The Cars / Heartbeat City and Shake It Up expanded CD and vinyl editions

Unreleased bonus material • CD and 2LP vinyl • 2016 album remasters

Rhino will issue expanded editions of The CarsShake It Up and Heartbeat City next month, with both featuring rare and unreleased bonus material.

Shake It Up was released in 1981 and was produced by Roy Thomas Baker, while 1984’s Heartbeat City was produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange and was even more of a success than its predecessor, delivering many hits singles in America, most notably the transatlantic top ten hit Drive.

Both reissues use the 2016 remastering (from the Elektra Years box) and as well as some B-sides and remixes, between them these expanded editions deliver 10 previously unreleased tracks including the demos of Drive and Shake It Up and early versions of Why Can’t I Have You and A Dream Away.

The good news for vinyl fans in particular is that the full expanded offerings are available both on CD and double LP. David Fricke handles the sleeve notes which feature new interviews by band members –  Ric Ocasek for Heartbeat City and David Robinson for Shake It Up.

The expanded editions of Shake It Up and Heartbeat City will be released on 30 March 2018.

Heartbeat City expanded edition

“Hello Again”
“Looking For Love”
“Stranger Eyes”
“You Might Think”
“It’s Not The Night”
“Why Can’t I Have You”
“I Refuse”
“Heartbeat City”

Bonus Tracks

“Hello Again” – Arthur Baker Remix Version
“Drive” – Demo *
“One More Time” – Early Version of “Why Can’t I Have You” *
“Baby I Refuse” – Early Version of “I Refuse” *
“Jacki” – Early Version of “Heartbeat City” *
“Breakaway” – B-Side of “Why Can’t I Have You”
“Tonight She Comes” – From Greatest Hits

Shake It Up expanded edition

“Since You’re Gone”
“Shake It Up”
“I’m Not The One”
“Victim Of Love”
“A Dream Away”
“This Could Be Love”
“Think It Over”
“Maybe Baby”

Bonus Tracks

“Since You’re Gone” – Early Version *
“Shake It Up” – Demo *
“I’m Not The One” – Remix
“Cruiser” – Early Version *
“Take It On The Run” – Early Version of “A Dream Away” *
“Coming Up You Again” – 1981 Version of “Coming Up You” *
“Little Black Egg”
“Midnight Dancer” *

* Previously Unreleased

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Still no “Door to door” :-(


Great to hear Mutt Lange singing backing vocals, especially the falsetto voice “I Do Refuse” on (Baby I Refuse (Early Version of “I Refuse”).


Agree! Sounds like it came from one of those Hammond organs everyone’s grandparents had! Hahahaha. SO glad they got Greg to master that sound!

elliott buckingham

ive preorederd from amazon for £22 because ive searched everywhere and nobody has a listing for a dbl black vinyl pressing so hopefully the amazon bargain price is for the coloured version

Eric M.

The dub version of “Hello Again” was both the 12” AND 7” b-side (at least here in the U.S.). As the previous deluxe edition that was to contain this track was cancelled, it’s a real shame that it has not been included here. Would actually rather have that than the main 12” mix, which has been released on CD at least twice before, albeit perhaps not on an official The Cars release.

[…] The recently announced expanded editions of The Cars‘ Shake It Up and Heartbeat City are both available as limited coloured 2LP vinyl pressings. 1981’s Shake It Up is available as double red vinyl, while 1984’s classic Heartbeat City is a limited double white vinyl pressing. Both contain the albums on LP 1 and a full selection of bonus tracks (including unreleased demos and early versions) on LP 2. […]

Robert Morgenstern

Hello, here is the link for the white vinyl edition of Heartbeat City.

Robert Morgenstern

Hallo Paul, i have an answer from JPC about the two vinyl editions they offered. They told me that there is a black vinyl edition and a white vinyl edition. I am happy to have pre-ordered the white vinyl edition. This matches perfect to the white frame cover.


Disappointing that so many of the potential bonus tracks are absent!

Charlie Waffles

These two releases and the two expanded editions from last year should have been released in the Elektra box set two years ago. Shame on you, Rhino!


