The Alan Parsons Project / Eye in the Sky 35th anniversary box set

Lavish box • Two discs of unreleased audio • 5.1 blu-ray • 2LP vinyl 

Sony’s Legacy Recordings will later this year reissue a 35th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of The Alan Parsons Project‘s 1982 album Eye in the Sky.

This new celebratory box set of The Alan Parsons Project’s sixth studio album will feature in total three CDs of audio, two vinyl LPs (half-speed mastered and cut at 45RPM), a 5.1 Surround Mix on blu-ray audio (only with a hi-res stereo version of the original mix) a flexi-disc, a 60-page Book, and a 1982 replica poster.

One of the highlights for fans is sure to be CD 2 which presents Eric Woolfson’s never before released ‘songwriting diaries’. Eric’s daughter, Sally Woolfson, says “The songwriting diary disc is a very special element of this package. This shows Eric’s private moments of creativity captured on tape as songwriting memos to himself. As he didn’t read or write annotated music, this was how he developed the songs he wrote. They give a wonderful fly on the wall insight into the creative process where you can literally hear the song evolve as the ideas come out of his head. These are very precious to the family and it was extremely difficult to pick out the tracks to include in this box set from the hours and hours of material we had for this album alone. We’ve tried to illustrate the creative progression where a number of tracks for the same song have been included. We hope the fans will enjoy this rare insight into the birth of the songs from the ‘Eye in the Sky’ album.”

In addition to all that CD 3 offers a further 15 previously unreleased outtakes, demos and rough mixes along with some rare single edits.

Alan Parsons himself says “audiophiles will be pleased to know that there is a brand new 5.1 Surround Sound mix, which I am extremely pleased with incidentally, and also a Hi Def stereo version taken from the original analog stereo master tape which was recorded simultaneously alongside the digital mix”.

The 60-page hardback book features newly-written essays, previously unreleased images recently discovered in Eric Woolfson’s personal archive and new interviews with many of the musicians who recorded the tracks on the album. The outer slipcase features a gold-foil Eye of Horus stamp on the front.

The 35th anniversary collector’s edition of Eye in the Sky will be released on 17 November 2017. Best price right now is Amazon Italy where the box is £70.

CD1 Original Album & Expanded Bonus Tracks (originally released 2007)

  • 1. Sirius
  • 2. Eye In The Sky
  • 3. Children Of The Moon
  • 4. Gemini
  • 5. Silence And I
  • 6. You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned
  • 7. Psychobabble
  • 8. Mammagamma
  • 9. Step By Step
  • 10. Old And Wise

Bonus Tracks

  • 11. Sirius (Demo)
  • 12. Old And Wise (Eric Woolfson Vocal)
  • 13. Any Other Day (Studio Demo)
  • 14. Silence And I (Eric Woolfson Vocal)
  • 15. The Naked Eye
  • 16. Eye Pieces (Classical Naked Eye)

CD2 – Eric Woolfson’s Songwriting Diaries 
(Previously Unreleased)

  • 1. Eye in the Sky (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 1)
  • 2. Eye in the Sky (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 2)
  • 3. Eye in the Sky (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 3)
  • 4. Eye in the Sky (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 4)
  • 5. Children of the Moon (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 1)
  • 6. Children of the Moon (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 2)
  • 7. Gemini (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 1)
  • 8. Gemini (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 2)
  • 9. Gemini (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 3)
  • 10. Gemini & Silence and I (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
  • 11. Silence and I (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
  • 12. Cooper’s Theme/ Silence and I chord beginnings (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
  • 13. Cooper’s Theme/ Silence and I beginnings (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
  • 14. Silence and I/ Fly Away (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 1)
  • 15. Silence and I/ Fly Away (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 2)
  • 16. Old and Wise (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 1)
  • 17. Old and Wise (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 2)
  • 18. Old and Wise (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 3)


