The B52’s / Cosmic Thing / 30th anniversary expanded edition

Remastered • 2CD deluxe • Bonus remixes and live cuts

The B-52’s album Cosmic Thing will be reissued as an expanded two-CD deluxe edition next month, for its 30th anniversary reissue.

The 1989 long-player was a big success at the time, spawning the transatlantic top five hit ‘Love Shack’ and ‘Roam’ (also top five in the USA).

This two-CD reissue (there appears to be no vinyl edition) includes remastered audio and bonus tracks include edits, a megamix, 12-inch remixes and unreleased concert recordings from 1990’s Cosmic Tour.

Cosmic Thing will be reissued on 28 June 2019.

CD 1
1. Cosmic Thing (Remastered)
2. Dry County (Remastered)
3. Deadbeat Club (Remastered)
4. Love Shack (Remastered)
5. Junebug (Remastered)
6. Roam (Remastered)
7. Bushfire (Remastered)
8. Channel Z (Remastered)
9. Topaz (Remastered)
10. Follow Your Bliss (Remastered)
11. B-52’s Megamix (Remastered)
12. Love Shack (Edit) [Remastered]
13. Channel Z (Rock Mix) [Remastered]
14. Roam (Extended Remix) [Remastered]
15. Roam (12″ Remix) [Remastered]

CD 2
1. Cosmic Thing (Live)
2. Bushfire (Live)
3. Quiche Lorraine (Live)
4. Dance This Mess Around (Live)
5. Dry County (Live)
6. Private Idaho (Live)
7. Give Me Back My Man (Live)
8. Deadbeat Club (Live)
9. Mesopotamia (Live)
10. Strobe Light (Live)
11. Roam (Live)
12. 52 Girls (Live)
13. Love Shack (Live)
14. Rock Lobster (Live)
15. Whammy Kiss (Live)
16. Channel Z (Live)

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Once the price drops I would more than likely get it.


I HATE reissues that pile on a bonus disc of nothing but live material. Most people could care less about that. It’s a cop out from putting REAL music (remixes, b-sides, etc.) together with the album; pure and unadulterated laziness. Sadly, it’s not worth it to me with only a handful (5) mixes added (See full list from Jef.) This could have been done right and, typical, was not.



That’s not true. Many people like me prefer live material.


I think it is pointless to release the album over and over again – people already have it.
It would be nice to have a FULL package of other recordings, 12″s, demos, and live shows, from this period, that are related to the album.

David Hutchins

The First B52s LP is being reissued on vinyl on the 5th July, can’t tell if this is a remaster. Hopefully it will be and hopefully a deluxe CD version might follow…


Just got my advance copy of the first vinyl album (signed at tonight’s concert) (second album also re-pressed). They aren’t remastered, there’s no mention of it, identical repressing of the originals. All the credits on the first album state 1979, however a code or a name in the runout groove has been scratched away on both sides, obviously on the acetate.

Richard Lloyd

I think I’ll stick with my original Cosmic Thing UK CD and the US 6-track Love Shack CD single which has some great mixes on it (it’s one of my most played CD singles, along with Madonna’s 7-track Deeper and Deeper US CD single)

Neil Kelly

I’ll purchase but why not 3 CD surely an extra CD is about 2p in this day and age. I’d have paid £5 more. As we all know all that stuff missing! Does a visual concert from the period not exist for a Blu ray or DVD?

Let’s have a complete overhaul of their catalogue. It so desperately needs it. Nothing else going on either one (excellent) new album in 27 years.

Thanks for finally publishing this story. I did request it on another thread. The exact concert is now listed on Amazon though although apparently one track in amongst the rest is from a different show. Mistake?


Don’t care about remixes but wish there were going to be a SDE or standalone multichannel mix. B-52s would sound great in 5.1 as they have a lot going on in their songs (lots of vocals, instuments/effects, etc.).

