The Beloved / Happiness 2CD deluxe

Remastered • Bonus disc of demos, B-sides and remixes

British electronic group The Beloved‘s first ‘proper’ album Happiness is reissued as a two-CD deluxe edition in July.

Largely recorded with producer Martyn Phillips, Happiness was issued in February 1990 making this reissue a 30th anniversary edition. The album contains three top 40 hit singles including ‘Hello’ and ‘Your Love Takes Me Higher’.

This new two-CD deluxe (the label are calling it a ‘special edition’) has been remastered from the original analogue studio masters (by John Davis at Metropolis Studios) and includes a bonus CD dubbed ‘The Wolf Studio Recordings’. This is a 15-track bonus disc of Happiness demos, B-sides, remixes as well as four previously unreleased songs recorded  in Brixton between 1988 and 1990.

The CD booklet includes new sleeve notes written by the band themselves and an album-only vinyl reissue is also available.

Happiness is reissued on 31 July 2020, via New State Entertainment.

CD 1
1. Hello
2. Your Love Takes Me Higher
3. Time After Time
4. Don’t You Worry
5. Scarlet Beautiful
6. The Sun Rising
7. I Love You More
8. Wake Up Soon
9. Up Up & Away
10. Found

CD 2
1. I Love You More [demo]
2. Jackie (Won’t You Please Come Home?)
3. Sally
4. My Heart’s Desire
5. Your Love Takes Me Higher [demo]
6. Your Love Takes Me Higher [piano/303 Demo]
7. Wake Up Soon [demo]
8. Acid Love (7″ Mix)
9. Acid Love (Acid Dream)
10. Paradise (My Darling, My Angel)
11. Time After Time [demo]
12. Time After Time [extended Demo Dub]
13. Jennifer Smiles
14. Pablo (7 Inch Mix)
15. The Sun Rising (Evening Session Remix)

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Paul Ashman

Would have loved it to include the very dark I Want You and Blissed Out unfinished demo Love Will Save The Day!!!!


Rec’d this in the mail today as a cd. Sound is improved but the real treat here is the 2nd disc…..makes a whole lost album in and of itself……..EXCELLENT album……I’ll probably go for the vinyl just wish it was coloured. They don’t ’em like this anymore.


I fell so in love with Jon Marsh’s voice..

Jeff C

8 quid for hires on Bandcamp.
Although the claim that the remastering has made the sound louder is a bit worrying. We’ll see.


Conscience, Happiness and Blissed Out are classics…however, for me it’s more about nostalgia as their sound (vibe rather than sound quality) has dated I think. Still love them though.


I’ve already got a Test Pressing copy of this from RecordStore and it sounds fantastic. Side C (with The Sun Rising and Wake Up Soon) was recut after a tiny imperfection in the sound was spotted, so it came with a 3rd one-sided disk to replace it – A lovely collector’s bonus! Obviously, the standard release will have the recut version as it’s side C.
This is my favourite album of all time and I can’t wait for the standard, signed vinyl and double CD to arrive soon.
By the way, the CD was never going to be signed. It has new specially designed (by the original artist) artwork for it, which the band didn’t want to spoil with a signature scrawled across it – hence the postcard.


Now delayed a week until August 7th, this has been quite bizarre this release, the signed edition was promoted and quickly sold out…before they actually informed Jon Marsh & Steve Waddington that they were going to be signing copies, so it went from a signed vinyl and signed CD to signed vinyl but the CD drops down to a signed postcard.


Signed postcards with CD and vinyl at Townsend Music…


Recordstore.co.uk had autographed copies of the vinyl and Cd by Jon Marsh, at no extra cost but it seems to have sold out, hopefully they will release more


Still my favourite album of all time. My essential companion throughout my life that always fills me with positivity whenever I’ve needed it. Takes me back and reminds me of halcyon days/nights and satisfies every atom of me musically! The perfect marriage of pop and house music, can’t wait to hear the remastered version.

