The Beta Band / The Three E.P.’s / 20th anniversary 4LP deluxe vinyl box set

Remastered • 4LP+CD deluxe package • Start of a wider reissue campaign

Because Music have acquired the back catalogue of The Beta Band and will start a reissue campaign with a 4LP deluxe coloured vinyl presentation of the classic Three E.P.’s compilation.

The acclaimed Scottish band released just three albums and three EPs between 1996 and 2004 (when they disbanded) and it’s those three EPs – Champion Versions, The Patty Patty Sound and Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos – that were brought together to form their first ‘album’.

The audio has been newly remastered for this release and pressed on four vinyl records, with Champion Versions pressed on RED vinyl, The Patty Patty Sound on double YELLOW vinyl and Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos on BLUE vinyl.

All the records are housed in a numbered outer slipcase which also holds a CD of the remastered audio.

The Three E.P.’s deluxe vinyl set will be reissued on 14 September 2018 and I’m pleased to say that you can pre-order this set direct from the SDE shop by clicking here or you can just use the button below (note: shipping to the US is prohibitive – sorry!).

Pre-orders via the SDE shop come with a reproduction of “The Flower Press”, a short-lived fanzine designed and put together by the band!


Compare prices and pre-order

The Beta Band

The Three EPs 20th Anniversary Remaster [4 x Coloured Vinyl Deluxe Boxset] [VINYL]


Champion Versions EP
A1. Dry The Rain / A2. I Know / B1. B + A / B2. Dogs Got A Bone

The Patty Patty Sound EP
A. Inner Meet Me / B. The House Song / C. Monolith / D. She’s The One

Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos EP
A1. Push It Out / A2. It’s Over / B1. Dr. Baker / B2. Needles In My Eyes

CD features the same track listing in the the same order.

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The choice of the releases is in my opinion the 1st album with the additional disc which has the infamous unreleased album ‘Happiness & Colour / The Hut’.

Neville Godwin

What is the catalogue number for this edition with the bonus disc?


€ 38,90 on FNAC.com including CD.


Never Bettered….. Dry The Rain….. Put it on and watch……

Chris Miah

I was and still am a fan of the beta band ,for me they were NOT some indie band but were more of a progressive ( in the true meaning of the word ) than anything, unique sound and did there own thing most the time. They were marketed as indie bland band. But listen and you will see, they were as far away from that. Dr Baker etc ,bought every th I

Chris Miah

Just to finish, bought everything I could find,interview cd,promos, vinyl . At there final gig which ( the hip gig of the week ,was full of dull people and trendy non fans), Mason said ” where were you guys when we needed you” how true he
he was. People didn’t understand what they about because they much more than that. No not this again


Shipping to Italy would be a total of £72. For 12 songs=madness


Certainly not thrilled by the vanilla-looking and pricey CD reissues as presented, especially as it’s not so long since the Regal Years box set swept up all the albums and a bunch of live tracks, demos, b-sides and remixes to boot – all for £15! I just can’t believe that there aren’t reams of rarities or alternative mixes out there, especially for the ‘difficult’ debut album proper – they wanted to put out a whole album long ambient track with it. Still, it might just be early days in the reissue campaign.

David M

Isn’t this a 3 (or 4) EP set rather than an LP set as the name would suggest?

Julian Hancock

In answer to Chria Squires, it’s a question of choices. I understand that there is an 8cd Bobbie Gentry set due about the same time. That will provide better value, at least as far as I am concerned.


Reissues of all the albums, including a 2LP version of ‘The Three EPs’, are now up on pledge music.


David Collie

A bundle of the albums with the deluxe three eps boast instead of the 2 lp version would have been nice buy. Thanks for posting though!


On the plus side, the 2LP ‘Three EPs’ appears to be the first official release of the compilation in that format.


Interesting! Not sure I’ll spring for the others but the re-release of the first album with the bonus disk is looking good.


I really loved the Three EPs, they perfectly captured that time at the back end of the ’90s before ‘indie’ music became dull and formulaic. Although I remember being really disappointed when a friend of mine, who was a music journalist, told me after interviewing Steve Mason that he’d been pretty unpleasant.

Anyway, one shouldn’t judge the art by the artist – and I still wish the Beta Band had been massive. Instead of bloody Travis.


Steady on Kook. Travis deserved their time in the light.
A superb live band who came across as utterly genuine in their pleasure at being on stage.


Sorry but for me they were just another one of those post-Britpop bands who trotted out arena-ready dross and contributed to the complete blandification of British guitar music, setting it back a good five years in the process. Granted, they started off well with ‘All I Wanna Do Is Rock’ but then went on to do anything but.

