The Black Crowes / Shake Your Money Maker 3CD 'softpack' super deluxe

‘Reduced packaging’ 3CD edition more widely available

The Black Crowes / Shake Your Money Maker super deluxe box set

The significantly cheaper three-CD edition of The Black Crowes‘ forthcoming reissue of Shake Your Money Maker – the ‘reduced packaging’ super deluxe, if you will – is now available to pre-order via Amazon in the UK.

This edition contains the same audio as the £55 super deluxe but comes in smaller (‘softpack’) packaging and doesn’t include the flyer, setlist and tour laminate reproductions, the patch or the larger book. It costs £20 and looks like the image below:

This version was previously thought to be exclusive to Target in the USA and Rough Trade in the UK, but as you can see, it is listed on Amazon right now. If you are after the full audio package on CD and can live without the large format presentation, this is something of a no-brainer since you save over £30.
Just to throw in an element of confusion, Amazon are incorrectly showing an image of the actual super deluxe (the £55 version) on their listing  but that’s not what you will get!
The Shake Your Money Maker reissue is released on 26 February 2021. You can read more about it on the original post.

Shake Your Money Maker 3CD set

CD 1: Shake Your Money Maker (2020 Remaster)

1 Twice As Hard
2 Jealous Again
3 Sister Luck
4 Could I’ve Been So Blind
5 Seeing Things
6 Hard To Handle
7 Thick N’ Thin
8 She Talks To Angels
9 Struttin’ Blues
10 Stare It Cold
11 Mercy, Sweet Moan

CD 2: More Money Maker: Unreleased Songs and B-Sides

1 Charming Mess
2 30 Days In The Hole
3 Don’t Wake Me
4 Jealous Guy
5 Waitin’ Guilty
6 Hard To Handle (With Horns Remix)
7 Jealous Again (Acoustic Version)
8 She Talks To Angels (Acoustic Version)
9 She Talks To Angels (Mr. Crowe’s Garden Demo)
10 Front Porch Sermon (Mr. Crowe’s Garden Demo)

CD3 The Homecoming Concert: Atlanta, GA December 1990

1 Introduction
2 Thick N’ Thin
3 You’re Wrong
4 Twice As Hard
5 Could I’ve Been So Blind
6 Seeing Things For The First Time
7 She Talks To Angels
8 Sister Luck
9 Hard To Handle
10 Shake ‘Em On Down/Get Back
11 Struttin’ Blues
12 Words You Throw Away
13 Stare It Cold
14 Jealous Again

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I got the reduced deluxe soft pack édition today for 18,99 euros through my indépendant record store Hit Import Nice France. Got Tin Machine II reissue for 9 euros too and the Idiot deluxe. Elvis Costello is completely wrong : gives us prices like these or boxes like The Amy Collection (17 euros) or Dire Straits complète cds (17euros) or the Police complète cds (18 euros) and i can assure you that cd will increase on and on

Big Nige

Just received my pre-order from Amazon UK. I paid £19.82, but it did drop today to £17.47, they usually refund any drop on day of release. Yes, its just a soft pack 3CD in shrink wrap – not sure what else is inside, but not per their photo of the SDE, as we knew it wouldn’t be. Might return it actually, not sure its worth nearly 20 quid – just hoped it may have been a kind of “bank error in your favour”! ;-) Wot, no patch?


The 4 Lp vinyl on amazon.it is now at 39,50 €

Brian Friel

I’m here in the USA, and it’s kinda crazy how Target has become a player in the physical media world! If it’s a major music release, chances are Target has a deluxe package with either bonus tracks or add-ons. I know I don’t have a brick-n-mortar music retailer anywhere near where I live (a suburb of Detroit!).

Brian Friel

It’s kinda strange that the whole The Black Crowes Comeback Feat. The Robinson Bros. that got railroaded by Covid19 that seemed like such a cash-grab at the time would result in a reduced packaging/price option for this box set! Strangely fan-friendly!


My original CD has 11 tracks and track 11 displays as Don’t Wake Me. Is that incorrect?

Philip John Birtwistle

Mine has Don’t Wake Me and an acoustic She Talks To Angels as bonus tracks. Discogs shows that 17 of the many different versions of the album have Don’t wake me on them.


Already went for the Target option here in the U.S. I really wish more artists and labels did this in order to get the same content as the bigger/pricier option. Could this possibly be a trend?


Always thought this album was just ok. But for the next album, ‘The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion,” I’m all in! Guess I’ll have to wait a couple of years :(

David Cornyn

Absolutely – it is fantastic and much, much better than the first. But then they hired some really good musicians for it.

Richard Bowden

If I only had the option of the £55 super deluxe to get the songs I didn’t already own, I would have walked away (with a heavy heart). So many bands only give those narrow and expensive options to fans. I have said many times before on this site how much i would LOVE a Prince Super Deluxe but could simply not afford it. It actually changes my relationship with bands. The Manics (who I used to LOVE) I now see as manipulative, uncaring profiteers, (probably due to Sony? but “allowed” by the band). So these expensive box sets – which often only offer a few nuggets for the true fan, are argued by those who review them (often for free!) as “good value per song for the content” etc. But for those of us that have looked high and wide for a rarity here and an unreleased track there and spent quite a lot doing so, and obviously already have all the released tracks anyway….it is not the case.
I welcome this move – may others follow…..especially in these difficult times. (My rant over) (smiley face!)

Dave H

If only more artists/record labels took this approach with reissues. I would also definitely purchase more CD’s if they were offered with just the music and buy the SDE versions for the artists that I’m really into.


Marvellous, I would buy a few more box sets if they were a sensible size like this and contained the same audio content, I have 3 empty spaces in my Kallax, after that I either stop collecting or try a bit of eBaying to make more space

Richard Fisher

Ha ha. I feel your pain!


I admire your restraint. When I start running out of space, I start looking for places I can put in more shelving. Three rooms of my house literally look like libraries at this point, between my book, movie, and music collections. At some point, I’m going to need a bigger house, which isn’t exactly an easy solution. LOL


I preordered at the weekend with Badlands for £17.99 (post free to UK).

Different Time

A definite no brainer if you’re into The Black Crowes. I wish more releases were like this. I would’ve loved basic editions of a few of the past Dylan Bootlegs Series releases and Prince’s recent SOTT.


Agree. For some artists, I don’t mind the extras – especially if it’s reading material. The other extras they include just don’t do anything for me except empty my wallet quicker.