Damon Suttle

These previously unreleased versions should have been added instead of Jackie (Won’t You Please Come Home?), Sally, My Heart’s Desire, Jenifer Smiles which are really nothing to do with the Happiness era and part of an unreleased 1987 album.

Don’t You Worry (Instrumental)
Up, Up And Away (Hyperspace US 12”)
Scarlet Beautiful (Instrumental)
I Love You More (12” Vocal)


My Heart’s Desire was on the Your Love Takes Me Higher promo tape circulated in early 1989, so as much of Happiness era as the majority of the release.

Damon Suttle

Rather splitting hairs there Mike

Marc Van Opstal

Great album ! I’m actually eagerly waiting for vinyl re-issues of Conscience and X.

Mark Reed

We’re getting 4 completely unreleased songs, and 7 unreleased demos on this release. That’s a very good haul from the vaults.

And yet some people are complaining we’re not getting every dang remix and promo edit on this edition. They are all available on the bands Bandcamp for download, remastered and prepared by Jon Marsh in the last year or so.

If you gave me the choice between Songs I’d Never Heard and Remixes I’ve Known And Loved For 30 Years, I’ll always go for songs nobody has officially heard before.


I agree with Mark Reed here….Happiness for the people.


Hope i’m not repeating old news, but came across a few weeks ago there’s a 2 LP version of Happiness in the works apparently, no idea if confirmed for release or not, can’t find the New State Music link now, but various articles on it, some sites selling pre-orders


Sahil, it’s listed on the Amazon link above but the tracklisting on there seems a bit wrong. It will (should) be the original LP tracklisting (or CD1) spread over four sides for a louder cut.


The track ordering on the vinyl is resequenced to optimise the time per side of vinyl. Jon confirmed this on his FB page

Steve F

Deano, that’s fair enough but the Amazon listing drops a track (Wake Up Soon) and has side 4 as one 6-minute track, so I have my doubts. My original LP squeezed all 10 tracks onto two sides of vinyl!


Great, thanks Steve

John 79

I’m sure there is a 2xLP of the album on the official webstore !

David Bruce

Automatic for the People super cheap at Amazon UK right now. £40 for the 4CD version. Finally bought it after missing previous deals.


“Happiness was mostly recorded in the first few months of 1989. Listening to it now I hear the optimism, energy & joy of my younger self. Wonderful memories. That year the Berlin Wall fell. The following year Mandela was released. The world was changing, for the better.

In the intervening years I’ve tried to hold on to some of that mindset. I’m now a father of three teenagers, who can all claim to have danced to Frankie Knuckles & Derrick Carter; and seen Kraftwerk live! And the world is in lockdown and holding its breath. Which way does this play out?

I hope, I want, to believe we come through this with a renewed sense of unity, and humanity, and love. Rekindle some of the wonder and hope.

Find Happiness once more.”

Comments Beloved co-founder and vocalist Jon Marsh:


Nice this is getting reissued, it’s obviously a great album. Too bad the bonus tracks are mainly demos. I’m disappointed by the lack of remixes. There are SO many once commercially available remixes, why not make this a 3cd or even a 4cd? They better reissue & expand Blissed Out because otherwise these amazing remixes are wasted and will never get a proper remastered CD release. Of course you can buy Blissed Out and the various CD singles but what a missed opportunity. Cherry Pop should re-do this. Yes they sometimes cut corners with vinyl transfers but in general they are really giving us the content we want. The Yazz – “Wanted” 3CD and the recent Nick Kamen box release are good examples of how this album could and should have been reissued.

Stephen Lee

Jon Marsh has stated that many of the remixes are and will be available via the beloved band camp for those who want every single remix , have a look https://thebeloved.bandcamp.com/


Thank you Stephen, I was hoping for a physical release but that doesn’t seem in the cards.


