The Blue Nile / High reissue

Reissue campaign concludes with the band’s final album

The Blue Nile‘s 2004 album High has been remastered and will be reissued on vinyl and as an expanded 2CD deluxe set in June.

Long term producer/engineer partner Calum Malcolm has worked on the remastering and has also mastered four new songs and two extended album track remixes. Those six tracks constitute the bonus material on the second CD in the deluxe set (32 minutes of music).

This reissue completes the set of four remastered catalogue titles and will be released on 5 June 2020.

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The Blue Nile

High remastered vinyl LP


Compare prices and pre-order

The Blue Nile

High 2CD deluxe


High 2CD deluxe

CD 1
the days of our lives
I Would Never
broken loves
because of toledo
she saw the world
soul boy
everybody else
stay close

CD 2
the days of our lives. remix
she saw the world. remix
big town
here come the bluebirds

High remasterd vinyl LP

the days of our lives
I Would Never
broken loves
because of toledo
she saw the world
soul boy
everybody else
stay close

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Tim Barton

Very glad to get my copy, but two gripes: No booklet, which seems odd; and they left off I Love This Life and The Second Act. These tracks are on my Japanese CD from 2004, and they are very good. Surely for anyone not familiar with these songs, they could have put them on the 2nd discs.

Otherwise, the sound is pretty good, and the extra disc is a welcome addition to the reissue.

Tim Joseph

Both of those songs predate even the first album, so don’t really belong on the fourth!

Peter R

This music is so dear to me and as a fan I am used to waiting and waiting and waiting. Now this 2CD deluxe edition is finally here and you get no booklet, no track info, no lyrics, no notes what so ever…!!! What have they been doing all this time??? Still love the music so much, but this is a bit disappointing… Come on!


Received mine today and just played it. Very good pressing. No surface noise and captures the dynamics of the recording well and frames Paul Buchanan’s voice beautifully. Not sure I can hear any difference in mastering but that’s comparing original CD to new LP rather than CD to CD comparison. Great to have it on LP and good that it’s well pressed as some reissues aren’t well pressed. Will try to check out the extra tracks before I spring for the CD as well although probably just a matter of time.

John Thomson

Running the old and new discs through EAC, Foobar and iTunes, not entirely sure this has been remastered (but then I said that about my Avatar band SFY deluxe and it was!)

Tracks 3, 4, 6, 7 are identical in volume and track length to the 4th decimal place.

Tracks 2, 5, 8, 9 are identical in track length to the 4th decimal place yet are marginally louder.

Only Track 1 is a different track length and is again louder.

How can you half remaster an album, level shift the rest and only remaster one track?!!!

Bet I’m probably wrong again though. Might actually be a good idea to listen to it! I’ll report back!


My copy arrived today, really enjoyed hearing the bonus tracks but packaging wise it’s not very deluxe, no booklet, no lyrics, no text.

Steve F

Delivery update from Amazon today – no new date yet.

We will not be able to deliver this item(s) to you on the date initially indicated in the summary of your order. As COVID-19 has spread, we’ve recently seen an increase in people shopping online and, to serve our customers while also helping to ensure the safety of our associates, we are prioritising stocking and delivering items that are a higher priority for our customers. This has resulted in some of our delivery promises being longer than usual.
We can confirm that your pre-order is secure; however, we don’t yet have an estimated delivery date.
We are making every effort to ship your order as soon as possible and will email you as soon as we have a delivery date.

Ken Barkway

They said the same with the Iggy box and it came on time in the end


UK amazon will not allow me to buy this and ship to USA.
does anyone know why?


thanks for the info paul,
hopefully when COVID 19 is over, shipping will return to normal


I have collected every 12 inch single and CD single released by the band. These along with the reissue bonus CDs’ is the only way you can obtain all the B sides that The Blue Nile. There are also a load of other artists albums that they pop up on and these are also quite hard to source. If you count all their B sides /Demos’ and don’t include instrumental versions of released tracks or the initial single they did there are approx 17 original pieces
At Catherine’s Day
Broadway in the Snow
The Wires are Down
Halfway to Paradise
Our Lives. Instrumental
New York Man
O Lolita
Wise me Well
There was a Girl
A Certain Kind of Angel
Turn Yourself Around
Plus the 4 new songs on High Reissue


On the ‘Peace At Last” CD remaster there was a distortion problem on the track “Family Life”.
Apparently, the CD was later reissued with the problem fixed.
Is that true and how can I identify the fixed CD?


According to the Steve Hoffman forums “A good check is the crackle at 3m29s – very obvious on the Remaster, no sign of it on the original.”. There’s no information there on how to identify a faulty CD without listening to it I’m afraid.

