Texas / Pre-order a signed CD of ‘Hi’

New album inspired by past recordings

Texas will release a new album, Hi, in May and you can pre-order a signed copy of the deluxe CD from Amazon in the UK.

The new album sounds more interesting than you might expect, since the band recently dug deep into the vaults at Universal Music to examine the sessions around their debut Southside (1989) and White On Blonde (1997). This audio archeology turned up some forgotten sessions and tracks, in particular, a 15-strong batch of songs from the White On Blonde sessions which both Johnny McElhone and Sharleen Spiteri had forgotten existed.

Excited at the discoveries, Texas were all set to put these out as a ‘lost’ album (with the working title Blonde on White) but it actually led to some, new songs, new recordings and “tweaking the old stuff”.

Spiteri says: “It felt like us, now, collaborating with ourselves of 25 years ago. It was amazing to go back there – my voice was so young! – and to hear how much energy and passion we had. We were fighting for our careers at the time, trying to prove that Texas were still relevant”.

The title track of the band’s tenth album is a brand new collaboration with Wu Tang Clan which you can preview above.

The album is a 12-track affair although the deluxe CD edition – which is the signed version on Amazon – features 14 songs and comes packaged as a ‘casebound book’.

There’s also a white vinyl edition and and the official Texas store has red vinyl and some exclusive signed bundles

Hi will be released on 28 May 2021.


Hi Texas / New album

    • CD

      1. Mr Haze
      2. Hi (With Wu-Tang Clan)
      3. Just Want To Be Liked
      4. Unbelievable
      5. Moonstar
      6. Dark Fire
      7. Look What You ‘ve Done
      8. Heaven Knows
      9. You Can Call Me
      10. Sound Of My Voice
      11. Falling
      12. Hi
      13. Had a Hard Day*
      14. Had to Leave*

      * deluxe bonus tracks

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I love Texas.
I am eager to hear the new music (I fear the Wu Tang Clan collaboration).
But the record covers are getting boring and dull…
However cute Sharleen may be I would prefer to see band photos on the sleeves for once…
And Blond on White would have been a much better title.

SDE Reader

love this

SDE Reader



it is available through amazon in the US…release date may 28, $20…enjoyed their last cd…also am looking forward to imelda may’s latest, set for release sometime this month i think…two very talented women…and who doesn’t love talented women?

Janice Pugh

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Paul. Just ordered the signed CD from Amazon. Keep up the great work.


In terms of why the others are not seen much in the band. Is it possible they do not want the limelight and just happy to be musos? Stranger things have happened.

John MC cann

Tom petty and the Heartbreakers,Mike Campbell’s Rick 660 and Tom are the cover stars of damn the torpedoes, Tom himself graces the cover of hard promise and long after dark,,the face of the company if you like!


Why are they still considered a band when it’s all about their lead singer, everywhere you look. Whether it’s album covers, social media, video clips, interviews, it’s all about Sharleen…
This is not how a proper band behaves. Something’s well odd.


Off the top of my head, it’s the same for Simply Red and Sade. I’m sure there are dozens of others.


There are plenty of bands that have reached the point where their only visual presence is the lead singer, many times because they are the only remaining member. Texas currently has only two “original” members in it. Probably the most famous examples of other bands that have basically become a group name for the lead singer and whoever they decide to record and tour with are Pretenders and Panic at the Disco. Pretenders sometimes has original members cycle in and out again (though there have been so many lineup changes, it’s difficult to label who the “original” members are), and PatD has been just Brendan Urie since, I think, the second album.


Its a brand not a band.

Shawn C.

I worked as a DJ in the US from 1987 through 1994. We had a subscription to Billboard which I read avidly. As a result, I thought I had a pretty strong grasp of pop music on both sides of the pond, but I completely missed Texas. In fact, I was never aware of them until this post! I’ve since done a deep dive into their catalog on Apple Music and they are very good! It’s obvious they’ve been very successful in the UK – but totally absent on the US music scene. I’m definitely going to be working on a vinyl collection of Texas’ releases!


I think the only real impact Texas had hear in the states was “Say What You Want” from White on Blonde, which made a mid-20s placement on the Hot 100, and they also did the theme song for Ellen (the sitcom, not the talk show) for the last few seasons, which was adapted from their track “So Called Friend,” which was on Rick’s Road.

If I had never heard “Say What You Want” on the radio, i would have no idea who they were either. I became a fan back then, and have been ordering their albums on import for years since they stopped releasing them in the US after (I think) The Hush. Love their music. Their vocalist, Sharleen Spiteri, also has a few solo albums out as well.