This is one of the albums I come across looking for something else in my library & say “What a great album, time for another spin!” I kinda like this approach to how this reissue is being handled. Make all the 12″ releases available in their own capacity & put pieces that may otherwise never see digital daylight on the expanded. I actually wouldn’t mind if other artists who had an expansive 12″/EP catalogue took this same route. For me, including–or attempting to–everything in an overwhelming super deluxe package creates a Petri dish of rushed quality, error & confusion. Physical produst is preferred, but getting to choose what dubs, instrumentals, b-sides, territory specific mixes I most want to have via download is acceptable. Rather than being at the mercy of someone who really has no affection for what fans/collectors are interested in? Oh sure!

the real mike

Not a whinge at all but trusting the power of SDE comments, the band have been great in making sure the back catalogue is in high quality. The missing track is the I Love You More (12” vocal) which was a free download in mp3 due to the delay in the releases, it would be great if that was added to disc 2..


There are so many mixes and gems in the vault people are bound to ask for more.
Great that Acid Love is included, just a shame that Loving Feeling wasn’t added to track list.


These mixes are not in the vaults anymore…all singles including promo mixes and the ones that were in the vaults have been digitally released earlier this year. Every week there was a ‘new’ release.

Giannis Drakos

This reissue is so very welcome!
Hoping that Blissed Out and Conscience will soon follow.


Why do people here always complain about 12″ mixes?


I assume you mean when saying complain it’s about their absence from these deluxe editions ? If so it’s probably on the subject of this release is that their 12 inch mixes were very good especially Your Love Takes Me Higher (Calyx Of Isis) I would love them to release an expanded and remastered version of Blissed Out and i know all their stuff is on bandcamp but it’s not remastered and when i say remaster i don’t mean brickwalled.

Charlie D

You could have had a bonus disc with an 80 minute 10 mix medley of “Don’t You Worry” mixes but I told Jon “No.”
You’re welcome.

alan hansen

well THIS puts a smile on my masked face. thanks for the heads-up, Paul. ORDERED!


Love the Beloved and disappointed it’s not getting the superdeluxe treatment (5 CDs with Blissed Out and all the remixes, DVD of the videos, full size Bob L artwork). But the demo disc sounds great.

I guess these projects are a big undertaking and can be risky for a small label (ie I’d be happy to pay £70, but most would probably prefer to pay £14 for a double disc).

Hopefully there will be a deluxe blissed out reissued to Come and I will continue to enjoy the decently remastered full back catalogue recently released on Tidal.


Did anyone else have the VHS of the videos for this album? There was an unlisted video that was quite interesting as I recall.


Yes, I have… at the time I really liked the extra remix.
It is “Your love takes me higher (Calyx of Isis)”.


There are always the moaners that are never satisfied, but I, for one, will be updating the original to this 2CD set.

Mark Nolan

Me too. I cannot wait and I hope all four studio albums are being remastered as I will be buying at least one copy of each one, if not more!


Their Bandcamp page has an extended version of Blissed out available. Maybe that’s why they havent bothered with a physical release (or maybe that will come later – although I doubt it).
In any case I’m looking forward to hearing demos and the previously unreleased material.

@Mark Sinclair – entirely up to you of course but it might be worth hearing the quality of the remastering before deciding. I certainly know I have been pleasantly surprised before.


That was the cassette version when it was released originally. I think the vinyl, CD and cassette were all different.

Ian Davis

Unfortunately The beloved double CD is a wasted opportunity. With the amount of Remixes from that period there must have been a wealth of material that could have been added that has been sadly overlooked. Not for me. Shame.


Among my top 10 albums of all time. So happy this is finally getting remastered and reissued. Now patiently waiting for a Blissed Out reissue.


OMG, the article I’ve been checking for for the last ten years or so :) :) :)
Will def be getting this. So I’m hopeful that the people arranging this release are aware of the plethora of unreleased remixes and we can look forward to a CD set for these soon?
I’m just going back to read your article again to make sure I’m not imagining this :)


No Hello 12 inch mix?

Mark Sinclair

I have the original 1990 CD ripped lossless (FLAC) and having just listened to it on an audiophile system I doubt the remasters can sound any better and will probably be worse!