  • 1. Eye In The Sky (Ian 12-string Acoustic Guitar Out Take)
  • 2. Sirius and Eye In The Sky (Early Rough Mix)
  • 3. Eye In The Sky (Eric Demo Verses – No Lyrics)
  • 4. Children Of The Moon (12-string Acoustic Guitar & Marching Band Snare Drum)
  • 5. Children Of The Moon (Early Rough Mix With Eric Demo Vocal)
  • 6. Gemini (Chris Rainbow Vocal Harmonies)
  • 7. Silence And I (Orchestral Take With Eric Demo Vocal)
  • 8. You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned (Rough Mix Section – Different Guitar Solo)
  • 9. You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned (Rough Mix with Alan Demo Vocal – Few Lyrics)
  • 10. Psychobabble (Orchestral Take)
  • 11. Psychobabble (Rough Mix With Eric Demo Vocal)
  • 12. Step By Step (12-string Acoustic Guitars)
  • 13. Step By Step (Rough Mix Backing Track – Extended Intro)
  • 14. Old and Wise (Chris Rainbow Beach Boys Experiment)
  • 15. Old & Wise (Eric Piano Track)
  • 16. Eye in the Sky (Single Edit)
  • 17. Old and Wise (Single Edit)
  • 18. Psychobabble (Single Edit)


5.1 Surround Sound Mix (2017)

Stereo HD version (1982)

  • 1. Sirius
  • 2. Eye In The Sky
  • 3. Children Of The Moon
  • 4. Gemini
  • 5. Silence And I
  • 6. You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned
  • 7. Psychobabble
  • 8. Mammagamma
  • 9. Step By Step
  • 10. Old And Wise

VINYL (at 45 rpm)

Vinyl 1 Side 1

  • Sirius
  • Eye In The Sky
  • Children Of The Moon

Vinyl 1 Side 2

  • Gemini
  • Silence And I

Vinyl 2 Side 1

  • You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned
  • Psychobabble

Vinyl 2 Side 2

  • Mammagamma
  • Step By Step
  • Old & Wise


Excerpts from Eye in the Sky:-

  • Sirius
  • Eye in the Sky
  • Psychobabble
  • Old and Wise

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Gregg Porter

The flexi-disc is an amusement. Mine is pressed so severely off-center that the wow makes it uncomfortable to listen to; but that really doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the overall set.

Matthew Collier

@Ron Martin, I agree and am in the same camp (though more often than not, I am a sucker and buy the larger “Deluxe” set to get at the BluRay as often a combination of a) impatience b) scared it won’t actually ever be available later on BluRay, and therefore missing out on what is usually a limited run of the box set).

However, in this case, Alan Parsons usually does have a separate follow-up release, and was mentioned by Jedi at the start of the comments (confirmation here: http://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=294859 )


Ron Martin

I hope one day these record companies that do these box sets with the blu-ray audios will release the blu-ray audios by themselves (in addition to with the box sets).

Usually, these are all I want. Same with the “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” set, the upcoming “Fleetwood Mac” box set (for example).

I usually have to wait and buy the blu-rays from an eBay seller.


When it comes to rating albums there is only RYM for me:


Joseph Stone

Any information about the standalone blu-ray audio would be great!

Matthew Collier

That allmusic link is excellent and I’d agree with it all pretty much (though I-Robot is my personal favorite). It’s missing Try Anything Once though which was circa 1993, which I rate up with the top three IMO (TOAFC, TOMAI, I-Robot).


John Barleycorn

I don’t know much about Alan Parson’s music so what would I start with if I did?


I would start with their first album which is absolutely excellent. Here is a link as it comes in various versions. I prefer the 80’s remix of the album. There is not a huge difference but it sounds a bit more updated. Listen to it on You Tube and see if you like it. Conventional wisdom says this is one of their best.

Their other albums are excellent as well. Here is a link that rates their albums. I don’t always agree on AllMusic.com’s ratings but in Alan Parson Project’s case, it is fairly accurate.


There are a number of compilations available. “Definitive Collection”, “Essentials” and “Greatest hits” collections. Choose the 2CD editions unless you can get the 3CD edition at a cheap price. Ignore the 1CD editions. Don’t do any justice.
If you like the stuff, then go for the full albums.


A lot of people already responded to your question. You would not be disappointed if you start with “The Turn Of A Friendly Card” or with “Eye In The Sky”. “Eye In The Sky” was the first Alan Parsons album that I bought.

Frenchy Eric

I will wait until it drops at 50 pounds…

Matthew Collier

Sounds like a nice boxset (though a little steep on price right now (£70)).

