The Beach Boys / 1967 Sunshine Tomorrow: 2CD rarities collection

Capitol/Universal will next month issue 1967 Sunshine Tomorrow a new two-CD Beach Boys rarities set that pulls together a slew of previously unreleased material.

This package crams a lot into its two discs. The first CD includes a new stereo remix of the Wild Honey album (also coming out on standalone vinyl) and 20 previously unreleased outtakes from the recording sessions for that album.

With the focus very much on 1967, the second disc looks closely at Smiley Smile, the album that was issued three months before Wild Honey, in September of that year. Ten previously unreleased outtakes or alternate mixes are included along with the shelved ‘live’ album Lei’d In Hawaii. This CD is completed by eight unheard live tracks and a couple of rare studio recordings (including the 1967 version of Surf’s Up, which is previously unreleased).

1967 Sunshine Tomorrow is released on 30 June 2017.

The Beach Boys /1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow  (2CD deluxe)

CD 1
Wild Honey Album (Stereo)
(New stereo mix, except as noted *. Recorded September 15 to November 15, 1967 at Brian Wilson’s house and at Wally Heider Recording in Hollywood, California)
1. Wild Honey (2:45)
2. Aren’t You Glad (2:16)
3. I Was Made To Love Her (2:07)
4. Country Air (2:21)
5. A Thing Or Two (2:42)
6. Darlin’ (2:14)
7. I’d Love Just Once To See You (1:49)
8. Here Comes The Night (2:44)
9. Let The Wind Blow (2:23)
10. How She Boogalooed It (1:59)
11. Mama Says * (Original Mono Mix) (1:08)

Wild Honey Sessions: September – November 1967 (Previously Unreleased)
12. Lonely Days (Alternate Version) (1:45)
13. Cool Cool Water (Alternate Early Version) (2:08)
14. Time To Get Alone (Alternate Early Version) (3:08)
15. Can’t Wait Too Long (Alternate Early Version) (2:49)
16. I’d Love Just Once To See You (Alternate Version) (2:22)
17. I Was Made To Love Her (Vocal Insert Session) (1:35)
18. I Was Made To Love Her (Long Version) (2:35)
19. Hide Go Seek (0:51)
20. Honey Get Home (1:22)
21. Wild Honey (Session Highlights) (5:39)
22. Aren’t You Glad (Session Highlights) (4:21)
23. A Thing Or Two (Track And Backing Vocals) (1:01)
24. Darlin’ (Session Highlights) (4:36)
25. Let The Wind Blow (Session Highlights) (4:14)

Wild Honey Live: 1967 – 1970 (Previously Unreleased)
26. Wild Honey (Live) (2:53) – recorded in Detroit, November 17, 1967
27. Country Air (Live) (2:20) – recorded in Detroit, November 17, 1967
28. Darlin’ (Live) (2:25) – recorded in Pittsburgh, November 22, 1967
29. How She Boogalooed It (Live) (2:43) – recorded in Detroit, November 17, 1967
30. Aren’t You Glad (Live) (3:12) – recorded in 1970, location unknown
31. Mama Says (Session Highlights) (3:08)
(Previously unreleased vocal session highlights. Recorded at Wally Heider Recording, November 1967)

Disc 2
Smiley Smile Sessions: June – July 1967 (Previously Unreleased)
(Recorded June and July 1967 at Brian Wilson’s house, Western Recorders, SRS, and/or Columbia Studios, except as noted *)
1. Heroes And Villains (Single Version Backing Track) (3:38)
2. Vegetables (Long Version) (2:55)
3. Fall Breaks And Back To Winter (Alternate Mix) (2:28)
4. Wind Chimes (Alternate Tag Section) (0:48)
5. Wonderful (Backing Track) (2:23)
6. With Me Tonight (Alternate Version With Session Intro) (0:51)
7. Little Pad (Backing Track) (2:40)
8. All Day All Night (Whistle In) (Alternate Version 1) (1:04)
9. All Day All Night (Whistle In) (Alternate Version 2) (0:50)
10. Untitled (Redwood) * (0:35)
(Previously unreleased instrumental fragment. Studio and exact recording date unknown. Discovered in tape box labeled “Redwood”)

