The Band / Music From Big Pink super deluxe box set offers brand new 5.1 mix

It wasn’t crystal clear when announced, but fans considering the forthcoming The Band Music From Big Pink box set might like to know that the 5.1 surround mix included on the blu-ray audio (which is exclusive to the box) is a BRAND NEW MIX and not simply the old 5.1 mix from the DVD-Audio, re-presented.

The previous surround mix was created by Don Gillert, for the 2003 DVD-A, but Bob Clearmountain has produced a new 5.1 surround mix of Music From Big Pink – and the six bonus tracks! Clearmountain knows what he is doing in the surround domain, he created the acclaimed 30th anniversary 5.1 mixes for Bob Marley & The WailersLegend blu-ray audio back in 2014.

The Band blu-ray audio also contains the new 2018 stereo mix of the album (also created by Bob Clearmountain) in high resolution audio (96kHz/24bit).

While we’re on the subject of the box set, as suspected, the double vinyl edition of the album included is a 45RPM pressing. As well as the CD, blu-ray, and two vinyl records, this box set includes an exclusive reproduction of The Band’s 1968 seven-inch vinyl single of The Weight / I Shall Be Released (using the new stereo mixes) and a hardbound book with notes by David Fricke.

Music from Big Pink will be reissued on 31 August 2018.

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The Band

Music From Big Pink 5-disc box set


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The Band

music from big pink - 2LP vinyl


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The Band

music from big pink - CD edition


In the Super Deluxe Edition:


2018 stereo mix

  1. Tears Of Rage
  2. To Kingdom Come
  3. In A Station
  4. Caledonia Mission
  5. The Weight
  6. We Can Talk
  7. Long Black Veil
  8. Chest Fever
  9. Lonesome Suzie
  10. This Wheel’s On Fire
  11. I Shall Be Released

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Yazoo Street Scandal (Outtake)
  2. Tears Of Rage (Alternate Take)
  3. Long Distance Operator (Outtake)
  4. Lonesome Suzie (Alternate Take)
  5. Key To The Highway (Outtake)
  6. I Shall Be Released (A Cappella)


Tracklist above in new 5.1 surround mix + 96kHz/24bit high resolution stereo (both exclusive to the box set)



  1. Tears Of Rage
  2. To Kingdom Come


  1. In A Station
  2. Caledonia Mission
  3. The Weight


  1. We Can Talk
  2. Long Black Veil
  3. Chest Fever


  1. Lonesome Suzie
  2. This Wheel’s On Fire
  3. The Weight

7″ Single 

The Weight b/w I Shall Be Released



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Odd that the (standalone) CD has less bonus tracks than the 2000 remaster/reissue. And even includes a new one: I Shall Be Released (A capella).

Wayne Olsen

It looks like Mobile Fidelity is going the way of Audio Fidelity. Amazon cancelled my orders of the Simon & Garfunkel new releases, and the Dire Straits SACDs now have a release date of 2025. Have you heard anything, Paul?

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with The Band. But maybe we’re going to have to depend on the majors for any audiophile CDs and vinyl from now on.


Agree with Rob, Avalon was an excellent 5.1 that Clearmountain did. Paul is there any word on if Music from the big Pink will have a 5.1 stand alone?


Managed to grab one of the 20 pink vinyl editions signed by Robbie Robertson on their website :) that’ll do me !


Nope, sadly a”new mix” doesn’t make this any more appealing in the slightest, a real wasted opportunity!


In case the producers of this happen to reading the comments. I will re-echo what I mentioned before. It is an absolutely unspeakable travesty that this does not dig into the vaults and provide unreleased content. (A 5.1 remix is lovely – but it’s not unreleased material).

This is the 50th anniversary of one of the most seminal releases in rock history. It’s outrageous to charge this premium and not include multiple discs of unreleased material. Especially when it is well known that the vault contains hours and hours of such….


Couldn’t agree more!
Just look at the labels on the discs … sad.
The Band’s first two albums are absolute treasures.

Philip Cohen

The mix that first established Bob Clearmountain was the 12″ “disco” mix of The Rolling Stones’ “Miss You”

Steven Roberts

IIRC, Clearmountain also did the Bryan Adams ‘Reckless’ 5.1….

The Phantom Stranger

I love Big Pink as much as the next man but labels are overpricing these sets if all you want is the hi-rez Blu-ray.

Brian Whistler

Couldn’t agree more. I don’t need/want the vinyl. I just need the Blu-ray,stereo and 5.1. It’s like they hold them ransom by making us buy a bunch of stuff we don’t want.


When will record companies realise that they will sell more of a mix like this if they sell it on its own rather than as part of a big fancy box set???


I expect it’s a question of markup. They probably make far more profit shifting a few hundred SDEs like this than they’d get from a few thousand single-disc versions – especially given how quickly the latter lose their value once second-hand copies start turning up on Ebay.


Clearmountain also did the 5.1 mixes for Bryan Ferry’s “Boys & Girls” and Roxy Music’s “Avalon”. The “Avalon” 5.1 mix is one of my favorite surround sound mixes of all time. Clearmountain is right up there with Elliot Scheiner and Steven Wilson (IMHO) for surround sound mixing. I’d love it if Annie & Dave would let him take a stab at the Eurythmics catalog!