Chris Miah

Mason did an interview for The Guardian,in it said he was diagnosed as having Bi- polar disorder. He was the first musician at that point in time to come out and say it. In fact it was the journalist that by pure luck stopped him from drowning himself,it was a chance in a million that the journalist was looking for him and stopped him from drowning himself . He’s ok now. If you listen to the lyrics on ever album one song is up,next song down. It’s a constant theme on all there albums. Try it yourself,I worked that out before he came out,probably because I have similar illness and really understood the lyrics He’s a great intelligent song writer ,which is rare these days. Theirs a DVD in the Best of Beta Band, and there in the studio and you can see Steve crashing because of some record company idiot who kept changing the track listing. The Beta Band never made any money,after eight years of work they came out with £20.000 each. So your journalist friend should be a little more careful about Mason and his Mood, and not blame him or
tarnish his reputation. He’s apologised to everyone about his behaviour,and felt bad about it,when in my view he shouldn’t. When I met him at solo gig in London he really good to me,and was very pleased to talk about something else ,other than music for once. Anyway enough of that, I won’t buying anything from this reissue campaign because I have payed a fortune on buying the vinyl £80 quid for Hot Shots alone. If any new material turns up i,ll but it ! There’s some promo videos ,in which they are ,(all dressed in kimonos) lots of stuff ,and a full live gig would be a great and not just a few live tracks we had on DVD/Best of, never worked that one out !

. It’s just the lazy companies who can’t be asked to a proper job.I doubt any of the members of the band are involved in this reissue campaign or even want to be. A great band who had a lot more to give ,were let down by the people around.

Tim Abbott

I’ve already bought these songs at least three times over – the originals on vinyl, the Three EPs on CD, and then re-bought the EPs when they were released for Record Shop Day some years ago. But the presentation here looks very tasty, so I might have to make it a fourth time.


I gotta say, the original CD sounds pretty good already. Who did the remastering on these? Seeing as I’m in the US I’d be hard pressed to open up for this one unless there are major sonic revelations uncovered here.

Also, how many is this limited to?

Mark Petz

But…we Yanks will be able to buy it somewhere, eventually, yes?

Liam Bastick

“Dry the Rain” was immortalised in High Fidelity. I always associate it with that film (and my mates always associate me with that film too!).

Julian Hancock

It’s is a fine set. But £50 for 12 songs? Not for me.

phil Burford

I have the original cd release -love the music . This is a nice package ,a bit OTT but I’ll give it a miss – the cd still sounds great .

elliott buckingham

obviously been watching the modes pricing for 12″ singles

Mr Grumpy

I have the original CD still and have better things to spend my money on. Fed up with bands cashing in on anything and everything.

Chris Squires

Well that does beg the question Mr. Grumpy. What on earth are you wasting your time on a re-issue / Box set site if you are happy with your old / original versions and you don’t like bands cashing in? Can you not imagine that what you call cashing in is conversely, utilizing your talent on things you have created to earn a living or do you subscribe to the view that artists you like should work for free? I would suggest that rather than being the 27th in the series of Mr. Men you are possibly more akin to the second in the series, possibly the 10th..

Chris Miah

I felt compelled to say how spot you were today,it really made me laugh. I could feel the rage in your text,and I’m sure you probably wanted use many extreme expletives :). I see that on this site a lot, Why comment on an band you don’t like? Or state the bleeding obvious,and that s what you deal with every day ?. Ok I admit to saying piece on a band i was very into and were a heads band. It was one those of posts that this idiot,who had never heard any of there work and said they were indie shit, that I had to say what I wanted,I was a hardcore beta man and kid’s would turn up and look bemused,no the are not a band for kids. Most of the audience were in there 35ish and they were the only band I saw in that decade. So I had claim authority on some those posts. Beta Band are for a short time the cool band to name drop . And that’s what this campaign is aimed at,not a fool who bought CD years ago and never understood it and didn’t buy anything else by them again. Now I feel angry at these posts. I read this site every day and find the posts on most pointless. Bored middle aged shed men who have must say something every day. I read this site to find out if anything I like is coming out the ” Art of Noise “release, for example and it’s worth checking it out every day.
But i never post unless it’s one my bands. I noticed that no one challenged me on any of my posts today,agreed or disagreed. Shows what a bu much of “fools” they are. Carry on matey you do good job surrounded by people no nothing on a issue have to comment. This isn’t a site for music enthusiasts to comment or debate, it’s for middle aged shed men to vent their frustrations on,even if heard the work.

Ian Hardie

Excellent news! My original “Three EP’s” are amongst my prize vinyl possessions.

steven i-love-raving

Why have you ordered it if you already have them on vinyl?!


Excellent news!!

Justin Cole

Amazing news to start off my Friday. One of my very favorite bands. Highly underrated and now unjustifiably forgotten by most.

And the best part of this announcement: “start of a wider reissue campaign”.

David Cornyn

Pleased to see this – they were much underrated, especially latterly in their career. Steve Mason continues to produce some excellent solo stuff, however. Fans of this should grab his last two solo albums as well as the two long players by The Aliens which are fantastic.