Antonio Cunha

Does anyone know if it will be released like the previous ones on double mini LP japanese SHM-CD?

Antonio Cunha

What a surprise! To me this is their best work! The final installment of the Blue Nile oeuvre! I remember buying this CD in Ireland, Gallway, while on holidays and listen to it continuously on the car! I long for this to be reissued for a very long time! At last! Wonderful!


This has been “high “ on my wish list for a long time!


There’s no way for US fans to purchase this item right now what a shame.


Rough Trade UK


I ordered it directly from their website. I live in the US. I received an email today that it has been mailed.


I believe they are holding back a number of unreleased tracks for a more complete box set which is now reportedly but die until late 2021 at the earliest (and on Blue Nile time that could be anything!)
Paul B has a new solo album due later this year (again, take any dates with a lump or two of salt)


Thanks Phil. I had hoped that may be the case with holding stuff back for a compilation of some sort. Someone did mention the solo LP but I tend to take these things with a ‘believe it when I see it’ attitude with Paul Buchanan/ Blue Nile. Here hoping though.


The debut was not released to test fidelity of Linn products. It was a demo of ‘Tinsletown’ that was recorded for that purpose. Linn liked it so much they formed a record label to release the debut album. I’m sure you all knew that.
I’d be interested to hear where the bonus songs come from. Out takes I presume. I read the book too. It was good. Previous reissues were fine. However, lacked some bonus material that could have been included. some of the extra photos were a bit random (Paul buying some bread?) Surely some more enigmatic shots were out there? (though some of them were very nice)
In terms of the way they sounded. They sounded excellent but not markedly improved from the originals. That is not a criticism. Just that the originals were so immaculately recorded with a long view to how they would sound in the future that there was little that could be done to better them.
It must be about time for a new Blue Nile album?! right?


There won’t be album by The Blue Nile – they parted ways over a decade ago.


High is the only vinyl I do not possess so a definite for me.All the others were eagerly waited for back in the day.

If you want to experience 55 minutes of pure bliss :- The Blue Nile at the Manchester Free Trade Hall Sept 1990 . Recorded by the BBC.


I was fortunate to be there. Just relived it again.

Ed Naylor

I have it on tape, my recollection is how overwhelmed they seem by the crowd reaction.

Electric Sydney

Superb CS. I want an SDE of THAT!


I played this last night and it’s excellent. One of the best BBC In Concerts I’ve heard. Thanks for the link.


High was actually the first time I heard the Blue Nile while working in a record shop when it came out and three songs on from it, Days of Our Lives, Broken Loves and She Saw the World still get played almost every week 16 years later. Of course like many fans I have since discovered and prefer A Walk Across the Rooftops and Hats (the jury’s still out on Peace at Last), as well as Paul’s beautiful Mid Air album.
I felt that the previous 2CD reissues were disappointing largely because there were no sleeve notes, no introduction or history, and no information whatsoever regarding the bonus tracks, nothing to indicate whether they were b-sides or previously unreleased.
I will of course but the High reissue for the bonus tracks but I am not expecting the booklet to be much.

wesley mc dowell

This is good news . I had almost given up on ‘High ‘ been re-issued . When it was first released I was disappointed with it but over the years it has became more poignant to me when I listen back to it . I used to sing Stay Close To Me to my dog all the time [ sadly no longer with us ] thats a song and a half . It creates a whole atmosphere that is hard to define for its duration and beyond .The perfect ending for the album .It will be great to hear the unreleased tracks as well . Really looking foward to hearing them .Some fans may not be aware of Allan Brown ‘s book on The Blue Nile ‘ Nileism :The Strange Course Of The Blue Nile .Which is still available . A good but sad read as the band slowly unravels.Thanks for keeping the news coming Paul .


@Wesley – thanks for the tip off I wasn’t aware of the book. I’m going to see if I can grab a copy – lots of reading time on my hands at the moment :-)

Even though this is definitely the lesser of their four albums I am still happy this is getting a reissue. The collection feels incomplete without it.
Vinyl and CD for me.


Just to second the recommendation for ‘Nileism’, really good book.

John McCann'

I also enjoyed the book,but i met paul in Byers road a while back told him that i had just read and enjoyed it,,,he looked at me askance,said he hadn’t and said it would probably be full of third party stories,gave it to my mate Jimmy Egypt who services pauls guitars, told him when Paul next comes in, don’t tell him you enjoyed the book,,he said i won’t john,its funny because Allan brown who wrote the book lives next to paul in partick and they would have seen each other all the time,so dont really know what happened!


The author has stretched the truth and been a little more than creative with the narrative. An this is from conversations with a member of the band.

Brad B.