Glad to hear once more that the BluRay will be available separately, like Tales was, which I bought, and will wait for the individual BluRay this time too :)

Now, Mr Parsons, about the release date for the multi-channel hi-res release of I-Robot…? ;) :) :D

I doubt it’s economically viable to have all the permutations of individual releases (CD, Vinyl, BluRay), but personally, I am very glad at least the BluRay gets an individual release. After all, you can create the CD version from that yourself, if that’s what you want (and I often do, for portable purposes when I’m not at home listening to the main home system).

Cary Allen Wilson

Why did this disappear from the Amazon U.S. site? I had it in my cart to preorder, then the next day it said currently not available. I went ahead and preordered on Amazon.uk, but weird.


I’ve seen that previously. A CD was on pre-order. I ordered it. Then disappeared. But still listed in my orders. Then came back.


It would be perfect a set with CDs 1 and 3 together. This is what worth on it !!!


I’m surprised that the release doesn’t clarify that the 5.1 mix was created by Parsons himself.

As the best-selling APP album, “Eye in the Sky” was an obvious choice for a deluxe release. I think most fans would have preferred a 5.1 mix/multi-disc set for “I Robot” however, but perhaps the bean counters are waiting to see the sales figures on this release before okaying that.


You are most likely correct. If you look at hires releases, you can see who has the money and who hasn’t. The artists who aren’t rolling in it, and are unlikely to sell bucketloads of these re-issues, get the ‘DTS/Dolby 24/96 and like it’ version, while the artists likely to sell reasonably well, in an admittedly tiny, tiny market, get a full blown DVD-Audio or SACD version with McH.

We tend to forget, the market for decent audio is tiny (around 15% and often a lot less than that) so the sales of hires and mega packages is miniscule. If you pick up SACD’s for example that are numbered, sometimes years after the initial release, they are still sub 1,000, for a worldwide distribution!

Daniel ( from Berlin )

I hope i live long enough to see the same 3cd treatment for my favorite APP album “vulture culture”. I am now 51. :)

[…] box set de aniversario de Eye in The Sky será lanzada el próximo 17 de noviembre, y en este enlace puedes revisar todos los detalles y el tracklist del […]


Ah old days of 82 that allowed me to discover which i consider the best group in the world and that masterpiece that it is “Silence And I”.

My only kinda dislike is the fact on vinyl one Childern Of The Moon and Gemini they becane cut in 2 because have to be heard like on original lp just as one,

But except this a total like to all involved in this “Project”…


I am hoping the 3 CDs would be released separately. But at least the BR will be.
Don’t need the vinyl, flexidisc, book or poster.


Not another Deluxe Boxset with vinyl included. I do not want any vinyl, I just want CDs (the vinyl will just end up staying inside the box not being played).


Agreed. I don’t want vinyl and I hate how these boxsets always include it to jack up the price.


Totally agree.


Then sell it on Ebay. There are plenty of people who like listening to a quality source that will buy it off you. The package is designed to appeal to all listeners, not just you.


Neil, I understand the motive behind the package format, but pretty sure the ‘package’ concept is exactly the gripe here, and continues with me now that the release date is here. When purchasing an automobile, you would be OK as your only option for purchase being a ‘package’ consisting of a corvette, an escalade, a town and country, and leaf, as this ‘package’ likewise would appeal ‘to all’ drivers? Offerings should best match customers individual preferences and individual constraints. I’d even admit, I’m willing to pay a premium just for the 5.1 format Blu-ray standalone…as long as I leave feeling that I didn’t pay for extras that I would never use/read.

Ryan F

I guess the ‘problem’ with APP is that the songwriting was always pretty focused and clinical from the outset – they wrote the songs, recorded them, stuck them on the album. There are no ‘discarded’ songs or B-sides, as everything was meticulously planned from the outset.

Hence why all the ‘bonus’ material on these albums (and indeed previous special edition releases) has been demo and alternative versions of the songs we already know.

Whilst I’m sure some will love this, I’m not really sure I need THAT many versions of Gemini…


I am very excited for this… The previous “Tales Of Mystery And Imagination” box-set was sublime, and I expect this one to be equally as good (“Eye In the Sky” being one of my favourite APP albums doesn’t hurt either).

Regarding the flexi-disc… It’s supposed to be a replica of a promotional item, released in ’81… A curiosity, representing a collectors item as it were… (It’s not supposed to be “hi-fi”).

Friso Pas

Nice package, I’ll bite at a slightly lower price.

Derek T.

The flexi-disc is a reproduction of one issued in ’81.

