The Cars / Panorama expanded reissue

Candy-O and Panorama both expanded on CD and 2LP vinyl

The Cars 1980 album Panorama will be reissued in July as as an expanded edition with previously unreleased bonus tracks.

The album comes with four bonus tracks in total, with three songs – Shooting For You, Be My Baby and The Edge all unissued. The fourth and final bonus cut is the B-side Don’t Go To Pieces. This uses the Ric Ocasek supervised remastering from last year.

Three singles were originally issued from Panorama including the US top 40 hit Touch and Go. This newly expanded edition will be issued on CD and as a 2LP vinyl edition. The gatefold vinyl includes music on three sides with an etching on the fourth

Panorama will be reissued on 28 July 2017. 1979’s Candy-O is being reissued on the same day. You can read all about that one here.

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The Cars

Panorama expanded 2LP vinyl edition


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The Cars

Panorama expanded CD edition


Panorama Expanded Edition

1. Panorama (Remastered)
2. Touch and Go (Remastered)
3. Gimme Some Slack (Remastered)
4. Don’t Tell Me No (Remastered)
5. Getting Through (Remastered)
6. Misfit Kid (Remastered)
7. Down Boys (Remastered)
8. You Wear Those Eyes (Remastered)
9. Running To You (Remastered)
10. Up And Down (Remastered)
11. Shooting For You (Previously Unreleased)
12. Be My Baby (Previously Unreleased)
13. The Edge (Previously Unreleased)
14. Don’t Go To Pieces (B-side of “Don’t Tell Me No” & “Gimme Some Slack”)

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Previously Un-Read Comment lol

Ugh, David Robinson told Rolling Stone that “Shake It Up” and “Heartbeat City” Expanded Editions are coming February 2018. He talked about reworking the album covers, I don’t know which one, maybe both, but he promised that we’d be “surprised.”

David mentioned this when talking about the Cars being inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. I’m guessing you all don’t read about the Cars.

I just hope we get (their favorite word) “Previously Unissued” tracks, actual “Previously Unissued” tracks that we haven’t heard before and not just sped up versions of “Funtime” and “The Little Black Egg” for “Shake it Up.”

“Heartbeat City,” for sure will include the studio version of “Shooting for You” and “Breakaway.”

Sonja Bushey

Great to hear Benjamin Orr as if new albums. Love the Candy O Northern Studios track on the rerelease. Next we need Rhino to release Benjamin’s unreleased second solo album he left behind before his death . I always favored the first two albums myself but like the guitars in this one. All bands at one point experiment and try to push the bar higher and I think that’s what The Cars did with Panorama. Love all the albums but most favorite is Candy O.

Larry Davis

DC, I concur regarding “Strap Me In” on DTD…that riff is killer catchy…same with DTD’s title track, and the album’s big hit “You Are The Girl” is pretty charming while it coulda been cloying but somehow isn’t. I view “Beatitude” as a lost Cars album and “Something To Grab For” was a lost hit record. Same with “Paradise”, and I LOVE Tony Levin’s bass & stick playing on that record, adds a nice dose of atmospherics. I will try to track down Ric’s book…I met him a few times and saw his 1997 “Troublizing” tour with his great all-star band (every guest on that record except Billy Corgan, Gregg was on keys, and met Paula, Alan Vega and Joey Ramone (both RIP) backstage…

I do think the debut should get the 2LP treatment (blue vinyl too) and reissued 2CD as mine is kinda beat up…I also feel “Panorama” is great…not nearly as dark as it was originally viewed, just more subdued and subtle and experimental…and all of the songs are catchy…the lost hits on there are “Misfit Kid” and “Up & Down”…if anything, “Shoo Be Doo” from “Candy-O” is darker than all of “Panorama”!!


I liken it to my first 3 Rush albums — Moving Pictures, Signals, Grace Under Pressure. People don’t give Grace the credit it deserves either. Same for my first 3 Kate Bush albums: Hounds of Love, The Sensual World, The Red Shoes. Again, the third gets discounted. The Yes Album, Fragile, Close to the Edge. No one criticizes Edge though.


I never thought the album was dark. I don’t know who came up with that. And yes Richard, killer amazing — no fillers.


I love the first 3 albums. Of the debut’s bonus tracks, only Wake Me Up is bliss. Love me some Ben Orr. I worry about the new bonus tracks.


Am I the only one who feels Panorama is killer amazing? No fillers!

Joey d'Entremont

They should have re-released The Cars debut as well. I’m surprised that Panorama gets the 2-LP treatment before the debut. All their albums have SOME great tracks and Heartbeat City is a great album, but in my opinion the first 2 albums are the best.