Lei’d In Hawaii “Live” Album: September 1967 (Previously Unreleased)
(Recorded September 11, 1967 at Wally Heider Recording in Hollywood, CA, with additional recording September 29, 1967 (except as noted *). Original mono mixes from assembled master ½” reel, dated September 29, 1967, discovered in the Brother Records Archives.)
11. Fred Vail Intro (0:24)
12. The Letter (1:54)
13. You’re So Good To Me (2:31)
14. Help Me, Rhonda (2:24)
15. California Girls (2:30)
16. Surfer Girl (2:17)
17. Sloop John B (2:50)
18. With A Little Help From My Friends * (2:21)
(Recorded at Brian Wilson’s house, September 23, 1967)
19. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring * (2:33)
(Recorded during rehearsal, August 26, 1967, Honolulu, Hawaii)
20. God Only Knows (2:45)
21. Good Vibrations (4:13)
22. Game Of Love (2:11)
23. The Letter (Alternate Take) (1:56)
24. With A Little Help From My Friends (Stereo Mix) (2:21)

Live In Hawaii: August 1967 (Previously Unreleased)
(The Beach Boys recorded two complete concerts and rehearsals in Honolulu on August 25 and 26, 1967. Brian Wilson rejoined the group onstage for these shows; Bruce Johnston was not present. The following tracks derive from the original 1” 8-track master reels discovered in the Brother Records Archives.)
25. Hawthorne Boulevard (1:05)
26. Surfin’ (1:40)
27. Gettin’ Hungry (3:19)
28. Hawaii (Rehearsal Take) (1:11)
29. Heroes And Villains (Rehearsal) (4:45)

Thanksgiving Tour 1967: Live In Washington, D.C. & Boston (Previously Unreleased)
(The touring Beach Boys – Mike, Carl Dennis, Al, and Bruce – embarked on a Thanksgiving Tour immediately after delivering the finished Wild Honey album to Capitol Records. For this tour, the band was augmented by Ron Brown on bass and Daryl Dragon on keyboards.)
30. California Girls (Live) (2:32) – recorded in Washington, DC, November 19, 1967
31. Graduation Day (Live) (2:56) – recorded in Washington, DC, November 19, 1967
32. I Get Around (Live) (2:53) – recorded in Boston, November 23, 1967

Additional 1967 Studio Recordings (Previously Unreleased)
33. Surf’s Up (1967 Version) (5:25)
(Recorded during the Wild Honey sessions in November 1967)
34. Surfer Girl (1967 A Capella Mix) (2:17)
(Previously unreleased mix of Lei’d In Hawaii take from the Wally Heider Recording sessions in September 1967)

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Philip Cohen

And, of course, one of the two people on the IMWAN forum who started the false rumour of the so-called “buzz” during the intro of “Aren’t You Glad”(on “The Beach Boys-Sunshine Tomorrow” set) has now conceded that he was mistaken.
As I’ve said, false rumours of product faults/defects/omissions can scare people away from buying a product. Here’s another example. I had long wanted to purchase Rhino’s 10-disc Blu-Ray set “The Monkees-The Complete Series”, but some guy on the internet claimed that he tried (and returned) two sets that were both missing “Disc 7”. But if that consumer had looked at the liner notes booklet, he would have discovered that the set isn’t supposed to have a disc named “Disc 7”. The discs are designated as follows:
“Season One, discs 1 through 4”
“Season Two, discs 1 through 3”
and the bonus discs are named:
“Disc 8”
“Disc 9”
“Disc 10”
Obviously, “Season Two, Disc 3” IS THE SEVENTH DISC!

My set has all 10 discs and is complete as intended.

Philip Cohen

By the way, over at the IMWAN forums(which I’m not permitted to participate in) two people have started a false rumour of their being some sort of fault/defect(a “buzz” they claim) during the intro of the song “Aren’t You Glad” in the new stereo remix.
The so-called “buzz” is an intentional sound(with musical pitch) coming from either a keyboard instrument and/or a bass harmonica. It is there in the original 1967 mono mix too. I’ve had the “Wild Honey” album in my collection since I was 11.5 years old(January 1968). People shouldn’t spread false rumours which could scare people away from buying this excellent archival release. And before anyone comments on the distorted keyboard sound in the song “Country Air”(though the distortion has been tamed in the new remix), the distortion was in a recorded “Sample” being played from a Chamberlain(a keyboard instrument similar to a Mellotron)
The only legitimate complaint that I have about “Sunshine Tomorrow” is that the source for the mono version of “With a Little Help From My Friends” is significantly worse sounding than the source used on the “Beach Boys Rarities” album. But that’s the only blemish in an otherwise superb collection.

