Terry Pratchett’s Vinyl Discworld

Seven BBC dramatisations • 15LP coloured vinyl box • Limited to 500

BBC Radio dramatisations of English author Terry Pratchett‘s comic fantasy book series Discworld will be issued as a lavish 15LP vinyl box set called Terry Pratchet’s Vinyl Discworld, later this month.

Forty-one novels in the Discworld series were written in which a flat planet balanced on the backs of four elephants, which in turn stand on the back of a giant turtle.

This vinyl set presents seven BBC dramatisations, with the stories brought to life with music, sound effects and a large cast of actors including Anton Lesser, Sheila Hancock, Martin Jarvis, Melvyn Hayes, Philip Jackson, Alex Jennings, Geoffrey Whitehead, Patrick Barlow and Mark Heap.

Vinyl Discworld has been produced by Demon Records, who in recent times have put together the acclaimed Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy vinyl packages as well as Good Omens, Pratchett’s collaboration with Neil Gaiman, memorably adapted for TV on Amazon Prime.

The records are ‘Discwirl’ coloured vinyl (click image to enlarge)

This new set includes 15 vinyl records pressed on colourful ‘Discswirl’ vinyl. Each of the seven gatefold albums is beautifully illustrated and feature specially commissioned sleeve notes by Stephen Briggs (author of The Discworld Companion bookalong with full cast and credits. Also included within the artwork is a recreation of the Discworld map created across the 15 printed inner bags.

The stories here are ‘Mort’, ‘Wyrd Sisters’, ‘Guards! Guards!’, ‘Eric’, ‘Small Gods’, ‘Night Watch’ and ‘Only You Can Save Mankind’ (which is actually a bonus non-Discworld story). Two of the records have themed etchings on one side. These are strictly limited to just 500 units!

Terry Pratchet’s Vinyl Discworld will be released on 29 November 2019.

Click image to enlarge


Side A 28.01
Side B 28.02
Side C 27.53
Side D 27.55

Wyrd Sisters

Side A 29.04
Side B 29.15
Side C 29.30
Side D 29.25

Click image to enlarge

Guards! Guards!

Side A 29.13
Side B 29.06
Side C 27.36
Side D 28.00
Side E 28.08
Side F 27.29


Side A 27.45
Side B 27.39

Small Gods

Side A 27.44
Side B 27.50
Side C 27.53
Side D 27.59

Night Watch

Side A 28.02
Side B Etched
Side C 27.55
Side D 27.54
Side E 27.59
Side F 27.55

Only You Can Save Mankind

Side A 28.53
Side B Etched
Side C 29.00
Side D 29.06


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[…] illustrations, created with metallic copper ink. Anyone who has bought the recent Terry Pratchet Discworld set or perhaps one of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy packages will know what to expect […]

Steven Roberts

Demon are owned by the BBC, aren’t they?

I really wish Demon would stop cranking out these radio serial box-sets and give us some BBC “In Concert” sets instead. So many gigs to choose from – and yet we get Hitchhikers, Alan Partridge, Dr Who etc…



For an optimal listening experience the discs should be played on top of four elephant beetles on the back of a live turtle.

Wayne C

This set looks stunningly impressive, I can’t see the point in it though unless it’s purely aimed at collectors which I would think it is. I’d say that it will sell out quickly as a consequence, but what’s the point in listening to a story and having to turn the record over?. Imagine if they do the Lord of the Rings BBC Radio set on vinyl!!.. how many discs would that take?. It seems more of a gimmick to me, but sell it will unlike that last Bowie box which I paid full price for when it came out!.

Stuart Ansell

As and when they release the BBC LOTR set I’ll buy it, I LOVE that adaptation. I’d guess at 14 records – it was originally 26 X 30 minute episodes – demon have put Hitchhiker’s and Partridge episodes on 1 side of vinyl per episode, so that’d make sense – the original CD box came with an extra disc of the incidental music and songs, so there’s the 14th disc. Turning the record over is comparable in time to getting up to turn over the cassette of my taped from the radio versions, so I’m cool with that.

Wayne C

Yes that seems feasible, what are they waiting for?. That would be a great box set to have and if they left it at 500 copies I think the chances of buying one would quickly evaporate!.

Chris Squires

yes, the BBC adaptions are pretty fantastic and I heard and bought those before I bought the Rob Inglis unabridged versions on tape (ISIS recordings). I haven’t heard them for a while (22 years maybe now) but they were by far my favourite versions, plus of course it has some (now) very recognizable names (who weren’t so recognizable in 1981) such as Ian Holm (Bilbo in Jackson’s films), James Grout (Strange from Morse), Peter Woodthorpe (Max from Morse and Del Boy’s dad) and Bill Nighy (playing Bill Nighy in everything he has ever done) as well as already established stars. It was very much a who’s who of BBC Actors of the day. I must dig out the cassettes which I still have somewhere, I think, unless they were car-booted or ebayed.

I would love a 13 / 14 LP version of that, with decent artwork. The only problem many will have is that Jackson is seen as definitive….

CJ Feeney

The time taken to turn the record over is a lot shorter than the original week long wait between episodes.
I’m disappointed that they have put it all in one box. A separate box per story would have made more sense and been easier to collect.

Chris Lawson

Or you could spend £26 and get the whole lot on CD. Although vinyl collector me hovered over the “buy now” button on Amazon and I don’t even particularly like Terry Pratchett :D

Paul Nesmith

I Wonder what the carbon footprint will be for this nonsense?
The environmental impact of all this self indulgent tat is seldom discussed (particulary on this forum) but 15 vinyl records and all the accompanying cardboard manufacturing shipping promotion? not difficult to see the several tons of CO2 entering the ecosystem is it?
utter madness just to end up gathering dust in someones bookcase

Chris Squires

Save us from this holier-than-thou single issue bullshit. Everything and I mean everything we do has an impact, so unless you are living in a cave eating moss to survive or walking, barefoot, absolutely everywhere keep your hypocritical nonsense to yourself. Typing those words used electricity and added to your carbon footprint…. Political statements (and it is political) have no place here. There are other far more appropriate forums for your angst.

Peter Muscutt

Hear hear. A voice of reason!

Stuart Ansell

If it doesn’t get played (it will) it’ll save the electricity which would have been otherwise used to power the turntable and amplifier – thus not playing box sets and allowing them to gather dust (avoiding hoovering and use of aerosols in polishing shelves) is the environmentally responsible thing to do.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

paul wren

Good lord! I wish I was into science fiction and then I might be in for this. Another undeniably great box presentation.

Nick Love

Great novels – I stumbled across Small Gods when I didn’t even know who Terry Pratchett was and it remains one of my personal favorite books.


Now this is very tempting…


What about Terry Pratchett’s Compact Discworld? ;-)

gary oliver

£ 180 ! … that’s 14 real tenners and 4 etched ones