This was a well mastered CD IMHO

For that reason I’m out!


Looks to me like there is nothing from “Blissed Out”, so that would have made a perfect 3rd disc.


I’ll pass.
No remixes on B, what would have been especially for The Sun Rising an extraordinary pleasure and a must.


The band is selling the remixes (and more) on Bandcamp in lossless format at what I consider reasonable prices:



Thanks Gerald, for your Bandcamp link

Martin Tolcher


Thank you – looks good to me!

@Paul Wallace – Most of the other remixes are on Blissed Out, still available, and often very cheaply, from the usual “outlets”…

Andy B

Fantastic news. This is my goto feel good album. It’s been played quite a bit over the last few weeks .

Considering the musical style, it’s stood the test of time unbelievably well, better than any other album of it’s type.


Slightly disappointed they left all most remixes so it doesn’t clash with the digital reissued singles


I used to play football with Jon and I remember one week he couldn’t play because he had to be in New York to remix a song. I was glad I had a 9-5 office job so I didn’t have that terrible burden.

Valentin GAllego

Hi Paul, thanks for all this news this is a sign that you are fine (I imagine).
Excellent album, for me I see it poor in the absence of a 3 cd of versions 12 “inches, 7”, etc.
Thank you.


I’d have thought “it’s alright now” from the sister remix album would’ve fitted nicely on this re-issue?

Joe Atari

Ok, brilliant and timely news! Like their 80s predecessors, The Beloved pastered the concept of dreampop, evinced by the actually perfect The Sun Rising. At first glance, a bit surprising the lack of any of the albums four singles remixes, which were mostly “internal” ones, but then there’s the companion Blissed Out remix album which also came out that year I think? I think they might be saving the best of the remixes for that as a 2Cd reissue. Also, 1988’s Acid Love was bang on trend, but has never had a CD issue apart from a mega rare CD single just before CD singles attained market imperative. True, ALL of the remixes from the Beloved’s “proper” three albums are on their Bandcamp page for now. Instant pre-order. PS, although I wouldn’t normally do this, I’ve just actually remixed The Sun Rising myself, although its mostly a re-edit. https://atariandprecious.bandcamp.com/album/atari-precious-remixes-2020

Paul Wallace

Brilliant! One of my favourite albums of all time. I just wish more 12″ versions were included, even if it meant a third disc and a few pounds more. Still an essential purchase for me.


Instant preorder. Love this album. The Sun Rising in particular gets me in the gut every time I hear it and it’s never waned.


Brilliant album, still much played. Seems a sensible way to go given the WAV releases of every remix last year. Disc 2 looks interesting!


Listened to Where It Is yesterday and loved it, expected the same deluxe treatment for Happiness to come along eventually. Hopefully anything missing from this deluxe edition is on the band’s Bandcamp page and that we get deluxe editions for Conscience and X.


great news!! hopefully they will reissue happiness, conscience and X on vinyl again!


Hi Paul ,
I hope you’re well and safe.
I’d like to know if there will be new reissues of 1989’s great dance album like:
Soul II Sou’s album Club classics vol. 1
Technotronic’s Pump up the jam the album
S’express Original soundtrack
Greetings from NYC


@Luciano, would recommend the 1999 reissue of Soul II Soul’s Club Classics Vol. One album:



Hi Glenn,
Thanks a lot for your advice, but I was looking more for new vinyl reissue for celebrating their 30th anniversary.
They are album that I bought when I was a teenager .


The S’Express album was reissued on Cherry Red a few years ago.


No extended version of Hello? Seems odd!


Ordered! Thanks Paul for the Great News.

Del Murray

30 years……

I feel old…..


Yes, finally!

Hopefully the other albums will follow soon. Recently all singles have been rereleased on digital platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud…


Seconded, what a great album.

I’d held off downloading all the re-released singles just to see if there was going to be a reissue of Happiness & what would be on it. This clears the way.