The Charlatans / Between 10th and 11th

The Charlatans / Between 10th and 11th reissue

2LP clear vinyl reissue • 2CD deluxe • Chicago gig provides bonus content

The Charlatans‘ second album Between 10th and 11th will be reissued in July as a deluxe two-CD set and a double vinyl pressing.

The 1992 album features UK top 20 single ‘Weirdo’ (which also did well in the US) and further 45s  ‘Tremolo Song’ and ‘I Don’t Want To See The Sights’.

The bonus content on the reissue is remastered tracks from the live show from Chicago in 1991, known as Isolation 21.2.91. The bonus CD contains a few more tracks than the bonus vinyl LP (see details below).

Note that the 2LP vinyl is a clear vinyl pressing (there is no black vinyl) and both CD and vinyl are released on 3 July via Beggars Arkive.


Don’t Want To See The Sights
Page One
Tremelo Song
The End Of Everything
Can’t Even Be Bothered
Chewing Gum Weekend
(No One) Not Even The Rain


Imperial 109
The Only One I Know
Not Very Well *
Believe You Me *
Happen To Die
Flower *
White Shirt
Indian Rope
Sproston Green
10th and 11th *

* CD only

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seth hollander

Matador records is the face of Beggars’ Banquet in USA.
An email to store@matadorrecords.com got me the promise of a replacement copy:
“It sounds like you received a copy of the first run of CDs, which have the pressing error that you describe. We will have copies of the fixed version available at our warehouse either this week or next. When they arrive I will send you one to replace the version you currently have. ”.
Thanks, los Matadores!


After contacting Beggars Arkive by email about the gaps in disc 1, I received a reply letting me know that they are aware of the pressing error. They said that they will have new copies available this week or next, and offered to send me a replacement. I only discussed the gaps in disc 1 and did not ask about the live disc, so I don’t know if they’re going to send out a new version of that as well, or not.

This issue with the gaps was the reason for the delayed release, but Amazon apparently dropped the ball and sent out the recalled version!

This is the email address that I used: arkiveshopusa@beggars.com


I received the 2CD set yesterday from Amazon US, although I haven’t listened to the live disc yet, I did notice two glaring mistakes with CD 1. Tremelo Song fades out completely and then is heard again at the start of the next track The End of Everything (instead of crossfading into it, as it does on the original release). Weirdo has the same problem and is even more jarring, as it cuts out abruptly and then is heard again at the start of the next track.

So even with the manufacturing delay, they still managed to bungle this release. I dearly hope there will a replacement program.

Seth Hollander

Wow. Got mine today (from Amazon US). Don’t care for the new packaging really. Was pondering keeping the two original releases I have. Maybe putting the new discs in the old boxes on my shelf and store the old discs in the new package in a cupboard…
Then I listened to the new copy of Isolation. It has the “2 second gap between all of the tracks which screws up the continuity and flow of the album” problem!
Then I tried putting some of the remastered album tracks into iTunes. All I got there was my first ever exposure to iTunes not importing with “copy protected or unrecognized file type” and “source disc unfindable” messages!
So, the 2020 packaging goes in the cupboard for now, with the old album CD and the new Isolation CD inside it, and I need to keep my old-sourced album song MP3s in my iTunes…
Unless there is a disc replacement program, this was a real waste of money…
Oh 2020, why must you be like this?


I ordered the cd and vinyl bundle Paul from the sde site ..are you waiting for the cds to turn up to send together ..and if yes, Is my vinyl copy set to one side?


Cheers Paul email dispatch received today


Any further info on when the cd/vinyl combo will ship from the SDE store?


According to someone on Discogs…

The manufacturing error was due to “…a 2 second gap between all of the tracks which screws up the continuity and flow of the album. The songs themselves still sound good, so it’s not like the CDs are unlistenable, but it’s a bad enough error to warrant re-manufacture.”


At least they’re sorting out any errors before releasing, unlike a certain Bowie boxset!
Can’t wait to hear the chicago gig again, i used to have it on the “official” vinyl bootleg back in the day…

Steven Campbell

I thought this was being released on the 3rd of July. According to Amazon it isn’t until the 31st of December this year!


Is there any further insight into this Paul?! Any kind of indication as to what exactly’s happened or a new estimated release date?

I’m actually hoping the delay is so they’ll expand the album properly & maybe throw in that 3rd disc a few of us hoped for further down…I sadly realise this is highly unlikely however…


I know the set isn’t perfect (I agree with others that there should be another disc included, with demos/ other tracks, BUT its still significantly cheaper than picking up a genuine original promo cd of isolation from the ripoff merchants on discogs!
I had a vinyl copy back in the day, don’t know what happened to it, as I haven’t seen it since last century!
I think I’ll take the plunge and buy the cd set, just for the live cd.



