The Blue Nile vinyl reissues

The Blue Nile / vinyl reissues

The Blue Nile are reissuing three of their albums as very limited vinyl pressings in November.

A Walk Across The Rooftops (1984), Hats (1989) and Peace At Last (1996) have all been remastered (by Calum Malcolm) and will be pressed on 180g black vinyl. Each one is limited to just 1000 units.

All three albums will be released on 22 November 2019

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The Blue Nile

A Walk Across The Rooftops (LP) [VINYL]

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Amazon uk   79.95
JPC de   29.99

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The Blue Nile

Hats (LP) [VINYL]


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The Blue Nile

Peace At Last (LP) [VINYL]


A Walk Across The Rooftops

1. A Walk Across The Rooftops
2. Tinseltown In The Rain
3. From Rags To Riches
4. Stay
5. Easter Parade
6. Heatwave
7. Automobile Noise


1. Over The Hillside
2. The Downtown Lights
3. Let’s Go Out Tonight
4. Headlights On The Parade
5. From A Late Night Train
6. Seven A.M.
7. Saturday Night

Peace at Last

1. Happiness
2. Tomorrow Morning
3. Sentimental Man
4. Love Came Down
5. Body And Soul
6. Holy Love
7. Family Life
8. War Is Kind
9. God Bless You Kid
10. Soon

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Andrew Sellers

grrrr. Hats arrived from Amazon UK packed in plastic poly bag with x 2 badly bent corners (really bad). Flagged it to Amazon and req a rep – which arrived two days later. This time packed in a box, with, yes you guessed it two badly bent corners! Requested a replacement again – but now in state of limbo as its now looking unlikely Amazon can get any more!


All three arrived this week and they are superb. Hope High isn’t too long before it’s release.

Electric Sydney

Both Amazon and Amazon UK are still showing these as unavailable.

Kristan S Reed

Amazon UK now has two of the three (not Hats yet)


Did anyone get Hats from Amazon? as they happily take the pre order and then have no intention of ever delivering it!!!


I’ve become disillusioned by Amazon UK recently. They cancelled the Mark Hollis album order and I ordered Hats as soon as it was announced. On 29th November it said delivery due today but by the afternoon it became 21st December. This is is a limited run!

I managed to order it from a proper record shop on Friday afternoon and looking forward to hearing this album again.

Not sure I trust Amazon after this experience.


I’ve been disappointed with Amazon recently. They cancelled my Mark Hollis album order and on the morning of 29th November the order said it was to be delivered that day, by the afternoon it became 21st December.

This is a limited pressing, if they don’t have it now how are they going to have it in a month? Thankfully I contacted a proper record shop and was able to order the album.

Amazon, if you can’t honour a sale you shouldn’t offer it.


Just a quick update. Hats arrived today from Amazon UK. Sounds wonderful.

Minky Bee

Getting concerned, I pre-ordered Hats from Amazon UK the minute SDE flagged it up. Recently had an e-mail advising a delay, status currently shows delivery expected 4/5th Dec.Strangely the aut0rip download component of my order. was available to me several weeks ago.
Other retailers such as Burning Shed showing their copies have been despatched, and indeed are now out of stock. Will be mighty miffed if they fail to fulfil the order.Will update if and when I get my copy, even got myself a new stylus in anticipation.

Brian Roberts

I had a notification last night that my order is to be delivered today, hope everyone else’s Hats arrives from Amazon today too.

Niles Patrick

Can anyone update me on the Remaster of High, PB’s second solo album or the alleged BOXSET. It is frustration that Paul doesn’t have the courtesy to update his fans.


Why just last night I was playing my old lp of Rooftops and wishing for a new vinyl version.

A long, long time ago I purchased an lp of Rooftops and it contained a blue vinyl pressing on A&M.
A certain ex-ex kept and sold most of my records and I’ve never found another blue pressing. Don’t even see one listed on dicogs.