Mark Brian Carroll



I worked for Warner Music in the ’00s. There absolutely was a DVD-Audio in 5.1 on the release schedule for a very long time, but it was ultimately shelved (along with a DVD-A of 90125 by Yes). I don’t know why.

john - Peru

Debio de haber sido 3 CD…+ remixes Love Shack (Extended Dance Mix) y NO Edit….Roam Channel Z

Charlie Waffles

I agree with everyone that there are a lot of remixes missing from this release. So sad.


Love Shack edit?


Probably a radio edit that we normally hear in the Western Hemisphere…or at least my corner of the woods in the States.


I like this. Keeping it simple how deluxe editions used to be. No bleeding-it-dry with multiple formats and an extra track you can only get in the £80 boxset…
I hope this signals the beginning of a new wave of straightforward affordable editions.


I hope NOT. Sheesh. The industry hasn’t even begun as far as I’m concerned!




Same here. I’ve got only so much shelf space anyway.


I have the Steve Hoffman remaster from a few years ago and don’t expect this to be an improvement. However, I will likely purchase it for the extras. My preference would have been for demos/Alternate versions, and the like, as opposed to disco mixes.


Steve Hoffman never remastered the album. I’m not sure he’s allowed anywhere near those WB tapes. Perhaps you are thinking of the Audio Fidelity CD remastered by Kevin Gray?


I stand corrected, as I dug out my AF and indeed Kevin Gray is credited. Regardless, although it was one of the last releases before AF began issuing SACDs, it sounds better than the original general-release CD.


Ahh Steve Hoffman and his famous “breath of death”, he is so overrated.

Larry Davis

Re…the B52s, cool about this reissue and I will look for copies of the RSD rainbow vinyl…surprised the title track was never a single…it was the leadoff track & on the soundtrack to “Earth Girls Are Easy”…I love “Bouncing” too and it was Tony Mansfield’s first project after a-ha’s “Hunting High & Low”…as for other deluxes and a tour, this is prob the first of the final projects because they were on local radio announcing they are putting together a big career boxset and book, final tour, then um…breaking up…I know, sad…

James lindsay

Rainbow vinyl £19.95 plus £5 postage on ebay, I bought one last night, enjoy


Totally off-topic: When will they restore “Don’t Worry” to the “Whammy!” album? Surely they’ve made up with Yoko by now. That would be awesome.


Agreed – hate the song it was replaced with (errrr… ‘…with which it was replaced’)


I miss a lot of those great 12″ mixes. To have a “live” as a bonus is something one add when the deluxe edition get’s in the 4-5 CD Box sets. This is totally worthless to me to even think of buying.

Wayne Klein

It would be nice to get a boxed set with all of their albums, outtakes, songs removed from albums (like occurred with “Whammy”), demos, etc.

I don’t know if the fan bae is big enough but each album probably has enough to double the size of a box.

A nice booklet with info on each album and you have the “Deluxe Complete Albums” box. This is Rhino/Warner so I doubt we would get something that comprehensive though and would be a natural successor to something like this set.


I like this. Keeping it simple how deluxe editions used to be. No bleeding-it-dry with multiple formats and an extra track you can only get in the £80 boxset…
I hope this signals the beginning of a new wave of straightforward affordable editions.


I’d prefer a 40th anniversary expanded edition of their great debut album.


Quite agree with you Michael. Bloody wonderful album. Along with Devo’s debut it represented the best of that (to paraphrase Greil Marcus) new weird America.

However I do have the Love Shack 7″ in the limited edition Shack Pack sleeve. This was a card wraparound sleeve which when unfolded turned into a 3D model of the Love Shack!
Great fun, and IMO you’d be better off tracking down a copy of that than this rather lacklustre re-issue.