Exactly. If I’d known they were planning on releasing this single deluxe editions I wouldn’t have bothered with the box set. So instead of me buying 5 albums at 10e each I buy the box set for 30e. What is the logic? Do they think I’ll buy the same albums twice? Annoying. Why not do it the other way around? If I don’t want to go for the single deluxe I can go for the box set? But then it’s a choice.


Totally agree and it just encourages illegal downloading.

CJ Feeney

Phil Collins did it the “right” way round with his Look At Me Now series and people still moaned about it.


I am glad the track “Tonight She Comes” has be added because it was a single so it should be included as a bonus track. I for one, like others, do not want to0 purchase a ‘Greatest Hits’ or ‘Best Of’ just to get this one track. I am even selling the box set of their albums and purchasing all their deluxe reissues so as to have this track included. Anyone thinking it is a bad decision to have it included on the reissued “Heartbeat City” is a fool. There is nothing wrong with the track so is part of groups discography. I actually hate it when singles that were not on albums originally are then not included on deluxe editions (rather these than the typical boring demos and live versions). With regard those moaning about the track “Tonight She Comes”, it did get to number 79 in the UK singles chart which was higher than where “You Might Think” got to, which only reached number 88.

Larry Davis

“Tonight She Comes” was a Top 10 hit in the US, hitting #7 Billboard, so it IS an important track really…


I don’t mind at all that Tonight She Comes is included on the Heartbeat City expanded edition. Unless they were to re-release Greatest Hits it has nowhere else to go. One of my favorite Cars songs for sure!!


I totally agree with you. It is part of the Cars discography so should be included.

Larry Davis

It was recently included on the comp “Moving In Stereo”, which came out the same time as the box, but that included a handful of rarities & nice essay, and it flowed well as a record, so that was OK to have, not really redundant…


Was the 1999 reissue expanded version of “The Cars” ever released on vinyl? I have a feeling it wasn’t. I wonder if it will be re-released as part of this campaign. Also, I hope (in addition to “Door to Door”) they do an expanded version of “Move Like This” as it is the one album I have yet to own.


I consider “Drive” one of the best songs of the 80’s. I have this song on a compilation CD and I have “Heartbeat City” on cassette. I am wondering what version is better, the new remaster of 2016 or an earlier version …

Tom M Hans

Cancelled my preoeder and went for the Elektr Japan Version on eBay for $9.00 incl. Shipping. Ta.


The 2016 remasters are so NOT brick walled.


There is no way those 2016 remasters are brickwalled they sound better than they ever did. I think people complaining about that should just stick to their original CD’s.


The only thing bricked walled was Pink Floyd. LOL


For years, I was not a Cars fan, and the only song I liked by them was “Drive.” Then, suddenly, somewhere in my 30s, I suddenly “got” them, and I enjoy quite a bit of their work. The irony, at this moment, is that the demo for Drive is making me cringe. That drum machine beat in the background. it sounds exactly like one of the pre-programmed samba tracks my mother had on the organ in the living room when I was growing up. Or something from a Casio synth. The released version is one of the most perfect racks o fthe 80s, but that demo. OMG.


Agree! Sounds like it came from one of those Hammond organs everyone’s grandparents had! Hahahaha. SO glad they got Greg to master that sound!


why in the world would they put ‘tonight she comes’ on here, sure it might
from the same era, but its easy to find on their greatest hits.


Larry Davis

Good idea…the reason for its inclusion is probably so you can get that song without having to buy a Greatest Hits album…I’m like that…if all the songs are on the albums, especially remastered/expanded albums, a greatest hits record is made redundant and unnecessary…unless you want it…now you don’t have to be forced to buy it if you don’t want that song…i knew these would be coming, happy it’s not that long of a wait past the last two…all that’s left is “Door To Door” from 1987…and my hunch is that will put that out later in the year or early 2019 along with a CD version of that vinyl only live album from RSD 2016 (2017??)…Heartbeat City is a perfect album really with the 4 singles as great songs unto themselves and the remaining 6 songs as great as the singles and coulda been singles themselves really…

Larry Davis

Correction…if you want that song, you don’t need the greatest hits to buy it…because it’s a bonus track…