Good fun jumping between comments for Dollar, and then Blue Nile, very different music and fans but same passion for having re releases of old faves, Blue Nile were some of the few cassettes I kept, I’m tempted by these

Antonio Cunha

I had bought both ‘Hats’ and ‘Peace At Last’ 2013, 2014 LP’s. The ‘Peace At Last’ was a double LP bringing additional tracks. I’m not sure if I’ll buy this new edition though!
What would be great is the ‘High’ both in Deluxe CD and double LP…


Will “Peace at Last” be a 2LP like the reissue that was released in 2014? That was also limited to 1000, numbered nonetheless.


Yes, jumped on these straight away given the low quantity. Price already gone up a few quid.
Always wondered what these guys did as day jobs given the seldomness of their releases. 4 albums since 83! Made George’s output look like Prince’s in comparison!

They also dabbled in a bit of writing/production for others in early 90s – i remember a couple of great tunes – ‘I Want You’ for Michael McDonald off his excellent ‘Blink of an Eye’ album, and ‘Breakin The Rules’ off Robbie Robertson’s ‘Storyville’. Great tracks indeed and very reminiscent of Blue Nile. Worth seeking out if you were not aware.


Also “The Other Side Of Town” on Julian Lennon’s Help Yourself album.

John McCann

Pj Moore is married to Janice’s Forsyth BBC Scotland dj, she’s brilliant they have a child so maybe a house husband, I think Robert bell also is married to a bbc girl, Paul traveled the world singing at music biz events,check u tube,most of the time Paul can be found at the t garden coffee shop and restaurant Gardner street partick,he lives round about their.once in a while they sell out the concert hall I’nGlasgow so that keeps them alive.the odd royalty check too,


There’s at least a whole CD’s worth of material in that vein, all of which is wonderful and would appeal to Blue Nile fans. Some of it takes a bit of hunting down though!


Stephen K

The 2CD versions left me wanting the period tracks that got left off. Maybe soon it will be ‘time’ for some Super Deluxe Editions.

Or as has been said by others, perhaps they’ll complete the 2CD reissue campaign.


I was a little disappointed with the three 2CD reissues because nowhere on the covers, booklets or bonus discs themselves was there any info whatsoever about the extra tracks, or for that matter any sleevenotes at all, which is rather strange and made the whole campaign seem like it was done a little half-heartedly. Luckily Discogs etc has some info regarding the bonus tracks origins as B-sides or whatever.

Tim Joseph

Most of it is wrong. None of the reissue mixes appeared on original singles. Regret and The Wires Are Down are the same – hard to say if they’re remixed.


One of those bands that connects with you on such a personal level, it’s as if no one knows about them except you. ‘Hats’ is a perfect album. I won’t be buying the vinyl, but, thanks to this post, I have purchased the three 2 CD deluxe editions to replace my originals. Thank you, Paul, for reminding me how great this band truly is.

fernand de beauvoir

the big wait is *actually* for the fix of “Family Life” on the Deluxe CD version— which heavily distorts/clips on a passage.

or maybe I missed the update? I suspect that the vinyl will not have the issue, and one can hope for a download code to have it digitally right (or just keep using the original CD version).


You missed the boat there. Replacement discs were sent out not long after it was released nearly 6 years ago.


Another artist I have been hoping to pick up on Vinyl for a while. Decent copies of their first album cost a packet.

Looking forward to these…

By the way @John McCann – I do try to read your posts (they are interesting) but you make it so difficult when you don’t use full stops. They read like Jack Kerouac stream-of-conscious posts… :-)


These records are most welcome for me. I was lucky enough to hang out with them in Atlanta during the ‘Hats’ tour. Paul Buchanan is one of the nicest folks I’ve met. They did their show before a sold out crowd who refused to let them off the stage even after their encore so they started performing songs they’d already performed during their set! They never received the acclaim they should have in the states but the fans they have are truly diehard,I’m one of them!

Steve F

Wishful thinking I know, but are 24-bit downloads included?

Scott G

Amazon have already bumped up the price. Now £22.99 each.

I recon if you aint fast you’ll be last.

