The Alan Parsons Project / Eye in the Sky blu-ray audio with 5.1 surround mix

Standalone blu-ray audio coming in August

As promised, the blu-ray audio element of last year’s Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky box set is being made available separately.

The blu-ray audio features the new 35th anniversary 5.1 surround sound remix and a stereo hi-res (or ‘HD’) version of the original 1982 mix. Speaking about both last year, Alan Parsons said “audiophiles will be pleased to know that there is a brand new 5.1 Surround Sound mix, which I am extremely pleased with incidentally, and also a Hi Def stereo version taken from the original analog stereo master tape which was recorded simultaneously alongside the digital mix”.

This new blu-ray audio (interesting to note that Sony are persevering with the ‘High Fidelity Pure Audio’ moniker, which seems to have been all but forgotten by Universal) will be issued on 3 August 2018. The box set was issued in November last year and is still available.

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Alan Parsons Project

Eye In The Sky (35th Anniversary Edition Bluray Audio) [DVD AUDIO]


Compare prices and pre-order

Alan Parsons Project, The

Eye In The Sky (35Th Anniversary Boxset)



5.1 Surround Sound Mix (2017)

Stereo HD version (1982)

  • 1. Sirius
  • 2. Eye In The Sky
  • 3. Children Of The Moon
  • 4. Gemini
  • 5. Silence And I
  • 6. You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned
  • 7. Psychobabble
  • 8. Mammagamma
  • 9. Step By Step
  • 10. Old And Wise

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This album will be amazing in 5.1. I’d also love to see Al Parsons project I robot that would be a score..

E.B. Cremers

is the usa edition multi region ?

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Got mine today and it is labeled as disc 4. I guess that’s how it must be in the deluxe edition, so they didn’t bother to erase for the standalone bluray edition.


This will be a great release. I think one of the earliest albums to be digitally recorded. So I’m expecting excellent sound!

Andre Denis

is anyone able to find it on another webpage then the ones mentioned here by Paul ?
like amazon Germany or anyone else in europe ?


Would be interesting to analyse how many Blu-ray audio discs that were initially box set exclusives were later sold alone (and how *much* later).

Bowie’s Station To Station and Goldfrapp’s Tales of Us both had surround mixes in box sets (admittedly on DVD) and have yet to be sold separately.

Bill B

Looking through my collection 5.1 blu-rays, dvd-as and sacds (and I have over 200) I can say, not many.

Neil Wilkes

Sad to say you are not missing anything at all with the Station to Station 5.1 – it is truly the worst surround mix I have ever heard in my entire life – to say that when I played this after getting the box set was a crushing disappointment would be a huge understatement. All you have in the rear channels for 95% of the mix is a whopping great reverb on an even bigger pre-delay making it sound like the thing is being played in an empty arena – Harry Maslin is obviously clueless when it comes to surround mixing and this album should have been stunning in 5.1 not the biggest disappointment ever. Seriously, if you have not heard it then you have missed nothing at all.
Centre channel is substantially lower in level than front L-R are, with some of the heaviest brickwalling ever on those 2 channels that has literally taken out every single drop of headroom. It is dreadful beyond the power of mere words to convey.

Tales Of Us, on the other hand, is sublime – the mix is really nice and well thought out and ought to be a standalone disc.

Edwin Muller

I just noticed that the complete album collection is for a good price on Amazon.de:
It includes the Sicilian defense


Now let’s hope Guns n’ Roses does the same thing and release a stand alone bluray from the new Appetite For Destruction box set


I have the box set of this, and the the 5.1 surround mix is glorious, (nicely understated mix, focus is on the music not on soundscape trickery)
Weirdly, I have yet to play the cd’s or vinyl, so I spent a lot of money on a box simply to play the blu ray that is now coming out. Although this has reminded me and I’ll probably dig out the bonus cd’s this weekend. I will say that the book in the box set is also very good, but my prime reason for buying the box set was for the 5.1 mix and maybe if I’d known this was coming out later I wouldn’t have stumped up the big bucks. (Which is not saying I regret it, it’s a nice set)


I remember really having loved a couple of songs off this, and I’m the kind of person who’d really like a chance to hear the “songwriting diaries” that led to those gems, but I can’t abide the extra cost demanded for the same material spread over multiple formats.

I have no intention to pay for what I have no intention to play.

They should devise a packaging whereby we can purchase only those elements we actually want to have from these sets. I’d love to be able to get the album in 5.1/stereo (with a download so I can put it into my iTunes) and the CDs with the bonus tracks (and maybe even the album-size packaging), only without the standard album on CD, AND vinyl, AND flexi-disc, which together surely add $30 or $40 to the set’s price.


Can’t ever see that happening, JT. You’re describing a Pick and Pay type set up, and that won’t ever work for record companies.

On the other hand, you can get most, if not all, the bonus stuff by simply buying the last reissue on single disc, that included the bonus material at the end (personally virtually none of the bonus material on those reissues was worth hearing even once, let alone twice).

The large format size, which is only there to accommodate the Vinyl, is really too big, and doesn’t sit on the shelf very well.

The best example of what you describe was the Alice Cooper School Days box, imo. That originally came out in a replica school desk, with all kinds of things thrown in. Later it was reissued in book format, without all the posters etc, for much less.


