The Beatles: Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby seven-inch picture disc

This July, Universal Music and Apple Corps will issue a special anniversary seven-inch picture disc of The Beatles‘ 1966 single Yellow Submarine.

This celebrates the anniversary of the release of the original animated film which is 50 years old this year and is returning to the big screen for a special ‘one-day cinema event’ on 8 July.

The actual single is almost 52 years old and was issued in August 1966 as the follow up to Paperback Writer. It reached number one in the UK and most other territories, although interestingly it ‘only’ peaked at number two in the USA.

The B-side, Eleanor Rigby, also features memorably in the Yellow Submarine film and both songs feature on The Beatles’ seventh album, Revolver, which was released around the same time as the original single

In fact, as many of you will be aware, there has already been a picture disc of this single (see image to the right) issued in 1986 when EMI were roughly half way through their 20th anniversary edition picture disc campaign!

This new seven-inch vinyl picture disc comes in a die-cut sleeve and will be released on Friday 6 July, two days before the film is shown in cinemas around the world.

Side A – Yellow Submarine
Side B – Eleanor Rigby

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Nice stuff whatever the mixes got it today from my indépendant record store . It suits well alongside the Corgi métal replica of the submarine and the Lego model


Paul (or any fan of The Beatles & super DELUXE edition ), any idea of a Japan edition of this single to be release on July 13th?


Also – blu-ray edition of the film Yellow Submarine – all regions, English PCM Stereo, English Original Mono, English DTS-HD MA 5.1 Surround

What is known about Pink Floyd picture vinyl BBC 1967, mono 45 rpm?
Catalogue № NK201801
Release 22 June


Beatles Store price is less than 15.00 inc P+P


a) The sound of vinyl is inferior to CDs (ignoring issues relating to mastering, which apply to both formats).
b) The sound of picture discs is inferior to black vinyl.
c) I have the mono box, which is all I really need.
d) It would make a nice wall clock though.
e) Amazon are geoblocking Australian buyers from 1 July (thanks to the imposition of the GST (VAT) on overseas purchases), so I won’t be buying as many things anyway.


Although my vinyl days ended for good in 1985, I do remember that picture discs sounded hideous. The only exception was a star shaped Police single I had, Message in a Bottle, bought for the live B side version, that sounded good.


Hi Michael, you’ve been misinformed in regards to your statement on vinyl/CD audio quality. It’s actually the other way around… If identical masters are used, vinyl provides much better sound quality.


From one Michael to another Michael, you’re correct in your assessments. To clarify, vinyl has a physical limitation that doesn’t allow it to have the dynamic range of a CD. What plays back on a vinyl record has a slight harmonic distortion and compression that creates a blending effect — what is referred to as a ‘warmer’ sound, that some people prefer over the full range sound reproduction of a CD. The compression on a vinyl record is necessary, or else the stylus (or needle) would jump right out of the groove. The other drawback to vinyl records is the surface noise that is audible at low dBs. This is particularly true if the playing surface happens to be clear laminate, which is used for picture discs, wherein the surface noise is even greater because laminate doesn’t have the same ultra smoothness as vinyl. And finally, yes, the Yellow Submarine picture disc would make a nice wall clock.


What you’re saying about CDs having a ‘full range sound reproduction’ is nonsense… They’re mastered in 16 bit/44.1 kHz. They’re compressed like crazy. Maybe you should try again…


Nigel, you’re right about the correction. I should have expressed myself better by saying “full detail” rather than “full range.” Here is my “try again” challenge:

The physical vinyl record can go above 20k and lower than 5k, but a stylus and cartridge cannot tolerate that much of a dynamic, so the mastering has to be flattened out, meaning the engineer has to tame the extreme highs and lows to prevent the tone arm from jumping or skipping on the playing surface. RIAA equalization allows manipulation for lower frequencies and pressing so playback is not problematic for the record owner. Also, record playback is about half as loud as a CD. So if you crank up the volume on your amp when playing a vinyl record, you get louder music, but unfortunately you get louder surface noise that distracts from the listening experience. Please also note, barring hearing damage or old age, the human ear can only pick up frequencies from 20 Hz up to 20,000 Hz, so if a record or CD goes above or below this range, it’s not audible — although you may physically feel the sound waves.

