The Cars / Candy-O expanded reissue

Candy-O and Panorama both expanded on CD and 2LP vinyl

The Cars second album, 1979’s Candy-O will be reissued as an expanded edition this July, alongside its follow-up Panorama.

This new 2017 edition of Candy-O comes with seven bonus tracks: ‘Northern Studios’ versions of four songs (including previously unissued song They Won’t See You), two monitor mixes and a B-side. This edition uses the Ric Ocasek supervised mastering from last year’s The Elektra Years box set.

The bonus tracks aren’t just for CD buyers since Candy-O is being reissued as a 2LP vinyl edition with all the extra audio. The gatefold vinyl has music on three sides and an etching on the fourth.

Candy-O is reissued on 28 July 2017. Panaroma is also getting the same treatment – read more about that here.

Candy-O expanded edition

1. Let’s Go (Remastered)
2. Since I Held You (Remastered)
3. It’s All I Can Do (Remastered)
4. Double Life (Remastered)
5. Shoo Be Doo (Remastered)
6. Candy-O (Remastered)
7. Night Spots (Remastered)
8. You Can’t Hold On Too Long (Remastered)
9. Lust For Kicks (Remastered)
10. Got A Lot On My Head (Remastered)
11. Dangerous Type (Remastered)

12.  Let’s Go – Roy Thomas Baker Monitor Mix
13.  Candy-O – Northern Studios Version
14.  Nights Spots – Northern Studios Version
15.  Lust for Kicks – Roy Thomas Baker Monitor Mix
16.  Dangerous Type – Northern Studios Version
17.  They Won’t See You – Northern Studios Version, Previously Unissued
18.  That’s It – Let’s Go B-side

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Previously Un-Read Comment lol

Candy Moore (the cover girl) is the victim of a case of mistaken identity on Wikipedia. She wasn’t on I Love Lucy, totally different girl. Candy also graced the cover of REO Speedwagon’s Nine Lives album. Remember she was also in Lunch Wagon? Don’t understand why Wikipedia won’t allow anyone to fix this. They are obviously two different women with the same name.

Update on Candy: she’s a single mother and her son (Kyle) is in college.

Phil O.

Update on this. Sadly, “They Won’t See You” is the same version that appears on the 1999 deluxe edition The Cars… only this time it’s taken from an inferior tape source and running too fast! It sounds like all four of the “Northern Studios Version” tracks are from this same inferior tape and all playing too fast. Very noticeable and sloppy.

Panorama is better, although “The Edge” is edited into the beginning of “Don’t Go To Pieces” in a such way to make me think it was unintentional (especially after hearing the screw-ups on Candy-O).

On the plus side, both discs are beautifully packaged.

Wayne Klein

So this is going to sound not very good. That’s too bad. The mastering of the box set wasn’t was a mistake.

Larry Davis

Phil, no idea…

Larry Davis

What they should also do is a CD reissue of the Record Store Day vinyl of the cool live album “Live At The Agora 1978″…many of these RSD releases are getting CD releases these days, with Bowie’s “Cracked Actor, Live in LA 1974”, the Flaming Lips’ “Live On The International Space Station: Concert For Peace”, Cheap Trick’s “Epic Archive, Volume 1 (1975-1979)”…the Cars’ live album would be pretty essential on CD as well…

Phil O.

Yes! The Agora recording has circulated among collectors for years, but I’d buy an official CD reissue in a heartbeat.

Phil O.

I’m curious… is “They Won’t See You (Northern Studios Version)” the same track that appears on the deluxe CD reissue of THE CARS? That version of “They Won’t See You” was also recorded at Northern Studios.

And is “Night Spots (Northern Studios Version)” the early version that appears on the JUST WHAT I NEEDED compilation from 1995?

I’m hoping these are both “new” to us, but wouldn’t be surprised if either turns out to be a repeat.


Strange they would issue a box set without a single additional track and then reissue the individual albums with bonus tracks. Didn’t buy the box set since there was no value other than remastering. Will certainly get these expanded reissues. Everyone is waiting for Heartbeat City to be reissued of course. Rightfully so, outstanding album. If the record company has a brain, they would box the newly expanded albums and issue it with an additional live or demo cd. Unfortunately the cars didn’t do many remixes so not much to be found there when they reissue the albums.

Mike C.

Double dip.


My theory is that if you are purchasing the box set for all the albums because you never had them before, then you probably were not much of a cars fan to really care too much about the bonus tracks that are now bing offered. Unless you are that small percentage of fans that were picking up the set to upgrade on the sound quality.

Metal Mickey

As a designer, it seems strange to me that they seem to have changed the typography to this rather bland font, and (unless it’s a bad scan) faded out the sketch of the car in the background (see the original atcomment image)

@ Gary – the artwork may be (arguably) NSFW these days, but was a special commission from world-renowned glamour artist Alberto Vargas, who came out of retirement to paint it, and died a few years later… trivia bonus – the model’s name was actually Candy!


I still have the original 1979 and the recent Mobile Fidelity vinyl LP versions of Candy-o, and neither album cover has any typography on it. “The Cars Candy-o” was printed on a sticker placed over the plastic shrink wrap. When the shrink wrap was removed, the album cover featured only the Alberto Vargas artwork. News of an expanded version of this — my favorite Cars album, is music to my ears :-)


I always loved the Candy-O album. Bummed that the coloured vinyl was only available in the box set. The standalone blue vinyl Rhino released of the debut was far nicer than the fugly yellow one in the box, so I was satisfied with that. But the red Candy-O…sure wish that had a standalone release too. So this deluxe digital version will be a nice consolation prize. :-)

alan hansen

and although it’s the vinyl that brings back some fantastic memories, i’ll only be buying the cd. but i would like to commend them for making the vinyl available – and replete with the bonus tracks. nicely done!

alan hansen

like stealing candy from a baby! er… make that: candy-o from a baby-o!


