’t Look Back
5. Verisimilitude
6. Neil Jung
7. Tears

Side B.

1. Discolite
2. Say No
3. Going Places
4. I’ll Make It Clear
5. I Gotta Know
6. Hardcore/Ballad

Bonus 7” Single

A. Every Step Is A Way Through – B-side from Neil Jung and appears on vinyl for the first time
B. Some People Try To Fuck With You – B-side from Mellow Doubt

Songs From Northern Britain vinyl LP + seven-inch

Side A.

1. Start Again
2. Ain’t That Enough
3. Can’t Feel My Soul
4. I Don’t Want Control Of You
5. Planets
6. It’s A Bad World

Side B.

1. Take The Long Way Round
2. Winter
3. I Don’t Care
4. Mount Everest
5. Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From
6. Speed Of Light

Bonus 7” Single

A. Middle Of The Road – B-side from I Don’t Want Control of You and appears on vinyl for the first time
B. Broken – B-side from Ain’t That Enough and appears on vinyl for the first time


Side A.

1. I Need Direction
2. I Can’t Find My Way Home
3. Accidental Life
4. Near You
5. Happiness
6. Dumb Dumb Dumb

Side B.

1. The Town And The City
2. The Sunshines From You
3. Straight & Narrow
4. Cul De Sac
5. My Uptight Life
6. If I Never See You Again

Bonus 7” Single

A. Thaw Me – B-side from Dumb Dumb Dumb and appears on vinyl for the first time
B. One Thousand Lights – B-side from Dumb Dumb Dumb and appears on vinyl for the first time

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Listening to Thirteen right now. I must admit back in the day I dismissed it especially compared to Bandwagonesque and Grand Prix (two of the best albums by anyone). Time to reassess and it sounds great especially The Cabbage, Norman 3 and 120 Mins. A great touch getting bonus 7″ singles with these re-issues too.


Very good prices on 3 of the lp’s on Amazon France at € 14.99 each. Don’t know why ‘Howdy’ and ‘Thirteen” are more expensive as they also are single lp’s. I have all these on CD already but tempted to buy the vinyl lp’s because of the extra 7″. The 7″ is mentioned in the description on Amazon France, so hopefully this is what they will dispatch.

Larry Davis

I too love TFC…killer harmony-laden powerpop band, almost like a UK equivalent of the Posies, and used to have the original 90s-era CDs…”Thirteen” had, like, 7 bonus tracks if I recall…I second 2CD reissues of all their albums…vinyl IS cool, the bonus 7″s are a nice touch, but I prefer CD and with all their B-sides out there, a 2-3 CD comp with all of em rounded up in one collection would be most welcome, or split among the various CD reissues…

Ron I

Thanks, Paul! This made my day/month/year.

Followed your links to buy one of each!

Paul English

Nice to see that people want Teenage Fanclub CD reissues. Someone on FB referred to me as “not a real fan” because I expressed that same wish and wasn’t enthusiastic about the vinyl reissues. The new breed of Born Again Vinyl Junkies is getting tiresome.

Martin Power

brilliant a must have but would also have loved CD with b-sides etc as well at some point

Paul Wren

It’s strange that the prices for the albums vary quite a lot. Why not price them all the same as they are all single vinyl albums, ie no 2 x LP or similar to justify higher prices for some of them?

Kevin S

They are all listed as £18.99 at the moment on Amazon.uk


They had a great cover of VU’s Femme Fatale on one of there singles.. I can’t remember which one. But its a shame thats not here..


Songs From a Northern Town? Maybe it’s a TFC/Dream Academy mash-up :)
I will echo the other comments…..deluxe cds with all the b-sides please!


Bamdwagonesque is a very good album, as is Grand Prix. On the latter two, I thought they were coasting along a bit and I didn’t really enjoy them that much.


Meanwhile, I think _Songs From Northern Britain_ is possibly the best album they’ve ever made.

Ron I

It’s a beautiful album. I love Howdy, too. They’ve stood the test of time for me, it’s safe to say.


If we don’t get deluxe we editions rounding up their multiple b-sides i’ll be devastated. Plus I would love to hear remasters but I don’t really buy vinyl.

I’ve been waiting years for these to be announced love these albums.

Iain McCarthy

Fantastic band. I hope we get deluxe CD Versions at some point.


Agreed – I bought all of these albums at the time on a mixture of formats as well as various singles and I would be absolutely there for 2CD editions with all the b-sides and so on. Perhaps patience will be rewarded, perhaps in depends on how well they do on vinyl.


I got their first 3 albums. This is an outstanding band. Especially Bandwagonesque and Grand Prix are incredible records. We need this released on CD with all non-album tracks please!!!


I suspect there will be double disc CD remasters to follow. I’m sure they are not spending the money to remaster their albums at Abbey Road and then only planning to release it on vinyl.


I thought the same about Elastica but so far we’ve only seen a vinyl reissue of the first album.

Wouldn’t be against expanded full deluxe editions for TFC.

Paul M

I’m not a vinyl buyer but these are all essential. Slightly better price on their site, especially if you’re ordering the lot.

What we really need is a complete package of non-album tracks on as many CDs as that takes.


Yes! I emailed Cherry Red years ago, when they were doing various Creation re-issues from the same era but wasn’t to be.

I’ve since collected all the ‘Grand Prix’ and ‘SFNB’ CD singles but would like a proper complete round up of non-album tracks on CD.


Happy to see these are coming out and very glad they appear to have been done properly. The 7”s are a nice touch, though I’d really like a career spanning compilation of b-sides, etc.

Ordered signed copies of ‘Grand Prix’, ‘Songs…’ and ‘Howdy!’ (very happy to have to “Dumb Dumb Dumb” b-sides at last), but sticking with my MOV ‘Bandwagonesque’ and Creation ‘Thirteen’ for now.

spaceman frank

I wonder if there were ever any signed copies. I had ordered immediately after seeing the posting on FB and their site already stated sold out.


There were signed copies when I placed my order yesterday lunchtime but they seem to have gone quickly.


i confirm.
yesterday i managed to pick the signed copies bundle: at 21€ each (+ shipping) it was a bargain imo.


Hi Jonathan,
Would you or anybody else here sell the signed bundle? I was a few minutes too late. Of course I would pay more (much more) than the original price. Would be nice if you or anybody could help out