Philip Cohen

And, I will also note, that on the tentative mono reel of the “Lei’d in Hawaii” fake(studio re-recordings from Wally Heider’s studio) “live” album, the source for “With A Little Help From My Friends” is very distorted; far worse that what was heard on the early 1980’s “Beach Boys Rarities” album. Later on the disc, we do get a stereo remix of the song, but I suspect that budget limits are the reason why the entire Wally Heider studio sessions weren’t re-mixed. Stereo mixes of some of the Heider tracks have already appeared elsewhere, both officially and unofficially.
Generally, “Sunshine Tomorrow” is quite enjoyable and a good addition to my collection.


Not very important but some of the “previously unreleased” tracks have been previously released:
– Help Me, Rhonda & California Girls from “Lei’d In Hawaii” released on Made in California
– Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring from the Honolulu rehearsal released on the two-fer remaster and on Hawthorne, CA
– Vegetables (long version) is probably the same as Vegetables (stereo extended version) released on Hawthorne, CA
– With Me Tonight (alternate version with session intro) is probably the same as You’re With Me Tonight released on Hawthorne, CA
– A shorter version of Surf’s up (1967 version) released on Made in California


An update to my earlier reply after listening to the discs. The following of the “previously unreleased” tracks have been previously released:
• Help Me, Rhonda & California Girls from “Lei’d In Hawaii” released on Made in California (actually Help You, Rhonda)
• God Only Knows from “Lei’d In Hawaii” released on Endless Harmony
• Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring from the Honolulu rehearsal released on the two-fer remaster and on Hawthorne, CA
• Vegetables (long version) is the same as Vegetables (stereo extended version) released on Hawthorne, CA
• With Me Tonight (alternate version with session intro) is not the version titled You’re With Me Tonight released on Hawthorne, CA, although probably recorded on the same dates (June 5&6, 1966)
• Surf’s up (1967 version) : although the booklet states it was recorded during the Wild Honey sessions in November 1967, it’s identical to the version on Smile Sessions and Made in California which (I assume) was recorded during the Smile sessions on January 23, 196y. This version is longer due to the addition of some false starts.
• With A Little Help From My Friends & I Was Made To Love Her (long version) released on Rarities

Philip Cohen

“The Beach Boys-Wild Honey” vinyl reissue postponed until July 21,2017. Record company underestimated demand. The “Sunshine Tomorrow” 2-CD set will go ahead as scheduled June 30th.


Don’t think so because I received my copy today from jpc Germany.
P.S. The Wild Honey 50th anniversary concert in Düsseldorf two weeks ago exceeded expectations.

Philip Cohen

I’m looking forward to this release. Furthermore, I had been hoping that, subsequent to The Beatles “Sgt.Pepper’s” box, that we would see more 50th Anniversary boxed sets or archival projects based on other 1967 albums, but it appears that there won’t be much more, other than The Beatles & The Beach Boys. The only other project under development that I know of is a mail-order boxed set edition of the second Monkees album “More of The Monkees”, though no release date has been announced.
The truth is, that many of the other musical landmark albums of 1967 have already received the multi-disc or (at least) expanded/remastered treatment.

Peter Stanton

seems to have gone back down again £12.51
what’s going on?

John Manning

Amazon uk price has jumped to £26 23.

Hope y’all got locked into the earlier preorder price of £12.50!