Rare Glam

I’ll be getting this. I considered the Japanese SHM set, it’s a nice looking box. However, it included two EPs instead of the other albums. I already have the ‘original album series’ set on CD (from 2014) which was a lot cheaper:

‘5CD set, in card LP replica sleeves. Collects “The B-52’s” (1979) ; “Wild Planet” (1980) ; “Whammy!” (1983) ; “Bouncing Off The Satellites” (1986) and “Cosmic Thing” (1989)’.

I always thought ‘Whammy’ and ‘Bouncing…’ suffered from the over use of the clap trap effect on every track, but fore ten quid it was a no brainer. No extra tracks either though.


I like the B52’’s boxset that was shown on an episode of Portlandia. It came with members of the band who would bobble their heads on request.

Uncle Meat

Good stuff! Gimme some of that good stuff!


Great album but disappointing reissue. There are several remixes missing. They couldn’t add the 12” mix of Love Shack but instead they put the edited version? Who wants that if there are various extended versions available? Would have liked the dub mix of Channel Z as well as the instrumentals of Roam and Love Shack. This easily could have been a 3cd reissue.
No B-sides, demos and Out-Takes? This is a mess. Reminds me of the Tina Turner Private Dancer reissue w the missing 12”es of One Of The Living, We Don’t Need Another Hero, instrumentals, etc.


Why no vinyl? Makes no sense.


2CD deluxe editions are ideal for me. I never, ever buy new vinyl (unless it’s a vinyl-exclusive release WITH a lossless download code announced before release).

I would’ve greatly preferred pairing the remastered album with either remastered single-only tracks (although the CD singles are easy enough to find cheap) or unreleased studio material, with the live disc being its own separate release, but I might double-dip on this if the price goes down.


Awesome, can’t wait for the live disc. Saw them live at the beginning of the Cosmic Thing tour at the GWU tiny basketball gym (not even their arena – it was booked long before the album took off), it was packed and the wooden stands moved a foot for each beat! Glad they didn’t put in an extra disc of remixes and demo junk I would have had to pay for but never would have listened to.

Jef Blocker

I believe these are most of the alternate mixes of the singles from 1989-1990 and the B-sides:

Channel Z 3/9/89
Channel Z [7” Remix/ 7” Remix Edit / Remix/Edit] 4’10
Channel Z [LP Version] 4’49
Channel Z [12” Mix] 5’42
Channel Z [12” Rock Mix] 6’24
Channel Z [Rock Dub] 5’34

Love Shack 6/16/89
Love Shack [Edit] 4’15
Love Shack [Single Version] 4’20
Love Shack [LP Version] 5’21
Love Shack [Remix/Edit] 4’07
Love Shack [12” Remix] 8’00
Love Shack [12” Mix] 6’10
Love Shack [A Capella] 3’56
Love Shack [Big Radio Mix] 5’31
Love Shack [Hypersonic Mix] 4’54
Love Shack [Danny Rampling Mix] 6’07
Love Shack [Instr.] 4’47
Love Shack [Party Pella] 3’54
Love Shack [Little Radio Mix] 4’15
Rock Lobster [Live] 5’17

Roam 12/4/89
Roam [Edit] 4’05
Roam [Single Edit] 4’01
Roam [LP Version] 4’54
Roam [7” Remix] 5’11
Roam [Radio Mix] 4’13
Roam [12” Remix] 8’17
Roam [Extended Remix] 5’25
Roam [Instrumental] 5’27
Whammy Kiss [Live] 3’52
Dance This Mess Around [Live] 5’45

Deadbeat Club 12/15/89
Deadbeat Club [Remix / Edit] 4’15
Deadbeat Club [LP Edit] 4’15
Deadbeat Club [LP Version] 4’45
B-52’s Megamix 6’32
Planet Claire [Live] 5’03

Marshall Gooch

Good God, that’s a lot of remixes! I could see one whole CD of the best of those remixes, but you have to figure that the standard “LP Mix/Version” and “Single Edit” versions would be superfluous except to the most anal collectors. I agree, though, that the live disc is probably less exciting than the best of all of these remixes.
Speaking of the first two albums, though, I just pre-ordered them both on PopMarket–I’m assuming they will be the same remasters used in the yellow and red vinyl reissues from last year. Looking forward to having those two and the RSD version of Mesopotamia in my collection!