Agree it would have been nice to get the extras on last years box vs buying again. For Heartbeat City hope they include the ‘Hello Again’ mixes.

Larry Davis

Yes, the first album got reissued as a 2CD set in 1999 as a multi-fold digipack, and it is the album remastered on CD1, and CD2 has a hybrid of the legendary album’s demos that got airplay and then the bidding war & deal, and live tracks (where there is no demo) of the album’s songs…like an “alternate debut album”, plus 5 other demos of songs that didn’t make the album’s cut. It’s really cool and never goes down in value but disappears for a while. Now that I know that “Candy-O” and “Panorama” are getting the deluxe treatment…a shock to me…no reason to now assume the other 3 aren’t (espesh that “Heartbeat City” was their biggest-selling album and is a groundbreaking intricate production by Mutt Lange)…I can keep that deluxe debut (I was gonna burn the 2nd disc and include it in the album box & sell the original for good money) sell the albums CD box for extra cash and get the other 3 separately, “Heartbeat City” on gold disc too, until expanded deluxes appear. I also wonder if their underrated, underselling solo records will get the deluxe treatment?? I mean, Ric has over 5 solo records, all of which are worthy…departed Ben has the underrated “The Lace”, Elliott has the amazing powerpop “Change No Change” (but that was reissued twice), Greg has “Niagara Falls” (which I never heard), and David?? Not sure if he had any, he was the visual artist…but this is pretty important news, as I now know what to do with my Cars collection…oh and that reunion album and 2016 CD compilation “Moving In Stereo” are both keepers too. Thanks Paul for the news.


Doug the first a;bum came out as as expanded edition several years ago. Not sure how readily available it is.


A much better job could be done!! What about B-sides, alt versions, demos, live, BBC, promo videos?? There’s still time to reconsider and change things to a much better reissue of the whole back catalogue. Sometime ago Edsel label scheduled a re-release program but it was shelved due to rights reason. Rhino should think twice, improve it and make a deluxe 2CD+DVD edition of all the albums. It would be great!! Don’t you think??

don cooper

Memory not the best-was it Cherry Red or somesuch had lots of this stuff prepped for UK DX editions some years back? Ye Olde’ rights’ were brought into play. Did you do some kind of interview with the relevant label chap behind this,Paul?

don cooper

just found it on SDE page search- Edsel’s Val Jennings interview.Wonder did he have any input on these two issues?

don cooper


Rob C

Now I feel cheated in a way after buying the remastered cd box last year. Agree they should have waited and added the expanded discs in the box.

Eric M.

Come onnn Heartbeat City *crosses fingers*

Paul E.

Mobile Fidelity did “Heartbeat City” last year with no bonus tracks…on a Numbered Edition Hybrid SACD.


So this is the same Ocasek mastering as the boxed set, but with bonus tracks that weren’t included on that set?

Am I correct that there hasn’t been a similar “Expanded Edition” release of the first album? Seems odd to start with albums two and three…

…and now I’m in a dilemma; if I buy the box, I lose out on the B-sides, but if I don’t, there’s no guarantee that the other four albums will be released individually with the Ocasek mastering.


The debut album was remastered with many bonus tracks.. These are the next in line

Greek geek

Looking forward to the Candy-O release especially. Appreciate the bonus tracks. If you look hard enough, you can find the entire monitor mix of the album floating around out there in cyber space. Thanks for the news Paul.


Yeah, these editions should have been part of the CD box set. Plus, they should have included the demo/b-side material from the ’95 Just What I Needed comp.

This is a whiff.

That said, the remastering done for the box is A+


Same remaster as The Elektra Years box set. No need for this just for a few extra tracks. I agree with the previous comment – should’ve added the live Musikladen in Germany DVD.


Geez I just bought the vinyl box late last year and now this??? Why didn’t they wait and do a “deluxe” albums vinyl box??? I hate having to buy the same titles over and over in different configurations!!!


My Cars favourite album in a deluxe edition at last !
Should have put the audio extras on cd1 and add the live on Musikladen in Germany as a dvd though…


Or the Goes to College show in Uk


The German DVD needs to be redone to include Moving Stereo which was cut.


In these days of political correctness, I’m surprised they’re allowed to reprint the cover of this album with an image like that on it!


Really Gary? You are actually surprised? This is pretty mild stuff.

If Clapton’s Blind Faith album which features a topless pre-pubescent girl and is still in print then I see no reason why the ‘PC brigade’ will show any interest in this one.


Roxy Music’s Country Life has its original cover. Candy-O is mild comparatively. That said, Candy-O is one of my all time favorite albums. Even if it didn’t have a single bonus track, just for the remastering, this is a must own.


It’s reissued as a transgender thus politically approved. In all seriousness…Candy O is an incredible album. Still stands up today.

Geoff G

I wish there were more than seven bonus tracks (and it looks like Panorama only has four). That part stinks, and I think they could have done better. Throw some live tracks in if you have to. But, still, this is great news. Any new archive material from the Cars is great, as there isn’t a lot of Cars music out there (or enough for my taste). I’ll be getting both!


I’m all over this.
The first two Cars LPs were superb!

I agree that I wish there were more bonus tracks, but I’ll still take what’s on offer.

Auntie Sabrina

You’ve a small typo love, “…seven of bonus tracks” first line, second paragraph.

[…] Candy-O and Panorama both expanded on CD and 2LP vinyl […]