A shame there is no extra disc with b-sides, sessions and vinyl-only mixes…
It’s not too late to add a third disc (cardsleeve)…


I definitely second that idea…would even be willing to pay more for a 3rd disc…


fantastic album ! great sound great production ! ( by flood). It sounds much heavier than Some Friendly, sounds like come down after trippy night


Very cool they’re doing a DE of this fine album! I’m happy with the decision to include the hard to find Isolation live tracks instead of just dumping the same old tracks that all of the fans already have on disc two. Most of the singles from that era can be found for next to nothing anyway.


Me. In Time and Occupation H. Monster were on the Japanese edition.

Billy Jinchereau

At last, a remaster of my favourite Charlatans album, it really needs it, but the bonus content is really disappointing, where are the b-sides, the demos, the BBC sessions?

Josh N.

My favorite Charlatans album as well!! It never got nearly the accolades as their debut, but it rocks my world and I can’t wait for the reissue!


Wonder why so many of the bonus tracks are the same as the Some Friendly deluxe edition.


Aww man, been waiting for a reissue of this album for like ever but this is really disappointing…

B-Sides should be standard & even just 1 or 2 unreleased rarities, there must be something…


Shotty reissue, many missing tracks. Gotta give this album a re-listen. Always thought this was an inferior record, especially compared to the absolute brilliant previous album Some Friendly.


I think this is on par with Some Friendly, both amazing…and Can’t Even Be Bothered may just be THE greatest song ever written in the history of ever…

Timothy M Davison

This is great, solely for the tracks from the Isolation release – odd though, that the full tracklist wasn’t put onto the second vinyl, when it’s available on the (expensive, hard to find) original vinyl pressing. So, only a partial complaint! I will echo others here that this deserves a yellow vinyl release, but so be it. This is in keeping with RSD-only clear vinyl reissue of ‘Some Friendly’ and Singles Boxsets from last years. BTW, maybe because of the singles boxset from last year, that’s why they chose not to put any b-sides or non-lp singles on this reissue. Kind of sucks given the nature of that singles box set, but I understand if that was their thinking on the issue.


Great news. Been waiting for Charlatans to reissue more of their albums. Wonder if anywhere else for the US to order the CD due to large shipping costs through your shop.


Odd one. No B-sides? No out-takes? Not even the earlier version of Not Even The Rain? Reading ’92 – a storming show where they actually played songs from this album – would have been a much better choice.


That Reading show was indeed fantastic, I taped it off the radio but my tape chewed up. There’s a bootleg CD but it is an audience recording and sounds rubbish.

Seth Hollander

Elation turns to sorrow!
Overjoyed to see your headline. Been waiting for this for a few years now, but it isn’t the way I want it!
The non-album tracks from the album-preceding “Me. In Time” single and the three album singles aren’t here!
That live album is a great listen, but the B-sides are what I wanted here!
They could fit those tracks on this 2 disc set, too….
Now I hope that the missing tracks will be used to fill out the b-sides disc appended to Up To Our Hips when that finally gets an expanded reissue…


Clear vinyl?

Seldom has yellow vinyl been more justified and crushingly sidestepped for an album…


Agreed. As much as I love clear vinyl, this release just begged to be on yellow vinyl with maybe some black or brown specks in it. As much as it is nice to have the live stuff, there’s other stuff that should have been included as bonus contents from promo CD singles and commercial CD singles like:

I Don’t Want To See The Sights (This U.S. Mix)
I Don’t Want To See The Sights (That U.S. Edit)
Me, In Time (not issued with the re-release of their debut album)
Occupation H. Monster (not issued with the re-release of their debut album)
Theme From “The Wish”
Weirdo (Alternate Take / Alternate Mix)
Sproston Green (U.S. Version)
Weirdo (Mindwarp 12″ Mix)
Weirdo (Weird Dub)
Weirdo (Weird Mix)
Weirdo (Mix 1)
Tremelo Song (Alternate Take)
Happen To Die (Unedited Version)
Normality Swing (Demo)
Tremelo Song (Live) Live tracks recorded at Manchester Apollo on 8th April 1992
Then (Live) ive tracks recorded at Manchester Apollo on 8th April 1992
Chewing Gum Weekend (Live) Live tracks recorded at Manchester Apollo on 8th April 1992