The Beatles / Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years blu-ray deluxe edition


Two disc deluxe editions for both DVD and Blu-ray

Ron Howard’s Beatles documentary Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years is now available to pre-order on blu-ray and DVD.

Both formats come as two-disc deluxe editions with 100 minutes of extras including “exclusively created featurettes” and fully restored full length performances of some tracks, including Twist and Shout and She Loves You recorded at the ABC Theatre, Manchester in 1963 and Can’t Buy Me Love at the NME Awards, 1964, in London.

Notable by its absence however, is the Shea Stadium concert which is being shown theatrically with the film, although there is a feature called ‘Recollections of Shea Stadium’. See full bonus content below.

Apple/Universal have also chosen not to create a box set edition which combines the already issued CD with the video content.

These ‘home entertainment’ blu-ray / DVD editions will be issued on 21 November 2016.


2-disc Deluxe Collector’s Edition (DVD/BD) includes:

  • 1 x BD/DVD feature disc + 1 Bonus Disc (containing approx. 100 minutes of extras, highlighted below)
  • 64 page booklet with an introduction from director Ron Howard, essay by music journalist and author Jon Savage and rare photos from The Beatles’ private archive

Words & Music (24 mins)
John, Paul, George & Ringo reflect on songwriting and the influence of music from their parents’ generation, Lennon/McCartney writing for other artists, The Beatles as individual musicians, and the band as innovators.  Also featuring Howard Goodall, Peter Asher, Simon Schama and Elvis Costello.  The interviews with Paul and Ringo are unseen.

Early Clues To A New Direction (18 mins)
A special feature touching on The Beatles as a collective, the importance of humour, the impact of women on their early lives and songwriting, and the band as a musical movement. Featuring John, Paul, George & Ringo, along with Paul Greengrass, Stephen Stark, Peter Asher, Malcolm Gladwell, Sigourney Weaver, Whoopi Goldberg, Richard Curtis, Elvis Costello and Simon Schama.  Again the interviews with Paul and Ringo are unseen.

Liverpool (11 mins)
The early days in Liverpool of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s are brought vividly to life by those who worked closely with them at that time including fan club secretary Freda Kelly, Allan Williams an early manager, and Leslie Woodhead multi-award winning documentary film director.

The Beatles in Concert (12 mins)
Five great but rarely seen full length performances of The Beatles live in concert – Twist and Shout, She Loves You, Can’t Buy Me Love, You Can’t Do That and Help!

Additional features are:

  • • Three Beatles’ Fans
  • • Ronnie Spector and The Beatles
  • • Shooting A Hard Day’s Night
  • • The Beatles in Australia
  • • Recollections of Shea Stadium
  • • The Beatles in Japan
  • • An alternative opening for the film

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Paul, Did you know this release is Region-specific? I guess I should have checked in advance but with the 1 set showing up here in the US ready to view, I just assumed it would arrive from Amazon.uk in NTSC as opposed to Region 2. My Blu-ray player will not show it. Amazon.uk refunded my cost (although not the shipping) as soon as I questioned them.

[…] expanded version of The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. That cover doesn’t get any better. The blu-ray of the film is also out on 21 November. […]


I watched the new documentary and felt it was light on detail in terms of performance footage. Having bought many legal and illegal videos/dvds and now blu ray, Apple/The Beatles are getting a little more in tune with the wishes of the diehard fans and are releasing more material from their archives. That said, there are several full concerts from the 1962 – 1966 era available (if you know where to look !) : Washington 1964; Australia 1964; Paris 1965; Munich 1966 (part only) and Japan 1966 (in glorious colour). And not forgetting Shea Stadium 1965. The quality of all these is remarkably good for their age, but restoration work would make them nuch better (cleaning dirt, removing edits/blips and reframing would all help). Given the nature of this new documentary (ie The Touring Years), Apple could easily have added these concerts in their full restored glory (not colourisation though) to this upcoming Blu Ray/DVD releases and satisfied most fans (and stopped the bootleggers receiving their own profits). I wasn’t aware that Apple was being sued for the Shea Stadium footage, but I’m sure agreement could be reached over the financials. As for “Let It Be”, I understood it was George’s request it not be released because it gave rise to too many bad memories. I would love to see it released and I believe Michael Linsay-Hogg had started on restoration work but the project was then put on hold. However, despite that, Let It Be…Naked was released (CD only). I don’t know why The Beatles and Apple don’t use their own website to release for download only any unreleased footage so that fans can pick and choose what they want, even if it came with a premium paid.


To all those bemoaning the quality of the footage, you really have to bear in mind that the Beatles were not expected by anyone to still be a “thing” 50 years later.

No pop music was.

The footage was captured to be shown on TV that night/week then binned, the Shea stadium show was filmed purely for an American TV special and they chucked away 2 songs in the editing suite without second thought. No amount of “remastering” can create pristine images from the cameras and film used to record a press conference by a pop group one morning in 1964.

