The Alan Price Set / Twice The Price: The Decca Recordings / 3CD set

Alan Price‘s post Animals solo career, backed by his own band The Alan Price Set, is remembered with Twice The Price, a ‘Complete Decca Recordings’ three-CD set.

Alan put out two albums on the label (name puns ahoy!) – The Price To Play (1966) and A Price On His Head (1967) – and these are presented on the first two CDs in this set. The third disc brings together every non-album single A-side and B-side issued between 1965-1969.

Twice The Price comes with new sleeve notes by John Tobler and is released on 28 April 2017.

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The Alan Price Set

Twice the Price - The Decca Recordings


Disc: 1
1. Barefootin’ / Let’s Go Baby / Land Of 1,000 Dances
2. Just Once In My Life
3. Goin’ Down Slow
4. Getting Mighty Crowded
5. Honky Tonk
6. Move On Drifter
7. Mercy, Mercy
8. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
9. Ain’t That Peculiar
10. I Can’t Turn You Loose
11. Critic’s Choice
12. Hi – Lili, Hi-Lo

Disc: 2
1. The House That Jack Built
2. She’s Got Another Pair Of Shoes
3. Come And Dance With Me
4. On This Side Of Goodbye
5. So Long Dad
6. No One Ever Hurt So Bad
7. Don’t Do That Again
8. Tickle Me
9. Grim Fairy Tale
10. Living Without You
11. Happy Land
12. To Ramona
13. Biggest Night Of Her Life

Disc: 3
1. Any Day Now (My Wild, Beautiful Bird)
2. Never Be Sick On A Sunday
3. I Put A Spell On You
4. Iechyd – da
5. Take Me Home
6. Willow Weep For Me
7. Yours Until Tomorrow
8. Simon Smith & His Amazing Dancing Bear
9. Tickle Me [single version]
10. Who Cares
11. Shame
12. Don’t Stop The Carnival
13. The Time Has Come
14. When I Was A Cowboy
15. Tappy Tortoise
16. Love Story
17. My Old Kentucky Home
18. The Trimdon Grange Explosion
19. Falling In Love Again

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[…] The Alan Price Set / Twice The Price: The Decca Recordings / 3CD set […]

Colin Harper

A bit of tangent, I know, but as you mentioned Alan’s BBC sessions on a previous comp, DHH, can I be the only person who is baffled that, as yet, very few of Georgie Fame’s 60s BBC tracks have appeared on CD? I say that because he’s had TWO very substantial box sets out in the past year (‘The Whole World’s Shaking’ and ‘Survivor’), with a further 60s-based archive trawl set due later this year – which I don’t think I’m allowed to say more about – and I think only one BBC session, from 1964, appears on any of the three – on ‘The Whole World’s Shaking’.

I’m currently involved in research for a second John McLaughlin book so I’ve been listening to two of Georgie’s FOUR 1967 World Service sessions (all of which survive on BBC transcription disc) and will access the other two soon – given that McLaughlin is present on certainly one, and possibly others. They’re fantastic recordings. Given the proven market for vintage Georgie, it seems baffling that seemingly no one has sought to release them.


Hmmm, not a bad collection, but if you already own “The Alan Price Set – The House That Jack Built: The 60s Session’ (Castle CMEDD 1098) 2 CDs, you really don’t need this. The only track, that I can see, not on ‘The Alan Price Set – The House That Jack Built: The 60s Session’ is ‘Tickle Me’ (single version). If I didn’t already have the Castle CD, I’d grab this. But, the Castle set has the rare BBC radio sessions.

Stevie B

Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear was my favourite song as a child!

Phil G.

I have been known, on occasion, to make a pretty convincing argument that Simon Smith… is the greatest song of all time.

Stevie B

Make your case Phil, I have a sympathetic ear.

Mike the Fish

The Muppets performance (with the dancing assitance of Fozzie Bear) is my favourite version of that song. Nice musical arrangement (and Scooter’s vocals).


I like his soundtrack to ‘O Lucky Man’ and his Andy Capp TV theme, so I am gonna try this, thanks Paul.


‘O Lucky Man’ is a fabulous soundtrack album.


Really good compilation at a great price. Not totally complete though as “Not Born To Follow” from The World Of Alan Price album is missing. It’s a shame they couldn’t also have included Alan’s 1970 solo single for Decca “Sunshine And Rain” / “Is There Anybody Out There”. There are also stereo and mono versions of “Simon Smith” The mono version is slightly longer. But as is the case with majority of these types of compilations there’s always something interesting left off for fans to moan about.


Sorry Marty .. I am a big fan – having the majority of his tracks but these Decca ones well, hit singles apart, they’re not that good (don’t ever play “Tappy tortoise” it’s truly bad ..).
The first LP/CD is ok – mainly covers of r’n’b numbers, and the second well average as it’s mainly slow Randy Newman covers (though none as good as “Simon Smith … “) and a few self composed numbers (such as “She’s got another pair of shoes”). But it wasn’t till later that Alan developed his own distinctive style (for me peaking with “Between today and yesterday”) .. so here you have a fairly mixed bag that probably won’t lead to any new converts to Alan’s work. The ironic thing his that the missing BBC sessions (available on the CD 2005 set) are much better than most of the tracks here .. and includes his version of “Don’t let me be misunderstood” ..


Got this on order and looking forward to it landing on my doorstep next week.
Loved Don’t stop the carnival when it was released when I was a nipper.

Colin Harper

Alan’s version of Anne Briggs’ ‘The Time Has Come’ (a 1968 B-side) is a masterpiece – a hit that could have been!

It’s a shame Alan didn’t have Paul McCartney and his team working on this – they could have kept back half the tracks for download-only, added a box, quintupled the RRP, put something out on wax cylinder for RSD, and pushed out Scott Roger to tell us that Paul really felt that not all of the content fitted the ‘narrative’ of Alan’s 60s career – all of which would have allowed them to call it ‘Priced Out Of The Market’. An opportunity missed, there…

Stan Butler

Don’t forget a couple of hardback books of McCartney’s photo albums that none of us could possibly enjoy the music without. All helps to push the price higher and higher.


You guys!!