Larry Davis

CJ…big Texas/Sharleen fan in NY, had no idea Say What You Want was a US hit until you said so…looked on Wikipedia & it said it hit #23 in Billboard, but not the Hot 100 but the Adult Top 40 chart, which still counts…I do hear it at work every so often…a fave is Black Eyed Boy which sounds like the Supremes & the hook is like Grease!! After The Hush, the only US releases were Texas 25 & Jump on Board…and Inner Smile was on the soundtrack to Bend It Like Beckham…want the new album but blocked on Amazon UK, boo!!


It’s up for pre-order on US Amazon now–I ordered yesterday.

Larry Davis

Thanks just preordered…but not signed, maybe one day I’ll see em live & have all my stuff signed…been into em since the beginning when I Don’t Want a Lover was a US modern rock hit…sounded like Eurythmics with a dusty country twist…for some reason I find their stuff slick/overproduced but somehow still great…prob due to the quality of their songwriting & Sharleen’s great voice…do like Hipsway & some Altered Images, with them, like Toyah, can only take in small doses…I wonder with Texas, if Universal/Mercury will ever release a career-spanning box of their years on the label, with compact packaging, remastering, B-sides, 12″ mixes, unreleased, demos, etc?? Perhaps a job for Cherry Red like they did with Level 42?? Would be most welcome methinks…

John MC cann

Youd like Johnny MC elhones other bands Larry,altered images and HIPSWAY,seen big Johnny in Byers road ( Glasgow) not long ago,


I bought this because I love the artwork. Bought the bundle from their site, but it’s a bit disappointing the signed CDs are exclusive to evil amazon who won’t ship outside the UK as pre-orders (if at all) which means nobody else can buy them, and signed CD is much better than the signed set-list they give you on the store bundles. Also I have no good place to put it, like the MPeople box one so it will probably get lost somewhere.
Anyway, the red sleeve with the red vinyl is very cool, and the cassette as well, I just wonder what the end product will be like, as the mock-up does not look like a classic 80’s case nor a slipcase, something more like a seldom-seem mini-VHS case, but that would be just too cool.

Mark S

Southside, White On Blonde and The Hush all need to be released on vinyl, preferably half-speed by Miles from the original studio masters

Mark stuart

Awful song,totally ruined by having rap on it. Texas have gone downhill a long way. Also,why is Sharleen the only member on the album cover? (And a bland cover as well)

gary oliver

… if its Sharleen plus your nan on bongos, its Texas


Does this have the song I heard on Radio 2 the other week on it? It was bleedin’ awful!


Thanks Paul ordered

Sascha H.

Yes, Sharleen, I love ya !!!


I’m liking the title, I’m guessing a nod to Al Green, they are massive fans.


I’m a jewel case kind of guy especially when it’s for a single CD. That said, glad to have some new music coming out from Texas.


I’ve always wondered… how does a brand new CD that’s only available in one version have “bonus” tracks?


There are deluxe CDs with only one version though. E.g. Evermore by Taylor Swift. The deluxe part is one extra track compared to streaming.


In the case of Taylor Swift, the CD was considered the “deluxe” version, because the bonus track was exclusive to the physical CD–it wasn’t part of the download version. What we used to think of as “just a regular CD” is quickly becoming “deluxe” in and of itself because the record companies are treating physical music as a niche market now, unfortunately.

Martin Stacey

Thanks for this. I collected the Texas and Del Amitri CD singles back in the early 90’s, and now they are both releasing new albums, good news!


Always good to have something new from Texas. It would have been cool if they had done a second disc with the original tracks the way they found them for the deluxe version.

Jarmo Keranen

What’s the use of signed this and signed that, if the artist haven’t been close to you and written it to you with your own pen and you have photograph to prove it?

Sheldon Cole

A double deluxe CD of Southside and all the B sides from their first 4 singles would be welcome too.

Steve F

As would vinyl reissue of White On Blonde. The only pressing sells for a Discogs average of £175. Hopefully that’s why they were looking through old tapes.

Ron Theobald

Annoying, Signed Setlist and not the Vinyl,that’s a total No No For Me


Totally agree. A signed vinyl is much better. Gives personality to the vinyl. Who cares about a signed setlist? Now many artists do this and I think it’s a great mistake (Garbage, Travis, Texas… And many more). Please let me buy a signed vinyl.

Mark Hughes


SDE Reader

Looking forward to this release!

SDE Reader

might buy 2 copies!