Larry Davis

I am happy about these expanded remasters, but shocked they are coming…who woulda thought they would do an expanded “Candy-O”?? But the often overlooked, underrated, ahead-of-its-time “Panorama”????? And picking up where they left off with the 1999 2CD expanded remaster of the debut?? That these 2 are done, there is NO WAY the remaining 3 will be left behind, as “Shake It Up” was a “comeback” record of sorts with 9 top tunes, many of them faves, “Heartbeat City” was both their biggest seller and a groundbreaking, intricate production by Mutt Lange (on that, they can include the B-sides and 12″ extended mix of “Hello Again”), and even “Door To Door”, while just going gold, it was quite underrated and had many amazing tracks that rocked and hold up to this day. I just wonder if their solo records will get the deluxe treatment as well…as Ric’s got a sizable solo catalogue that is weirdly, strangely unknown, it’s all on par with the Cars records but with different collaborators like Billy Corgan and Nile Rodgers, and Cars members are on them as well…

don cooper

Fully concur, LD. “Strap Me In” on “Door To Door” is one killer riff I never tire of. Same too on Ric’s solo works.”Beatitude” needs a re-release on CD as copies are extremely hard to source.”This Side Of Paradise” would benefit from a Deluxe too,as would t’others.
Have to recommend Ric Ocasek ‘Lyrics’ hardback which is readily available…

Mike Williams

Paragraph 2 above says that there are 5 bonus tracks, but only 4 exist…

Charlie D

Panorama… when it came out, it was a dud. I couldn’t get into it. Most fans say it’s their worst album. Fast Forward 25+ years and Panorama is the one I probably play the most. It was dangerous, dark, and so experimental for them. “Touch and Go” when I saw them live in Boston with only a handful of dates in 2011 (with Greg on Bass)… just bliss. The complexity of how the timing is in that song really became apparent. “Up and Down” was always a favorite song of mine from this one.


I’ve loved this title from the start. I don’t think this band has a worst album; they’re all a blast.

Wayne Klein

Actually, no most fans think “Door to Door” is their worst album. As far as “Panorama” it was a change in stylistic direction more minimalist and it has quite a few fans and is considered by many fans to be one of their most underrated albums.


So this is the same Ocasek mastering as the boxed set, but with bonus tracks that weren’t included on that set?

Am I correct that there hasn’t been a similar “Expanded Edition” release of the first album? Seems odd to start with albums two and three…

…and now I’m in a dilemma; if I buy the box, I lose out on the B-sides, but if I don’t, there’s no guarantee that the other four albums will be released individually with the Ocasek mastering.

Matt Fitch

Well over a decade ago the first album was reissued as a 2 disc set


There was a nice Deluxe Edition of the first LP released a few years back. It had demos of all LP tracks except Good Times Roll (which they couldn’t find a demo of at the time). Instead, a live version of the track was put on it instead.
It also had four or five non-LP tracks, in demo form.

You may still find copies of it out there (on CD only). It’s well worth getting. Nice, detailed liner notes IIRC.


This is probably the least familiar Cars’ LP to me, with me having spent several years looking for a copy (it seemed to be out of print for many years in the U.K.).

Although nowhere near as good an LP as the first two IMHO, there are still some good tunes on there (Touch And Go, especially, but I really like Down Boys, Panorama and Gimme Some Slack ).

I’m very interested in hearing the three new tracks. I wonder if Be My Baby is an proto-version of Maybe Baby, from their follow up LP, Shake It Up. Seems possible, based on the song title / lyrics.

Really hope they release expanded versions of the other albums. Would love to hear some other rare tracks and demos.


Those first three albums, arguably some of the best album covers ever.


Of all the Cars albums to get an expanded edition, I wouldn’t have expected it to be Panorama! I wonder if a Heartbeat City DE can be far behind?


There was supposed to be a 25th Anniversary deluxe edition of Heartbeat City back in 2009.


I have to believe this SIU and HC will each receive deluxe editions. Better late than never!


Not as good as the 2 first albums…
Some weak tracks
Keeping my money this time


I love this album now, absolutely understand why so many people don’t. It veered away from what made those first two albums so great. The 2nd album actually started that change by eliminating the big choruses. Then this album furthered that distance by trading the raw guitar energy for synth experimentation.

However despite all that, I thought “Running to You” and “Up and Down” were excellent songs upon first listen and remain my faves from the album!


what weak tracks?

CJ Feeney

Having bought the box set last year, I’m annoyed about these releases. But I was dissapointed by the mix (or mastering) of the CD box anyway – it sounds too loud and compressed. If that hasn’t changed I’m not going to buy these for the bonus content.

[…] Candy-O is reissued on 28 July 2017. Panaroma is also getting the same treatment – read more about that here. […]