Given NASA managed to lose the tapes of the Moon landing and the BBC doesn’t even have a complete copy of the 1966 World Cup Final in its archives, it’s actually quite miraculous that there’s still enough good quality footage to create Beatles documentaries from all these decades later.


ron howard – no thanks

Dougie Adam

I thought Shea was about the only decent bit of the film… most of the live footage was poor and very little professionally filmed or recorded footage seems to have been archived. After all the hype about restoring film and audio and telling an untold part of the story I was underwhelmed.

Richard B

Hi John, I’m near Southampton but couldn’t find details of anywhere local that was showing it, where did you spot it?

John Main

Hi Richard.

All the details of the screenings are available from the official film website.

Richard Bannister

Hi John – thanks, you’re right. There’s one showing in Southampton, it’s tomorrow, and it’s 3pm in the afternoon. They clearly think there’s not much demand…

Richard B

I live on the South Coast (UK) and can’t find a single cinema outside London that’s showing this…

John Main

Depending on where you live (the south coast isn’t very specific!).

I’ve had a quick five minute check and it’s certainly showing in Brighton, Torquay, St Austell, Uckfield and Southampton according to the official website of the film.

Adam shaw

Forgot to ask , was it me or did anyone else hate the colourisation of the Washington concert clips and the New York press conference terrible?

Dan Masci

I liked the colorization of the Washington concert and I’m hoping they do A Hard Day’s Night in color


HERE. It is just awfull…. looks like it was done by some amateur youtube user.


I have got to agree with Graham. I came away from the cinema feeling very disappointed. I think Paul Sinclair said a while back that they had not had a good response to the public appeal for unseen footage. So virtually nothing about Hamburg. Nothing about how they behaved in private (four lads in their very early twenties and not one mention of groupies?) The effects on those around them (Epstein’s death was surely related to their retirement, poor Mal Evans never really knew what his role was, how did the wives and families cope, etc).
All in all an undemanding, glossed-over copout, mainly aimed at that large part of the American public that has its own version of the Fabs’ story. It is a film that can only satisfy the four owners (PRYO)

Iain McCarthy

I live in Glasgow and can’t find a screening of it here either!

John Main

@ Iain McCarthy – It was shown at the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) last week (Thursday 15th September) and is showing there again on Sunday 30th October.

I picked up tickets for the 30th October showing over the weekend, as I couldn’t go last week.

Iain McCarthy

@John Main – Oh right, thanks John. I knew it was on at the GFT on 30 October, but i didn’t realise it was showing on the 15th September as well. I was disappointed to see it wasn’t on at Cineworld seeing as they have been showing the trailer for it before every film i have seen there for the past month!

Dougie Adam

I stay in Paisley, and it was on at the Showcase (Linwood / Paisley), Silverburn, Springfield Quay, and about a dozen cinemas from Greenock through to East Kilbride and Hamilton.


^ Thanks for posting Graham and Stevie B.


I saw the film last week and suspected at the time that an extended version would appear. Too many times live footage was interrupted by pointless celebrity comment, suggesting that ‘full’ versions would be the bait to capture fan bucks later. The sound quality improvement is marginal and any new footage adds nothing to what Anthology did 20 years ago. Anyone who was lucky enough to find the unofficial ‘director’s cut’ of Anthology will have already seen all the available watchable live footage. Howard’s movie also misses significant live UK TV material. Most unforgivable is the sanitisation of Lennon’s stage antics, which, although tasteless, were a reflection of part of his true nature. Sadly it’s another money making exercise which does beg the question of when Let It Be might eventually escape although its bleak and interminable dullness might not be the chirpy image required to maximise the market.


I’m just wondering why they didn’t bother to release just one package for the DVD release and one package for the BR release. Surely the documentary and extras could easily fit on a single BR and maybe a single DVD.
Or is it just for Apple/Universal to gouge the public again. Look at the CD Eight Days a Week. Having problems finding it for under $17.
If they are fighting over the rights to the Shea Stadium footage [which has been bootlegged] how was it at the screening?


I had preordered the CD from Amazon and the price ended up being $10.98, so hardly a gouge.

Also, being as the movie is over 2 hours long by itself, I’m glad they didn’t try and cram that plus another 1.5 hours of bonus material onto one DVD. (I don’t know about Blu-ray, maybe you could get all that onto one, but it seems like a stretch.)

And they are being sued over the screening of the Shea Stadium footage, but the lawsuit does not request a preliminary injunction. Presumably the party suing wants to collect some percentage of whatever money is being made from the theatrical run after it’s over.


When `Let It Be` is released in 2017 Apple plan to include the `Shea Stadium` footage along with `Budokan 66` and early `Cavern` footage along with newly discovered `Hamburg` footage.