Larry Davis

My bad…5 singles


In 1976 I was attending my first year at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, and a couple of my friends from school invited me to join them to hear the Cars playing at a small nightclub just a few blocks south of Boylston Street. At that time I never heard of the Cars, and I was heavily into prog-rock; preferring groups like King Crimson, Roxy Music and Gentle Giant. I was not impressed with the Cars’ performance, being disappointed there were no improvisational jam sessions, nor wild lead guitar solos. It was a total disconnect for me until a year later when punk rock and new wave started to take over the radio airwaves and forced me to re-evaluate pop music. From that point forward I really started to appreciate Ric Ocasek’s bold and pioneering spirit, which led the band into a new and unique sound that was both simplistic and artsy — like the perfect music to listen to when viewing an Andy Warhol exhibit. The Cars remain one of my all-time favourite bands, and I consider “Heartbeat City” one of their greatest albums. I’m particularly looking forward to getting the double vinyl LP version of “Heartbeat City.”


Interesting that you mention their music would be the “perfect music to listen to when attending an Andy Warhol exhibit” because Andy Warhol co-directed the video for Hello Again by The Cars.


why in the world would they put ‘tonight she comes’ on here, sure it might
from the same era, but its easy to find on their greatest hits.

still, im going to get both of these releases anyways.



Because it is a good track, part of that era and from their discography. Only idiots would purchase a ‘Greatest Hits’ or ‘Best Of’ for one song.

Bruce Padgett

Ironically, Ric Ocasek has personally supervised the mastering for these reissues. Low DR and brickwalling works for him. What’s up with that? At least we still have the MFSL versions.


Back in the MTV days, you couldn’t get away from The Cars. It wasn’t my style of music, so I mostly just tolerated those songs. Then, not long ago, I re-discovered Drive. Don’t know if it was just a matter of being older, but it struck me as such a beautiful song. I bought the song and figured if a deluxe edition of HC came out, I’d go for the whole album.

Now it’s coming and I’m not sure. I don’t know how much one should put into the DR numbers (not sure if there are other variables that should be considered) but as mentioned by Robert the 2016 remastering is not great compared to just about every other version that people have recorded on the DR Database. (That’s probably a whole topic itself… how much weight should be given to those values and whether most of us, on average audio equipment, would notice much difference.)

I had pre-ordered this the other day, but will probably cancel. I may just get one of the earlier versions or at least put off a purchase until the reviews come in on the audio quality of this new version.

Larry Davis

Packaging (love the cardboard packaging, hate jewelcases, and it will match the others), remastering (I love it…brickwalling doesn’t bother me because i prefer everything louder, no need to reach for the volume knob, espesh on a remaster), liner notes, etc…had the CD albums box but promptly sold it when the expanded remasters continued last year with Candy-O and Panorama…



I notice the graphic of the Heartbeat City album cover above does not have the familiar maroon-coloured border with the artist name and album title. Will the album cover of the reissue be different than the original release?

don cooper

As a Cars fan from bitd, any band that can get away with ‘Tonight She Comes’ – ‘Coming Up You’- ‘Coming Up You Again’ as song titles, deserves everyones chequered flag imho.


Don’t! Shhh!! You’ll start some PC bastard up!!

Ade Swatridge

I used to own the VHS of Heartbeat City with the superb videos all linked together with the title track ‘theme’. Would have loved a cleaned up version of that on a third bluray with a 5.1 mix or some live tracks, TV appearances etc. Yes, a missed opportunity for what would have been a truly great reissue.

Larry Davis

Me too…and there WAS a DVD in the works as part of a 2CD reissue program…forgot what label…twofers…but it got scrapped…the videos and Rock Goes To College concert…was so bummed when it was killed because this series looked so amazing… I think Ric killed it because he wanted control over the project…i love the new expanded reissues but those were prob better…I hope a DVD/BluRay of that HBC VHS and Rock Goes To College sees the light of day tho…haven’t gotten that Unlocked DVD yet tho…

Mathew Lauren

Huge MISS – AGAIN! I read years ago (like: “Moondance” and “FM ‘75”) The Cars album, “The Cars” had already been mixed to 5.1 and SHELVED! I don’t remember who surround-mixed it, but I’d absolutely love it to be released on ‘LOSSLESS’ 5.1 SACD, DVD-Audio or Blu-ray Disc with audiophile mastering.