JT. What you are describing is similar to what the kiddies/youngsters do in iTunes and the like by paying for the tracks they want and not bother with the others.
I have the previous EITS release. Do I miss the few extra tracks that are in the box set? Yes. But having the BR helps nicely.
I don’t need a box set that has vinyl that I don’t need or all the reproduction crap.

Mathew Lauren

About time, yet we still have to wait TIL 3 Aug 18.

Take my money and send it along, now!

Would really prefer a 5.1 Blu/cd combo.

Is anybody in special projects, at ANY of the record companies, listening?

Curious HD, 2.0, language, also present on the “Tales…,” standalone, Blu-ray.

Unfortunately, HD means something different, depending on the record company. HD ATMOS means 24/48 b/c they’re too cheap to use a 4K Blu-ray Disc (to fit the metadata at this time) for a true, hires presentation. I’ve also noticed, when soundtracks or music is:

@ 48khz
on dts-cd
on DVD-V
or isn’t 24/96 or better,

the words HD are commonly used instead of hires, but with “Eye..,” it seems we have, another exception to the “rule,” as it’s lossless 2.0 24/96 pcm (hires), just like “Tales…,” and again called: “HD.”

I, just, wonder how much longer it’s gonna take musical artists to use the “tried and true” 5.1/cd bookset format to reissue their back catalogue and make some, retirement income — I mean: give us what we want.

I’m so conflicted about $100-plus SDE boxsets. Rush’s “AFTK” SW 5.1 will see a stand-alone release (eventually), just like “Eye…” I’m not so sure about a stand-alone “Appetite for Destruction” 5.1 Blu.

I like the HFPA monicker. Wish UMe would unload much more 5.1, ATMOS or X HFPA, Blu and 4K Blu. *There’s a lot of unreleased and still to be commissioned, 5.1 Steely Dan, UMe. (Hint. Hint.)

I don’t need or want the excess, boxset baggage, and I am lucky enough to afford it. Yet, I won’t buy it anymore. I’ve got drawers full of crap, just to attain the surround-sound material. The expensive, boxset purchases ended for me, this past Nov. ‘17.

I have to think, most have a ltd. budget, and these expensive sets prevent MANY of US from attaining the 5.1 and ATMOS material. This pricing model seems counterintuitive if one desires to move product — ESP modern surround-sound. We own everything else, 2.0 in multiples.

The answer is affordable 5.1/cd booksets!

Mike the Fish

4k is a little niche for a niche product in itself, don’t you think?

Wayne klein

Not exactly especially given that many streaming services currently stream at 2-4K.


Got to agree with that sentiment. CD/Blu Ray in a book at a sensible price please (I’m OK with vinyl 12″ sized books too) but sadly it is all about reselling you what you already had a maximum wonga if poss. The industry seldom learns.

Neil Wilkes

Matthew, 4K Blu-ray has the exact same audio specs as regular Blu-ray does, which in itself is no better than DVD-A used to be (DVD-A allowed 5.1 in 24/96 lossless as well as up to 24/192 in stereo) unless you are one of those who think 5.1 at 192k is actually worth doing (I am not, for many reasons, and am firmly convinced 96k is plenty sufficient).
There is absolutely NO POINT doing a Blu-ray audio in the 4K format especially when you consider a regular Blu-ray would also have to be done because the sales of 4K players are not anything like as high as the manufacturers hoped for.

wayne klein

The price for the Blu-ray has gone up to $19.96

Steven Roberts

So now that the 5.1 mix is being released separately, I’m betting the Eye In the Sky box set will drop dramatically in price.

You know, like the Tales box did :)

Stephen K.



Any information about the packaging?

Geoff Garvoille

Ordered! Thanks for the news.

For grins, check out the Amazon US listing. The DVD version of the listing is for the Helen Mirren movie of the same name. D’oh!


Even worse, the UK site links the comments for the film to the APP blu-ray. ,-))


I actually have the previous Tales of Mystery set. To be honest, if you don’t want the Vinyl (and I don’t), then the only pull is a large booklet. There’s nothing else of great value in there. There’s a poster, but it’s very dull.

So….. this is a good deal.


I’m confused with this paragraph: “The blu-ray audio features the new 35th anniversary 5.1 surround sound remix and a stereo hi-res (or ‘HD’) version of the original 1982 mix. Speaking about both last year, Alan Parsons said “audiophiles will be pleased to know that there is a brand new 5.1 Surround Sound mix, which I am extremely pleased with incidentally, and also a Hi Def stereo version taken from the original analog stereo master tape which was recorded simultaneously alongside the digital mix”.”
Is there just one 5.1 and stereo mix of each or 2?


About friggen time!

Mathew Lauren



Ordered! This is how to do it for the folks who love the album, but can not justify the price of the box set. Thank you, Paul!

Rob Puricelli

Very welcome news. If only more artists and labels broke out the 5.1 mixes as standalone. I hate being held to ransom to get these.


9-12 months.

This would give them plenty of time to sell their box sets to the die-hard fans and the people who don’t want to wait for a single disc release.

Mathew Lauren



I’m with you on this. How much could it cost for these companies to just release the 5.1 Blu ray as a separate thing and would it really stop the people who want the box sets from buying them? I think not.


Rob, I also agree. It sometimes gives me discomfort to have to fork out big money for a box set, when I’m only really interested in the 5.1 mix disc exclusive to the box set. I think it’s great that SONY is offering ‘Eye in the Sky’ 5.1 mix and HD stereo as a stand-alone item, and hope that other record companies will eventually do the same with their remastered releases. Definitely buying this :-)