Imagine how intensely boring that would be to listen to in one go!

James Foran

Love this album but what a disappointing reissue! No demos, outtakes or unreleased tracks. Nothing! Will save my money.


This good news for just this one album. I sure wish Rhino/Warner Bros. Records would also remaster the rest of their albums from their Warner Bros. Catalog for their 40th Anniversary here in 2019 which has never been remastered.

David Bly

Clearly this thread is populated with North Americans and Antipodeans who do not realise that Island Records (and now Universal Music) own the rights to The B-52’s catalogue all the way through “Bouncing Off The Satellites” (1986) in most of world except for the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and some South American countries where it is Warner Bros.

The first album that was released everywhere by Warner Bros. was “Cosmic Thing” (1989), so this is why Rhino/WB have not re-released anything from before that. I doesn’t pay to make fancy new editions that they can only sell in certain countries, especially with a band like The B-52’s which has worldwide appeal. They could not release them in Europe and Japan, which are both big markets for the band.

In recent years, Universal have released new remastered CDs and LPs of the Island albums in various countries, including SHM-CD versions in Japan and coloured vinyl in the UK, including a yellow vinyl LP in 2015 on Music On Vinyl (licensed by Universal), similar to the US RSD yellow vinyl in 2018.

So unless Universal and Warner Bros. come to some sort of agreement, it’s unlikely that extensive versions of the albums through 1986 will be released any time soon.


My understanding is that the original tapes for the 1st album (yellow) have gone missing or were destroyed/damaged.


True. But there are plenty of safety copies out there; the album was issued worldwide in 1979. Heck, whatever MFSL used for their LP would surely sound be a step up from the WB CD. It doesn’t need to be the original master tape to be an improvement.


I am optimistic that you are correct; when MOFI reissued the LP, it was in their “Silver” line, so they did not hide this fact. I skipped the purchase since my original LP (purchased in New York in 1979) sounds spectacular.

Arthur O'Brien

There is no equivalent to original master tapes. If they were burned up in the fire in the vault that happened at Universal Hollywood in ’08, you will never hear anything that will improve on what is currently available. A disaster of epic proportion.
Read this and weep: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/11/magazine/universal-fire-master-recordings.html

Stephen K

Bouncing Off the Satellites is my favorite album of theirs. I understand the label didn’t do much to promote it, because the band didn’t do much to promote it (on account of the recent passing of band member Ricky Wilson). So the album didn’t do well commercially. It’s definitely overdue a critical re-evaluation, it’s fantastic.

I like this simple Cosmic Thing release. The “Love Shack” mixes were good, and it’s a shame they aren’t on here, but I like that the live material is getting a whole CD to itself. I would have sprung for a 3CD version.


BOUNCING is such a beautiful record! Beautiful songs, lyrics, instrumentals – it plays like a fairytale still to this day!

Scott Harding

Great to see the CD ahead of the vinyl. There’s room for both but no need to give us the vinyl in a superdeluxe thanks. Warners seem to love doing it eg Fleetwood Mac, Alphaville


This one is a must for me! I had the lucky distinction of being part of the crew for the Cosmic Thing tour through the US, as part of the Greenpeace table that set up shop at each venue. Can’t believe it was almost 30 years ago! Such a nice bunch of people. A real privilege to be there!

Mike the Fish

I’d much prefer smaller packaging with the emphasis on recorded material (and some decent sleeve notes) rather than expensive trinkets, expensive vinyl duplicating some of the CD material and a large heavy box taking up limited shelf space. I don’t think many albums warrant a large expensive book either: take note, Universal!


I await its very quick markdown.. great album but missing tons.