LIB will only be released after Apple/Universal have released the planned `Revolver through to Let It Be 5:1 surround Blu-ray box set. Honest.

Kenneth Tilley

Yeah i so believe that (not), i’m gonna take a lot of convincing that let it be will be released in Macca’s lifetime


I think the absence of the Shea Stadium concert is more likely due to the fact that Apple Corps is currently being sued over ownership of the copyright to the concert footage. See: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/7510248/beatles-lawsuit-shea-stadium-footage


Leaving in a half hour to see the local Montreal screening. Nice to see the DVD release announced so quickly but not really surprised that Shea is not included. That will get it’s own release soon I would think. Maybe with the full show who knows? King Curtis, Brenda Holloway and Sounds Inc all did great sets before the Fabs came on. That would really give a good idea of what going to that historic show was like. Plenty of material to flesh out a nice deluxe package.


Just saw this on Hulu last night. It’s great and would warrant repeated viewings.

Stevie B

Given that this is a joint production by Apple Corps and White Horse Productions the Shea concert was never going to be included on the DVD/Blu Ray please as that would have meant Apple sharing sales income with White Horse.

Furthermore, why would Apple ‘throw away’ one of the most important (and potentially lucrative) items left in the Beatles vault as an extra on a release covering much wider aspects of the band’s history? Who knows when Shea will receive a stand alone release, but when it does I’m hoping that it will be as a two disc CD/DVD or Blu Ray package, with additional interviews, a high quality booklet, replica of the 1965 tour programme, replica ticket stub etc.

Stevie B


My thoughts were really aimed at those readers of the forum who were perhaps more expectant of Shea being included with the DVD/Blu Ray.

Adam shaw

I saw it , nothing new to us but a nicely made documentary, they only showed the Beatle performance from Shea after that and I expected it to be on here .
No surprise that they haven’t really because it’s another money maker on its own .
Hope most Beatles films get home release before the remaining two pass on .


Tim-meh, I do live in the Outer Hebrides and can confirm there’s no sign of a screening here any time soon… :-)


Glad the film is getting a prompt DVD/Blu Ray release in time for Christmas. When it hasn’t got a very full cinema release, I am disappointed that they are withholding the remastered Shea Stadium concert as it really belongs with this collection. I wish they could have used something less significant as cinema “candy”. Cynically, I think they know it is good enough to be released on its own and maybe that will follow in 2017, but seriously is £20 not enough to pay for it as part of this release? Difficult to know what they will couple Shea with to make a viable release? Budokan ’66 maybe, but that doesn’t show them in a very good light with the moving mics etc. Maybe a deluxe deluxe Eight Days will follow in 2017? The Shea concert you would watch again and again as it is so well shot. The audio is also great, but it would be as most of it was re-recorded in the studio! The bonus docs you would probably watch just once.


I’ve found it almost impossible to find a screening of the film locally where I live and its not as though I live in the Outer Hebrides (although I bet the local flicks there has a screeening). I’m hoping cor an early release on streaming sites.


Saw it the other night and thought it was terrific but why oh why are they not putting the Shea gig on it?

Adrian Grove

the Shea stadium was billed as cinema only attraction

Adrian Grove

I am looking forward to the release of Eight Days A Week on Bluray as the film only had a limited release local to me. I am disappointed not to find the full Shea Stadium concert not included in this release, but i assume it may be released as a stand alone product. i would be also delighted if Let it Be was to finally ger a commercial release to in the future,


Hello Adrian,

I saw the theatrical release and the “full Shea Stadium concert” at the end was the main driving reason I purchased the Deluxe DVD set. I too am very disappointed that it wasn’t included! I agree with your sentiment about “Let It Be”. I would really like to see that released for purchase to the public. It is the last time that the Beatles performed together as a group. Happy Holidays! Tom

Billy Dojcak

They didn’t waste any time on this. I’ve still to see the movie in the cinema.


Am surprised the Shea concert isn’t included. Perhaps it’s a sign that it and Washington are on their way (oh dear, wishful thinking)

DJ Berexa

Lucky enough to see Eight Days in Pittsburgh, only showing at one theatre here ! Ron Howard did a great job. Even if you think you’ve seen all available live performance footage of The Beatles -you haven’t. Not possible, fans sent in vintage 8mm footage of The Fab Four. The interviews with John. Paul, George and Ringo are intimate and touching. I wish they would have included some comments from Brian Epstein. They do include brief comments from George Martin. The remastered film and audio is spectacular. The added bonus of including The Shea Stadium performance was great to see. Well worth the drive across town with a major bridge and tunnel closure. I saw it at The Hollywood Theater ironically enough! Way to go Ron Howard. Can’t wait for the DVD ! DJ Berexa. Pgh PA