The Alan Parsons Project / Tales of Mystery And Imagination deluxe box


The Alan Parsons Project‘s 1976 debut, Tales of Mystery and Imagination will be released in December as a 40th anniversary box set.

alan_talesMade with the full co-operation of Eric Woolfson’s family and Alan Parsons, this set will feature the album half-speed mastered and cut at 45RPM across two 180g vinyl records; a 5.1 surround sound mix on blu-ray audio (which also features a hi-res stereo version); three CDs which feature the original 1976 mix, the 1987 remix and over 70 mins of previously unreleased  bonus material and a 60-page ‘coffee table’ book with photos and new interviews.

Thrown in as a bonus, is a reproduction of the original album poster, a replica 1976 press kit and a tape-man sticker. This box will be released on 2 December 2016.


CD 1: A Dream Within A Dream / The Raven / The Tell-Tale Heart / The Cask Of Amontillado / (The System Of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether / The Fall Of The House Of Usher (suite)

i: Prelude – ii: Arrival – iii: Intermezzo – iv: Pavane – v: Fall / To One In Paradise (Original 1976 edition) / The Raven (Original Demo) / Edgar (Demo Of An Unreleased Track) / Orson Welles Radio Spot / Interview with Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson

CD 2: A Dream Within A Dream / The Raven / The Tell-Tale Heart / The Cask Of Amontillado / (The System Of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether / The Fall Of The House Of Usher (suite) i: Prelude – ii: Arrival – iii: Intermezzo – iv: Pavane – v: Fall / To One In Paradise (1987 Remix) / Eric’s Guide Vocal Medley / Orson Welles Dialogue / Sea Lions In The Departure Lounge / GBH Mix (Unreleased Experiments)

CD 3: (ALL MATERIAL PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) Album Launch at Los Angeles Planetarium – Introduction by Warren Duffy / Dream Within A Dream (Piano Takes) / Dream Within A Dream (Recorder Takes) / Dream Within A Dream/The Raven (Early Mix with Eric on Vocoder) / The Raven (Out-take and Extended Jam) / The Tell Tale Heart (Eric Guide Vocal) / Cask Of Amontillado (Rough mix – piano and backing vocals) / Cask Of Amontillado (Eric and Alan Guide Vocals) / Dr Tarr and Professor Fether (Early Rough Mix) / Dr Tarr and Professor Fether (Vocal Take) / Dr Tarr and Professor Fether – (Eric Guide Vocal) / Prelude (Orchestral Take 19) / Pavane (Experimenting & Take 1) / To One In Paradise (Rough Mix) / Interview with Alan and Eric – London, August 1987

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[…] Imagination is now widely available as a standalone product. Previously, you either had to buy the pricey box set or order from PledgeMusic to acquire the blu-ray, which contains a 5.1 surround sound mix on […]

Mark Yon

Thanks to everyone for the heads-up. I have bought the Blu-ray on pledge!

Michel Kempes

Stand alone audio bluray is on it’s way…!


I agree with Isaías:
a DVD+CD with promo videos (and some extras, why not?) and a singles collection (the real singles edits)


It should be much wiser to release two editions, with and without vinyl. To me 3 CDs set (without the Blu Ray as it can be order as a stand alone item) would be enough. I agree with Stephen K about the (7″) single mixes and put them altogether in a compilation (and I add) with a DVD of promo vídeos should be great. I think Universal must consider it for a future release once both stay unrelease still.


Yes. It is the “Ultimate” so it has to have everything but Alan flipping over the vinyl for you to play. But like a few here, the vinyl jacks up the price too much.

Stephen K.

Do you know what doesn’t exist? A compilation of Alan Parsons singles. And especially not with the original 7″ mix/edits of the songs. Those songs are so good. The album version of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether contains a bit of “crowd noise”. From what I’ve heard of the 7″, there’s no crowd noise, it’s purely a studio mix. Even if you wanted to curate your own compilation of Alan Parsons singles, you can’t even get past the first song without stumbling in your quest, because the 7″ mix has never been digitally released, to my knowledge, and you can’t recreate it. You can’t edit it from the album version. Seriously, no singles compilation of a group that’s been around since the 70’s.

Billy Dojcak

I agree. Too many best of collections contain lp versions or edits of lp versions not the single mixes.


What a great album from start to finish, in its original 70’s version, just perfect.
Then I purchased the 1987 mix, looking for more the the best I so liked. What I got: the Phil Collins version of the album: massive gated-drum so kitsch even back then. Imagine now.


It’s a great album but there’s no way I’m paying $124.00 for this. The third CD is pointless. It’s just bits and pieces of demos. No thanks.


Bought the bluray on pledge!


A stand alone blu ray version is available for pre-order right now on the the official Alan Parsons Project website. Probably opt for that.


Why the vinyl thing? Well the answer is on the info that can be found on details of main box set at Pledgemusic page (and btw is an answer from a question on previous post about that):

LP 2 / SIDE 2
To One In Paradise / (The System Of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether (Single Version) / The Raven (Single Version) / To One In Paradise (Single Version)

None of those extra tracks are included on the CD’s and not sure if they will be find on Blu-Ray…

Julian H

I would have been all over a 3CD/BD set. The deluxe from 2007 is badly mastered and I usually enjoy the bonus material, but I find this set bloated. Shame.

Billy Dojcak

Stickers and posters have no appeal to me.


