The Associates / Perhaps 2CD deluxe

The Associates‘ third studio album Perhaps will be reissued as a 2CD deluxe edition later this month.

With the departure of Alan Rankine and Michael Dempsey, the 1985 long-player was effectively a Billy McKenzie solo album in all but name and had a long gestation period featured four different producers: Heaven 17’s Martyn Ware, Martin Rushent, Dave Allen and Greg Walsh.

This two-CD reissue features the original 10-track album on CD 1 along with the four cassette-only instrumentals from 1985. The second disc includes what the label describe as “all the related bonus tracks for which master tapes still exist”. These comprise extended versions, edits, B-sides and instrumentals. 11 tracks are new to CD.

This deluxe edition comes as a digipak with a 20-page booklet, with sleeve notes courtesy of Andy Davis.

The Perhaps deluxe edition is released on 31 January 2020 via Cherry Red. This reissue is a wallet-pleasing £10.99 in the UK.

CD 1
1. Those First Impressions
2. Waiting For The Loveboat
3. Perhaps (Dave Allen Remix)
4. Schampout
5. Helicopter Helicopter
6. Breakfast
7. Thirteen Feelings
8. The Stranger In Your Voice
9. The Best Of You (Billy Mackenzie & Dave Allan Remix)
10. Don’t Give Me That I Told You So Look
11. Perhaps (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)*
12. Breakfast Alone (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)*
13. Thirteen Feelings (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)*
14. The Stranger In Your Voice (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)*

CD 2
1. Those First Impressions (Extended Version)*
2. Waiting For The Loveboat (Single Version)
3. Waiting For The Loveboat (Extended Version)*
4. Waiting For The Loveboat (Slight Return)
5. Perhaps Perhaps*
6. Schampout (Edit)*
7. Breakfast (Single Version)
8. Breakfast (Edit)
9. Kites
10. Take Me To The Girl (Single Version)
11. Take Me To The Girl (12″ Mix)*
12. Take Me To The Girl (Instrumental)*
13. The Girl That Took Me*

*previously unreleased on CD

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Mario Mastroianni

This is a masterpiece, second only to Billy Mackenzie’s posthumous solo album “Beyond The Sun”, whose best track (“Winter Academy”) ironically (well, kind of) quotes “Breakfast”.
My favourite Associates song is undoubtedly “The Best Of You” (featuring Gina X), with those sudden slap basslines, that climax, the sharp sax solo and the snare drum sampled from Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”.
Then closely comes “Thirteen Feelings” (kinda mirrored by “14 Mirrors” off “Beyond The Sun”), impressively dramatic with those strings and piano, while the same combo slows down for the hauting “Breakfast”…goosebumps!
The climatic and dark choruses to both “Perhaps” and “The Stranger In Your Voice” complete the album’s standout 5 tracks, but still there’s the melancholy of “Don’t Give Me That ‘I Told You So’ Look”, the raw aggressiveness of “Helicopter Helicopter” and “Schampout” and the more traditional arrangements to “Waiting For The Loveboat” and “Those First Impression” and so we have the full kaleidoscopicture.
“Take Me To The Girl” expands the latter ones’ mood with plenty of piano work (and in that direction also went Winston Tong’s “No Regrets” and “Endgame” from his Alan Rankine-produced album “Theoretically Chinese”, which is the closest thing to “Perhaps” itself, with a special mention for “Reports From The Heart” that would later inspire Alphaville’s best effort, “The One Thing”) and “Kites” is another masterpiece of a cover (though way better than the original), from which the japanese genius Takumi ‘Iwasky’ Iwasaki reworked the arrangement for his epic “Fragments Of Time”.
Don’t trust those nostalgic guys repeating that “Sulk” couldn’t be beated, since “Perhaps” manager to do that without overshadowing the aforementioned 1982 album that’s still a source of inspiration for The Divine Comedy, the Arctic Monkeys and, well, even myself as “Sleepdriver”.


Waited years for this.
I wore the original UK vinyl down back in the day. Been living off a German vinyl copy I picked up a few years ago on a trip out there.
This is much welcomed; maybe it will finally get the critical re-assessment it deserves.


Got mine yesterday, it’s an absolute GEM.


anyone that has to “ponder” buying this CD really doesn’t deserve to even HEAR it. Always will be an iconic album


Best singer to come out of Scotland . Any release with Billy and Alan Rankine is very welcome in my collection. Check out Alan’s solo albums WHEN THE WORLD BEGINS TO LOOK HER AGE,SHE LOVES ME NOT and THE BIG PICTURE SUCKS.

Michael McA

Played it again – first time in years – after seeing this post. Still just not a good album at all – especially after what came before. The stories of it’s making reflect this fact. Loved Billy Mackenzie – and his singing was glorious but am gonna ponder a bit more before maybe ordering – and I’m sure I already have the extended WFTLB somewhere on CD?