Greek geek

What in the world is a ‘songwriting diary’ and why do I need it? And who really cares about a flexidisc?! Will the bluray be available separately? I hope so. Too much nonsense and not enough substance!


Alan has confirmed that the Blu-ray will be available separately at a later date.

Dan T.

@ JediJoker

Thanks! I’m waiting for the Blu-only version too. Vinyl is nice, but in the end, too inconvenient, not to mention on my equipment the difference between a hi-res Blu and an analog signal are pretty much negligible, and I think most listeners would concur. Unless of course, the vinyl is about nostalgia, artwork, etc. then I totally understand – I have a bunch of old Iron Maiden vinyls because as a kid, I thought Derek Riggs’ artwork was cool. Otherwise, it’s all FLACs/CDs/BRs/DVD-As at home…


I doubt very much ‘most listeners would concur’. A decent vinyl source isn’t ‘matched’ by anything digital, not because it’s ‘better’ or ‘worse’ but because only someone tone deaf thinks an analogue source, of any kind, sounds like a Digital one. As for hires and blu ray sounding as ‘good’ as vinyl, really? Modern Digital recordings are by and large pretty poor. Unless a good engineer (hi Steven Wilson) gets their hands on it, it will pretty miserable due to ubiquitous compression used on modern Masters and re-masters.. Even then the record company sign off every recording, and it’s they who too often blast everything to oblivion. Vinyl by contrast, cannot be cut using brickwalled masters. As such, as many people have said in recent years (including the Hoffers) , the vinyl version of many new releases is the only one worth buying.

In terms of pre Digital albums, I would never buy a new version (vinyl or otherwise) over an original release. Master Tapes from the 60’s and 70’s are in a bad way, and the idea that they can be magically rescued by Digital tinkering is a record company myth that no engineer worth his salt subscribes too. Tape, with every play loses fidelity, and nothing can get back what is lost. That cymbal crash on a properly treated 1970’s pressing has vanished by the time the 2017, 5000th anniversary version is released..

As for hires, what are you listening to it on? PC? A streamer? Neither is a satisfactory listening system, as burning hires to disc and playing back that way proves. The difference is night and day, and not always for the better. Streaming homogenises music as a reviewer admitted in private.

Blu Ray is great, in stereo, with a high end player with it’s own dedicated DAC, or feeding a decent offboard DAC. Many people don’t seem to realise that ordinary blu ray players use the video side DAC for music, not one for music as the multi format players do. In surround though, unless you feed via Toslink, not HDMI, forget it. HDMI is a dire way to listen to music. Sadly DTS-HD and Dolby tru-HD can only be piped down HDMI. One day I will be able to afford an OPPO 205, but until that day, McH HD audio on blu ray remains elusive..

Lastly, if you are talking about ‘Mr Average’ he/she listens to MP3 on cheap (and nasty) apple docks, midi or micro systems or, thanks to streaming via the telly. The vast majority (85%) of the audio market is taken up by low fi, and always has been. As such, back to my original point, and I apologise for the long windedness, since vinyl sales are higher than all hires sales combined, no, the vast majority of people who buy quality recordings do not agree with you – and the figures say so.. :)

Have a good one.

Neil Wilkes

Hi chap.

Whilst I agree completely about HDMI being dire, you are wide of the mark with TOSlink though as this will only ever deliver the lossy core audio stream. 24/96 lossless multichannel cannot go down TOSlink because of bandwidth limitations, and short oif HDMI your only option is analogue out from the player.
Yes, both Dolby TrueHD & DTS-HD MA are mandatory supported codecs but only in stereo. You can have these lights up and actually be listening to either AC3 or DTS core audio – which is of course no improvement over DVD-Video.

Bill Hammell

Great news! I know that was also the case for Songs of Mystery and Imagination.

Tom of FIN

LOL, indeed. Flexidisc is mr. Parsons’ and first wave prog generation’s answer to hipsters’ cassette release boom.

Alan tennie

Greek Geek , what’s up mate ?
What a grumpy negative response to a box-set release ….. The Slade Rocked The World had a flexi-disc , I’ve never played it but it’s as cool as hell …. As for Erics Songwriting Diary , they can actually be quite enjoyable , as the TURN FRIENDLY CARD release turned out to be …limited plays , but that’s the norm with box-sets ….maybe best not to buy it