The other drawback with vinyl records is that the first grooves on an LP offer 510 mm of vinyl per second, but as you get to the end of the side of a record, the circumference of the grooves are reduced to 200 mm per second – producing less than half the resolution. This means the final tracks on an album have less sound detail than the tracks at the beginning.

Last, but not least, vinyl records are much, much more vulnerable than CDs. They scratch easily and need constant cleaning. Because a diamond tipped stylus (diamonds being the hardest material on earth) is dragging across a plastic surface, each repeated play of a record minimally wears out the playing surface. I have records purchased back in the 1970s, which I took good care of, but sadly they sound terrible because they’re worn out from too much repeated play.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have, and still collect vinyl records, which I think are beautiful. But because of improvements in the remastering of many CDs and the introduction of SACDs and Blu-rays, I have to tip my hand in favor of these digital formats for the best sound quality.

Nigel Day

The original is unplayable as it is. I dread to think what the picture disk sounds like.


Price inflation on 7in vinyl is getting OTT!There must either be a lot of very rich vinyl collectors out there or all this new issue vinyl stuff just remains unsold?


Already unavailable on Amazon UK. Have they sold their allocation already or maybe it is a Limited Edition!

David M

Mini or stereo?

David M

I meant mono or stereo of course

Steen Hansen

Meanie or Stereo? :-)


No, you didn’t. It’s the mini mix (you can barely hear it)

Benjamin Adams

Are these going to be the original mixes, or the remixes from the Songtrack?

Mike M

Good question. The Songtrack came out in 1999. I think the small print says 2015 which would mean the 1+ remixes?


The publishing credit on the back of the sleeve says (P) 2015, so I would presume that the 2015 “1” remixes are being utilised here


I’ll buy a cheap clock movement and turn this thing into a clock for my wall.
Pretty cheap for a clock I’d say.

Dilip Kumar

Sounds like a good idea

Mike M.

Would have preferred a version of the planned (but ultimately cancelled) 5 track mono E.P. Wait… cost would be ridiculous…never mind.

Glen Buchanan

I’m a huge Marc Bolan fan, (Beatle connection: Ringo filmed the T.Rex movie “Born To Boogie”), and there are so many reissues and compilations being put out constantly. A lot of Bolan fans decry this practice but I have another thought. First you don’t have to be a completist to own all of Marc’s official output on vinyl. Second, what about younger fans who may be buying the reissues for the first time? Also they make wonderful gifts. My youngest sister always plays Electric Warrior when she visits and has had a few glasses of wine. She did not own her own copy. A while ago EW was reissued on Gold vinyl so I bought a copy and gave it to my sister for Christmas. She was thrilled!

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

This was a double A-side when first released in the U.K., I was there so I know these things.

Those with money to be everything ever released should not criticise others who say an item is too costly. If you have the money to not have to question the price you are lucky. I am not wealthy, my booze and drug days are long gone so I spend my disposable cash on music. I am lucky that up to now I have been able to buy the items I want, sometimes items I wonder why the feck did I buy that?!

On the pricing, this isn’t Macca’s doing, the guy’s worth £850 million, it’s Apple. I don’t think the booze & drug days are over at that place yet, given how they go about The Beatles catalogue management.

Will I buy this? No way! I have a vast Beatles collection, owning every album 4-5 times, more for some albums but I don’t buy everything that is put out. That Xmas singles box? I didn’t need it having a top quality bootleg of all the recordings and more. Now if The White Album 50th Anniversary S.E. comings out, I’m first in the queue.

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

It should be ‘to buy everything ever released’.

Mathew Lauren

…then I’m second in que — as long as the next (Beatles) SDE includes a discrete, surround-sound version of the (chosen) original album, along with period extras (e.g. singles from the era); and as long as there is at least ONE audiophile (as opposed to the prior, HTIB-standard mastering), top notch, high DR audio-codec for the surround-sound presentation.