I read on the QuadraphonicQuad forums that someone over there has convinced Alan to release the BluRay as a standalone. Fingers crossed. Wouldn’t be the first time that community made a difference on a release. :)


The Bluray with 5.1 is coming out separately from what I’ve read elsewhere.

Michel Kempes

Where did you read that..?

Daniel ( from Berlin )

This is a good 4oth anniversary edition of an album and not this ridiculous ABBA
“arrival” vinyl disgrace.

Steven Roberts

Why bother with a 40th anniversary release? It isn’t *compulsory* that it be commemorated…

Daniel ( from Berlin )

i think disgrace is a my personal interpretation paul.
you know i write to almost every article of you here and i have a big personal music collection from a-z. collected since 1976.
i wrote this many times before, “ABBA” is now for me only a fan milking machine.
sadly, fans buy those things. thats why Benny & Björn will never change the
way they do. they know it works. again and again…
if nobody would buy these ABBA “releases” / “anniversary editions” maybe then we would see some alternate versions of ABBA tracks in future on re-issues….
ps 1: thank you for answering the first time to one of my comments.
thank you for your fantastic website.
i visit it every day two times.
ps 2. if nothings change in the future the only hope can be that the record company made some little mistakes like with the ABBA 7” singles box set – where they use an unreleased alternate ( and really beautiful ! ) version of “andante andante”.

Derek Langsford

Without trying to divert this into an analog v. digital argument, and while not a disgrace, I continue to hope that the labels will see demand for a hi-res digital version and perhaps even a 5.1 mix of reissues of very successful albums, keeping the vinyl separate from DVD-A or Blu-ray.

It would be interesting to find out how many own a turntable plus or minus a DVD-A or Blu-ray player. Like others, I resist buying any set with included vinyl, unless it has a digital 5.1 mix that I really want, but am I in a small or large minority, or a majority of deluxe edition buyers?


Derek: I’m pretty much the same, a 5.1 mix can indeed sway me, it’s an excellent “value-add” that gives a whole new experience. Sadly, while it is here, the price is inflated to accommodate Vinyl.

Matthew: As long as labels keep making the same mistakes, you’ll come across the same responses. The hope is that one day they’ll listen to their customers and not repeat these ridiculous practices. As much as anything, this blog is an advocate for us music fans, so I think it’s appropriate.

I’m not a Vinyl guy any longer, I’ve moved on. I have no need for the Vinyl. I am happy for Vinyl lovers to have the choice, it’s just not my thing. But I do draw the line at having to pay my hard-earned for it. I’d go further – how many people who buy Vinyl are chomping on the bit to have the CD as well? Not many, I’d expect.

I guess if anything, I’m surprised more people aren’t bothered about having to pay for things they don’t want when it’s simpler to make the purchase optional.

As a footnote – the last remaster wasn’t very long ago, and was excellent. So yeah, I’m more than happy with the release I’ve got, especially given the “extras” are so poor (seriously, no-one is going to want to listen to them more than once). Most of us rebuy things we already own, but what you’re looking for is enough “value-add” to make it worthwhile. There’s nothing pleasurable about fighting with record companies.

Mike the Fish

I’ve got a turntable and 5.1 playback and I generally don’t like repeated material on vinyl that inflates the price of the box.

Mike the Fish

For Arrival it should have been extra material and/or 5.1 or not at all. (A better remaster wouldn’t have gone amiss for the old deluxe, but who wants to buy it again?)


Vinyl seems to inflate just about every box set. On their own, seems to add more to the price than if the LPs were on their own.

Matthew Collier

Predictable response: I have two versions of this on CD already and actually would probably still be up for purchasing the BluRay, if it were to be available individually.

The box set, not a chance! (like so many others, sadly).


Matthew, the BluRay is coming out individually!

Jason Newton

Looking forward to this. Thanks for the head up.


This is a stone-cold classic. But whilst it’s nice to see it getting top-notch treatment, it’s not something I’m going for. I own the original CD, and the Deluxe Edition two-CD set already.

When the last remastering of the Parsons catalog happened, each disc was appended by these outtakes. But whilst Special Editions often include Alternative Versions, early mixes etc – much of what was on offer were “guide vocals” (AKA: humming) and partial early performances. Only Vulture Culture had anything that could remotely be considered “essential”, with the inclusion of a previously unreleased track that was marvelous.

The inclusion of the Vinyl pushes the price up for this set, way beyond what I’d consider reasonable. So this is a pass.

Still, it IS a fantastic album. The set was at least partially Crowd-Funded, and if you got in early you could get all kinds of items from Wolfsens archives including early pressings of the original Vinyl, hand-written lyrics (not reproductions), pieces of the original tapes etc. Just lots of stuff.

A fine album, and a new edition here ruined by the inclusion of Vinyl price wise. Oh well.


I’m with Dean. The vinyl inclusion pushes the price beyond what I can afford, and I already have a few different CD versions floating around already. I’d like to get that Blu-Ray someday though; hopefully a more affordable offering is made sometime in the future.


Go to http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/talesofmystery/exclusives
They’re offering the blu-ray as a standalone item.


Wonder if it is an “exclusive”. So far no other stand-alone releases and the first 2 CDs duplicate the last deluxe edition.

Billy Dojcak

Thanks, that’s all I’m interested in. I have all the other cd versions and vinyl way too expensive.