Wesley, thanks for making me aware of Allan Brown’s book, I was today years old when I read of this! Now promptly ordered to hopefully read in May thanks to being a ‘non-essential item’ by Amazon standards. Also jealous for those who ever got to see/meet the band, will be definitely listening to CS’s youtube link he just posted here.

Mike M

Lot of negative comments towards what is for me an “essential purchase” first time on vinyl for this album. CD v Vinyl, digital v analogue, bore off I’ve heard it all before. People ain’t happy about the other reissue releases either. N
Well guess what no one is forcing you to buy it. I for one will be, I adore this band.


Hi jmurillo,
Fellow blue nile devotee.

My personal view is that the amount of music on a cd does not need to be determined by the length of recording space on a cd. At least in the case of the primary cd I prefer it to have what the original contained, no more, no less (usually cd1).
In the case of a walk across the rooftops, to my memory it was released just prior to the advent of a cd. It’s not a long listen. It doesn’t outstay its welcome. I like that. I can recall the track order and I somehow look forward to that. (This is something I can do with most of the cds that are important to me, it’s the point at the end of one song that you sense the next one coming)
In the case of cd2, cd3 etc. You make a good point. In the case of Artists sometimes I think they could have given us a few more studio recordings on cd2.
As regards live music I’d prefer them not to be on the studio cd2. Perhaps they could be on a third cd? With the 2cd and 3 cd versions marketed with separate price points.
In this case I’d buy the 2cd version, I suspect you’d purchase the 3cd version. And both of us happier!
As regards having all of a bands output. Did any of you out there buy the 14 cd Yes live in 1973?
Seven shows with similar sets, from the same tour. As a sorta-completist, part of me wanted to get this. Yet, in a moment of clarity I asked myself if I’d ever really listen to them even once let alone repeatedly.

In concluding, I saw the two guys from the blue nile play London Barbican. The audience style was something between a classical performance and a theatre drama.
At one point a song finished and the place clapped and then went politely quiet. Just then some Scottish guy piped up “you mean so much to me” to the band.
The whole audience sighed happily in agreement.

Today I shall hunt out and play the Rickie lee jones vocal for Easter parade.


Hello all, question for fellow fans of The Blue Nile; I’ve bought the other 3 CD reissues and will pick this one up as as well. Not knowing what’s all out there in the world recording-wise for this band (I have the original CD’s, the first 3 reissues and Paul’s solo album on CD), I’m gathering there’s a healthy handful of non-album songs once available. I’ve always wondered is there any kind of live recordings for the band and if so was something ever available? It seems a nice stand-alone collections of non-album songs and/or a live album of some kind would be welcome even in limited quantities. And count me as one person who’s been happy with both vinyl AND CD reissues being produced so far for this band.


Very dissapointed with these reissues. Several b-sides, live and/or unreleased tracks are missing in each of them. And with the 2nd CDs only lasting about 30 minutes each, it was not a question of space. I don’know who did the tracks selection but overall he didnt do a good job. I LOVE this band but in the end, after buying 8 CDs I will still not have all their output.


Such an important band for me.

The movie like soundscapes created by the band on their singles and their first album seemed to comes from a million miles from Glasgow. Yet there it was, there they were.

Ok, Robert frost achieved the same kind of result when he wrote “stopping by …” on midsummers day.(about midwinter night). Yet still it was great to hear such music coming from people who sounded like people I knew.
I can remember looking forward to seeing them play live. Probably reckoned I’d see them soon, as their first album had just been released. That went well.
I still enjoy returning to their albums, bought the cd deluxes so far.

High is a good album, it doesn’t stand out as well as the first three do. Something missing. What might it have been like had the two and pj Moore been totally switched in?
Anyhap, I look forward to this release and it might even be the time for me to discover it again.

Best wishes to the three of them.


Confession time, I never bought any Blue Nile until I saw Paul Buchanan on Jools Holland. A mate of mine had Walk Across the Rooftops back in the day but I didn’t buy it at the time. So I am a late starter, I have the other three deluxes and have been waiting for this which will be a ‘new’ album for me.

Tom from FIN

Hey, wait a minute! Remastered from digital files and now first time issued on vinyl. So there is no analogue range in playback or advantages issuing as LP?

Had been only compact disc in the first place during the heydays of CD, over 15 years ago. Only curiosity for die-hard fans and especially vinyl-only collectors. For me a must-buy though despite the expected sound quality. Such a class act. Classic craftsmanship.

alan hansen

as most everyone here likely already knows, The Blue Nile has NOT been helpful with including all the b-sides, remixes, etc. as bonus tracks. what is now desperately needed is another disc or two containing all the oversights and omissions from these four remastered sets.