Charlie Waffles

The price is too high. Although I would purchase it if the songs were in mono. The Beatles in Mono is one of the greatest cd box sets ever. Great sound.

Thomas waugaman

Already have the 12 inch sgt peppers picture disc ,1st sabbath lp picture disc


They should release the mono “Yellow Submarine EP” which mixes were first issued in the 2009 Mono Box Set (and should have been issued instead of the “Yellow Submarine” album… I always felt that the tracks could have been added on Past Masters and we could have skipped that album in the canonical releases). I’ll even pay that price for that.


Is it just me, but is the sound quality on picture discs worse than black vinyl? I remember paying what seemed an awful lot for Roger Waters’ ‘Amused to Death’ picture disc, looked great but sounded dreadful. Music should be listened to not looked at, IMHO. So, much as I love ‘Eleanor Rigby’, I will not be shelling out my hard earned on this.

Paul Wren

Picture discs always sound worse than black or coloured vinyl due to the manufacturing process that involves sandwiching the picture image between the two soft vinyl “pucks” prior to pressing the single itself.

Rich H

On the subject of picture disc sound quality, back in the day I had the picture disc of Welcome To The Pleasuredome. The pictures on the discs were heart shaped, and in the quiet bits you could actually hear when the stylus went over the picture edges.


Never expect this 7″ picture disc would be released since suppose WHITE ALBUM (50th Anniversary) to be released in November this year.


You can get over 10 cd albums from musicmagpie on ebay/ amazon for that much!!!


They’re trying to turn music lovers into stamp collectors imho. How many different variations do we need, and how much useless, novelty trash do we need sitting in boxes or on a shelf? What is all this “collector’s” plastic/ vinyl doing for the environment?


I don’t know why they didn’t substitute the vinyl for cardboard because nobody buying it will ever play it. One for collectors who prefer to look at their music instead of playing it.

Tony Sandell

I agree with most of the comments,overpriced and it looks pretty dire.
I wish they would release Let it be on BLU ray but I think I will be dead before that ever sees the light of day.


You don’t have to be dead, but I think Paul has to pass before Let It Be will ever be re-released. Just rumors of course, but I’ve read on a number of occasions that he’s embarrassed by the argument he had with George over lead guitar on “Hey Jude” and doesn’t want Let It Be re- released in his lifetime. But who knows? He may someday get to the point where he doesn’t care anymore and will want the next royalty advance.

Scott Sparks

Wasn’t Hey Jude already been released before the filming of Let It Be?


As I was scan reading, I seriously thought for a second that you were referring to Paul Sinclair….. which was odd.

Steve Foster

I’m pretty sure he said in recent years that he was pushing to get Let It Be released. Not sure where I saw it but they were his words!


If anyone has actually seen the ‘argument’ in the film. It can barely be called such… It winds up within a couple of minutes, is very trivial and is a fleeting blip… You have to remember that the film was released previously and a clip of the ‘argument’ was even used in The Beatles Anthology series. Let It Be WILL be released within the next few years and will probably come with a treasure trove of outtakes. It just takes a little patience


How many useless, overpriced records can be pressed in our overfilled shelves? In mono, remastered stereo, picture disc, rsd or coloured vinyl editions? Sorry, but the last years are going to be completely ridiculous for us music enthusiasts and what we should buy. Cash cows we are. Nothing else (matters). For me – this is over.


You could pick up a decent CD album and have change to spare instead!


It’s on Universal store for £12.49. Still overpriced for me though, nice as it is..


Paul, My wife hates your website!
Especially as we are living out of boxes for 6-8 months and all “unnecessary” purchases are supposed to be on hold…

However, thanks for reminding me about the original 7″ picture-disc collection, I’d forgotten I had them.


The price is far too high for me. I’ll pass.


