The Adventures / The Sea Of Love

Cherry Red will release an expanded version of The Adventures’ second album The Sea Of Love on CD next month.

The Belfast band’s 1988 long-player will feature eight bonus tracks culled from the various singles plucked from the album – B-sides, single version and one extended remix.

The album was largely produced by Pete Smith (who worked with Sting on The Dream of The Blue Turtles) and features the UK top 20 hit Broken Land.  The booklet that forms part of this reissue includes sleeve notes which feature a new interview with guitarist and songwriter Pat Gribben, as well as rare images of the band (supplied by frontman Terry Sharpe).

This expanded edition of The Sea of Love will be released on 10 March 2017.


1. Drowning In the Sea Of Love
2. Broken Land
3. You Don’t Have To Cry Anymore
4. The Trip To Bountiful (When The Rain Comes)
5. Heaven Knows Which Way
6. Hold Me Now
7. The Sound Of Summer
8. When Your Heart Was Young
9. One Step From Heaven

Bonus Tracks

10. Broken Land (Acoustic Version)
11. Don’t Stand On Me
12. Stay Away
13. The Curragh of Kildare
14. Drowning in the Sea of Love (Single Version)
15. One Step From Heaven (Extended Remix)
16. Instant Karma
17. Broken Land (7″ Version)

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Bought it. Fantastic. The sound is more clearer. Great remaster job by Cherry Red.


Great reissue, sounds brighter and clearer to me, but may well be old ears!


Only £8.99 on Base.com to preorder.

Dan T.

One of the most overlooked 80s albums of its time and genre. At $10 USD, this is a no-brainer.

I wish their other albums stood up to the quality of Sea of Love, but alas, even as a one-off, it’s essential material.

Thanks for posting, Paul!


Good news. I hope “Trading Secrets with the Moon” is next. I love that album as much as “Sea of Love”

David S

£9.95 from Cherry Red plus postage if anyone is interested in ordering from them directly.



Stuart Russell

Great news; this is a fantastic album which will be a ‘must-buy’ (again) if it’s remastered


Also 9.19 and 9.49 on ebay uk from reputable BIN pre orders. Stupid amazon pricing does my head in….


Ditto Theodore and Friends. Doesnt need remastering at all, superlative album and in Dont Stand On Me, one of the best b sides ever. Two 7″ mixes is all that is new to cd but defnitely worth buying if you liked Broken Land.

Chris Lancaster

That’s fantastic news – one of my favourite albums, and the band should have been bigger than they were.

I’d been hoping for a re-release for years; there was an expanded version of Theodore & Friends a few years ago, but I’d given up on seeing an expanded version of The Sea of Love. I’m hoping that Trading Secrets With The Moon and Lions, Tigers and Bears get a similar treatment. It would also be nice to see an official release of the BBC in Concert show.

Dave Rose

Lions tigers and bears was given reissue couple of years ago on cherry red


Think someone from amazon is having a laugh with the price. Band from Northern Ireland price is £16.90.


That git me thinking as well, sad tho it may be.


There’s no mention of it being remastered. Can you confirm whether it has or not?

Jacques Mailhot

Excellent album. All the songs are excellent. It’s a shame that this band was not more popular .Will buy it for sure.

Philip Birtwistle

One of the best albums ever made. Really surprises me that the other three albums from them, whilst good, didn’t come close to this one.

Mark Yon

Thanks, Paul. Ordered!


Wow when i preordered this from Amazon it was £9.19 that’s some price hike. Looking forward to this and i hope it’s decent remaster as Cherry Red is a bit hit and miss when it comes to reissues. One more thing Tango In The Night which i preordered with this has had it’s release date changed to the 31st March.

Joe Vollaro

One of the best 80s albums. Terrific production and songs and a very underrated band. Essential purchase!


Absolutely cracking album.
I’ve got everything on cd singles so nothing new for me, but it’s good to see it getting a re-issue anyway.
Would’ve been nice to have stuck the BBC broadcast on there.

CJ Feeney

I used to pick up their singles from the bargain bin at my local record shop (including a silver vinyl 7″ of send my heart). I never did buy an album though, I may pick this up.
They went very quiet after this album, and I didn’t hear any more of there music on the radio.

Steve Rickard

Still have the 12″ of Drowning In The Sea Of Love with the liquid sleeve, though the liquid has now evaporated, still a great track.