Superb albums. I have the Virgin (Linn) 2013 repress of AWATR and Hats on 180gm. They sound different from the CDs.

Nuno Bento

Indeed. I’m already paying 5£ extra because I was a day too late.


Paul, could you please find out what happened to the “High” remaster?

aécio sales

it will be release soon.

the song I WOULD NEVER is one of the most beautiful songs ever!

i love it!


They announced the remaster of High with previously unreleased tracks back at the beginning of 2016. Please define soon.


Yes, exactly, that’s something I think every BN fan would like to know
Their site encouragingly announces about High: *happy to report that work is complete and release is expected later this year*.

Except, they forgot to mention WHICH year: that announcement is at least 4 years old.
Their site in general doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2016.

@Paul Sinclair, if you could find out any info about what happened to “High” (and to Blue Nile in general, although, yes, we’re all very well aware of their ongoing rift) that would be some valuable detective’s work!


Thanks, Paul. Ordered Rooftops and Hats. Been waiting for These. Well chuffed!

Andrew r

The originals of these were on linn records weren’t they ? Don’t see how they will be improved . Better of f
Picking up a used copy . I don’t get the point of this and 1000 does that break even ? Promote a future box set? Seems so arbitrary.

John McCann

You Will not find a brand new copy of any of theas albums for 20 notes Andrew cheapest hats on discogs is a tenner and doesn’t have a sleeve and is in fair condition, remember they where critically acclaimed but dident sell too we’ll also theas are heavier so will sit better on turntable and im pretty sure they will always be worth at least what was initially paid for them,,, Allan brown nillisism the strange course of the blue Nile is a great book written by one of Paul’s neibours in partick , Paul hasn’t read it himself told me that it would probably be full of seconds hand version s of the Truth,track it down


My originals sit just fine on the turntable. Resist the pointless cult of “heavy vinyl.”

Gary Thompson

The first 2 were on Linn, Peace at Last was on Warner Brothers.

John McCann

Yes and high is on sanctuary,after hats came out every label wanted them bidding war,they where giving a four album firm deal which means regardless the sales they couldn’t be dropped after peace at last finally came out Warner’s dropped them and told them you’ll have to take us to court this was unheard of in music Ind ,ed Bicknel of dire straights fame was managing them at the time and even his clout couldn’t really help them,music business not sales no deal regardless how much bono and the like talk you up

Jim O’Donnell

Hats was On Lynn but both the cd and lp carried both Linn and Virgin logos on the sleeve.

It was released in the US on A&M


Indeed, the rumour last year was a Blue Nile box set was planned for 2019 along with a 2nd solo album from Paul Buchanan.


Ooh fantastic news! Three amazing records


I’m frustrated by this news.
Years ago, The Blue Nile’s own website proclaimed that the remastering of their fourth and final album High was complete and the Deluxe Edition was on the way.
Nothing has happened since.
WTF happened?


I have the cd deluxe versions of Rooftops and Hats. Are these new remasters better? If they’re going to be on iTunes as well I might consider it.


Interested to see what Calum actually does here in terms of remastering. I have these on vinyl already, and quite frankly, i think the sound has no room for improvement. Sonic perfection already.


Here’s hoping the absence of ‘High’ (which has never been released on vinyl) is being held back for the proper deluxe re-issue to match the others.

John McCann

I bumped into Paul Buchanan in Byers road last year,when I told him i was listening to high in the car he dident seem to excited by it and said to me oh yeah the last one we done, Paul is a very nice man who about ten years ago gave me and my mate front row centre tickets for a blue nile concert at Glasgow as my mate used to share a studio with them,,cava,, my mate was in a Glasgow band called scheme ,pj Moore wasn’t playing with them then but still great gig and he invited us to after show party as well but we dident go as we had made other arrangements that night,

Kenny R

Brilliant, thanks Paul

Peter Reeves

Thanks Paul . Absolute quality. Ordered.

Paul Lewis

Thanks Paul. I keep looking to see if these are on vinyl, that’s great news… preordered the set!