Terry Hall’s ‘Laugh’ issued on vinyl

First time on vinyl • Clear vinyl pressing

Almost 22 ago, Terry Hall followed up his debut solo album Home with 1997’s Laugh an album which featured collaborations with the likes of Stephen Duffy and Damon Albarn. It is released on vinyl for the first time next month.

Most of the songs on the album are co-written with guitarists Craig Gannon, although two were penned with Albarn (‘A Room Full Of Nothing’ and ‘For The Girl’) while ‘Sonny and his Sister’ is the one Terry wrote with Stephen Duffy.

The album spawned two singles, ‘Ballad of a Landlord’ and ‘I Saw The Light’ (a cover of the Todd Rundgren song) although as with previous singles (like 1994’s gorgeous Forever J) neither troubled the top 40 singles chart.

Laugh was only ever issued on CD and cassette back in the day, so this release marks its debut on the format and in fact this is being issued as a clear vinyl pressing.

Laugh is issued on vinyl on 3 May 2019 via Demon Records. This is available to pre-order via the SDE shop via this link or the button below.

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Side A

1.Love To See You
2.Sonny And His Sister
3.Ballad Of A Landlord
4.Take It Forever
5.Misty Water

Side B

1.A Room Full Of Nothing
2.Happy Go Lucky
3.For The Girl
4.Summer Follows Spring
5.I Saw The Light

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J Cat

Everything Terry Hall did from Specials, Funboy, Colourfield, Solo, That acoustic thing With Broudie and Gannon! (5th Smith)….His music fills my house often. Excited about this, also Tales Told and Monkey Business reissues. Perfect.


I haven’t heard this album, but it must be better the specials latest (cringeworthy/ dire) offering, encore!


Also worth remembering the Rainbows ep which I loved – Chasing a rainbow co-written by Damon Albarn, “b-side” Mistakes with Ian Broudie and both produced by Broudie. Also a live Ghost Town with Tricky, which always struck me as a match made in heaven.


I like this album a lot, but not as good as “Home”. “Forever J” is one of Terry’s greatest singles, I reckon. I also like the Vegas album; he was very productive. At the time he lived near my town (Leamington Spa) and I used to see him quite regularly in Sainsburys. I once plucked up the courage to ask him if there would ever be another Vegas. With a withering look he just said “No!” Fond memories!

Hoping for “Home” on vinyl one of these days.


Good album. I have a soft spot for his 2003 album with Mushtak (from Fun-Da-Mental) “The Hour of Two Lights”. Damon Albarn’s a guest on that album too.


I think I must have misread something somewhere I thought I saw that the CD was going expanded to a 2CD version. Hence my last comment.

Clearly I was wrong…


This is on my wishlist of albums to won on vinyl.
Im glad they chose this one rather than ‘Home’ his first one. Both are excellent but Laugh is marginally better. And I much prefer Hall’s version of I saw the light to the original (heck I even prefer Yukihiro Takahashi’s version to the original).

This and I Love my Friends – what a pair!

Any idea what is on the 2cd expanded edition – I already have the expanded ‘…plus’ version so I would be interested to know if there is much additional material beyond that.

As usual Paul thank you for the information!


On reading your blurb I immediately went to YouTube to search out I Saw The Light, alas, there was a good reason I couldn’t remember it – how could anyone totally flatten one of the best songs ever written – no, I don’t know either but TH managed it. Luckily, the recent Specials album was SO much better…

Jim Vandegrift

This is a excellent album. Terry’s Home album is even better. This gem is long overdue for a upgrade. Most likely held up due to legal rights sadly enough.
Can’t say how much I enjoy this site. A daily joy although my wife and bank account feel differently.
My biggest wish in 2019 is someone gets around to upgrading The Beautiful South’s back catalog.
Thanks again for all your efforts. Your Heaven 17’s interviews were fantastic.


It’s funny, I must admit I did not know that Terry worked with Damon but always thought that Damon’s laid back delivery of a lot of his songs owed a lot to Terry. I guess Damon was a fan and emulated Terry’s style. Now I’ve done my research and they’ve done loads together. D’oh!


This is a great album. Of note was the Edsel 2009 CD reissue, ‘Laugh…Plus’, which includes several bonus tracks from the singles:

11 Ballad Of A Landlord (Acoustic Version) 3:48
12 Working Class Hero (Live) 3:24
13 Close To You 3:59
14 Music To Watch Girls By 2:54
15 Bang Went Forever 4:45
16 Love To See You (Acoustic Version) 4:04
17 Misty Water (Acoustic Version) 3:56
18 Interview 3:15

Gareth Jones

I bought this on CD at the time. ‘A Room Full Of Nothing’ was actually my fave track. Even better than some of Blur’s waltzy tracks. I also loved ‘I Drew a Lemon’ on Hall’s ‘Home’ album, written by Andy Partridge. I used to be cynical about artists who chose other people to write their songs, but when it’s not for X-Factor acts or manufactured boy bands, it’s very welcome actually!

Mark S

Absolutely brilliant album. Can thoroughly recommend to anyone who hasn’t heard this.

Chris Squires

Superb album, which I only listened to back in the day because of Sonny and his Sister. Which rather like “Jane” (written for the Barenaked ladies) shows how brilliant Duffy is at writing for others as well as himself.

Rather amusingly Demon Records give the byline: Damon Albarn (Blur/ Gorillaz), Stephen Duffy (Duran Duran). Which will probably amuse and annoy in equal measure. It’s as if 40 years never happened.

I heard a really interesting interview with Terry on radio 5 a couple of weeks ago. Been through the mill. Glad he is still with us, top talent.

If you had this in the shop Paul it would be an instant buy…..

Chris Squires

I didn’t see it (blind as the proverbial)….. Amazon cancelled and SDE ordered……
Cheers Paul!

Andy V

Ah yes oh course….. The Specials are back, so let’s see what’s lurking in the archive….
Next up, Vegas, Colourfield, Terry Blair & Anouchka. A Best of Terry Hall with B Sides & Demos inc the original demo of Our Lips are Sealed with Jane Wiedlin…


Wonderful news to wake up to! I love this album, and hope the equally excellent Home eventually gets a vinyl release as well.

James C

I won’t be buying this but it has always been a favourite. It’s not musically complex but the songs are heartfelt, I believe Terry Hall had gone through a divorce at the time. Is this on Pete Paphides new label as this album would certainly appeal to fans of Duffy or Lightning Seeds?