I remember seeing The Cars on the “Heartbeat City” tour – SUMMER ‘84. Wang Chung opened for them and put on a great show at a famous place outside D.C. in Md. called: Merriweather Post Pavilion. Ric just strummed his guitar and sung, occasionally pointing to my group in the 4th row, who cheered him on throughout the whole show. Great music. BORING show as far as performance, but the music was tight with nary a missed note!

Anyway, why o’ why have ‘they’ dumped RE after RE of 2.0 re-hash on us, yet again and STILL no (released) 5.1 albums from their (the Cars) catalogue (esp. “The Cars” & “Heartbeat City”) is still quite a mystery; and Ric is involved in the RE programs here? Really? What gives, Ric? I’ve been listening to the Warner Dolby TrueHD Blu-ray (Van M) & MLP encoded Rhino/Warner Music DVD-A 5.1’s (Steely Dan, R.E.M. & TALKING HEADS catalogue) all day, so Rhino, Warner Music CAN do surround-sound — pretty well, at that! So, no excuses regarding the surround mixing or mastering.

Imagine on Blu-ray, “Heartbeat City” original album in proper (ES/SW-style) discrete surround-sound along with ALL the fantastically, fun Vids, colour-corrected and re-formatted to 1.78:1 (tv widescreen) also presented WITH a glorious, proper hires 5.1 or 24/96 *ATMOS (*on a 4K Blu-ray Disc) audio option. ‘I’d pay to see that movie, (too).’

Wait a minute, minus the audiophile mastering that’s what we just got from Rhino via INXS “KICK” 30e ATMOS Blu-ray and Universal via the Concord Bicycle Music label’s presentation of R.E.M.’s “Automatic…” ATMOS Blu-ray as well, where the mastering was better, but not as good as these formerly mentioned DVD-A’s (above)! Hmmm.

MAX Lousada, Rhino, Warner Music and especially Ric Ocasek: PLEASE STOP DUMPING Warner Music 2.0, catalogue RE ON US! You should know by now, what MANY of us want: Affordable options!

— Heads up to Universal and Sony Music as well.

Option 1: Vinyl (only) – 180-200gm
Option 2: multi-hybrid SACD/•DVD-A
Option 3: multi-hybrid SACD/*Blu-ray
Option 4: SDE includes ALL the above minus redundant SACDs

– Multi-hybrid SACD includes a redbook 16/44.1 pcm cd layer & hires 2.0 and 5.1 DSD layers.
– Option 2&3: 2-3 disc booksets

•5.1 MLP & DTS 24/96 DVD-A/V options
*5.1+ Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray disc for proper hires 24/96 ATMOS/X audio-options (extra 4K space is needed for the 24/96khz ATMOS metadata)

When all is tallied, this may provide the most bang for buck, as far as options and profit margins, for both buyer (fan) and seller (the ‘evil’ record companies); with the only hitch being that there are currently only 2 SACD facilities (EU & Jpn) up and running.

So, all that said: I’ll borrow a favourite, oft-repeated, inspired, non-verbatim verse from a Cars song. Hey Guys:

…“what’s your f¥ck!n’ alibi?”


I agree, The Cars would be fab on 5.1.


I would love to pick up the CD BUT the mastering on the reissues sucks donkey balls. So I suppose I will go for the vinyl.

There’s been no logical method to these reissues. First we got the box with nothing extra just all the albums. Before that we got a deluxe two disc version of the first album and a two CD set that acted as a Greatest Hits plus rarities/unreleased material. Now in the next reissue we get the albums with bonus tracks and lousy mastering (which plagued the Cars box as well). Ric, let’s get this right, OK? Think through any further reissues (which this should probably be it) and allow some audiophile reissues for the albums WITH the bonus tracks on Sacd, Cd and vinyl. While you’re at it, let’s see a remastered, expanded version of your first solo album (remastered WITH dynamics intact).


What’s wrong with the 2016 remastering? I’ve listened to the Elektra Years plenty and it sounds fine to me.


Expanded edition for Heartbeat City…
Ocasek does not seem to be a completist for his own group work
Would have liked at least a deluxe digipak edition
1 st album remastered on cd 1
bonus tracks on cd 2 ( with some tracks added)
Live and videos on dvd
I will not buy the expanded edition for sure, too little content


Absolutely true and absolutely a missed opportunity.