This feels like a RSD release arriving ten weeks too late. I’ve no interest in picture discs, even when it’s the Beatles, and close to £15 is ridiculous (wasn’t the SFF/Penny Lane single for RSD 2016 ‘only’ around £8?) What I’d much prefer are Single and EP boxes (many years since these were last released), something along the lines of the Who Polydor box, though goodness knows how much Apple will charge for those!

Phil Davies

A far better idea would’ve been a NEW single coupling Hey Bulldog/All Together Now.

Paul Murphy

Excellent choice, although I’d prefer Across The Universe/The Long And Winding Road [Let It Be… Naked version]


Phil Davies, I agree. Perhaps an even more tempting product would have been a 12″ EP picture disc, with ‘Yellow Subamarine’ / ‘Eleanor Rigby’ on side one, and ‘Hey Bulldog’ /’All Together Now’ on side two. Even if Universal & Apple Corp. charged more money for such a release (which I’m certain they would), I would definitely buy it. The few 45 RPM records I still have are stored inside the 12″ LP sleeves of albums that feature the same song(s) — so I barely look at, or play any of my 45’s. Still this is a nice collector’s item for anyone who enjoys the 7″ 45 RPM format.


Sorry, I meant to type “Yellow Submarine”

Diane Vezina

I like how you think Phil Davies!


Hey Bulldog & All Together Now were issued as a picture sleeve single in Europe in 1972. I’ve got a copy I picked up in Belgium on holiday as a lad.

Marshall Gooch

First song I learned to play all the way through on the guitar. But $18 for a 7″ — even if it is a pic disc — isn’t forthcoming from me. Saving up for Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway (Archive Series) and White Album SDE. NOT officially announced yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s coming.

Scott Sparks

Plus I’ve been hearing rumors of an Imagine box set coming soon


The italian link doesn’t work…

Ken Evans

I would think the one-day screening would be, since most cinemas are digital projection now, the same content used in the bluray a few years ago after the film was restored. Which looks wondrous!!!


Number 2 in the USA? In Canada, Yellow Submarine entered the Canadian RPM Singles Chart on August 22 at number 49 and went to number 1 on September 19 as a Double A-Side with Eleanor Rigby. ;-)

Andrew John Cheadle

At this price imho it’s a collectible meant to be seen more than played. If this was half-speed mastered I may play it for all its analog goodness. Then again playing that much isn’t in my budget.

Pat Mustard

How bad can your finances be if a £15 item “isn’t within your budget” ?

Marcel Rijs

When you realise 7” singles used to be 2 quid, this one is a bit ridiculous IMHO.

Tom A

He might be a pensioner

Ben Williams

@PatMustard – if you have a tight household budget (like myself) sometimes you can’t justify £15 for a picture disc of two songs you almost certainly already own. Especially if you already want to buy some records. Just saying!

Rob Deighton

Why would a picture disc be half speed mastered? They sound bad already so I doubt Half Speed mastering will make it sounds any better


Ha! Nice, Steve.

Any information on the one-day-only screening of the movie? Wondering if the print has been updated or if we are stuck with an inferior transfer.


It’s reported as being the 4K restoration by Paul Rutan Jr. with 5.1 surround remix by Peter Cobbin (i.e. as per the 2012 Blu-Ray release).


Cheers Paul brings back of car journeys with the kids singing their heads off so I’m in


12.50 with 1.95 P+P from The Beatles Store as well. It looks like these might be numbered looking at the white box on the centre of the bottom on the back picture. Of course it could just be where the Bar Code is going to be. What do you think Paul? Limited Edition Number or Bar Code?


Probably right. This isn’t going to be Limited!

Chris Squires

A lot of the UMC stuff comes with that white box still empty…. Off the top of my head I am thinking something like the Def Leppard Hysteria CD Box set. I wonder if they had plans to number them at some point. It just seems an odd design point if it is never used.

Ben Williams

It’s very nice looking but nothing to get too excited about.. I personally hate picture discs, always prefer a real single on black vinyl with a picture sleeve. Hope I don’t sound too miserable here lol!


Not at all, I feel the same way

Steve F

Must get. Don’t have enough turntables.