Philip Cohen

Yesyerday, I became aware that many of the original 1960’s & 1970’s Beach Boys albums are out of print on CD, especially the 2012 Capitol CD’s that had the albums in both stereo & mono(though pricey American SACD discs from “Acoustic Sounds” with the same contents are still available). These mono/stereo discs were the first stereo releases of “The Beach Boys-Today”, “Summer Days and Summer Nights”, “Beach Boys Party” & “Smiley Smile”. Some of those stereo remixes later re-appeared on the group’s “Made in California” 6-disc set.
If you’re going to look for the Capitol CD’s now, steer clear of the Japan mono+stereo disc of “Summer Days and Summer Nights” because it has two jarring left channel digital drop-outs during the stereo remix of “You’re So Good to Me”. The American CD & SACD discs don’t have these faults. I later found a download (at an unofficial site) of the American CD and burned it to CD-R(because I felt that I should have received a disc without drop-outs from the very start, especially when buying a pricey Japanese disc, released 3 months before the U.S.A. release), but in the near future, I probably will buy the SACD(I already have 7 other Beach Boys album on “Acoustic Sounds” SACD’s)
If you want to have the 1960’s & 1970’s Beach Boys albums on CD, act soon.


With a little help from my friends, The letter and I was made to love her (long version) were already released on “The Beach Boys Rarities” in Japan. Does previously unreleased mean previously unreleased and so a different version of these songs or does previously unreleased mean previously unreleased in America?

Philip Cohen

The Japanese CD of “Beach Boys Rarities” has been out of print for almost 25 years. “With a Little Help From My Friends” as presented in “Sunshine Tomorrow” will be a new remix with the correct tape speed. The mix on “Rarities” was slowed down by request of Bruce Johnston. He was unhappy with his lead vocal, and he thought that it would sound better in a lower key.

Philip Cohen

“I Was Made To Love Her”(Long Version) is indeed the same version that was heard on “Beach Boys Rarities”.


Totaly not familiar with the Beach Boys, Except for Kokomo since the 80’s was my music era. But I’m from 1967 so I’m tempted.

CJ Feeney

Spotify is your friend, Ronald. Try the Beach Boys Classics: Selected by Brian Wilson as a good starting point for a less obvious compilation – it focuses more on the post Pet Sounds era. (I’m also a 1967 child – it’s a year of great anniversaries).

Ben Williams

Also a good compilation is Best of the Brother Years 1970-1986 for non-obvious Beach Boys hits.

Metal Mickey

Nice set, and kudos to the band and/or label for their “cram the disks until they’re absolutely full” attitude – more of this kind of thing, please!

Chris Squires

What this release shows is the mean-ness (arrogance?) of releasing 4 CD “Super Deluxe” sets that have 128 minutes of music, stretched over a medium that can hold up to 320 minutes. I CAN understand that maybe there is a desire to keep a single disc, the first disc maybe, pure to the intention of the original album. Some 1970s and 1980s albums are, in hindsight, ridiculously short by modern standards (even though it can mean the quality is high and consistent) but it can’t be right to stretch much less than 2 CDs worth of material across 4 CDs, stick in a book of largely redundant photographs, a few pointless bits and bobs and hey presto that will be £134 please…. It’s not as if companies cannot have seen the desirability of items like “When Slade rocked….”

Ben Williams

The Beach Boys have always been good at filling up CDs – case in point, the amazing two-for discs that had two albums on one disc, and the Party! Sessions, Smile Sessions, Pet Sounds Sessions, Made In California and Endless Harmony albums all were packed to the rafters. And all pretty good value too in terms of content, design and packaging.

Does sort of put other 60s artists in the shade when compared to a Beach Boys reissue/archive release…

CJ Feeney

Absolutely Chris. Albums like Pet Sounds and Sgt Pepper deserve the super-deluxe treatment, but they occupy a very small niche. Flowers in the Dirt? Smiley Smile? Not so. The Beach Boys seem to have got it right with this release.

Philip Cohen

So, in the end, the actual “Lei’d in Hawaii” “Live” album wouldn’t have used any recordings from the two actual Honolulu,Hawaii concerts(though 3 songs from the actual concerts are included in “Sunshine Tomorrow”).
I would expect to see a number of download-only “copyright extension” Beach Boys releases at the end of the year,because quite a number of concerts from this period have already circulated unofficially and in their entirety, specifically the two actual Hawaii concerts, plus November/December 1967 shows from Washington D.C., Boston, Detroit,Pittsburg and other cities. However, without exception, they are all uneven, often sloppy performances.


I guess the multi-track tapes were found…the reason I read why this was not released with the 2012 mono/stereo reissues was because only half of the songs multi tapes still existed…this is great news…it’ll be nice having Lei’d in Hawaii finally out…

Bill Conlon

Onward to the “Friends” sessions!!