Did somebody noticed too that in the first 15 minutes they announced different tracks on the second cd? Do you know anything about it Paul?
– Sunday at the Beach
– You make it Right
– He Saw the World [Remix]
– Broken Loves [Remix]
– Days of our [London Mix]
– Bigtown


It’s a shame they didn’t release Meanwhile and Runaround Girl. Furthermore, why have they not released the bonus tracks in vinyl?


If I’m not mistaken, this would be the first time “High” has received a vinyl release. I’m almost certain it was only ever released on CD.

Tony Armstrong

Yes, that is my understanding as well. Probably well worth it, Blue Nile vinyl goes for high prices typically.


Wow, that’s been in the works for some time! I can’t believe it’s finally coming out. But then again, given the gap between albums, it’s not that surprising. :-)

For mine, The Blue Nile’s first three albums are simply untouchable. High is unfortunately average in comparison to their brilliance – which still makes it a decent album. I quite liked Buchanan’s solo album from several years ago. Very understated with minimal production and instrumentation when compared to the stuff with the band.

I’ve always wondered why the band broke up. There was always a suggestion of ill-feeling between Bell and Buchanan I believe but nothing specific. Sad as I consider The Blue Nile one of the greats.

P.S. On a completely unrelated note, Paul, I thought you might like to know that the Bill Withers Sussex Collection is being re-released in May.


Thats odd as I adore the first two albums and really like High but cannot get into Peace at Last. Just sounds flat and uninteresting to me. I love the other albums so much that I try to listen to it every few years hoping it will finally click and it never does.

David Shorten

I love how digital folks get so upset over other peoples love for the “inferior” format.
If they have never heard a good lp, on a good turntable, they simply don`t know what they`re talking about. If they have and still don`t like it, fine. I was never mad about digital, but I would not take every opportunity to bash those who do, just because I prefer records. Simple trolling is all it is for the most part because, if people preferring records upsets them, then perhaps they should consider talking to a professional. I`m not joking.


To be fair there seems to be far more vinyl snobbery than there is cd snobbery!
Each to their own.


Quite possibly :-). The whole thing is just daft. Each to their own for sure.

Stephen K

Now accepting all new Blue Nile products. Gimme gimme more more more!

Glad the reissues are continuing.

Dave Sullivan

Not so sure about CD pioneers, original copies of Hats & Walk Across The Rooftops are fairly sought after on vinyl

David D

Great news. I wonder if these are four newly recorded songs, or four songs left over from the original sessions?


The songs on this reissue are different than on the 2004 Japan edition:

Philip J Birtwistle

Those are the tracks from their debut single, which are on the “…Rooftops” reissue. very out of place on High!!!

Billy Jinchereau

They were also on the I Would Never cd single. ‎


Those two tracks are on the Rooftops reissue and are their first single. There are two other tracks from the period, a remix of Soul Boy and an instrumental version of Stay Close which are excluded here however.


Those japanese bonus tracks were the songs on the first blue nile single, strange to appear as a bonus on the last album.
They are also on the walk across the rooftops reissue.

Darren Jones

It always makes me laugh how The Blue Nile are reissued on vinyl after they were the great pioneer act of the CD generation as it emerged!!

Phil Morris

Except that their debut was released on Linn Records specifically to demonstrate the qualities of the turntable…

Kevin K
Mike M

Makes me laugh cos Phil is correct

Chris Marsh

Darren Jones: What a strange sense of humour you must have. You find it funny that Blue Nile stuff is now coming out on the inferior (though currently ‘trending’) medium when it was perfectly happy on CD? I missed the joke somewhere.


Well, here we go again format wars. I (unfortunately) have one of those happy CD’s.
Plays nice on a cd player, yet not a computer (copyright control)
So I for one, am glad it has come out on both formats.
Now, as for the childish (trending) …. is superior to …. argument. Buy what appeals to you (the consumer). After all, aren’t you buying it to listen to yourself.
Equally important is the equipment used to replay the source material. So not every argument on here is as balanced as people make it out to be.A cheap turntable will sound worse against a more expensive cd player. Have a listen to a Linn deck it will surprise you. I buy both formats by the way .

Bruce Butler

Actually Darren, The Blue Nile were specifically signed by Linn (A hi-fi manufacturer) to demonstrate that vinyl was superior to the then emerging CDs.
At the time I worked for Virgin who distributed ‘A Walk Across the Rooftops’ and it was not for quite some time available on CD for this reason.
The Blue Nile were in actual fact supposed to be CD’s nemesis certainly not its pioneer.

John McCann

Don’t think this album is a particular favourite of Mr Buchanan,i mentioned it to him one time,,,,,, oh yeah the last one we did!

Jan V.