Ken Moore

Not a vinyl buyer. Used to have thousands of vinyl LPs, but unloaded all but about 100 years ago. I bought into the whole CDs are replacing vinyl, so I replaced my vinyl. Wish I had held on to them, but I did not. Not going back, so I’m looking forward to the 2CD Deluxe.


Could of easily been 3 CD’s to capture all (or most of) the remixes. No demos or unreleased material? Not that I’m complaining the album in brilliant and I can’t wait to hear the live CD.


Excellent! Just as I’d been umming and ahhing about whether to stump up for the Rainbow RSD copy of this album. I’ve always liked the B52s but never actually bought any of their stuff apart from 1 CD. I acquired a copy of this album, so now’s the time to finally buy a copy. Shame they are touring when I’m away on holiday, but got to see them a few years back so can’t complain.


The lack of remixes, b-sides and rarities doesn’t really make this worth purchasing. So much material has been left off this. I wish the labels would scrap the ‘live’ disc in favour of more remixes and b-sides. A good effort, however I’ll stick to my original album as there’s not much difference.


Even though Cosmic gained listeners and they sold a lot of units this album and everything after doesn’t have the same spirit. Perhaps Ricky was the fun maker in the band.
I’d love to see Mesopotamia super-sized with the alternate versions from both issues added.
Whammy! Also deserves the super duper upsize.
Bouncing off the Satellites was the bridge between the really fun era and commercial success.
Totally polished production by Tony Mansfield. Wonder what else he contributed to the album besides Fairlight. By this time he had completely mastered the instrument.
And, What’s that on your head? A WIG!

But I can dream. The Japanese shm-cds don’t bother with remixes, b-sides or any other non-lp tracks.


I love this band and this album, but even I sold the CD-singles I used to have for “Love Shack” and “Roam” – they just weren’t that great. Happy to see a contemporaneous live album attached to this.


I’ve wondered about these/read conflicting comments… is there an improvement that you can tell?


All the 2017 japanese albums editons wasn’t remastered ! (I’ve got originals CD and the japanese ones)

Andrew Greenwood

So, preorder or hope for post release price drop.
Aargh, the indecision!
And just when they’ve brought out a vinyl free release too.

Janice Pugh

Thanks Paul – I bought the LP (RSD release end of last year on rainbow vinyl), but it obviously doesn’t have all the additional tracks. So this CD is a must. I have a ticket for their Farewell Concert in Manchester…..sadly it will be my first and last time watching the band live. But better late than never!


I have the SHM remasters from Japan, and couldn’t figure out why they didn’t include Cosmic Thing and Good Stuff. Glad to see it getting some love. I’ll definitely be getting it at some point. It would’ve been cool to hear some demos, alternate takes, etc., but I’ll take what I can get.


Absolutely ecstatic that this is being re-released; love this album to death! A classic from start to finish. Outtakes, demos etc would be even better but grateful for this, at least.

I’ve always wondered about those Japanese reissues: are they remastered/worth buying? A complete back catalogue reissue/box set is well overdue.


I hope it’s the starting campain to reissue the whole back catalogue as 2-CD deluxe set. I’m fingers crossed! I’ve been waiting for this too many years!

Todd R

No “Love Shack 99”?
Curious to find where the live tracks were recorded
– b-sides all came from Cleveland circa 90….

Richard Hare

Live tracks from Texas, 1990 according to other sites.


No Love Shack 98/99 mixes because they were ‘inferior to the original’.
The original 12″ extended version of Love Shack is also not listed – but has just appeared on Spotify!

Ron de Joode

Love Shack edit? Where’s the 7 mins plus remix? More than sometimes I don’t understand those who compile these new versions and remasters.

Denim Lightning

There’s an awful lot of remixes and edits missing from this set. Nice to see Cosmic Thing get a remaster though. The 2017 Japanese SHM remasters were great, so this feels like a nice addition. The B-52’s deserve a lot of love and respect so hopefully there will be more expanded editions coming.