Peter Joslyn

Ah yes, this looks great….Lei’d In Hawaii will be worth it, the two tracks that are on Made in California are superb. Not sure how this remix of Smiley Smile and Wild Honey will improve over the 2012 mixes, as they were also superb. Great value set though and my favourite Beach Boys era apart from Smile and Love You.

El Nino

Thanks for the heads up Paul – the CD is a must have for me.


The “Surf’s Up (1967)” on this set is a different, later (& longer) version, not the one from “The Smile Sessions” or “Made In California”.


Love this! No download this time like the Beach Boys’ Party Uncovered And Unplugged released in 2015! The only problem with these announces is that you still have to wait more than a month!


Has it been officially announced somewhere that there will be no download of this? I’d love a 24-bit version…
I’m assuming that the Disc2/Track10. “Untitled” (Redwood) * (0:35) musical snippet they found must be from sessions Brian produced for Three Dog Night. Their version of “Time To Get Alone” was amazing, and any additional music from this (even only 35 seconds’ worth!) will be a welcome listen!


Incredible .. I can’t get too excited about anything at the mo .. but if I was I’d say this is my fave re- release ever (always loved “Wild Honey” set..) and I can’t believe the number of bonus tracks .. this puts most re-issues to shame .. hope a UK link will be coming shortly ..

Eamonn Mulvey

How do you mean, copyright laws?

Mark Hanson

Revised Euro copyright laws say that any recording that is not released to the public becomes public domain after 50 years. Every year since 2012 the Beach Boys have released a package of their unreleased material. Until this year, these have been downloads only. This year we get actual physical media. Yay!

And it’s amazing how much extra stuff you can put on a disc with an album that’s only 25 minutes long…

Ben Williams

We got the Beach Boys Party! sessions a couple of years ago on CD and an extended Pet Sounds Sessions box last year on CD/Blu Ray.


Wow, this is really unexpected! A Wild Honey stereo remix, plus sessions from that album and its predecessor Smiley Smile….all for around £15. The Beach Boys really do know how to give the fans what they want. I love this period of the BB and will take this over the Pepper box any day.


The 1967 version of Surf’s Up has been out for 5 years, since the Made In California box.

Ralph MacGillivray

Makes a nice change from Pet Sounds


Blooming heck, this looks amazing.

Brian Burhans

Looks great but, alas, I’m not a Beach Boys fanatic so it’s not an essential purchase for me. For those who are going to buy it, you should know it is also being released in Japan on SHM-CD.


Here’s hoping this continues with the “Landlocked” tapes!


I`ve been waiting for this release and boy oh boy haven`t they packed those CDs with totally unexpected extras. Does it rival the Sgt. Pepper box? Well if there was a 5:1 surround mix included it would put Sgt. Pepper* in the shade!

I`ve ordered the LP & CDs from Am Deutsch for now until I see what prices Am UK come up with.

*Please don`t take this the wrong way Beatles fans I`m one of you and have ordered 3 versions of Sgt. Pepper including the S.E. Box.



That is a lot of music.
A lot of bands would have absolutely fleeced their fans for such a wealth of saliva-inducing content from such an interesting era of output.
Definitely ordering this once Amazon UK add it.

Thanks Paul!

Charles K.

Yeah, makes you realize how much Floyd rips off their fans.


Sounds promising indeed!

Ben Williams

All I can say is “yeeeeaaaahhh!”

Very exciting! Thank goodness for copyright laws!! :-D


Interesting. I’m not super-familiar with their post-Pet Sounds 60’s work. I ought to spend some time with it.


although not as consistent as their work from “All Summer Long” thru “Pet Sounds” there are still more hits than misses in the run up to “Holland”… “Friends” IMHO is such a beautiful album – only ‘spoilt’ by the fact that it’s 21 minutes long – brevity in this instance wins out.

Kaptain Beyond

Bah, those records you mention up to pet sounds are aquare. Good tunes but squaresville daddyo. Wild honey and smiley smile thru holland are hip and a gas. They have the same quality of song but inspired experimentation and imagination produced their most creative and feerless and peerless work they ever did. Pet sounds blew the doors open and from there they never looked back. Until that LP set of looking back Endless Summer spelt the end and a slow descent into an oldies act.