Martin Giese

Finally! Never noticed that some of the Martyn Ware produced tracks were later Remixed by Dave Allen on the album. Though i am a big vinyl fiend, a release on plastic would only make sense with a special edition including the bonus tracks. The regular release from the 80s is – sadly – to be found in many bargain bins nowadays.


Never Mind the Charts:

Stellar!!!! Browsing around on Amazon about a month ago this popped up and at first I doubted my own eyes…too good to be true. I was so happy to finally find Perhaps on cd when it was released with the Glamour Chase. I had read the reviews at the time – Alan Rankine’s departure, no better than a Billy Mackenzie solo effort and at the time being young and naïve I hoped it wasn’t true…but as the needle rolled over beautifully executed, catchy aural diamonds one after the other I knew I’d discovered for myself a most favourite album – the tight funky galloping bass, sharp distinct cabaret piano, imaginative full synth work – and THAT voice – the very cherry on top.

To have Perhaps remastered and released again could have been enough, to find the 12″ singles of Impressions and Loveboat in their entirety remastered and included is almost too good to be true – to FINALLY find the Take Me to the Girl 12″ on cd along with Kites – needless to say I’m a happy camper. Thank You yet again to those at Cherry Red!!!


This is great news especially since you can’t even find it on most streaming sites. Seems to be one of the few ways albums like this are being preserved and re-discovered.


Oh, and if Take me to the Girl doesn’t come across like a lost late period Abba classic I don’t know what does. File alongside The Winner Takes It All and The Day Before You Came.


No brainer. A must buy. Possibly the most other worldly vocalist of the 1980s. Certainly up there with Liz Fraser. It would be nice for the full Glamour Chase to be reissued.


I emailed Cherry Red to ask if they were planning to do a stand-alone ‘Glamour Chase’, answer was no but they’d look into it.

Would suggest it might be worth anyone who’s keen to see it dropping them an email to show there’s demand (if there is indeed demand!).


You’d assume there was more demand for Glamour Chase than Perhaps! Not sure Perhaps is a casual purchase (in the way Sulk may be), so given only collectors would buy…


Gonna do this! Good suggestion and thanks for looking into it. In Windows All is worth the effort alone!

Peter stjohn

A longtime coming from great band

Eric Generic

I love this album. Great to see the cassette-only tracks (instrumentals) included, and although I have the Glamour Chase/Perhaps double CD from 2002 (ish), it’ll be wonderful to have Perhaps as a standalone release. Not a fan of digipaks, but it will doubtless look stunning.

Breakfast is a classic.


david brookes

I love this album and have played it so much over the years. I hope the remaster adds some bass as it’s severely lacking on the original LP. If you read The Glamour Chase book there’s a story about the original version of this album which never came out. It was deemed unreleasable by Warners, Billy disposed of the master tapes somewhere, only a few people know where they reside. Annie Lennox originally did the female vocal parts on The Best Of You, but was replaced by Eddi Reader.


There’s also the version of the best of you with Gina X

David Parkes

They’re buried in the woods at Auchterhouse.
Annie Lennox version wasn’t that exciting. I lost any respect for her after she insisted she be removed due to her being ‘too big’


I’ve probably cycled past those master tapes quite a few times, then!

Tom Walsh

A couple of absolute classics on this LP: Those First Impressions and Breakfast. Should be on vinyl as well though.

Mike Bushell

The first time I heard Breakfast was on a foggy day, when I was driving by lots of radio masts near Rugby. There was a strange atmosphere that day and Breakfast just added to it. My Favourite Associates track. It deserved much more acclaim.

Saar Freedman

wondering if the coy” for which master tapes still exist” alludes to the universal fire


It’s Cherry Red, so more likely “We had a quick look in that cupboard and then recorded it all off 12″ singles”.


Clearly missed the 10″ tmtg release as no Little boy that Santa Claus forgot…


Hey Paul,
wasn’t it their fourth Album?


Whenever I used to put the cassette on, I always listened to the instrumentals – to me, they were just a part of the album. Cherry Red are amazing, really hope they release the US version of Sulk next.

Gary Hunter

Brilliant album and so pleased to see it get the deluxe treatment.

Kevin Barrett

Excellent news for perhaps the best voice of the 80s imo, shame no vinyl, but still a must-buy.

Vince Williams

I am a big Associates fan so looking forward to this. it’s a pity they never released the full Live At Ronnie Scotts gig which they did. From it came a brilliant version of Breakfast which was only released on a Sounds giveaway 7″ single and 3 tracks from it appeared on the b-side of the Take me To The Girl 10″ single. Would love to have remastered versions of these as well as the rest of the gig.


Yes! Would be great to have some recorded document of how incredible Billy was live besides crappy YouTube transfers. It’s about time.