Back in 2009, Ric Ocasek did a quick interview (see link) in which he stated there were going to be 2 unheard songs by Benjamin Orr for the then upcoming 25th anniversary edition of HC.


That release never happened, and so I was REALLY hoping those two songs would appear on this release. No idea why they’re giving so little content in these new editions. So disappointing.


How about The Cars in 5.1?

Greg Rogers

Actually the first album was mixed for 5.1 and was supposed to be released on dvd audio back in the day but I guess that’s never going to happen


Just listened to the demo of Drive and it’s beautiful.

Geoff G

Not a lot of unreleased stuff. But, as always, any unreleased Cars material is always welcome! I’ll be picking these up, and be very happy about it.


I miss to Dub Version of “Hello again”.


It appears “Hello Again” the dub mix is missing on “Heartbeat City”. Ad least I have that on a CDS & vinyl 12 inch. Always seem to miss something on these re-releases.


How do you have that on a CDS? It was never released in that format as many people have pointed out below, and on discogs. Unless you have some rare single thats not listed.



Negative1, click my name and see for yourself on that CD single


I’ve been hoping for a HEARTBEAT CITY multi-disc expanded versions with all the extended versions and remixes of their songs, and I hope that we’ll get that someday.


Finally!! Heartbeat City is one of my favorite albums. Here is what I don’t understand. Why issue a remastered box without the bonus tracks? First re-issue the remaining albums and then issue the box with all bonus material, add a live disc and DVD or BD and you are golden. Now all I will do is buy Heartbeat City. A Multichannel SACD of this album would be much appreciated as well by the way. If you see what gets issued on SACD these days, most albums can’t hold a candle to Heartbeat City.


Never released on CD yet: Hello Again (Dub Version) (6:02min.) . I wonder why this is (again) omitted ?!

The Progster

Well basically it’s not that an essential track but again to be complete maybe it needs to be added along with anything else around the same era…I agree with others it’s a missed opportunity to give more bonus material like a DVD or something…This is really an iconic album from the guys but again let down with the lack of anyone with any sense getting everything in one place and making it so much better than it is.


I’m guessing due to license issues from the bugs bunny snippets?


Wait…no Dub Version of Hello Again?


Jan Spring

Adam Shaw, this not as many as what happend with the Beatles and Paul McCartney count it and you everything 4 times ( at least )

Adam Shaw

Agree but not in such a short space of time .
Box sets and vinyl sets were only last year , they should’ve been expanded then .

John Bommarito

I would have liked to see the Dub Version of “Hello Again” on the Heartbeat City reissue, but I’ll likely get it anyway.

Robert Morgenstern

Will there be two vinyl editions? I am confused because JPC offers two variants. One for 26,99 and one for 32,99. Maybe a limited coloured one?


The Cars – Heartbeat City = one of the best albums of all time.

adam shaw

I think this is taking the …. How many more times do they want us to buy these albums ?
Isnt this the 3rd time in the last couple of years that they have been put out .

The Progster

Well yes to some degree as part of a box set but not as separate new stand alone editions with extra tracks so I think these two albums are justified as having their own individual releases.


Indeed i bought the box set and i feel cheated. Why couldn’t they have included those bonus tracks in the box?


My theory is the box set was for the causal fan that did not have the albums. The bonus Tracks are mainly for the die hard fan like me.


No doubt. But next time I see a box set come out do I ignore it assuming deluxe issues are on the way?

The Progster

Excellent news Paul…I’m really looking forward to both of these especially the “Heartbeat City” album their finest hour…These new editions are long overdue but now are very much welcomed.

Robert Morgenstern

This are good news. Heartbeat City is my favorite album from The Cars. Unfortunately the 2016 remaster is a little brickwalled. The dynamic range was reduced from DR 14 (1984 target cd) to DR 8 (2016 remaster). So i will pick the vinyl and hope it has a better dynamic range. When will the cut off dynamics end?


Nice really like the demo of drive….but I’ve got to say shake it up has a shockingly bad cover whereas heartbeat city is spot on.

Larry Davis

Wait…I love the Shake It Up cover…they always had hot girls on their covers!!